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Estonia An insight into some of Estonian strongest brands

leading brands of estonia






















































leading brands of estonia



A. Le Coq • food industry


Alexela GROUP • energy and metalwork


Amanjeda GROUP • fashion design


APOLLO HOLDING • retail trade


ATELJEE TALLINN • fashion design


Aus Design • sustainable design, design innovation


BALBIINO • food industry


Balteco GROUP • manufacturing


BaltIKA GROUP • fashion and retail


BLRT GRUPP • industry


BOLE • wood industry


BORG • furniture production


Chemi-Pharm • chemical industry


CYBERNETICA • cybersecurity


DEFENDEC • defence and aerospace / IT


DELFI • media


E-Piim PRODUCTION • dairy production


Estonian Business School • education


ESTONIA PIANO FACTORY • musical instrument manufacturing


ESTRAVEL • tourism


4ROOM • lightning design and production


graanul invest • pellet production and sales, energy production, forestry


HAAPSALU UKSETEHAS • production of wooden doors and windows




HUUM • production of electrical appliances


JOIK • cosmetic industry


KAUBAMAJA • retail trade


KITMAN THULEMA • furniture industry


LIVIKO • production, wholesale, retail, export and import of strong, light alcohol and carbonated alcohol drinks


LOODUSVÄGI • manufacture of food products


MATEK • construction


MEIREN ENGINEERING • manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction; engineering and other technical activities 144 NORDECON • construction


NORDIC HOUSES • design, production and construction


NORTAL GROUP• information and communication technology (ICT)


Olympic Entertainment Group • land-based and online gaming, entertainment, tourism




PÄDASTE • hospitality


ROMAN TAVAST • design and manufacturing of products made of precious metals


Saku Õlletehas • food processing industry


SANGAR • clothing


SELVER • retail trade


STANDARD • furniture manufacturing, furnishing goods for sales


STARMAN • telecommunications industry 192 Tahe Outdoors • manufacturing


TALLINK GRupp • marine transportation


Tallinn University of Technology • higher education and research


UNIVERSITY OF TARTU • research & education


WENDRE • textile industry


WOLF GROUP | KRIMELTE • production and wholesale of chemical building systems and materials



leading brands of estonia

First Business Address in Estonia

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Contact data

Address: Toom-Kooli 17, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 604 0060 E-mail: koda@koda.ee Web: www.koda.ee www.estonianexport.ee www.enterprise-europe.ee Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ECCI) is the oldest and largest Estonian representative organization of entrepreneurs.


In addition to active contribution to the legislative drafting concerning entrepreneurship, the Chamber also offers practical services for Estonian as well as foreign companies. The Chamber

• gives advice on legal, foreign trade and EU-related topics, • helps to find partners in Estonia and abroad, • provides information regarding procurements,

• introduces new target markets and business opportunities, • trains entrepreneurs on relevant issues, • facilitates trade – issues foreign trade documents, • settles disputes through Arbitration Court, • facilitates export – publishes the Estonian Export Directory, • rents out rooms of the Chamber for various events.

Are there really brands in Estonia that you should or could know? Sure, quite a few of them. The book Leading Brands of Estonia presents the most renowned and strong brands of Estonia, which should and could be known worldwide. Estonia is a birth place of many brands that are well known although not associated with tiny Estonia. As the country is so small, it is not easy to anticipate that it can be a development grounds for something global. Introducing their brands to the world is important for Estonian companies and this is what the 50 enterprises introduced in this book have done. The prerequisite of being represented in the book was brand's creation in Estonia. Similarly, the brand had to have a recognisable Estonian heritage, had to be widely known, targeted at the consumer and preferably targeted for export. The most important point was that the company itself positioned its brand as an Estonian brand and actively worked at branding. With this book we like to showcase that Estonia really is an active an innovative export country whose companies and brands are well worth recognition. Estonia itself is a brand of a kind with its well developed economy, cultural sights, heritage, digital development and initiations. I wish you memorable moments with Estonian stories, brands and developments.

Mait Palts Director General Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


leading brands of estonia

General Information Official name: Republic of Estonia Capital: Tallinn Population: 1 311 800 (01.01.2016) National holiday: 24th of February (Independence Day, since 1918) Head of State: President Head of government: Prime minister Official language: Estonian Government type: parliamentary republic Area: 45 227 km² Constitution: adopted 28th of June 1992 Currency: Euro, since 1st of January 2011 Main Religion: Lutheran


What is Estonia? Estonians – what are we like? • We like to think with our own head. Estonians are a stubborn Nordic folk, who gives no appreciation for regulations and has a deep mistrust of orders coming from above. • We don't waste our time on chatting, we rather do it. Harsh weather, long dark winters and short summers have turned us practical and quick.   • We collaborate. Whenever necessary, we turn on the net. Song Festivals, Baltic Chain, regaining independence, Skype. Give us a problem and we organize a community action day. • We advance incessantly through technology. Estonia is a groundbreaker in the world in the field of e-society and invites everyone to participate in this advancement by becoming an e-resident. • We cherish nature. We protect our environment. Our air is the cleanest in the world and 30 percent of our country is organic.  



leading brands of estonia



A digital and organic country • 95% of our communication with the government is digital. • Estonia has more startups per capita than any other European Union country. • Estonia was the first country in the world to introduce e-voting, already since 2005. • Estonian government is e-government: Government meetings take 30 minutes instead of five hours. • Filing taxes only take three minutes. 98% of taxes are filed electronically. • 99% of government services are digital. • 30% of all voting are carried out electronically. • 99,8% of banking is digital. • 99% of prescriptions are digital. • 30% of our area is organic. • 51% of our area is covered by forest. • Estonia is one of the ten countries in the world with cleanest environment.


leading brands of estonia



Interesting facts about Estonia • Estonia has more meteorite crates per square kilometer than any other country. • Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. • Arvo Pärt has been the most performed living composers in the world for five consecutive years. • 97% of Estonian children learn two or more foreign languages. • Estonia is ranked at the eighth place in the number of Olympic medals per capita. • An Estonian repository of folk song is one of the largest in the world. 133 000 folk songs have been documented in writing. • In 2003 UNESCO proclaimed Estonia’s Song and Dance Festival tradition a masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Song Festival takes place every five years, the number of participating singers is 34 000 and the number of visitors around 200 000, which is almost one sixth of the whole population. • Estonia has given to the world more super models per capita than any other country. In the “production” of super models we are succeeded by Iceland, Lithuania and Denmark. • Kuressaare is the world’s most spa-dense city with 1200 spa beds per 15 000 citizens. • The physical condition of Estonians is one of the best of the world. It is better only in Tanzania and Iceland. • There are only 84 men per each 100 women in Estonia. This number is smaller only in Northern Mariana Islands, with only 50 000 inhabitants.


leading brands of estonia

It’s all about the taste

a. Le Coq AS

Contact data



As of 2015, A. Le Coq holds the first or second position in every market segment, where it is active. The company’s principal trademarks are A. Le Coq, Fizz, Aura, Vitamineral and Limonaad. A. Le Coq’s biggest product group is various beers that are produced mostly under the A. Le Coq trademark. Aura trademark combines non-alcoholic drinks: juices, waters and juice drinks. The best-known international trademark is Fizz, which consists of a range of natural fruit and berry

Address: Laulupeo pst 15, 50050 Tartu, Estonia Phone: +372 744 9711 Fax: +372 744 9775 E-mail: info@alecoq.ee Web: www.alecoq.ee

A. Le Coq is the oldest brewery in Estonia and the leader of the local beverage market with a selection of 11 product categories – water, kvass, syrup, juice, juice drinks, soft drinks, protein drinks, sports drinks, beer, cider and long drinks.


ciders. In the soft drinks category the largest share in the company’s portfolio is held by lemonades Limonaad and Kelluke. Markets

The company exports its products (primarily beer, cider and long drinks) to 25 countries and its export sales volume is 25% of the total sales of the brewery.

history A. Le Coq was founded in 1807 in Prussia by Le Coq family and moved soon to London to trade with products from the family’s vineyard. Shortly the company started to bottle and export Russian imperial stout. This dark and strong ale ordered from a brewery in London was adjusted to adhere to the tastes of the Russian market. High customs duties imposed by Russia and frequent forgery of the A. Le Coq trademark forced the company to move from London to St. Petersburg in 1906. In 1912, the company was named the official supplier of the Russian emperor’s court. The owners of A. Le Coq looked long for a suitable brewery in Russia. Finally, they settled in Tartu, where the company still operates. In 1941, the company was nationalised and renamed. The A. Le Coq trademark was relaunched in May 1999, in 2007 A. Le Coq was restored as the company’s official name. Today it is part of the Olvi Group, which comprises a parent company in Finland (Olvi), A. Le Coq and breweries in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.


leading brands of estonia

A. Le Coq – Advertising poster. Heino Lehepuu, 1937. Source: A. Sepp “Õllelinn Tartu A. Le Coq 1807–2007”.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: A. Le Coq AS Year of foundation: 1807 Sector: the food industry Turnover: 75.8 million euros (2015) Employees: 336 Brands: A. Le Coq, Fizz, Aura, Limonaad, Arctic Sport, Vitamineral and others Web: www.alecoq.ee Member of ECCI since: 1925


the biggest beverage manufacturer in Estonia Values and strengths A. Le Coq’s strength lies in company’s long traditions that date back more than 200 years. Market leadership in several categories is a proof that the brewery knows how to please the taste of its customers. The core values of A. Le Coq are: customer-friendliness, honesty and responsibility. The company’s success is rooted in product development, keeping up with consumers’ preferences and innovation. A. Le Coq has brought quite a few unique innovations to the market, such as the 0.25l glass bottle beer. In 2016 the company invested 600,000 euros for production of a 100% alcohol-free beer. The company has invested nearly 73 million euros into manufacturing and product development, making A. Le Coq one of the most modern brewing companies in the Baltic States.

a. Le Coq AS

Products and innovation


A, Le Coq produces alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. The beer category consists of light and dark beers. To cater for its consumers’ tastes, the company has increased its selection of special beers by introducing beers such as a German type wheat beer Alexander Weizen, a classic Indian pale ale; a Kriek-style Belgian cherry beer; an original coffee porter. A. Le Coq also introduced stout and dry type beers on the Estonian market. A. Le Coq was the first in Estonia to manufacture flavoured waters. Its Aura water line includes carbonised and still waters with fruit and berry flavors. The trendy Vitamineral water line consists of vitamin waters. In soft drinks category the top picks are Limonaad, the oldest soft drink in Estonia, and Kelluke, which was launched in 1965. A. Le Coq also produces alcoholic cocktails, kvass, syrups and sports drinks. As of late, a novel protein drink was added under the sports drinks trademark Arctic Sport. A. Le Coq has been always innovative when it comes to product development, the examples of this approach being: the first multipackage, the first relief can, the first foil-covered cone, the first bottle with a special bottle opening feature imprinted into the bottom, and the first 0.25l beer bottle.

A. Le Coq’s is the market leader in Estonia in the category of beer and several other beverages. The company’s new products are regularly named as best food products and most successful new products. In 2015, A. Le Coq was declared the most competitive food industry enterprise in Estonia for the tenth year in a row. When Estonia regained independence, the sales figures and quality of A. Le Coq’s beers were poor. Vast investments of its parent company Olvi Oyj have led to the brewery’s first trademark – A. Le Coq Premium – becoming the most popular beer in Estonia in 2008. At the moment, A. Le Coq is the undisputed beer market leader. A. Le Coq has received numerous acknowledgements for its actions. In 2016 it received the “Culture friend of the year” title, granted to the companies that have made significant contributions to the field of culture during the previous year.

Corporate Social Responsibility The company drives to act responsibly. A. Le Coq feels moral obligation and social responsibility to support underfunded fields of life and to help the improvement of life in Estonia.

A. Le Coq supports professional and amateur sports, culture and science. Company also takes care of its employees by providing financial stability and a motivating work environment. As the oldest beer brewery in Estonia, A. Le Coq aims to preserve and promote Estonia’s beer culture. It initiated the opening of a beer museum in Tartu in 2003 which aims to preserve colourful beer culture by telling the history of beer brewing. In 2011 A. Le Coq also initiated the Beer Star project to organise courses to improve beer serving culture and train waiters/waitresses on pairing beers and dishes. In the autumn 2013, the Beer Star project led to the first Estonian beer sommelier competition, which is unique in the Baltic Sea region and Scandinavia.

International Presence A. Le Coq belongs to the Finnish brewery Olvi Oyj as of 1997 and this has given the company an international scope. A. Le Coq currently exports its products to 25 countries. 80% of the exported goods go to Europe, but the share of large markets in Africa, China and Mexico has also started to skyrocket. In Finland, A. Le Coq Premium has been the best-selling import beer for years.


leading brands of estonia


Alexela Group OÜ

Contact data

Address: Roseni 13, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 629 0000 E-mail: group@alexela.ee Web: www.alexela.ee Products and fields of activity

• • • • •


Fuels (petrol, diesel, autogas) Electric energy Natural gas (incl. LNG solutions) LPG heating solutions LPG household gas cylinders

• Light-weight trailers and sheet metal processing & welding • Hot-dip galvanizing and metal processing • Real estate development (in Tallinn and Paldiski) • Shale oil production • Development of regional LNG terminal in Paldiski • Development of natural gas networks (Harju County and Pirita district in Tallinn)


We are one of the biggest energy companies in Estonia and offer our customers a vast selection of fuels, including electricity. Our metalwork companies provide services in ­addition to home market to the whole Northern Europe and the shale oil produced by Alexela is used everywhere all over the Atlantic ocean.

history Most important milestones 1990 Founding of AS Bestnet, which started producing trailers; later subsidiaries in Scandinavia, nowadays represented in 10 more countries. 1993 Founding of fuel retailer AS Alexela Oil, which is now one of the largest petrol station chains in Estonia. 1998 Construction of the Alexela petroleum product terminal in Paldiski, which was launched in 2002. 2006 Founding of the AS Paldiski Tsingipada (Zincpot), which provides hotdip galvanising services to home and Scandinavian markets. 2007 Founding of the petroleum product terminal in the Sillamäe free zone, which enables to handle goods from tankers, lorries and tank cars. 2009 Founding of AS Balti Gaas to develop LNG terminal on Pakri peninsula. 2011 Acquisition of AS Reola Gaas and active development of environmentally friendly LPG transportation fuel. 2012 Acquisition of AS Kiviõli Keemia­ tööstus, production of shale oil. 2012 Entering the open electricity market as the creator and co-owner of Elektri­m üügi AS, now known as Alexela Energia. Today Alexela Energia offers its clients a wide selection of energy products. 2014 Acquisition of Gasum Eesti AS and starting to operate one of the biggest natural gas distribution networks in Harju County.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Group: Alexela Group OÜ Year of foundation: 2012 Sector: energy and metalwork Turnover: 204 million euros Employees: more than 850 Brands: Alexela, Alexela Oil, Alexela Energia, Tiki Treiler, Zincpot, Kiviõli Keemiatööstus, Balti Gaas Web: www.alexela.ee



About the company Alexela Group is a holding company that gathers the companies related to the same circle of owners into the uniform structure of Alexela Group as an umbrella organisation. Alexela Group operates in three areas: energy, metal industry and real estate development. Our strategic projects for the coming years are the development of an LNG terminal in Paldiski, increasing the use of liquid gas as a vehicle fuel and increasing the volumes of electricity generation and shale oil production in Kiviõli Keemiatööstus (Chemical Plant). Alexela Group is a constantly growing and developing company. Excellent customer service as well as providing quality products and services to our clients is extremely important to us. We work very hard to achieve this. We also give a lot of attention to nature conservation and follow the principles of social responsibility. We wouldn’t have made it to the top without our dedicated staff. In the tough market and competition situation only companies, who employ the most talented and committed people in the area, survive. Employees, who create important added value for the company, give it a competitive advantage. Alexela Group’s total turnover is over 200 million euros. The group employs more than 850 people, most of whom work outside of Tallinn, mostly in Ida-Viru County.

Social responsibility

equestrian sports, and participate in cooperation with the Estonian Equestrian Federation in organising one of the biggest horse show in the Baltics – the Tallinn International Horse Show.

In our hometown Paldiski we have established a charity foundation “New Wave”, which supports various projects of the Paldiski community. Our fuel cards help to fill the tanks of the vehicles of the Estonian Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children, the Maarja Village, the Tartu University Hospital’s Children’s Fund and the Estonian Union of Persons with Mobility Impairment. We are the best friend of Estonian basketball ensuring high level game in Alexela Basketball Champions League. We support

We value Estonian classical music and support the Eesti Kontsert Foundation and Nordic Symphony Orchestra. Together we organise one of the most prestigious cultural events in Estonia – The Saaremaa Opera Days and we help constantly to enrich Estonian cultural life by supporting the contemporary classical music performances by this magnificent orchestra. We have been awarded with the Culture Friend title of 2015 by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.


leading brands of estonia

Discreet luxury fashion for men & women

Amanjeda Group OÜ

Contact data

Address: Kentmanni 6, 10116 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: + 372 662 2440 Mob: + 372 501 3797 E-mail: info@amanjeda.com Web: www.amanjeda.com Products and services

Amanjeda by Katrin Kuldma operates in the luxury products sector, making items of uncompromising quality and offering full lines of clothing, accessories and gifts, all


made in Estonia and Italy with the best raw materials available in the world – wools from Biella, silks from Como, as well as the cotton qualities all from North Italy region. Amanjeda total look collections include ready to wear for women and men, made to measure and bespoke for suits & shirts, couture for eveningwear and bridal. Amanjeda menswear is known for its fine tailoring and womenswear for the unique embroidery inspirations from Muhu island.


As Amanjeda collections are created for an international soul there are no limits to the markets. Our dream for the close future is to be present in all Baltic capitals and in the largest cities of Scandinavia and Russia. From there on the brand’s aim is to be represented in selected cities in other European countries. Further on just sky is the limit.

history Amanjeda is created by Tallinn born designer Katrin Kuldma. She has studied and worked in the fashion field in Tallinn, New York and Milan. In 2006 Katrin Kuldma was awarded with the Estonian Fashion Design award Golden Needle. Amanjeda team’s long experience in fashion and the investments into modern pattern making software and model development have led the company in partnership with the best producers in Europe. Amanjeda was created to connect Nordic design and crafts with the finest fabrics of the world. Within the last years the Amanjeda collections have successfully entered to the Milan fashion scene. Amanjeda Winter 2015 women’s ready to wear collection was presented during Milan Fashion Week in February 2014. The collection was chosen into a multi brand concept store Piave 37, Milan. The boutique was curated by Dolce & Gabbana Corporation and was hosting a selection of new emerging international designers. Since January 2015 we have collaborated with Vittorio Emanuele Showroom in Milan, with the focus on markets in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan & Baltic States. In December 2014 Amanjeda opened its flagship store in Tallinn. Besides Tallinn and Milan Amanjeda collections are sold in Moscow and other metropolis of Russia, in Astana, in Riga and in Helsinki.


leading brands of estonia



Social responsibility Amanjeda brand stands for the Slow Fashion and Sustainable Luxury. We value the high craftsmanship and know how put into the luxury products. Designer clothing is art and luxury is the most creative and sustainable part of the fashion and design world. Since 2016 Amanjeda is a member of the Nordic Luxury Association.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Amanjeda Group OÜ Year of foundation: 2006 Sector: fashion design Turnover: 422 474 euros (2015) Employees: 4 Brands: AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma, AMANJEDA Sport Couture Web: www.amanjeda.com

Designer Katrin Kuldma.




leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Põikmäe 2, Tänassilma village, Saku parish, 76406 Harjumaa, Estonia Phone: +372 633 6020 Fax: +372 633 6028 E-mail: info@apollo.ee Web: www.apollo.ee Products and services

Apollo is the largest entertainment and bookstore chain in Estonia comprising 15 bookstores, 4 multiplex movie the­ atres, 5 juice bars and one of the biggest e-stores in the Baltic countries.


Apollo Cinema is one of the biggest cinema operators in the Baltics offering high quality entertainment in 4 multiplex movie theatres with 19 auditoriums. Apollo cinemas in Tallinn, Pärnu and Narva use the world’s most advanced technology – 4K resolution digital screens, laser projectors and a moving audio system Dolby Atmos. Great attention is paid to the visitors’ comfort and satisfaction – big cozy chairs and the additional services offered in the theatres will guarantee the perfect movie experience.

Apollo bookstores, located in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Rakvere, Haapsalu, Viljandi and Kohtla-Järve, are not only places that sell books, but rather diverse entertainment centers, where visitors can purchase a wide selection of m ­ ovies, music, games and exciting toys. Apollo’s newest trademark is the smoothie and coffee bar Blender, which offers healthy juices, smoothies, coffee drinks, sandwiches and salads. Blender has opened five new bars in Tallinn in just a couple of years and found its way to the hearts of customers.

history • Apollo’s history goes back to 1990 when a company named AS Astrodata was established. Ten years later, in 2000 Apollo opened its first bookstore under the Apollo trademark in Estonia: Apollo Book House at Viru Street in Tallinn. • In 2005 Apollo launched its loyalty program for customers and was the first one in Estonia to introduce the use of ID card as a customer card. Since then the company has expanded rapidly all over Estonia. In 2009 Apollo opened two more flagship stores – one store with the biggest sales area in the Solaris Centre in Tallinn and the other in Tartu Lõunakeskus, which is the biggest bookstore in southern Estonia. • In 2014 the inauguration of the first Apollo movie theatre in Pärnu took place and at the same year the Apollo movie theatre was also opened in the Solaris Centre, Tallinn. • In 2014 Apollo expanded its activities further by introducing a brand new juice bar concept in the market – a new trademark Blender, which offers fresh smoothies, juices, coffee drinks, healthy sandwiches and salads. • In 2016 Apollo establishes new multiplex movie theatres with the state of the art technology in Astri Centre, Narva, and Mustamäe Centre, Tallinn.


leading brands of estonia

Apollo – from one bookstore to the largest entertainment chain in Estonia The first Apollo bookstore in Tallinn was opened 16 years ago. This is exactly the number of book – and entertainment stores we are proud to present today – fifteen of these being scattered in Estonian largest cities and one residing in the Internet and offering the biggest choice of books in the whole Baltic area. Every Apollo store is all about customer service, interior design and broadest possible choice of products. In addition to thousands of books, largest selection of movies and music, we also offer various exciting toys, board and electronic games for children and young people of all ages. As a recognition of Apollo’s constantly updated and

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Apollo Holding OÜ Year of foundation: 1990 Sector: retail trade Turnover: 25.5 million euros (2016 projection) Employees: 320 Brands: Apollo bookstores, Apollo Cinema, Blender Web: www.apollo.ee


changing choice of music, Estonian Music Enterprise has awarded us with the title of the Music Seller of the Year for the third year in a row. An important part of Apollo’s daily activities is to monitor the seasonal trends and the rapid developments of the entertainment business. It can be said that as a local entertainment chain, Apollo has been in this field for many years rather a trendsetter. For ­instance, Apollo was the first to introduce the e-book reader device, which enables to buy and read books in Estonian. Furthermore, during recent years Apollo has made substantial investments to develop the contemporary technology platforms and applications in order to be able to offer its services conveniently on the web as well as in smart phones. In addition to the bookstores Apollo’s trademark includes movie theatres under the same name. The movie theatres in Tallinn, Pärnu and Narva cities are equipped with the state of the art technology of the movie world and belong to the absolute top in Baltic countries, offering entertainment to the biggest range of customers in Estonia. Today we are proud to claim that Apollo Cinema has taken the movie visiting experience to a whole new level. Our customers can purchase the tickets through a specially developed mobile application, order snacks from the self-service checkouts and most importantly, enjoy the movies in excellent sound and image quality. However, this year’s crown jewel of Apollo Cinema and also the biggest contribution in the Estonian cinema culture and movie sector is the collaboration with the biggest and the most significant film festival in Estonia, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. As the partner of the Festival, Apollo Cinema has the honour to host the cream of the world’s movie


directors and screen the most anticipated premiers in its movie theatres. The newest member of Apollo family is the smoothie and coffee bar Blender, where we serve healthy drinks and food, which are made from the freshest highest quality components. We truly believe that above all our customers appreciate quality – be it books, music, movies or snacks. Therefore, we make constant efforts to create various

advantages for them. For instance, we have launched a loyalty programme Apollo Club, through which we offer our customers monthly substantial discounts. Our day-to-day work and all our activities are closely linked to supporting and developing Estonian culture. Apollo showcases proudly and worthily the work of Estonian writers, filmmakers and musicians, addressing both our customers and the whole society. Apollo also contributes

actively into charity work and helps children, animals and Estonian sports – be it through the financial support or in the form of different products and presents. During the last Christmas time, for example, we supported children with cancer through the publication of a non-profit record, gave away more than a hundred books as gifts for homeless children and organized a non-profit running race to raise money for a young man with restricted mobility.


leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Niine 11, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 513 9757 Email: info@lillijahilo.com Web: www.lillijahilo.com


Products and services


Lilli Jahilo is a high-end designer brand.

Estonia, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates.

history Maison Lilli Jahilo was founded in 2010 by fashion designer Lilli Jahilo. The brand has a distinctive feminine yet modern language of clothing followed by critical acclaim both abroad and domestically. All products are designed and exclusively hand-made at the brand headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. Lilli Jahilo showcases her collections globally from Beijing to Cannes, from Dubai to Amsterdam.


leading brands of estonia

Lilli Jahilo creates the most beautiful dresses in the world. It is the continuation of a lifelong desire to make beauty and harmony come alive with collections inspired by the clarity of Nordic nature. The Lilli Jahilo brand focuses on dresses that are designed to

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Ateljee Tallinn OÜ Year of foundation: 2010 Sector: fashion design Turnover: 130 000 euros (2015) Employees: 5 Brands: Lilli Jahilo Web: www.lillijahilo.com Member of ECCI since: 2016

empower the modern woman. With each collection Lilli adapts her own personal style to the needs and desires of the international women who are drawn by the label’s luxurious and flattering garments. As a Chanel-trained designer, Lilli maintains the highest craftsmanship at all levels – including design, fabric selection and the best tailors employed in-house. All garments are designed and produced responsibly. It’s modern luxury that you can enjoy with a clear conscience. The highly skilled professionals who work at the atelier are passionate about their work and keep alive the long traditions of couture garment making and techniques. The A to Z process of practically any garment takes from several days to months to complete, starting with the sketching process. All patterns are drawn up by hand exclusively for each new product to ensure the perfect fit from every angle. Hand cutting of quality fabrics, tacking and hand-sewing final stitches guarantee the best result – a product, which is also beautiful from the inside, where eyes cannot see. This is slow fashion at its best.




leading brands of estonia

For the environment

Aus Design Llc

Contact data

Address: Pikk 41, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia E-mail: info@ausdesign.ee Web: www.reetaus.com www.upmade.org www.upshirt.org


Products and Services


Reet Aus “smart casual” collection includes t-shirts, blouses, shirts, dresses and trousers for men and women. All items are made from upcycled cotton and denim textile left­overs. The clothing is assembled from square, rectangle or diamond shaped small patches of fabric.

The main markets for Reet Aus are Estonia and other EU countries. In 2016 we successfully entered the U.S. market as well.

history Reet Aus PhD started working as a fashion designer in 1997 and since 2002 all her collections have followed the principles of upcycling. Her doctoral thesis (Trash to Trend - Using Upcycling in Fashion Design) opens the possibilities of implementing upcycling in the fashion industry and mass production. According to her conclusion, it would be possible to make 15 percent more clothes using the scraps of fabric thrown away. Since 2012 Reet Aus has been developing upcycling collection together with Beximco – one of the biggest apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh. The collections have been made by implementing upcycling in early stages of the mass production process. This has improved effectiveness  and reduced environmental impacts – each item produced in this way uses on average 70% less water and 88% less energy compared to regular products. Production line performing the upcycling method called UPMADE® was certified in December 2014.


leading brands of estonia

Reet Aus upcycling in fashion Reet Aus is Estonian designer who has managed to establish her name as a synonym of upcycled fashion. … I come from the time when punk arrived in Estonia and the Soviet influence was declining. I spent a lot of time with my grandfather, who was a sculptor and kept everything that was in his studio. Even the smallest piece of fabric would be used in his artwork. At that time, I started to make clothes for myself, always using my grand aunts old dresses or textiles from my mother’s closet (she is a textile designer). Studying fashion design was a natural choice, and I started working as a fashion designer in 1997. Since 2002, all of my collections have followed the principles of upcycling – a process that brings leftover materials back into the production cycle with the help of design. I was (and still am!) so excited about the possibilities of upcycling that I enrolled in a doctoral program and began working on my dissertation: Trash to Trend: Using Upcycling in Fashion Design. My research opened up the possibilities of implementing upcycling within the fashion industry and mass production. This led to creating a community platform for upcycling designers called Trash to Trend.

About the Collection Using existing fabric is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to produce clothes. The process of designing clothing usually begins with design, but for Reet Aus it begins with the materials. She is inspired by the design limitations of upcycling. The colors and textures of leftover fabric are unpredictable. Most of the fabrics are small in size, though sometimes bigger parts come from roll-ends. Still, the results are clean and the designs are very wearable. Each season there are a few new styles that can be mixed and matched with the collection’s existing designs.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Aus Design LLC Year of foundation: 2012 Sector: sustainable design, design innovation Employees: 6 Brands: Reet Aus, UPMADE, Up-shirt Web: www.reetaus.com, www.upmade.org, www.upshirt.org


UPMADE®: solution for mass-production Aus Design aims to spread industrial upcycling all over global fashion and textile industry. We have developed an innovative UPMADE® upcycling design&production system, to help any brand to minimize wasting existing materials. The Brand Owners and their manufacturers are licensed to use UPMADE® software to transparently analyse their production leftovers, plan and produce upcycled garments as well as send residuals to re-cycling. Furthermore, UPMADE® system includes an independent certification to ensure that UPMADE® certified upcycled garments have truly been made out of leftovers, meeting the international labour standards and avoiding restricted hazardous chemicals.

Awards • The Order of the White Star, class V (2016) • One of the Top 20 Women in Business by the Nordic Business Report (2015) • Runner-up at I:COLLECT Award (2015) • Runner-up at European Business Awards for the Environment (2014) • Woman of the Year (Association of Business and Professional Women Estonia 2014) • Notable Young Estonian (Junior Chamber International Estonia 2014) • Environmentally Friendly Company (Ministry of the Environment 2013) • Entrepreneur of the Year of the Civic Society (Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations 2013)

Aus Design Llc


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leading brands of estonia

Ice Cream Th

l ts e at M


Contact data

Address: Viljandi mnt. 26, 11217 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: + 372 651 5900 Fax: + 372 651 5901 E-mail: info@balbiino.ee Web: www.balbiino.ee Products and services

Balbiino is Estonian biggest icecream manufacturer based on Estonian capital. Balbiino’s assortment consists of approximately 120


different ice-creams and 14 popular brands including children’s and premium brands, low-fat yoghurt ice-creams and sorbets, creamy ice-creams as well as lactose-free ice-creams. The varieties consist of family, cup, waffle-cone ice-creams and ice-creams on a stick, sandwichtype ice-creams as well as ice-cream multipacks.

frozen products are marketed: Härmavili – frozen vegetables, fries, yeast- and puff-pastry, etc.; Marine – frozen natural and coated fish products and seafood; Härmas – frozen ready meals. Balbiino co-operates with frozen food producers known in Estonia as well as in Europe, for example Farm Frites, Bonduelle etc.

Additionally Balbiino owns the following trademarks, under which various

Baltics, Finland, Germany, Denmark.


history Established in 1995, AS Balbiino is the biggest ice-cream manufacturer based entirely on Estonian capital. Balbiino’s main mission is producing the best Estonian ice-cream made of real cream. Balbiino is the only Estonian ice-cream producer, who holds the British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificate indicating conformity with food safety requirements and stable quality.

Balbiino is owned by NG Investeeringud – an investment and holding company based 100% on Estonian private capital. Companies belonging to NG Investeeringud such as Balbiino, have a significant role in the Estonian economy. In addition to the production of ice-cream, Balbiino also engages in the import and sales of chilled and frozen goods. As an expert of frozen products, Balbiino provides logistics services to other enterprises.


leading brands of estonia

BIGGEST ESTONIAN ICE-CREAM PRODUCER VALUES AND STRENGTHS Balbiino began producing ice-cream in 1996 and has since then been actively growing due to its wide product range loved and highly appreciated by consumers. It is one of the most loved brands of Estonians (TNS Emor research agency statistics 2016 – most beloved brands in Estonia, second place). The cornerstone of the company is integrating old traditions with new recipes. Balbiino values old traditions and the history of Estonian ice-cream production. The first Estonian ice-cream master Evald Rooma, also known as Uncle Eskimo, personally chose Balbiino to carry on his famous recipes and ice-cream making legacy. To honour the life’s work of Uncle Eskimo, Balbiino launched two new Uncle Eskimo ice-creams in 2012, both produced according to

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Balbiino AS Year of foundation: 1995 Sector: food industry Turnover: 22.6 million euros (2015) Employees: 248 Brands: Onu Eskimo, Balbiino Classic, Vanilla Ninja, Raks Web: www.balbiino.ee Member of ECCI since: 1998


the old master’s wishes and well-kept secrets. The combination of old traditions and recipes and new technology allows Balbiino to regularly launch new successful products on the market.

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION In 2003, Balbiino launched its first Vanilla Ninja ice cream known for the girl band of the same name that rose to fame back in 2002. The chocolate-glazed vanilla cream ice-cream has been steadfastly dominating Estonian ice creams and is Estonia’s Nr. 1 ice-cream according to consumer statistics. Due to public great demand, Vanilla Ninja chocolate cream ice cream was also added to the assortment, followed by vanilla ice-cream in a crispy waffle-cone.



Balbiino is a responsible company of the Estonian food industry by preferring domestic raw material and providing employment for Estonian people. By preferring locally sourced material, Balbiino contributes to the Estonian economy and agriculture. Our ice-creams are, in consideration of the health of consumers, as natural and free of additives as possible. In addition to supporting Estonian agriculture, Balbiino also promotes youth sport. Balbiino continuously supports various Estonian orphanages as well as the activities of people with disabilities in order to make their life a bit sweeter. Balbiino supports the development of the ice-cream industry and its education by awarding the best dairying students of the Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics with the Evald Rooma scholarship. Furthermore, Balbiino highly values ecological sustainability and thus has implemented various strategies to alleviate its ecological burden by reusing the heat left over from pasteurization and cooling.

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ACHIEVEMENTS Over the years, Balbiino has found its way into the hearts of Estonian consumers and has been awarded with several awards and titles. Based on a survey among 15–65-year-old’s by research agency TNS Emor, Balbiino was named as one of the most known and beloved food industry brands in Estonia in 2015. Following the research, Balbiino was honoured with more titles at the annual Best Food Product of Estonia 2016 competition. Balbiino’s Mango Smuutike mango sorbet ice-cream won the title of Best Food Product of 2016 as well as the title of Best Dessert of 2016. In addition to winning the title, other Balbiino ice-creams also received various titles such as Noted Product, People’s Favourite, Merchants’ Favourite and Executives’ Favourite of 2016.

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HISTORY OF THE BRAND AND LOGO Balbiino is one of the most beloved trademarks in Estonia and has won over icecream lovers across the nation through its most popular brands, the oldest of them being Vanilla Ninja, Balbiino Classic and Raks.

The strength behind the Balbiino trade mark is the knowledge and skill to produce ice-creams to all target groups – from children to adults, from classic flavours to new interesting combinations. It is thanks to those beloved ice-cream brands that Balbiino has become a sign of quality.


leading brands of estonia

Balteco Group

Contact data

Address: Jälgimäe, Laagri, 76401 Harjumaa, Estonia Phone: +372 671 8237 Fax: 372 671 8236 E-mail: info@balteco.ee Web: www.balteco.com Products

Balteco is a design and manufacturing company offering a wide range of original design bathroom decoration


products including furniture, baths, shower solutions, tabletops, sinks, etc.In addition to local Estonian market, Balteco bathroom collections with modern minimalist design have gained wide interest in many export markets and today more than half of the production is exported. Balteco was originally specialized in acrylic bath and hydromassage bath design and production, but over the past decade the product range has

significantly widened to cover most of bathroom product areas. Markets

Balteco is the market leader in bathroom products in Estonia and exports to several countries like: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, U.S., Switzerland, Belgium, Nether­ lands, Germany, Iceland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.

History Balteco, as a leader in bath development and manufacturing in Northern Europe, was established by a group of talented and ambitious engineers in 1990. Over the years the scope of operations has widened to cover several product ranges that are produced in three separate manufacturing facili­ties. As a proof of high quality standards, continuous innovative product development and award-winning product design– Balteco today is proud to claim that it has more than 120.000 satisfied customers all over Europe and other markets.


leading brands of estonia

Values and strengths Balteco aims to be the first choice for its partners and clients, and to be one of the leading manufacturers and trademarks in the bathroom markets of the EU. Vast experience in design and engineering are the cornerstones for Balteco’s operations in creating better and more appealing products to meet the changing customer preferences and needs. Balteco’s objective is to create designer series interior decoration products for bathrooms with timeless design and valuable functionality. Our manufacturing processes and operations are in all aspects efficient and environment friendly.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Balteco Year of foundation: 1990 Sector: manufacturing Turnover: 10 million euros Employees: 200 Brands: Balteco, Balteco bathrooms Web: www.balteco.com Member of ECCI since: 1992


Products and innovation With its in-house Research&Development Center and design management system Balteco is innovating on everyday basis. Over the years Balteco has introduced numerous valuable functional innovations and technical solutions that have become an industry standard and have been adopted by other quality manufacturers. Numerous valuable design and engineering patents have been filed worldwide.


Achievements • Balteco has been nominated for and received several business – and design awards over the years, including Bruno nominations and awards presented by the Estonian Association of Designers for design management and product design. • For the recognition of successful design implementation in product development over the years, Balteco was awarded with Design Implementer of the Year Award by the annual EAS Enterpreneurship Award committee in 2010.

History of the Brand and Logo Balteco brand was first registered in 1990 and has gone through several logo’s and corporate identity changes over the years. The latest change in corporate identity and logo was made in the beginning of 2016 supporting Balteco’s new objective to offer, in addition to baths and showers, bathroom collections covering also bathroom furniture and accessories.


leading brands of estonia

BaltIKA Group

Contact data

Address: Veerenni 24, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 630 2801 Web: www.baltikagroup.com E-store: www.andmorefashion.com Products and services

• A leading fashion design enterprise in the Baltics. • Operating five retail concepts: Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Ivo Nikkolo and Bastion.


• Baltika Group encompasses all stages of the fashion value chain (design, manufacturing, supply chain management, distribution and multi-channel retail). • Baltika Group carries a unique role in the Baltics – as a leading fashion enterprise, Baltika supports, implements and develops the knowledge and skills required to create internationally competitive fashion brands and collections.


• Retail network of 130 brand stores in 7 countries across Europe (including 36 franchise stores). • Strong wholesale network across the EU and Russia. • Baltika Group’s own fashion estore andmorefashion.com ships to 44 countries worldwide.

HISTORY In 88 years from raincoats to international fashion business. Baltika’s predecessor was a company called Gentleman, founded in Tallinn back in 1928. Inspired by the rainy climate of the region, it produced raincoats. From 1959 onwards, Baltika started to produce fashion’s most complicated items – men’s suits. It remained focused on men’s clothing until 1988, when it began catering for women’s wardrobes as well. After Baltika was privatised in 1991, the success story continued. The same year, Baltika created Baltman, the first fashion brand in Estonia after the Soviet era, and opened the first brand store. By 1993, Baltika began expanding to foreign markets. In 1997, the company’s shares were quoted on the Tallinn Stock Exchange. Today, Baltika owns and operates 5 fashion brands internationally. Throughout the years, the company has developed from a manufacturer to a retailer, and has become a leading fashion design enterprise in Estonia. Its biggest assets are the unique experience in quality fashion items combined with the knowledge of creating and developing brands, along with its irresistible drive for growth.


leading brands of estonia

As the leading fashion design enterprise in the Baltics Baltica owns, operates and develops five retail concepts: Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Ivo Nikkolo and Bastion. It carries a unique role in the Baltics supporting, employing and developing the knowledge and skills required to create internationally competitive fashion brands and collections, which are retailed in brand stores across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and through partners in Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Tenerife.


CORPORATE DATA Company name: Baltika Group Year of foundation: 1928 Sector: fashion and retail Turnover: 48.8 million euros (2015) Employees: 1100+ Brands: Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Ivo Nikkolo, Bastion, andmorefashion.com Web: www.baltikagroup.com Member of ECCI since: 1928


Monton, an international success story, was launched in 2002. Monton is an exciting, quality fashion brand that interprets global fashion trends in its own unique way. Through our wholesale partners, the Monton collection is sold all across Europe and in Peek & Cloppenburg, the time-honoured and venerable European chain of retail clothing stores. We cherish Estonian sportsmen, and have designed the Olympics kit for Estonian teams since 2004. While following global fashion trends, Monton always weaves a local touch into its collections. Mosaic was created in 2006 for practical, responsible and wellorganised women and men, who appreciate timeless elegance. Since 2006, Mosaic has received positive feedback from its clients across Europe. Baltman was launched in 1991 – a prestigious business wear brand for men, it offers stylish, classic and high-quality clothing together with a personal service. This 25-year-old modern brand uses the best selection of fabrics (multi-layered, wind and waterproof fabrics) and modern design. Baltman suits are made in Estonia and offer unwavering quality and elegant, classic design – the best fabrics come from top European manufacturers such as Loro Piana and Dormeuil, which guarantees comfort and gives the garments a dignified overall appearance. In addition to classic lines, the collection also includes modern, softer cuts, which offer the wearer considerable added comfort and allow the exciting textures of the highest quality Italian fabrics truly stand out. Ivo Nikkolo was established by Estonian Designer Ivo Nikkolo in 1994, Baltika acquired the brand in 2006. It is renowned as one of the

BaltIKA Group

most unique Estonian fashion brands, developed by some of Estonia’s most talented fashion designers, including today’s designers Eve Hanson and Britta Laumets. Ivo Nikkolo collections are designed to fit the demanding lifestyle of a contemporary woman providing original design, premium European fabrics and the highest quality production. Bastion is inspired by open and emotional feminine women, who enjoy life. The brand is known for its beautiful dresses for women who want to feel beautiful, happy and confident at all times. Baltika Group acquired the brand in 2012.

AWARDED DESIGN Since the establishment of Baltika, its designers have been recognised for their high quality designs on many occasions. Fashion Award, the Golden Needle (Estonia) for Baltika designers: • 2013 Aivar Antonio Lätt (Baltman) • 2011 nomination, Aivar Antonio Lätt (Baltman) • 2009 Eve Hanson (Ivo Nikkolo) • 2005 Eve Hanson (Ivo Nikkolo) • 2004 Evelin Lill (CHR) • 2003 Merike Pääro (Bastion) • 1999 Janika Sootna (CHR) • 1998 Tarvo Jaansoo (Baltman) • 1997 Ivo Nikkolo (Ivo Nikkolo) • 1996 Marika Siska (Baltman)

MULTICHANNELING In addition to its own retail and e-commerce, Baltika Group continues to expand through its franchisee’s, wholesale partners

and marketplaces. Baltika Group offers a “ready-to-go” business for all its fashion brands and their international collections. Baltika Group’s e-store, Andmorefashion.com was launched in 2014, and soon won recognition from the Estonian E-Commerce Association. Today, the store ships to all the European Union countries, as well as Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and some other – 44 countries in all.

VALUED EMPLOYEES Baltika encompasses all stages of the fashion value chain (design, manufacturing, supply chain management, distribution and multichannel retail). Our collections are created by in-house design teams, which include awardwinning Estonian designers with a strong focus on quality and a unique design vision. Baltika has always stood at the crossroads of different cultural influences from Scandinavia, Germany and Russia – this has given us a unique skill to merge east and west, minimal and playful, and create universal designs. Baltika is also proud of its strong product development and quality tailoring with very good fit. Our employees are well known for their experience and skills with particular strength in tailored garments. Our international sourcing network allows us to exercise strong quality control and meet the needs of our demanding customers. The Baltika Group’s retail network gives us direct feedback from customers, and our multichannel strategy helps us keep pace with the changing needs of customers, offering them excellent experiences.


leading brands of estonia

Leading Industrial Holding in the Baltics

BLRT Grupp

Contact data

Address: Kopli 103, 11712 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 610 2408 Fax: +372 610 2999 E-mail: blrt@blrt.ee Web: www.blrt.ee


Products and services


• Shipbuilding. • Ship repair. • Manufacturing of high-technology equipment, sophisticated metal structures and mechanical engineering. • Rolled metal products and metalworking services. • Scrap collection and processing • Gas production and sales (technical gases and gases for food and medical sector). • Transportation services. • Stevedoring and port services

The markets of the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Eastern and Western Europe, the Mediterranean as well as of the other regions constitute the strategic markets of the holding.

Territory of the BLRT Grupp holding in 1916.


The BLRT Grupp’s companies are presented in seven countries.

A decision to establish the Russo-Baltic Shipbuilding Yard was made on June 12, 1912. The site was chosen at Kopli peninsula in Tallinn, because it was less than five miles from the city, could be connected to the rail network and the left bank looked out onto the deep bay with easy access to the open sea. At that time there was no infrastructure at all – only forest and waste land. About 10,000 people were involved in the construction of the plant. In just three years the production facilities and slipways were ready, and in 1915 the first ship was launched – the destroyer “Gavriil” (Gabriel). Today the BLRT Grupp is one of the largest industrial corporations in the Baltic Sea region. The holding includes several dozen subsidiaries in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.


leading brands of estonia

The biggest steel fish farming complex in the world.

Cooperation between shipyards allows to repair and modernize the vessels in the shortest time and with best quality.

Description of the holding’s activities BLRT Grupp is a reliable partner in all areas of its activities and is continuing to strengthen its leading positions in the target markets. The BLRT Grupp corporation consists of three ship repair yards in Estonia, Lithuania and Finland, which include the biggest dry

CORPORATE DATA Company name: BLRT Grupp Year of foundation: 1912 Sector: industry Turnover: 353 million euros (2015) Employees: around 4000 Web: www.blrt.ee Member of ECCI since: 1989


dock in Northern Europe (length 265 meters and width 70) and eight floating docks. In 2016, the holding acquired the ninth floating dock, which will be installed at the shipyard in Klaipeda owned by the holding. The acquired dock with the length of 235 meters and width of 46 meters will be the largest dock in the Baltic countries. It will open new opportunities for ship owners and for the shipyard to carry out repair- and modernization projects for the Panamax type vessels. Shipbuilding is historically one of the most important activities of BLRT Grupp – today the holding is able to develop a conceptual design, prepare engineering documentation and build a vessel on a “turnkey” basis. The holding also manufactures a variety of integrated fish farming complexes, as well as fully equipped large-size ship structures weighing over 500 tons. The Elme Metall company, which is part of BLRT Grupp, is one of the leading companies in the Baltic region, which offers a wide range of rolled metal products and metalworking services. In 2016, the company commissioned a new logistics and service center in Estonia for the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous rolled metal products. Today the company has a production area of 300,000 ​​ m2, which consists of six logistics- and five service centers. The company has offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland and Finland, providing employment for about 500 people. Elme Metall has established itself as a reliable partner in the Baltic states, Scandinavia, Eastern and Central Europe.

BLRT Grupp

The BLRT Grupp holding also manufactures high-tech equipment and large-size metal structures for the oil and gas industry. The enterprises of the Group provide freight services both by road and sea transport, render Stevedoring services, which include cargo handling at the port and the quality control of the operations. BLRT Grupp has also a foundry production to manufacture products of gray-, highstrength-, fire-resistant- and durable cast iron. As recently as in 2016, the production facilities have been modernised – in addition to an existing melting furnace of 500 kg, two new furnaces of 500 and 1,000 kg have been installed. One of the Group’s activities is the development of real estate projects. On the territory of the before closed area Noblessner at the seaside a unique project is under work – a new residential and business complex. The first phase includes the construction of four apartment houses, multiple business areas and a yacht club. The coastal region will soon become one of the most elegant places in Tallinn. BLRT Grupp is a major exporter in the Baltic countries – the export share in the

turnover for 2015 was more than 81%. For105 years the holding has continued to keep pace with the times, constantly expanding its capabilities. BLRT Grupp has repeatedly been named the best company in Estonia and has been honored with the title of the “Most Competitive Enterprise in Estonia”.

Social responsibility As one of the largest industrial corporations in the Baltics, BLRT Grupp, as a member of the Estonian Employers Confederation for over 12 years, is actively involved in shaping the Estonian employers’ positions on many issues. The enterprises of the BLRT Grupp are members of the Community of European Shipyards’ Associations, the Estonian Machine Building Union, the Estonian Defense Industry Association, the Estonian Wind Power Association, the Lithuanian Cluster of Liquefied Natural Gas, as well as of the Union of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industry. For years, the BLRT Grupp actively con­ tributes to the development and promotion of sports in Estonia and Lithuania, as

an official partner of the male and female national basketball teams of Estonia and as the general sponsor of the Lithuanian basketball club “BC Neptūnas”. For many years the holding has promoted the development of the Estonian men’s tennis and other sports. The holding places high emphasis on training of new professionals, in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology, the Estonian Maritime Academy, the Lithuanian Maritime Academy, the University of Klaipėda and other institutions. Considering the development of culture as an integral part of the development of society, the BLRT Grupp has a long-standing cooperation with the Russian Theater of Estonia, supports various cultural and public events, such as the Birgitta Music Festival, Days of the Sea and many others. The BLRT Grupp was honored by the Estonian Ministry of Culture with a title of “A Friend of Culture”. In order to support young talents in obtaining higher education, the holding has established the BLRT Foundation affiliated with the Estonian National Culture Foundation.

Shipyards of BLRT Grupp are able to serve different types of vessels.


leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: LĂľuna 6B, Paldiski, 76805 Harjumaa, Estonia Phone: +372 552 7220 E-mail: info@bolefloor.com Web: www.bolefloor.com Products, main export markets

Production of unique curved floorboards. Products are manufactured


in Estonia, but exported all around the world. Some reference projects include flooring in Paul Smith design shop No. 9 Albemarle Street; wall panels, Boleform tables and Bolefloor in United Nations Ethiopia Room; wall panels in Sheraton hotel in United States, Colorado; Bolefloor in Nira Montana hotel in Italy; Bolefloor in Nobu restoran

in Munich; Estonian display at World EXPO in Milan; Bolefloor in David Haye Hayemaker Gym in Dubai; Bolefloor in Apple Executive private villa; Bolefloor in private residences at lake Tahoe; Curv8 in LĂśfbergs Lila coffeshops in Stockholm; Bolefloor in MGM Macau Casino, Bolefloor in Philips Beauty Store in Amsterdam and Bolefloor in Skagen stores in London.

History Bole Ltd. was established in 2010 by Hannes Tarn and Rain Eisler to assess the feasibility of producing historically handcrafted hardwood timber surfaces on a state of the art technological level with industrial quality standards. The goal was to retain the original shape of every single board into the final wooden surface bringing along truly ecological feeling and natural looks. Researching existing timber production machinery, techniques and software gave an understanding that implementing IT and machine development into several spheres of woodworking can in fact result in an unforeseen new aesthetics and timber economy. With the help of Tallinn Institute of Cybernetics and several Estonian and Finnish software and process development companies new parquet and furniture products and production processes were born. Among others new 3D optimization algorithms were generated as well as cad/cam, database and visual identification customizations developed. In 2011 the new factory started producing solid timber parquet, in 2012 engineered parquet, in 2013 furniture surfaces and in 2014 the next technological development- modular layout surfaces based on actual timber boards’ shape distribution statistics were generated.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Bole Ltd. Year of foundation: 2010 Sector: wood industry Employees: 44 Brands: Bolefloor, Boleform, Curv8 Web: www.bolefloor.com



Bolefloor – Life is Not a Straight Line It was not nature that created straight floorboards; it was the limitations of technology. Bolefloor allows a return to a natural state: organic lines as nature intended. Bolefloor is the world’s first manufactured naturally curved hardwood flooring that follows a tree’s natural growth and takes its name from the old English term bole, the trunk of a tree. Bolefloor is manufactured in limited editions and is always tailormade. The curved flooring meets the true definition of unique – each floorboard is as individual as the tree it came from. No two Bolefloors are alike.

More floors per forest Bolefloor’s unique optimization technology, invented here in Estonia, minimizes the loss of material and saves natural resources. Not only is the surface aesthetically appealing, but Bolefloor’s innovations allow more floors per forest. Bolefloor offers a design solution for all locations and settings where intimate, natural, and individual interiors are desired. But there is no law that Bolefloor has to be a floor. The technology has been used to create live edge surfaces available for all interior and exterior functionalities – let your imagination be the limit.

A Bolefloor for every situation The company also has a subsidiary brand called Curv8 which is a module flooring manufactured with the company’s proprietary Nature’s Fit™ technology. We have chosen the 8 forms most true to the way trees grow in nature. For every Curv8 floor, raw boards are selected to fit one of these eight forms. Curv8 patented modular technology retains the tree’s original shape and grain lines, allowing material to be utilized in an ecofriendly manner and making pattern repetition unnoticeable. Each Curv8 module matches perfectly with every other Curv8 module, making an endless repeating pattern possible. Boleform, another subsidiary brand of Bolefloor, creates live edge surfaces available for all interior and exterior functionalities: any type table surface, door surface, cupboard-, cabinet- or wardrobe door, dresser or office desk drawer front, or simple wall-panels to create a natural mood.


leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Liivalaia 40, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 646 0998 E-mail: borg@borg.ee Web: www.borg.ee Products and services

Borg makes furniture that makes


your life more comfortable – sofas, armchairs, footrests and beds. We make furniture that brings together ideas, design and comfort. Furniture is the crowning glory of your interior space. Here at Borg we will produce furniture that accentuates the character of your room – from lounge suites and footrests to stools

and armchairs, individually or as a series. Our mission is to offer highquality and competitively priced special furniture and our own production to companies and private persons. Markets

Mainly shipping to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland.

History Borg started furniture production in 2004 with 3 people on a 40m2 working area. Finnish export in the second year of business gave a great boost to the company and we moved to a new rental place with 300m2 space and hired another 5 people to join the production team. Company developed and grew consistently several hundred percent in a year without bank loans. It was only possible thanks to our reliability and high quality. We invested every increment to our sustainable future – machines and engineering in factory and international trades to find new partners. An important setting stone was building our very own 900m2 factory in January 2014. Adding again a number of new people to the team, the space and freedom of high rent fees gave a new breathing to the whole company. Landing great clients in Denmark and Sweden in 2014 and 2015 has helped us to continue building a steady and trustworthy position in high quality design furniture industry.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: BORG OÜ Year of foundation: 2004 Sector: furniture production Turnover: 800 000 euros Employees: 14 Web: www.borg.ee



simple lines and beautiful shapes Philosophy ‘Today’ is a moment in a lifespan reflecting from where we come from and where we are aiming to. The experience from the past in combination with what we believe will be are present in Borg’s furniture. Our mentality is Nordic and our approach is global. People who love Borg’s furniture can be from any place in the world but they are all united by values Borg represents: simple lines and beautiful shapes.

Borg – the progress that never ends Borg is synonymous to innovativeness. Borg is constantly on the way of searching for inspiring and fresh ideas to create relaxing or business interiors. The collections integrate great variety of best fabrics, genuine wood and tiny details that make the brilliant result. Our openness to new ideas, flexibility to play with ideas make Borg rather a trend-maker than a follower. We love what we do and hope this inspires you too!

Products and services BORG is a demanded modern furniture producer with Estonian roots. Our products are designed, prototyped and produced in Tallinn with the craftsmanship that is rare to find. As a custom producer we in Borg have designed and manufactured the furniture to accentuate the characteristics of each room. We respond to customer needs and are able to adjust our solutions to customer’s needs. Our product range is limited by our fantasy and we always consider carefully the room, the atmosphere and what would suit best. We value highly the users convenience which is why our sofas can provide sound insulation in order to enable people work in privacy and in silence.


leading brands of estonia


Chemi-Pharm AS

Contact data

Address: Põllu 132, 10917 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: + 372 677 8806 E-mail: chemi-pharm@chemipharm.com Web: www.chemi-pharm.com Products, markets

Chemi-Pharm AS develops, produces and sells allergen-free disinfection agents, cleaning and maintenance products, and luxury skin care line. Products are exported


to 17 countries; the company’s main customers are hospitals, dentists, family doctor offices, schools, kindergartens, the food industry, cleaning services, sports centers and spas. The company follows international quality standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485. Our product development and production aims for the highest standards – maximum safety for our skin and respiratory systems, user friendliness and environmental safety. We are also dedicated to developing

infection control management system to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. “Hospital infections are the fourth biggest cause of death after malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS, killing approximately 7 million people a year. Strict rules have to be established to eliminate bacteria and microbes in health premises. With the help of these rules and an effective infection control system, we can and will save tens of thousands of lives each year”, says Ruth Oltjer, the founder of the company.

History Chemi-Pharm was established in 1997 from a simple need to survive and stay healthy. The founder of the company, Ruth Oltjer, M.D., developed asthma when working at the hospital due to irritating ingredients in disinfectants. In order to address this problem, she founded a company, importing at first quality disinfectants from England. Good news travels fast, and the demand for allergen-free products skyrocketed. A team of professional biochemists, specialists and economists conducted a thorough market research and in 2000 a manufacturing plant was established in Tallinn. Volumes are increasing rapidly. In the coming years Chemi-Pharm plans to move from its current location to a new, at least 5000 m2 factory that will provide products for Europe. The further goal is to build factories in all continents in order to be close to patients, doctors and hospitals. Our company’s main mission and biggest drive is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and save lives – this is what we stand for!


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Achievements The last five years have brought us recognition in many fields. In 2015 Chemi-Pharm was named by the local business paper Äripäev an Estonian Gazelle Enterprise, indicating that it was considered one of the fastest growing enterprises in Estonia. In the same year Krediidiinfo named the company an Estonian Successful Company with an AAA-rating (excellent). Prior to that, Chemi-Pharm received the European Corporate Social Responsibility Award in 2012 and 2014, and the Estonian Successful Company AA-rating (very good) in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Ruth Oltjer, the owner and CEO of Chemi-Pharm, was nominated Estonian EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012.

International presence Chemi-Pharm currently exports to 17 countries all over the world and export makes up more than 70% of the production. The fastest

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Chemi-Pharm AS Year of foundation: 1997 Sector: chemical industry Turnover: 4.4 million euros Employees: 39 Brands: Chemi-Pharm Web: www.chemi-pharm.com Member of ECCI since: 1998


growing market is Poland, followed by Sweden, Finland and Latvia. Through our experience, we can say that the most important key to success lies in finding serious and hard-working partners and maintaining long-term relationships with them. This requires significant patience and stamina because the success in a new market may be seen only after 3-5 years. We follow the examples of the Nordic countries, who have the best results in controlling hospital infections, and with this experience, we have set our goals to be present in ex-Soviet, Asian and African countries, where national infection control systems have not yet been fully provided by governments. Our teams have visited hospitals in Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa, and it is in those countries where we see big potential for growth and development.

Corporate social responsibility We take contribution to social projects and charity very seriously. Due to the nature of our business, we can help by donating our products to different organizations and countries in need. Chemi-Pharm has co-operated in humanitarian aid projects conducted by the Estonian Foreign Ministry in Georgia, Ukraine and Sierra Leone. As we are

Chemi-Pharm AS

to kindergartens and schools to teach and show with the help of a special machine how dirty our hands remain when they are just briefly rinsed with water. We give meaning to this basic everyday procedure. Chemi-Pharm provides partners with adhesive hand cleansing guides and custommade disinfection plans. Both services are highly appreciated and widely used. Our products and training system are usercentered, and we are always aiming for new innovative solutions.

Products and innovation

always looking towards the future, helping children is currently and will continue to be our top priority. We have contributed in several ways and continue to do so: • The Carolin Illenzeer Fund – financial support/sponsorship; • Sun Camp organized by the Tallinn Hansa Rotary Club – organizational help and non-financial support; • Keila SOS Children’s Villages – nonfinancial support (bicycles, products); • Estonian Union for Child Welfare – nonfinancial support (soap and disinfection products for camps); • Estonian Food Bank – non-financial support (soap and cleansers); • In 2015 Chemi-Pharm was ranked at

the Silver Level for the Estonian Sustainable Business index due to contributions in 2014.

Values and strengths Our mission is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and save lives. We also stand for user-friendly products that do not harm the environment. We do not just sell products. We offer basic information that helps people to keep healthy and happy. Training and education are crucially important. During active periods when flu is spread, cleaning and disinfecting hands with special gels helps to prevent us from falling ill. In addition to visiting health care institutions, Chemi-Pharm employees go

The result of our high standards and intense R&D is a product range that meets clients’ needs, has an excellent quality-price ratio and meets the high standards of the very demanding medical sector. The key factor is the constant decrease in the levels of allergen tolerance among the population throughout the world, which is related to preservatives used in foods and connected to tensides used in cleaning agents. Tensides used in our products have approx. 1,000 times lower allergenic levels than those of regular disinfection and cleaning agents. Our production is in compliance with ISO standards (ISO 9001:2008 Planning and manufacturing of products; ISO 14001:2003 Environmental management; ISO 13485:2004 Quality management system for medical devices) and the products have been microbiologically tested according to EU standards. More than 20 products have been registered as medical devices (CE markings).


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Our knowledge makes your difference

Chemi-Pharm AS

Address: Põllu Street 132, 10917 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: + 372 677 8806 E-mail: info@ddifference.com Web: www.ddifference.com

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is luxurious and sophisticated, absorbs instantly and consists of natural ingredients. From us to you, with love and care.” Ruth Oltjer, founder of D’DIFFERENCE

Products and services


D’DIFFERENCE is a luxurious skin care line that contains natural ingredients.

Market leader in Estonia (no. 1 brand in retail beauty chain I.L.U.) Our main focus is finding the right partners and good sales channels. D’DIFFERENCE products are sold in premium retail chains and

“There are so many products in today’s world. I have created a line that


pharmacies, department stores, spas and beauty institutes. USP – in the luxury skin care category, the number of brands that use natural ingredients is very limited, practically non-existent. The products are currently exported to Latvia, Norway and Sweden. In 2017 our export focus will be Germany.

History More than a decade ago, a group of biochemists and scientists led by Ruth Oltjer, M.D., an Estonian doctor of internal medicine, began to search for skin care and personal care products that respect skin’s natural defense system and are based on natural ingredients. At first, creams and lotions for hospital use were developed, and after good results were achieved on damaged skin (extreme dryness, bed sores, scaling) a full line of sophisticated, quickly absorbing and easy-to-use products for all skin types was born. The full line was launched in 2013. It is a sophisticated, different kind of skincare, based on a scientific and medical approach and in touch with nature! We have dedicated countless hours to perfecting the texture of our products. They absorb instantly and never leave a sticky layer on the skin. Soft, silky and smooth – this is what you will feel.


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“As a doctor and as a woman, I have a strong desire to help others. Skincare, although considered a part of the beauty world, does so much more than make us groomed and confident. With the right product and right use, there is the possibility to change the way our skin behaves and looks.” Ruth Oltjer, founder of D’DIFFERENCE

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Chemi-Pharm AS Year of foundation: 1997 Sector: chemical industry Turnover: 4.4 million euros Employees: 39 Brands: D’DIFFERENCE Web: www.ddifference.com Member of ECCI since: 1998


Our story As we all know, nature is full of miracles. Many of them can be used for the benefit and welfare of our skin, For nourishing and moisturizing skin and maintaining its hydrolipidic film, we use a patented emulsion that consists of safflower oleosomes. These oleosomes are at the heart of all the products that we make! Silk proteins retain moisture as well as give the surface of the skin a silky, soft finish. A selection of natural oils nourishes, moisturizes and protects. More than 20 minerals from the Dead Sea are natural preservatives which replenish and restore from this irreplaceable source.

Core values and strengths • We do not heat the natural ingredients in the production process. We do not heat anything! • Our products are free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, mineral oils and artificial colour. • We use only high quality natural oils in our products. • Many of the natural ingredients have the Ecocert certificate, shown with a star on the product.


• We believe that a good and well-performing product has to be easily absorbed and not sticky. It has to leave the surface of the skin smooth and silky, smelling fresh and clean. • We love products that contain ingredients that we know and understand. Minimal use of thickeners and emulsifiers is always guaranteed. • Our products are dermatologically and microbiologically tested according to EU standards. • We operate in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), ISO9001 and ISO14001 requirements. • We work according to Green Reliability requirements.

Products and innovation The D’DIFFERENCE line is divided into 4 series. Each meets the specific needs of a particular skin type or concern. Natural Beauty – We can say, with a touch of humour, that this line is suitable for everybody, from babies to grandmothers. And this is true. The D’DIFFERENCE Natural Beauty line is suitable for all skin types and all ages. Cell Innovation – Our anti-ageing line. This series is the result of 13 years of research and devotion by doctors and scientists all over the world. Look for our luxury, delicately perfumed, quickly absorbing and easy-to-use serums, masks, powerful face

and body products to indulge your skin every day. You will be delighted to see that, step by step, it is possible to turn back time. “With this line, we have proved that natural ingredients have anti-ageing power. Plant-derived stem cells are wonderful energy boosters and helpful in maintaining our skin’s tone and elasticity. We have not stopped there: combining stem cells with a special bacteria to keep them alive is where the true innovation lies!” Ruth Oltjer, founder of D’DIFFERENCE

White beauty – This series is dedicated to people who want to restore the flawless skin they used to have. Whitening plant extracts are able to fade excess pigmentation and protect the skin from forming new spots. Luxurious, delicately perfumed, quickly absorbing emulsions are suitable for all skin types and can be used all year round. For Men – It has been a fascinating challenge to create a luxurious line where nature meets science to city-proof a man’s skin, protecting it from the effects of pollution and a hectic lifestyle. The For Men line offers the enjoyment of having skin that is energized, deeply moisturized and irresistible to touch.

Achievements Starting from the first year on the market, our products have been nominated for and

received awards in “best beauty product” competitions: • 2013 Anne&Stiil award for Natural Beauty Universal Revitalizing Face Cream; • 2014 Anne&Stiil award for Cell Innovation Golden Beauty Mask; • 2015 Anne&Stiil award for Natural Beauty Moisturizing Day Cream; • 2016 Iluguru award for Enriched Body Cream; • 2016 Iluguru award for Cell Innovation Rejuvenating Mask.

The logo and visual identity Inox Design Management has created a complete CVI, including logo, packaging, merchandising materials and corporate advertising for the D’DIFFERENCE brand. It is extremely important for a luxury brand to have a unified look all over the world, in all environments. The face of the brand is Estonian model Hedvig Maigre. Her timeless beauty, sophistication and grace perfectly portray the brand and its values. Her most influential work has been for Dior, Jean-Paul Goude and a video project for Chanel’s jewellery collection, where she portrayed love. In recent years Hedvig has worked as a director and created a short movie for Gucci accessories. The photographer of advertising visuals is Riina Varol. Beloved at home and wellknown abroad, her work has been awarded several prizes and has been featured in Vogue Italia, ILikeMyStyle (Berlin and New York) and POSITIIV and on Kunst.ee.


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Address: Mäealuse 2/1, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 639 7991 Fax: +372 639 7992 E-mail: info@cyber.ee Web: www.cyber.ee Products and Services

• Information Security and Mission Critical Systems. • Interoperability and secure data exchange solutions for organisations and governments (UXP®). • Privacy preserving technologies (Sharemind®).


• e-Tax and e-Customs solutions (Customs Engine®). • Digital Identity and authentication solutions. • Internet voting for governments. • Surveillance systems. • Surveillance systems for critical infrastructure and border control. • Wide Area Radio Communication Systems. • Research and development. • Research, development and consulting in the domain of information security.


Cybernetica exports mission-critical systems to over 35 countries around the world, including EU countries, UK, U.S., Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia and others. Our cus­tomers are governmental authorities, financial institutions, research laboratories and critical infrastructure operators.

History Cybernetica was established as a private limited company in 1997 as the successor of the applied research unit of the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences of Estonia, established in 1960. The applied R&D laboratory of the Institute had an integral role in delivering large scale factory automation projects, but also founding the scientific paradigms for information security and cryptography in Estonia. Today, Cybernetica is known as a key player in several world-renowned e-Government projects, such as developing the Estonian X-Road platform or the Internet voting software, but also in radio communication solutions for Maritime Authorities. As part of its heritage, Cybernetica still focuses on R&D in information security – its institute of Information Security works in collaboration with top universities from Europe, but also with institutions from the USA and Japan.


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CORPORATE DATA Company name: Cybernetica AS Year of foundation: 1997 Sector: cybersecurity Turnover: 10 million euros (2016 projection) Employees: 130 Brands: UXP®, Sharemind®, Customs Engine® Web: www.cyber.ee Member of ECCI since: 1997



exchange platform X-Road (2001), developing the internet voting solution (2005) and others. Cybernetica was an Estonian Defence Industry Company of the Year 2014, and has been awarded the Baltic Innovation Prize 2011, Quality Innovation of the Year prize in 2014, and EU Cyber Security & Privacy Innovation Award in 2015, among others.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cybernetica is an R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and sells mission-critical systems and products, maritime surveillance and radio communications systems. Cybernetica has been an active counterpart in developing critical eGovernment systems, such as the Estonian X-Road, i-Voting, e-Customs and others.

Values and Strengths Cybernetica aspires for greater safety and security in the world. Our goal is to strengthen the position of Cybernetica as an international ICT competence centre, while offering internationally competitive products and services. Cybernetica values the creativity of its employees and deep respect between customers and colleagues. We believe that excellent science leads to excellent business, so we try to offer our customers what they need – often instead of what they want. Quality is held in high regard at Cybernetica. Our integrated management system is certified according to the standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATIONS e-Government Solutions • Customs Engine® is a fully EU-compliant product suite covering all primary customs processes. • Unified eXchange Platform® is an ecosystem of secure interoperability, enabling secure data exchange between different organisations. UXP is the core technology for Estonia’s X-Road platform.

• Sharemind® is a privacy-preserving ecosystem that processes encrypted data without decrypting them. Surveillance and Communication Systems • Cybernetica Marine Radio Communications system is a pioneering solution in VoIP for marine radio communications. Cybernetica provides highly scalable wide area systems, deployed in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. • Cybernetica provides remotely managed integrated radar and video border surveillance, deployed among other things, for surveillance of the EU external blue border in Estonia. Research and Development in Information Security • The Cybernetica Information Security Institute focuses on research in cryptology and information security, namely in the fields of cryptography, PKI, timestamping, secure multiparty computation. The science behind all our products leads to groundbreaking innovations in information security, enabling us to provide custom made solutions to our customers and top-scale auditing and consulting services.

ACHIEVEMENTS Cybernetica has been part of all the critical digitisation reforms and projects in Estonia, including developing the legislation for the Digital Signature Act (2002), piloting the Estonian ID-card, developing the secure data

Cybernetica values education highly and supports its employees endeavours in combining their work with studying. This synergy between work and studying is reflected in the high amount or master’s degrees and PhDs in the company. In 2014, Cybernetica co-founded the Monika Oit foundation in memory of her contribution to the field of informatics. The foundation awards scholarships to support students of information technology in their graduate studies. Cybernetica is an environmentally conscious company and takes care to minimise its environmental footprint. Cybernetica is ISO 14001 certified.

International Presence • Cybernetica exports mission-critical systems all around the world, in 2015 exporting to more than 35 countries. Top export partners include the USA, Germany, Indonesia, Norway and others. • Cybernetica is a member of several international organisations, including ISO/IEC JTC1 information security standardisation subcommittee SC27, IALA, ISACA and others. • Cybernetica belongs to the European Cyber Security Industry Leaders task force together with Atos, Thales, Infineon, BBVA, Airbus Group, Deutsche Telekom, BMW, F-Secure and Ericsson.

History of the Brand and logo In 2012, the brand of Cybernetica was renewed with the help of the Identity agency. Our logo reflects the historic ties with the original Institute of Cybernetics, but was modernised to better communicate the core values of Cybernetica and the renewed corporate visual identity.


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Address: Peetri 11, 10414 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 602 7995 Email: info@defendec.com Web: www.defendec.com Products and services

Defendec is global technology innovation leader developing automatic and autonomous border monitoring


platforms and constantly challenging the status quo in border protection and surveillance. Defendec provides a unique autono­ mous situational awareness Smartdec platform, which offers an integrated land border surveillance system on the market – 400 days of battery powered sensor coverage and encrypted radio based communications.

Smartdec is based on proprietary radio sensor technology and consists of battery-powered sensors integrated with small cameras to provide real-time central monitoring of protected areas. Defendec is both a U.S and Estonian company with offices in Washington and Tallinn, manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Europe.

History Defendec was founded in 2006 under the name Smartdust Solutions. Initially our goal was to develop wireless sensor based monitoring solutions. After some years of prototyping and executing many projects in Estonia, Finland and Sweden, the company decided to focus on the border security sector. By the end of 2010 our customers received the first version of our flagship product – Smartdec. In 2011 the company’s name was changed to Defendec, and since then we have delivered Smartdec into more than 30 countries. Smartdec enables instant visual verification of intruders with very easy to use software and devices, which do not require infrastructure investment. Defendec has span out many security business lines like smart streetlight system Cityntel, mesh technology provider Thinnect and subscription based security service Reconeyez. Defendec has developed the world best low power visual capability platform, which constantly expands with new machine learning, analytics and data fusion products.


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Smartdec was invented in cooperation with border guards in NATO and EU external border. It has been deployed in more than 30 countries in some of the most remote and challenging terrain. Tested and used along the NATO-Russia borders and during Afghanistan ISAF operations, it provides a unique combination of

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Defendec OÜ Year of foundation: 2006 Sector: Defence and AeroSpace / IT Turnover: over 2 million euros Employees: 17 Brands: Smartdec, Reconeyez, Defendec Web: www.defendec.com Member of ECCI since: 2010


capabilities making Smartdec the best in its class: • • • • • • • • • • •

400-day rechargeable battery; 
 Encrypted radio communications; 
 No supporting infrastructure required; 
 Minimal user interface with remote deployments; 
 Integrated cameras and sensors allow visual verification; 
 Integration with other type of detection sensors, radars and uav’s; 
 Small size facilitates concealment; 
 Rapid and easy deployment; 
 Superior close detection capabilities with HD quality imaging; Force protection;
 Smartdec enables countries to cost-effectively monitor their remote borders between check points and in other critical areas. Without any additional infrastructure and special technical skills, Smartdec can be deployed and implemented rapidly, to provide immediate results.

Smartdec is best for: • detecting intruders crossing remote land borders;
 • catching smugglers of all types – narcotics, weapons and other contraband smugglers;


• identifying cross border organized crime and terrorists;
 • providing force protection for remote camps and installations;
 • facilitating autonomous intelligence or surveillance operations in remote areas and behind the enemy lines; • protecting critical infrastructure; • Smartdec is used in more than 30 countries and has been procured and deployed by the United States government.

ReconEyez is an intrusion detection system built to secure remote assets ReconEyez is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV is either too expensive to install and maintain or the area is simply inaccessible. The proprietary design allows for the ReconEyez system to be up and running in a matter of few minutes. It is battery powered and uses wireless communication, with no special training required for its installation. The system’s long (up to 400 days) recharge-free period and no additional hardware required for its integration, allows remote sites to be kept secure in a cost-effective manner and with minimal operational involvement. The ReconEyez security system can be used to provide early warning, shape adequate response strategy and mitigate the risks of: • Intrusion; • Theft; • Vandalism; • Terrorism; • Technological and natural disasters. Following areas where reconeyez is the most efficient security system: • Oil wells; • Oil fields (e.g. External perimeter, Internal sectors’ virtual fence); • Warehouses; • Offshore gingerbread platform; • Refineries; • Oil and gas pipelines; • Pipeline pumping stations; • Storage tanks; • Temporary infrastructure where permanent security investments are not reasonable.

Achievements • Defendec was named the Estonian defense industry company of the year 2015. • Defendec was nominated Top5 of Äripäev IT companies of the year 2015. • Defendec was named the Estonian “Shining Starter” of the year 2009. • Defendec was nominated Top20 in Estonian Competitiveness Ranking in SME category of 2015. • During the constant growth and development, we have been awarded prizes from Tallinn City, selected to Nordic Venture top list and merit of badge from Estonian Border and Police.

International presence • Defendec was named the RedHerring Finalist of the year 2013. • Defendec was nominated as TOP10 young enterprise in Nordic Venture of the year 2010. • Defendec was nominated as TOP25 out of 125 European young innovative companies of the year 2010. • Defendec has participated International defense exhibition in IDEX2015, EUROSATORY 2012, 2014, 2016 and DSEi 2013,2015.

GLOBAL OPERATIONS Defendec supports a variety of organizations, including the international assistance

community (EXBS, CNTPO, EUBAM, BONAF, UNODC, UNSPIA, INL and DTRA) and has been part of multiple USG contracts for deployment to the Balkans and Central Asia and Southeast-Asia region and Middle-East.

COOPERATION WITH INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Defendec actively participates in European research projects. In cooperation with the European Border Guards and Frontex, Defendec is developing the embedded software for TALOS, a European Union next generation land border surveillance system. TALOS is a pan-European research project co-funded by the European Commission. Enterprise Estonia, a government organization responsible for supporting business and technology development, has awarded a research grant to Defendec to support its continued academic research. In addition, Defendec actively collaborates with the Tallinn University of Technology and is associated with the ELIKO Competence Center, Estonia’s leading research center in Electronics-, Info- and Communication Technologies. Defendec is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the non-profit organization, E-Space, Estonian Defense Industry Union, the Estonian Defense Cluster, and the Estonian Space Cluster.


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Address: Narva mnt 13, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 669 8080 E-mail: info@ekspressmeedia.ee, delfi@delfi.ee Web: www.delfi.ee


Products and services


Delfi is a major internet news portal in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania providing daily news both in local and in Russian language. We also operate entertainment portals – Publik.ee in Estonia and Izklaide.delfi.lv in Latvia; and Delfi TV, which is one of the biggest web based TV’s in all three Baltic States.

Delfi operates in the Baltic countries under the domain names delfi.ee, delfi.lv, and delfi.lt. Aside from versions in the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian languages, the company offers Russian language versions of its portal in all three countries.

historY The Delfi portal was launched on 23rd of November 1999 in Estonia and a week later in Latvia. The Lithuanian portal followed in February 2000. Initially, Delfi was used as a cover brand for all internet businesses run by Microlink, the largest IT company in the Baltics. At the beginning the internet service providers and web programming units were also using the Delfi brand in addition to online media. IT related divisions were later re-branded and Delfi concentrated on online media only. Over 17 years, Delfi has grown from a small internet portal to a main mass medium, which has a larger audience than the biggest daily newspapers in the Baltics. Delfi merged with Eesti Ajalehed in July 2015 and became the biggest media company in Estonia – Ekspress Meedia. In the Baltics Delfi has more than 2.5 million regular users.


leading brands of estonia

DELFI – the first choice when it comes to news Delfi is the leading Internet media company in the Baltics, where it operates 12 portals. In Estonia we have 5 different web environments: news portal in Estonian (www.delfi.ee) and in Russian language (rus.delfi.ee); an entertainment portal (www.publik.ee); a science and technology portal (www.forte.ee) and Delfi TV (tv.delfi.ee). The total number of users of these portals is about 600,000. We have 3 portals in Latvia: news portal in Latvian (www.delfi.lv) and in Russian language (rus.delfi.lv) and an entertainment portal DELFI Izklaide (www.delfi.lv/izklaide). There are 693 000 users of Delfi web portals in Latvia.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Delfi Year of foundation: 1999 Sector: media Turnover: 11.8 million euros (Ekspress Meedia) Employees: 300 Brands: Delfi, Delfi Sport, Delfi TV, Publik, Forte, DELFI izklaide


In Lithuania we have 2 portals: news portal in Lithuanian (www.delfi.lt) and Russian language (ru.delfi.lt). All together the number of users per week in Lithuania is 636Â 902. The main reason of the popularity of Delfi portals is its news content. Delfi also introduced the opportunity to exchange opinions on current matters by enabling users to comment on news articles. Through these comments all users can participate in public discussions on important topics. In practice, the Delfi comment environment is the largest public tribune for people besides parliamentary elections. A number of written commentaries on hot topics can easily reach thousands. According to statistics several hundred thousand people write comments in our portals. The readership of these comments reaches millions. Delfi has been an internet advertising pioneer in the Baltics. For several years, Delfi has had above 50% market share in Internet advertising. Due to the rapid rise in the popularity of Internet advertising and the opening of new environments, our market share has decreased, but we still hold approximately one third of the market. There are more than 2.6 million users of Delfi in the Baltics among a total regional population of 8 million.

Values & strengths Delfi is the best known Internet brand in the Baltics. We have over 90% brand awareness in each country among all internet users. Delfi is also the first choice of internet users and the biggest portal by number of visitors. Delfi has the biggest market share in the internet advertising market in the Baltics.


Products and innovation We have Delfi portals in local and Russian language in every Baltic State. Besides content provision we have expanded into web-based services. We operate news portals, regular online TV-shows and Delfi TV live streams. Delfi TV is the biggest web TV channel in all Baltic States.

Achievements The most important achievement has been the creation of leading media channels in Internet despite of any connection or support from the traditional media. Delfi has also created the most effective business model in Media in all Baltic countries.

International presence Delfi has created a similar local presence in all three Baltic countries.

History of the brand and logo Delfi is a technical name of the brand, the word doesn’t mean anything in local languages of any of the Baltic states; In Ancient Greek Delfi was considered to be the centre of the world, quite like our aspiration is to be the center of the Internet; According to a legend, the Delfi Oracles could tell the future, which is well related to the news portal core business; Delfi sounds like dolphin in local languages and dolphin is a very smart animal, which arises sympathy.


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Epiim – maker of Estonian cheese

E-Piim Production Ltd.

Contact data

Address: Pikk 16, Järva-Jaani, 73301 Järva County, Estonia Phone: +372 383 8300 E-mail: epiim@epiim.ee Web: www.epiim.ee Products

Epiim makes cheese, butter and powdered milk using clean and natural milk from more than 100 Estonian dairy farms, contributing thus to the development and future of local agriculture and dairy farming.


Epiim’s cheeses of various levels of taste and maturity are available in a wide range of packaging, including bulk, sliced, and grated providing cheese lovers delicate taste experiences and creating new possibilities for using Estonian cheese in food. Epiim’s dairy in Põltsamaa produces traditional medium-hard cheeses, such as Edam, Tilsit, and Gouda, Baski and Cagliata used in the food industry. Our Maasdamstyle cheese called Epiim Special

and functional cheese Harmony™ deserve a special mention. We also have a special cheese smoking department, where various cream cheeses, cheese snacks, smoked and melted cheeses are prepared. Epiim’s dairy in Põltsamaa and creamery in Järva-Jaani use annually more than 120,000 tons of clean domestic raw milk, which makes Epiim one of the largest and most important companies in the Estonian dairy industry.

history The dairies of Epiim were established at the beginning of the 20th century – the first one in Põltsamaa in 1910 and the second one in Järva-Jaani in 1911. Clean Estonian nature, venerable traditions and favourable location in a strong agricultural region have created beneficial conditions for successful processing of milk. Since 2011, Epiim has been undergoing a complete innovation. In 2013 Estonia’s most modern and environment-friendly spray drain was established in Järva-Jaani to produce powdered milk for export. In 2016, Epiim opened the first high-tech steam boiler-house in Järva-Jaani, which fully operates on renewable energy, helping to save on production costs and significantly reducing the air pollution of the neighbouring area. Today, Epiim is the largest Estonian exporter of cheese, having cooperated for decades with the largest cheese countries in the EU, such as Italy and Switzerland, and also introducing Estonian cheese to the markets of Asia, Africa, and the U.S.


leading brands of estonia

One of the most important recent investments of Epiim includes establishing a high-tech steam boiler house in Järva-Jaani, where energy- and cost-efficient forest chips are used instead of oil shale. This steam boiler house that operates solely on biofuel is the only one of the sort in the Estonian dairy industry.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: E-Piim Production Ltd. Year of foundation: 2011 Sector: dairy production Turnover: 37 million euros Employees: 184 Brands: Epiim, Lepasuitsu, Harmony Web: www.epiim.ee Member of ECCI since: 2011


In addition to Epiim’s manufactory in Järva-Jaani, the new heating system is also used in the Järva-Jaani Gymnasium with nearly 300 students, as well as the local sports hall that is visited by nearly the whole county, i.e. around 2,000 people. For the locals, this means a cleaner living environment, as air pollution decreases by 668 per cent per year in comparison with the former situation. In 2015, Epiim also underwent a brand innovation and gained a new logo depicting a cheese flower, as well as new outstanding and colourful packaging. Staying true to its core values, i.e. the development and traditional values of Estonian agriculture and dairy industry, Epiim also contributes to product development. In order to facilitate that the cheese, prepared of the production of our dairy farmers, reaches the dinner tables of every Estonian family, Epiim cooperates closely with renowned chefs and food bloggers who give ideas and provide recipes how to use our nutritious cheese that is rich in calcium in different types of food. Quite a few of these delicious recipes that can be tried out at home have been created by the renowned chefs of Põhjaka Manor. Epiim products are easily recognisable by the yellow ‘cheese flower’ logo. The yellow flower, which was inspired by a sliced cheese ball, represents Estonia’s nature, its rural life, and locally-sourced, clean milk, which is used to produce all of our butter and cheeses.


Recipe recommendation

warm and nutritious Põhjaka cheese bread

According to Märt Metsallik, a chef at the restaurant at Põhjaka Manor, the best manor restaurant in Estonia, the warm and crispy cheese bread is an age-old classic that gets its taste from Epiim’s Estonian cheese. “For an especially pleasant result, the bacon should be roasted in the oven until it is crispy and a creamy cheese sauce should be added,” recommends the chef. Ingredients for the Põhjaka cheese bread:

fresh white bread onion bacon cheese sweeter mustard Ingredients for the cheese sauce:

OUR VALUES • Epiim is one of the largest cheese and butter producers and exporters in Estonia. • The owners of Epiim are Estonians – amounting to over a hundred cooperative members who stand for sustainability and durability in local rural life through their dairy farming and hard work. • Epiim butter and cheeses are from start to finish, national production – from the collection of raw milk right up to the packaging of finished products. • We value consistency and tradition, but we also contribute towards scientific research and innovation. • We create new opportunities for Estonian cheese and also Estonian agriculture on a worldwide basis.

50 g butter 50 g flour 500 ml milk two large handfuls of Epiim’s Estonian cheese pinch of salt Preparation

Prepare the cheese sauce by melting the butter in a pot. Add flour and whisk until smooth. The mixture should have a slightly darker colour. Add milk and whisk to keep the mixture smooth. Add grated cheese, mix thoroughly and add salt. For a warm layered cheese bread, spread some mustard on the bread and layer crispy bacon, onion, and slices of cheese on top of it. For an especially delicious result, add the cheese sauce. Place another slice of bread on top of the sauce and roast the burger in a buttered pan until it is golden brown. Enjoy!

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY By being a socially responsible company, we also support music and cultural events, as well as projects related to children and young people. For the second year in a row, Epiim is holding a nationwide charity campaign “For Estonian Children”, raising annually more than 30 000 euros, which are spent on various children related projects.

ACHIEVEMENTS The company was awarded a prize “Culture Friend 2015” by the Ministry of Culture for a wide-scale national charity campaign “For Estonian Children”. The title “Culture Friend” is granted by the Ministry of Culture to companies whose contribution to the culture of Estonia has been significant and who have changed Estonian living environment and quality of life for the better.


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Estonian Business School

Contact data

Address: A. Lauteri 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 665 1300 Fax: +372 631 3959 E-mail: ebs@ebs.ee  Web: www.ebs.ee  Products, services and markets

Established in 1988, EBS is the oldest privately owned business university located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. With


more than 1500 students and international faculty, EBS’s goal is to provide enterprising people with academic knowledge, skills and values for its successful implementation. EBS teaches entrepreneurship and business administration in a practical manner at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. EBS has over 70 partner universities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia, enabling a wide exchange of both students and lecturers. Over 30% of EBS’s student body are

international students. In 2011 EBS opened a branch in Helsinki. EBS has over 4500 alumni who according to a study by Statistics Estonia earn higher monthly income than the graduates of other Estonian universities. In 2016 EBS English-language Bachelor’s level International Business Administration study programme became the first in Estonia to receive EPAS accreditation, which is among the highest level recognition business programmes can receive.

history When EBS was founded in 1988, it was the first institution in Estonia to introduce diploma business education. Since business administration did not exist in Soviet universities, there was no teaching tradition, no faculty and no textbooks – a difficult starting position. Besides university, Estonian Business School Group has established EBS High School in 1997 and Executive Training Centre in 1993. To give its students an international experience, EBS signed a Double diploma agreement with Lancaster University Management School in 2007. In 2010 EBS got licensed for unlimited term to run study programmes on bachelor, master and doctoral level in the field of business administration, which made us the only private university in Estonia. A year later, in 2011, EBS opened a campus in Helsinki, Finland. In 2016 EBS English-language Bachelor’s level  International Business Administration study programme became the first in Estonia to receive  EPAS accreditation,  which is among the highest level recognition business programmes can receive. EPAS accreditation is awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD). 

EBS Helsinki Campus


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SUCCESSFUL ALUMNI EBS is proud of and respects all of its alumni. There are photos of all alumni on the walls of the school, not only of those who have gained public recognition. It is impossible to cut in stone “artists of life”,

GENERAL INFORMATION Company name: EBS Education OÜ Year of foundation: 1988 Sector: education Turnover: 4 million euros Employees: 170 Brands: Estonian Business School, EBS High School, EBS Helsinki, Executive Training Centre Web: www.ebs.ee Member of ECCI since: 1989


entrepreneurs or academicians, because every person has their invaluable contribution to the society to make. The Rector of EBS, Prof. Arno Almann says that the students and alumni of a business school are more rational and goal-oriented people who value the prospect of future opportunities that education would equip them with. “According to recent research, the EBS alumni have been one of the most successful university graduates in Estonia. Quarter of the respondents has received a better job offer due to the received education. The success of its alumni has been the best recognition to the business school,” assured Prof. Arno Almann. In addition to education, the EBS alumni also value the contacts they have received and the internationalization of the university.

Curricula at EBS stand out for: • Master Studies in EBS start with the intensive business development Boot-Camp in creative environment in Northern Estonia; • Flexible organization of studies; • Personal advisory services; • The use of innovative teaching methods: • E-learning solutions, • Video training,

Estonian Business School

• Team teaching, • Real international business cases, • Leading practitioners’ experiences alongside academic knowledge. Even though there are tuition fees in EBS, we give out up to 80 scholarships annually. Outstanding academic results and active participation might result in partial or full scholarship. EBS Scholarship for international applicants is open globally to students who have already or will apply for Master’s programmes and PhD at EBS.

Bachelor programmes: • International Business Administration Programme is designed for people interested in economics and business who wish to acquire professional knowledge and skills to work in an international company or in the public sector. In addition to knowledge of economics and business, the programme also provides very good Business English language skills and an opportunity to specialize in marketing or finance. • People with good foreign language skills are valued in all international organizations. Languages and Business Administration programme is an excellent combination of language studies and business. The Programme is meant for

people who would like to gain practical skills of foreign languages – it is possible to study 3 foreign languages at a time – and also have basic knowledge of economics and business administration.

Masters programmes: • International Business Administration is designed for students with the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Economics or Management or equivalent. The strength of the International Business Administration programme at EBS is the fact that its curriculum is traditional in the best possible sense. For senior specialists it’s important to have in-depth knowledge of their field, but also a broadbased business education. • Business Innovation is a practical Master’s programme where student teams create companies based on corporate innovation or new venture projects. Developing innovative ideas into successful businesses is very tough. In this program we give you tools and practical hands-on experience of taking ideas and bringing them out to the market. This creates leaders who are capable in seizing the opportunity of the new knowledge-based markets.




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Estonia piano – a work of art


Contact data

Address: Kungla 41, 10413 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 644 1841 Email: info@estoniapiano.ee Web: www.estoniapiano.com Products AND markets

Estonia Piano Factory makes grand pianos ESTONIA in five models, which differ in length: 168 cm (5’6”), 190 cm (6’3”), 210 cm (6’10”), 225 cm (7’4”) and


Concert Grand Model 274 cm (9’0”). All instruments are handmade of the highest quality European components. Over 90 percent of its products are exported. The biggest export market is the U.S., followed by Canada, China, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Germany, UK, Spain, Finland, Latvia, and many others. Estonia pianos are represented in New York, Philadelphia, Washington

DC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Seattle/Bellevue, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Phoenix, Denver, Albuquerque, Minnesota, Columbus, Boston, Anchorage, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Sidney, Berlin, London, Helsinki and many other cities.

History Piano making in Estonia has been documented as early as 1779. At the late 19th century there were nearly 20 piano companies. The most notable of manufacturers was Ernst Hiis, whose handmade piano from 1893 became the prototype of the Estonia piano. After the WW II, Mr. Hiis was invited to establish what is now known as the Estonia Piano Factory. When the country regained its independence in 1991, the factory struggled to keep production going, and a few years later managers bought it. Through the end of 1990’s, Dr. Indrek Laul, an Estonian pianist, gradually purchased the company’s stock and became later its sole owner. The company is now a family business, Venno Laul, the father, being a general manager and his son Indrek the chairman of the board.


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Since the purchase, the Laul’s musical family has turned the tides and brought the piano to a whole new quality level. Many hundreds of changes and advancements have been implemented to piano models, a new production building has been constructed, and new piano models have been added – the 210 and 225. By improving the sound, performance, appearance and durability, the new instruments have received the highest quality ratings in company’s history. Stories have been written or broadcast in hundreds of media outlets, including Forbes, Bloomberg News, Associate Press, and Fox Business News TV.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Estonia Piano Factory Year of foundation: 1893 Sector: musical instrument manufacturing Employees: 45 Brands: Estonia, Estonia 1893, Laul Web: www.estoniapiano.com Member of ECCI since: 2014


Estonia Piano Factory

Today’s Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an ideal – to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only the best suited, and therefore limited, materials, parts and experienced craftsmen in Europe. To build a truly handcrafted piano in the European tradition, Estonia sets the standard and then seeks out only proven European partners to supply each selected component in the pianos they build. The company has developed the U.S. and Canadian market for 25 years, having established one of the best dealer networks for a European piano. ESTONIA grand pianos are now among the best selling European pianos in the U.S. and Canada, representing over 235 years of piano making tradition in this small North European country. Since 1991, thousands of grand pianos ESTONIA have been purchased in the U.S. and Canada. Many billionaires and celebrities have preferred the ESTONIA grand piano due to its excellent sound and quality.

Awards Recognition award by the JPMorgan Chase Bank, presented by Mr. Jamie Dimon, the bank’s president, in New York City. Both Venno and Indrek Laul have received the Estonian Presidential Medals. In 2016, Indrek received the medal Honour and Glory of Estonia by the Barclay de Tolly Club; and in 2005 was recognized as one of the 100 most notable graduates of history of The Juilliard School, New York.


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The biggest, oldest and most trusted travel agency in Estonia


Contact data

Address: Suur-Karja 15, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 626 6266 E-mail: estravel@estravel.ee Web: www.estravel.ee www.baltcoming.com Estravel has eight offices in six Estonian cities, a 24/7 Call Centre, an office in Latvia and subsidiaries in Lithuania and Australia. Products and services

Estravel offers the best outgoing and incoming travel services to corporate


and private customers. Estravel sells and mediates: • Flight tickets; • Accommodation; • Holiday packages; • Ferry and rail tickets; • Travel insurance; • Cruises; • Bus and car hire services, etc. In addition to outgoing trips Estravel is also involved in inbound tourism and selling trips to the Baltic States, Scandinavia and Russia. Estravel organises conferences, incentive travel trips, seminars and other events.


The main market for outgoing products is Estonia, where the biggest customer group is private customers, followed by corporate customers and public sector clients. Estravel’s incoming division operates in foreign markets under the trademark Balt­ coming, promoting all three Baltic States. The main markets for incoming products are Germany, Finland, Sweden and China, but we have customers all over the world.

History Estravel was founded in Tallinn in August 1988. It became the market leader in 1994 and has retained that position ever since, now boasting a higher turnover than its next four competitors combined. In 1995, the majority of shares was acquired by Finnair and the same year Estravel became a representative of American Express. The FTB (Finnish Travel Bureau) became the owner of 71% of Estravel’s shares in 2000, but one of the company’s founders, Aivo Takis, bought the shares back to Estonia through his company Estravel Holding OÜ in 2015. The subsidiaries in Rīga and Vilnius and the first office in Tartu were opened in 1996-1997. Estravel now has offices in all major Estonian cities. In 2016 Estravel bought Australian travel agency Aerotravel and Estintour travel agency, which is oriented towards the Russian market. A large number of travel bookings are now made online via Estravel’s online store and the cheap air ticket and hotel booking website SKY24.EE, which was founded in 2011.


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Values and strengths

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Estravel AS Year of foundation: 1988 Sector: tourism Turnover: 76.0 million euros (2015) Employees: 185 Brands: Estravel, SKY24.EE, Baltcoming, Aerotravel, Estintour, Estraveller travel magazine, Kuldkaart loyalty programme Web: www.estravel.ee Member of ECCI since: 1990


Estravel is the largest travel agency in Estonia and the Baltic States and has been active on the tourism market since 1988. Its strengths are its high-quality customer service, the high reliability of the company and its constantly updated technological solutions. The company’s most important value is reliability, which is more important than ever in a world that has become complex in terms of safety and the political situation.

Products and innovation Estravel offers the best travel solutions for private and business clients. Thanks to its experienced employees and large network of partners it is possible to fulfil the most complex travel wishes. Estravel offers its clients all kinds of support, from the planning phase of a trip to the moment when the client returns home. Its consultants provide help and advice 24 hours a day. Estravel invests constantly to keep its online and mobile booking and customer service channels up to date and integrates new technology that allows it to offer the best possible products to its customers. Estravel was the first travel company in Estonia to offer a Best Price Guarantee on hotel bookings at more than half a million hotels around the world.


Its loyal customers are rewarded with the best benefits through the Kuldkaart loyalty programme, whose 26 000 members receive valuable offers from Estravel and its 200 partner companies. Estravel publishes Estonia’s most popular travel magazine, Estraveller, whose print-run of up to 12000 copies is received by customers who use travel agency services regularly.

Achievements • Place in the Estonian Companies Competitiveness Ranking prepared by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Estonian Employers Confederation: Most Competitive Tourism Enterprise in Estonia 2013; Most Competitive Tourism Enterprise in Estonia 2014. • Place in Best Employers in Estonia survey organised by the largest Estonian job portal CV Keskus: 14th in 2014; 21st in 2015. • Since 2000 Estravel has been at the top of the rankings in the annual competition organised by the Äripäev newspaper and Pere ja Kodu magazine to recognise the most family- and employee-friendly companies in Estonia. • The Estonian Employers Confederation, the Estonian Human Resource Management Association PARE and Pärnu Conferences recognised management board member and long-standing CEO of Estravel Anne Samlik with the title of Manager of the Year 2015. • The Advisory Committee of the Estonian Business School (EBS) also recognised Samlik with the title of Business Manager of the Year 2012. • The company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has exceeded 70% for years, indicating that Estravel’s customers trust the travel agency. • Estravel is the only tourist agency that has the creditor’s activity permit issued by the Financial Supervision Authority, which enables its customers to use affordably priced hire-purchase.

International presence In addition to the Estonian market, Estravel has an office in Latvia and subsidiaries in Lithuania and Australia. Estravel is the leading travel agency and destination management operator in the Baltic States and operates in international markets under the trademark Baltcoming. Having branches in four different countries gives Estravel’s customers the best knowledge and the fastest service in their mother tongue and the best price deals from country to country. Estravel is also a representative of American Express Global Business Travel.

Corporate social responsibility Estravel recognises its social responsibility in regard to the sustainability of Estonia and seeks to contribute to the development of society and consistently support undertakings and organisations that are important to the country. Estravel constantly supports charity and non-profit organisations in the social sphere and in the fields of education, sports, social activity and entrepreneurship. It provides travel grants for exchange students and supports enterprise initiative competitions and development programmes to motivate young people’s business activities. Estravel is also

the official partner to and a supporter of the Estonian Olympic Committee and is the only agency in Estonia that sells tickets to the Olympics. Estravel invests in its employees by supporting their professional training and motivating and supporting their physical activity.

History of the Estravel brand and logo Since Estravel was founded it has used two corporate identities and logos, but it has retained its symbolic blue colour. The logo that is currently used was created in 2008 and consists of flower petals showing directions to different parts of the world. It represents movement and freedom of travel. It is also like a compass with a circle at its heart from which all adventures start.


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Kaera tee 6, Vääna, HarKu Vald, 76903 Harjumaa estonia I 4room@4room.ee




Address: Kaera tee 6, 76903 Vääna, Harku parish, Estonia Phone: + 372 679 0360 E-mail: 4room@4room.ee Web: www.4room.ee




Lighting design and production.

4ROOM's main market are EU countries, but the company also caters for domestic market.

HISTORY Our history and experience reach back to 1959. Since 2003 we are operating under the trademark 4ROOM, which reflects best our activities and face.



leading brands of estonia


TAYLOR IN THE WORLD OF LIGHTS The products of 4ROOM are born at our 4ROOM factory in Estonia from the idea to the ready-made product. We always have a wide selection of solutions, which enable to fulfil the wishes of even the most demanding customers quickly and with high quality!  We create the products that last – just like our grandparents used to do. Thus, we use carefully and cost-efficiently selected natural materials, however without compromising quality. All materials and components are certified and manufactured in the EU.

We take inspiration from life and nature, all product are finished in teamwork of the factory and designers. We never stop before the product is “completely designed”; this is the goal that we follow. It is our desire to be and remain unique and to offer through our original designs our customers bright and timeless lights. We only make products that warm our hearts and look great in our eyes. We sincerely wish to convey the passion put into our products to our customers!


CORPORATE DATA Company name: 4Room Year of foundation: 2003 (1959) Sector: lightning design and production Brands: 4ROOM Web: www.4room.ee


Tarmo Luisk experiments with product design and art. His is a designer and an artist, who tries out a bit of everything. Tarmo Luisk is one of the best-known and most productive artists among modern Estonian designers; he has created furniture, lamps and clocks and has also dealt with public space. Luisk’s work is a considered a harmony of detail and smartness. He is a perfectionist in design and very critical of himself. He may even redo a sketch of an item a hundred times; the only important thing is that he himself is pleased with the final result. But most importantly – he believes that design has to be humorous. There is always a small kick to his work. He enjoys giving subtle titles to his works and so his audience looks at his design work through a prism of humour. 


Designer Tarmo Luisk.



103 Crane.


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Most reliable wood pellet producer

AS graanul invest

Contact data

Address: Humala 2, 10617 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 669 9870 Fax: +372 669 9871 E-mail: info@graanulinvest.com Web: www.graanulinvest.com Products and Services

Graanul Invest is a private company with the main office located in Tallinn. Our main fields of activities include wood pellet production, development of heat and energy solutions,


forestry and trading of solid biomass products. Regardless of the fact that the company is quite young, established in 2003, it has become the biggest wood pellet producer in Europe, one of the largest forestland owners in Estonia and one of the biggest independent renewable energy producers in the Baltic Sea Region. In 2016 we will produce more than 2 million tons of wood pellets, generate more than 200 GWh of green electricity, own more than

30 000 ha of forestland in Estonia and plant around 1 million trees. Graanul Invest group includes 11 large and modern pellet factories, 5 combined heat and power plants (CHP plants) and 3 companies engaged in forest management and harvesting. Markets

Denmark, Sweden, Italy, France, United Kingdom.

History AS Graanul Invest was established in 2003. The most important developments in recent years: 2010 • Graanul Invest entered the forestry sector by acquiring 50% of the shares of Valga Puu; 2012 • Subsidiary Graanul Pellets launched the group’s biggest pellet plant in Latvia; • Our first two CHPs in Laukalne (Latvia) and Helme (Estonia) started operations; 2014 • Acquisition of 50% of Karo Mets as second forest management company in the group; • Startup of the biggest pellet mill in Estonia – Osula Graanul; • Two CHPs started operations in Inčukalns (Latvia); 2015 • Acquisition of 50% of Roger Puit shares as our third forestry company in the group, The owned forestland area exceeds 30 000 ha in Estonia; • Acquisition of SIA Latgran, which increased annual production volume of wood pellets above 2 million tons; 2016 • Startup of our fifth and so far the largest CHP project in Imavere with electrical capacity of 10 MWh and thermal capacity of 28 MWh; • Acquisition of 100% of Langerlo NV (Belgium) shares.


leading brands of estonia

Quality oriented production Wood pellet production in Graanul Invest group is divided between industrial and premium pellets. Our technology and raw material supply allow us to produce around 50% of our pellets in premium quality. In production, we use as much as possible green electricity, all the heat used is based on forest residues. Quality of wood pellets has always been our key priority and for that reason we operate on site laboratories in all plants where the tests of raw material and finished products are done on a continuous basis to ensure that at all times we will meet the quality requirements agreed with our customers.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: AS Graanul Invest Year of foundation: 2003 Sector: pellet production and sales, energy production, forestry Turnover: 243Â million euros (2015) Employees: around 600 Web: www.graanulinvest.com


Sustainable energy and heat for local communities As biggest producer of wood pellets in Europe our target has always been to develop and operate energy units working on solid biomass. Since 2010 we have built 5 CHP plants with a total electrical capacity of more than 30MW. We believe that one of the key potentials for the solid biomass on the long term basis is steam and electricity contracts with different industrial companies or heat and electricity contracts with local heat energy networks or commercial developers. We can provide customers with full service based solution that would enable them to fix their energy costs over a long term, provide customers with a potential to decrease their greenhouse gas footprint and enable them to use their capital and other resources in their core business development. Since 2008 we have developed in Estonia modern and highly efficient heat energy systems. We are currently operating 14 heat solutions that are based on wood pellets. Our customers in this segment are mostly municipal heat networks or commercial customers with bigger heat needs. We build, own, maintain and operate those installations ourselves, so that customers have a long term fixed heating contracts. We have also developed efficient and modern logistical system to deliver wood pellets to boiler houses. In order to secure in time delivery of the fuel we own trucks that deliver pellets to the energy units. With the same trucks we also service other customers, which increases efficiency in our delivery program and promotes usage of pellets in the market. So, we have accomplished three aims at once: we have increased the efficiency of the heating system, we have replaced fossil fuels

AS graanul invest

with renewable fuel source and we have provided savings to all our customers compared to their existing heat solution. And on top of that – we have fully developed and financed all those solutions.

Our own raw material Sustainable raw material supply is a cornerstone of modern wood pellet industry. Our main resource of raw material is residues of wood processing industry. Additionally, mixed forests in the Baltic states have a lot of low quality wood that can be utilized by the energy sector. The raw material of our premium pellets is a bark free softwood sawdust and chips. When making industrial pellets we can also use the sawdust and chips from soft wood, hard wood and low quality firewood. For drying wet biomass we use mostly bark and forest chips, but also other residues of timber and forest industry. All the forestland owned by Graanul Invest group and our forest management operations are certified according to the most demanding sustainability and environmental regulations in Europe. Our ambition is to plant at least 1 million trees every year.

Business with love for local communities As sustainable company in the long term business, we are taking care of the local communities we operate in. Those initiatives include supporting cultural events important for the local communities and sports activities of the local athletes and youngsters. We support two sports’ on a countrywide federation level – Estonian Cross Country Skiing Federation and Estonian Volleyball Association. Working together with local communities, businesses and cultural society is for us part of our sustainable future.

Our business philosophy is based on five principles: • We want to be the most reliable partner to our customers; • We want to supply the highest quality product; • We work hard to minimize our environmental impact; • We strive to be the best in energy performance in our industry; • We are focused on providing the safest working environment for our employees.


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Contact data

Address Factory: Masti tee 8, Uuemõisa, 90401 Lääne maakond, Estonia Phone: +372 472 0800 Fax: +372 472 0803 E-mail: info@uksetehas.ee Sales office: Hallivanamehe 4, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia Web: www.uksetehas.ee


Products and services

• Production of wooden doors, glasswooden partitions, wooden- and wood-aluminium windows. • Large variety of exterior and interior doors with different designs and characteristics. • Flexible production possibilities by size or by design for specific projects. • Many different solutions for glass-wooden partitions.

• Wooden and wood-aluminium German type tilt-and-turn windows with frame thickness 78 and 92 mm. Sliding and folding door solutions for terrace. MarketS

The main markets are Estonia, the Baltic States and all Scandinavian countries.

History The Haapsalu Uksetehas Ltd. was established in 1991 on the basis of Estonian private investment. We started with manufacturing of painted interior doors, later on exterior doors, fire- and sound insulated doors. Wooden and wood – aluminium windows were added into production from 1996. Today 80% of the total sales are doors and door-oriented products, the rest 20% are windows.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Haapsalu Uksetehase AS Year of foundation: 1991 Sector: production of wooden doors and windows Turnover: 9.2 million euros Employees: 160 Brands: Trendoor Web: www.uksetehas.ee Member of ECCI since: 1996


VALUES AND STRENGTHS The Company consists of three production units: 1. Door factory; 2. Window factory; 3. Glue-laminated wood factory for production of various items for doors and windows. The production process of the doors and windows is settled in the way, that there is no problem to manufacture the products with alternating dimensions and finishing. We are also prepared to fulfill the orders, which are not in our daily production programme, but technically feasible in our factory. Nearly 50% of the whole volume are so-called custom-orders; therefore we can proudly declare that certain flexibility is our advantage when compared with other massproduction factories.



International presence

Haapsalu Uksetehas is a company, which enjoys challenges from the building sites that need more complex and impressive solutions with high quality. We have chosen our technology and equipment according to this principle and also we are very eager to try out innovative materials and techniques. In order to be a loyal and trustworthy partner to architects and construction companies and to help them to build and equip modern buildings, we are constantly developing, testing and certifying our products. Our purpose is to be their first choice, when it comes to building or designing something extraordinary and luxurious. The most important element of the product development process is experience – it’s irreplaceable. When experience meets modern technology, then the outcome will be nothing less than perfection. Our best joiners and carpenters have more than 20 years of experience and they are still learning and growing with us. Our educated and experienced development team is taking care that our technological possibilities are up to date. In addition to many villas, apartments, hotels and offices, which are our specialties, our doors are used in outstanding buildings such as Swissotel and Hilton Park Hotel in Tallinn, and also cinema- and concert hall in the Solaris entertainment center.

Our biggest export markets are Finland, Norway and Sweden. We are always making sure that our certificates are in compliance with the laws and norms established in these countries. We have participated in big hotel projects (Scandic Grand Central and Haymarket by Scandic in Stockholm; Scandic Park Sandefjord in Norway, etc.) and provided doors for many different public buildings, private houses and summer cottages.

AchievementS Haapsalu Uksetehas is one of the nominees for the Estonian Entrepreneurship award 2016.

Corporate Social Responsibility In addition to our main business, Haapsalu Uksetehas has committed to help people whose social welfare is poor because of their health. We support them through the Läänemaa Invacare Union (Läänemaa Invaühing), and also directly fulfilling their specific needs. We are supporting youth tennis in our region every year and also selectively some local cultural events. We are partners with Läänemaa Gymnasium to introduce the basics of entrepreneurship to their students.


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Co-operation with us – guaranteed advantage!


Contact data

Address: Paldiski Rd. 31, 76606 Keila, Estonia Phone: +372 674 7400 Fax: +372 674 7401 E–mail: he@he.ee Web: www.harjuelekter.ee


Products and services

Development, design and production of medium and low voltage electrical equipment required for transmission, transformation, metering and distribution of electrical energy (pre-fabricated substations, cable distribution cabinets and fuse boxes) as well as products for industrial automation, serial production and subcontracting. Various types of sheet metal products for telecom sector and sheet metal work.


Harju Elekter’s home markets are the neighbouring countries in the Baltic Sea region. In 2015, 77% of the products were marketed outside Estonia. Today, the biggest market of the Group is Finland, but you can find Group’s products also in Sweden, Norway and other countries.

History The company was founded in 1968 for the manufacturing of electrical equipment and has quickly expanded ever since. Today there are five 100% subsidiaries in the Harju Elekter Group: In Estonia AS Harju Elekter Elektrotehnika produces equipment for power distribution networks (pre-fabricated substations, distribution boards and cabinets), industrial control and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors and for public utilities; the core business of AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika is the manufacturing of sheet metal products for data communication networks and telecom companies; Finnish companies –  Satmatic Oy and  Finnkumu Oy –  and Lithuanian company Rifas UAB produce equipment for power distribution network, industrial control and automation systems and pre-fabricated substations for the energy and industrial sectors.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: AS Harju Elekter Year of foundation: 1968 Sector: industry Turnover: 60.7 million euros (2015) Employees: 470 (2015) Brands: Harju Elekter, Satmatic, Finnkumu, Rifas Web: www.harjuelekter.ee Member of ECCI since: 1989


Harju Elekter Group is one of the leading manufacturers of MV/ LV electrical equipment and materials in the Baltic countries. The Group’s main income comes from development, design, production and marketing of energy distribution and transmission equipment for power distribution networks (pre-fabricated substations, cable distribution cabinets and switchboards), industrial control and automation systems for the energy and industrial sectors as well as for public utilities. The products of the Group’s factories in Estonia, Finland and Lithuania meet the requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality standards.

Mission To be well-known and accepted manufacturer of MV/LV electrical equipment and automation solutions in the Baltic Sea region by responding to clients’ needs without delay and with competence and quality and by offering added value and reliability to partners.

Goal Success over a long period of time, increase of company’s capital and generation of revenue for the owners and partners, providing at the same time motivating work, income and development opportunities for the employees.


Values • Cooperation. Together we achieve more! We act as one team, we hear out our customers and involve partners to create products that meet and exceed our customers’ wishes. • Reliability. We do not compromise on quality! We utilise state-of-art technology and all of the skills at our disposal to ensure that orders are filled on time. Producing highquality products is a matter of honour. We all take responsibility for our words and actions, and we communicate with colleagues in a polite and fair manner. • Development. We are ready to learn and open to innovation! We continuously supplement our knowledge base, in order to develop advanced products as well as ourselves. We appreciate proposals to innovate and are ready to implement them.

Achievements Harju Elekter has been granted with a wide selection of awards and nominations. In the years 2011-2014 the Swiss CE Asset Management, along with its Baltic partners, announced the nominees for the Corporate Excellence Award and AS Harju Elekter, four years in the row was recognised as the best in Estonia, thanks to its market position, stable customer base, good historic economic results and promotion of the general management of the company.

Social responsibility The environment around us creates, as well as limits, our opportunities to act. During

its almost half-century history of operation AS Harju Elekter has become one of the largest and most successful companies in Keila and its surroundings and we feel we have to take responsibility for the general development of the society, as well as the wellbeing of the local community. For us, social responsibility means daily considerations how to contribute to making life better in Estonia. We have always supported and will continue to do so many initiatives that we strongly believe in. We value highly the long-term cooperation that makes the support more efficient. Over the years, four major areas of sponsorship have evolved within the Group: • Bearing of social responsibility AS Harju Elekter as a local large-scale enterprise feels responsibility for the general development of the region and

the well-being of the local community focusing mainly on children and youth by supporting their educational efforts and leisure time activities. The Group has concluded long-term sponsorship agreements with the Keila School, local kindergartens, sport and hobby clubs. • Supporting the education of engineers in Estonia The company works in close cooperation with Estonian educational institutions in order to promote and develop the education of engineers. AS Harju Elekter is a golden sponsor of the Tallinn Technical University granting every year scholarships for Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree students in the field of electricity and mechanics. The Group’s companies also carry out several cooperation programs with technical and professional colleges. • Supporting and inspiring young sportsmen The company has, above all, supported youth sports – focusing on long-term and constant sponsorship and taking into account the popularity of the sports. The main target is to work with a large amount of young athletes, who could represent Estonia in the future. Promoting recreational sport among the employees. In co-operation with the Harju KEK Athletic Club we do everything we can to facilitate an active and sporting lifestyle of our employees. Healthy workers, full of energy, represent a priceless value to the company.


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New level of the traditional sauna experience


Contact data

Address: Turu 45d, 50105 Tartu, Estonia Phone: +372 532 29839 E-mail: info@huum.eu Web: www.huum.eu


Products and services


Production of electric sauna heaters, wood burning sauna stoves, remote controls for electric heaters.

During the first year in business HUUM already managed to export its products to several countries. Sauna market is pretty big in Estonia, but already from the beginning of 2016 more than half of the production goes abroad. At this point HUUM has customers in more than 20 different countries all over the world.

History The founder of HUUM OĂœ had the idea of creating new sauna heaters that would not burn wood, but instead consist of bare stones in metal netting that fully encapsulate the heating unit. First functioning heaters of the kind were made just for fun in the course of university studies, being not quite ready for viable commercial distribution, lacking competitive edge both in the production costs and value for money. With the help of Enterprise Estonia we commenced cooperation with the research and development department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Together we came up with new sauna heater designs. Now the beautiful concept had to take a shape that could be used in production. Working with engineers from several Estonian metal-processing plants, we managed to make products with high design value, which facilitated our successful market entry. In its first year HUUM OĂœ focused primarily on satisfying the domestic demand. In the second year the company proceeded to systematically build up foreign sales channels, at the same time expanding the product range.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Group: HUUM OÜ Foundation year: 2013 Sector: production of electrical appliances Employees: 4 Brands: DROP, HIVE, HIVE WOOD, UKU Web: www.huum.eu Member of ECCI since: 2014



The key to the success of HUUM heaters is in skillful combination of the best features of Nordic saunas with modern design and the latest technology. The result – an experience that elicits highly approving comments even of the most seasoned of sauna-goers. HUUM is every inch an Estonian product. It brings together Estonian design as well as local metalworking and IT skills. It is a perfect example of how the otherwise abstract word ‘innovation’ comes to life. For instance, UKU, produced by HUUM, is the only control unit of its kind that provides remote access to your sauna via a mobile app. Imagine that you are in the office, at the gym, in a traffic jam or on your way home from a fishing trip with friends – all it takes is just two clicks on your mobile device to switch on the heater so that you will be able to go straight to the sauna after coming home. What’s more, you can check the temperature of your sauna in real time. And all of this is created in Estonia – the design, hardware and software. Coming up with something different on the market of traditional sauna heaters is what helps us stand out among competitors. Besides their design and functionalities, HUUM products also stand apart from those of other manufacturers in terms of their place of production, namely, Estonia.

Uncompromising quality and offering unique value help us to keep up with the Asian market. Prompted by customer requests, we are currently working on expanding our selection. While Estonians stand firm by wood-burning heaters, Western Europeans with their fancy glass-walled saunas need more powerful electrical heaters. So, HUUM’s selection will soon include large electrical heaters as well as wood-burning sauna stoves. The first pre-orders have already been confirmed. Coming up with something different has paid off. In addition to satisfied customers, HUUM has won a number of awards, including the Bruno Product Design Award 2014, and special mention at the Estonian Design Awards competition, two prizes at the Golden Egg Estonian Advertising Festival as well as an international Red Dot design award.

Achievements • • • • • •

Estonian union of interior designers award 2014: People’s choice Golden egg 2014: Visual identity bronze egg Product design award Bruno 2014: Readers’ choice Estonian design awards 2014: Honourable mention RedDot Award 2015 honourable mention Golden egg 2016: APP UX design silver egg


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Contact data

Address: Tänassilma tee 27, Saku vald, 76406 Harju County, Estonia Phone: +372 475 7201 Email: info@joik.ee Web: www.joik.ee www.joik.eu JOIK is the largest and best known Estonian home fragrancing and natural cosmetics brand sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.


The most important aspect of JOIK products has always been honesty and the use of high-quality natural and near-natural ingredients – our products are true to their name and deliver what they promise. A long process of research and testing precedes the launch of all new JOIK products – all for the satisfaction of our customers. We pay high attention to the design and aestetics of our products – we believe that along with skin care benefits the products should

also pamper the senses – a nice packaging and pleasant aromas are always an essential part of JOIK production, proving that natural can be luxurious. JOIK is … … northern, pure and minimalist style. … using nature to our best advantage, but also caring for nature. … skin care benefits combined with luxurious emotions of scent and colour.

History JOIK story began in the year 2005 when the company was the first in Estonia to start producing high quality scented soy wax candles. JOIK’s founder Eva-Maria was searching for scented high-quality candles for dark winter nights. Finding suitable candles turned out to be harder than expected… She discovered that a suitable alternative to paraffin is natural soy wax and the next step was to find desired aromas. The process of getting the candles exactly right was a long one and full of nuances. However, it was worth all the efforts as the result was a creation of miraculously smelling and clean burning candles that fascinated everyone who had a chance to use them. Inspired by the success of the candles, natural cosmetics were added to the line, including soaps, bath and body products, hand and foot care products and facial care products.


leading brands of estonia

The story behind the name The name JOIK is actually a word “joik” – which is the ancient singing style of nature-loving Sami people. Joik is a unique form of cultural expression, conveying emotions and describing people, animals and nature. Joik carries on traditions, but is at the same time in constant development and in line with the contemporary world.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: JOIK OÜ Year of foundation: 2005 Sector: cosmetic industry Turnover: 1.1 million euros Employees: 15 Brands: JOIK Web: www.joik.ee Member of ECCI since: 2010


The company JOIK carries similar values – we appreciate ancient skills of using nature to the best advantage of health and wellbeing, but evolve continuously and create products that suit modern people and carry emotions.


The products All JOIK products are hand-made and packaged in Estonia in our modern, yet cozy production facility situated in the outskirts of Tallinn, surrounded by pine trees and meadows. We control with utmost care the ingredients used in our products and we love what we do. All our products are as natural as possible and caress the body with the best ingredients and effective recipes. We do not use mineral oils, silicones, parabens or other potentially harmful substances in our cosmetic products. Whenever possible, we prefer local ingredients and get inspiration from long-standing traditions and wisdom of our ancestors. Our products are never tested on animals. JOIK product line includes • More than 30 different scented soy wax candles – something for every taste and all true to their name. • More than 20 mild and skin-friendly soaps – all full of good natural oils so they do not dry your skin. • Facial care range – wide selection of products for perfect cleansing, moisturising and nurturing of the skin. • Hand and foot range – from salts to salves – for perfectly groomed hands and feet. • Body care range – from scrubs to lotions and oils – for nicely smelling soft skin. • Extensive bath range – from truffles to milks and salts – for your perfect home spa experience. • Scented sachets – Small aroma beads packed in an elegant organza bag. • Fragrance diffusers – stylish accessory for any room.

Achievements • 2010 Nomination for excellent design management in Estonian design awards. • 2011 Young Woman Entrepeneur– Eva-Maria Õunapuu, founder of the JOIK natural cosmetics brand. • 2013 Starting exporter nomination – Estonian Entrepreneurship Award.


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Contact data

Address: • Gonsiori 2, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia • Riia 1, 51013 Tartu, Estonia Phone: +372 667 3100; +372 731 5100 E-mail: info@kaubamaja.ee Web: www.kaubamaja.ee Products and Services

Kaubamaja is a recognised and valued retail company in Estonia with department stores in Tallinn and


Tartu. The company sells fashion, beauty, household, children and grocery products. Kaubamaja AS belongs to Estonia’s largest retail trade group, Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS. The Kaubamaja’s e-shop was launched in 2016. Kaubamaja is committed to offering world-famous brands and promoting Estonian design. As the only department store in Estonia, it belongs to IGDS, the worldwide association of department stores.


Kaubamaja has 2 department stores – in Tallinn and in Tartu. In 2016, the company also opened its e-store. The goal of Kaubamaja is to make the life of Estonian people more comfortable and merrier by bringing to everyone’s reach the world’s best products and offering a great shopping experience.

History When the Kaubamaja department store opened in Tallinn in 1960 it was the largest shopping centre in Estonia at that time and became the symbol of Tallinn within a few years. Tartu Kaubamaja, the second largest store in Estonia at that time, opened its doors in 1966. Over the years, the two department stores have grown into the largest trade group in Estonia, Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp AS, which employs approximately 4,000 people. Kaubamaja is also the launching point of the Group’s loyalty programme Partner Card, which has 600,000 loyal customers, i.e. 46% of Estonia’s residents.

In 2004, Kaubamaja in Tallinn expanded in the Viru Keskus shopping centre, thereby increasing its retail space almost 1.5 times. A year later, the retail space also increased in Tartu when Tartu Kaubamaja shopping centre with its approximately 60 tenants opened, with Kaubamaja occupying half of the space. As of today, both Kaubamaja department stores have undergone several renovations to offer modern conditions and professional services to all of our customers. The Kaubamaja e-shop was launched in 2016.


leading brands of estonia

Estonia’s own Kaubamaja Kaubamaja has achieved legendary status as a shopping centre in Estonia since 1960 and has evolved into an always innovative and trendy pathfinder of modern style on the Estonian trading landscape.

Values and Strengths Kaubamaja has core values that are reflected in the everyday work of the company and carried by the company employees. • Creativity – each new solution that enables the company to provide better services to its customers is worth of consideration. Every employee who dares to search for and find new solutions is worth of recognition. • Will – only those who want to be the best can be really good. Will to serve a customer and help him/her in fulfilling his/her wishes is characteristic to each employee of Kaubamaja. • Cooperation – cooperation in customer relations is not just a hollow phrase – it means a relationship where the customers get the best possible offer and service and will come back to us again.

• Honesty – honesty creates the basis of a long-term relationship, saves emotions and time. • Reliability – Kaubamaja employees are persons of expertise and competence, who can be relied on. • Care – we care about people, those who visit us and who work for us. We care about what goes on around us – development, culture, nature and the future of Estonia.

Products and Innovation We represent the best world-renowned brands by gathering a wide selection of fashion, beauty, children, household and grocery products under one roof of our department stores and e-shop. Our selection includes luxurious designer brands as well as trendy fashion products of quality brands. We commit to the presentation and promotion of local Estonian design. We offer a pleasant shopping environment and provide excellent services.


CORPORATE DATA Company name: Kaubamaja AS Year of foundation: 1960 Sector: retail trade Turnover: 88.2 million euros (2015) Employees: 666 Brands: Kaubamaja, loyalty programme Partner Card Web: www.kaubamaja.ee


• Kaubamaja’s leading position on the Estonian business landscape is confirmed by the recognition of Tallinna Kaubamaja Grupp as the most competitive retail company in Estonia in 2006 and 2012-2016 by the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. • Kaubamaja’s openness towards the development of an inspiring and unique sales environment was acknowledged with the 2012 Annual Award of Cultural Endowment to the architectural bureau Ruumilabor for the interior design of Kaubamaja Children’s Department. • In 2015, Friends of Tallinn Zoo announced their Zoo Friend of the Year, and the title was awarded to Kaubamaja AS. Two decades ago, Kaubamaja was the first to choose sponsor animals and support them. Kaubamaja is still the sponsor of white-tailed eagles. • In 2015, Kaubamaja AS received the Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index bronze level for its 2014 operations.


P 151

Corporate Social Responsibility Through the years, Kaubamaja has supported several projects that promote life in Estonia. We appreciate Estonian art, culture and design very highly and promote the creations of Estonian designers in every way. In Kaubamaja, Estonian products bear special markings with the purpose of introducing local products to tourists; Ladies’ Departments both in Tallinna and Tartu Kaubamaja have a separate area for products of Estonian designers and, throughout the year, the display windows of Kaubamaja feature several introductory displays of Estonian design and pop-up shops. Kaubamaja has also supported many children-related projects during the years. One recent example of such support was the Christmas sale of goodwill cards and wrapping paper for the benefit of the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer.

We also strive to support responsible consumption through our operations. Kaubamaja’s consulting service supports reasonable consumption; we provide thorough information to our customers about product features and assist them in making thoughtful choices. Kaubamaja features stationary collection points for second-hand clothes and footwear in cooperation with Reuse Centre. The materials used for advertising campaigns are donated for re-usage to childcare institutions and as handicraft supplies for people with special needs. Since 2012, Kaubamaja has joined the diversity agreement, which is committed to the equal treatment and opportunities principle, and contributes to developing diversity in its company. The recruitment of people of different ages, ethnic backgrounds and special needs results in a more tolerant working environment and provides more experiences and outlooks for our company.


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A reliable partner since 1936


Contact data

Address: Kesk-Sõjamäe 3, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 627 8911 Fax: +372 627 8901 E-mail: info@kitmanthulema.ee Web: www.kitmanthulema.ee www.thulema.ee www.kitmancoldtech.ee


Products and Services


Kitman Thulema AS is a leading developer, producer and marketer of interior solutions, combining longterm experience with state of the art technology to achieve best results.

Products for commercial, public and office spaces in Estonia and abroad. The production is exported to Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Norway and Russia.

History The predecessor of the company, ETK Kopli Metal Works, was established in 1936 to produce agricultural equipment to meet the specific demands of local conditions. However, in just a year or two, neat bicycles and even trucks were manufactured. With the establishment of the Soviet power, the factory was renamed ETKVL Retail Inventory Factory (or ETKVL KIT) and focused on producing bakery equipment for the entire Soviet Union. The real shift to the production of shop fittings started in 1969 with implementing a new technique of coating wire baskets with plastic. The company was named Kitman in 1997, when NG Investeeringud acquired the factory. In recent decades the focus has gradually been shifted to the production of contract furniture incorporating the wellestablished office furniture brand Thulema. In addition to its retail furnishing business Kitman Thulema also started to supply commercial refrigeration equipment.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Kitman Thulema AS Year of foundation: 1936 Sector: furniture industry Turnover: 11.8 million euros Employees: 160 Brands: Kitman Thulema, Kitman, Thulema, Kitman Coldtech Web: www.kitmanthulema.ee Member of ECCI since: 1998


VALUES AND STRENGTHS The greatest value of Kitman Thulema is its people – professionals in their field, who make it possible to succeed even in the face of the most complex challenges. The factory’s size is another advantage – lacking the inertia of large scale production makes it possible to adapt to custom works while still being able to complete rather big volume orders.

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION Kitman Thulema sees its future as a creator of future trends in modern design and contemporary solutions in our existing markets and those we expect to conquer. Kitman Thulema has consciously made the transition from manufacturing display shelving to creating shopping environments that provide comprehensive emotional experiences. With the acquisition of the Thulema trademark, Kitman Thulema has set a goal of transforming the Estonian furniture


manufacturer into a producer of internationally recognised work environments and public spaces. Offices are no longer mechanical rows of chairs and tables, but rather creative environments that must allow organisations to function and develop in an optimal fashion. Thulema creates flexible environments for coping with changing technologies, people’s needs and the future ambitions of the organisation. The refrigeration brand Kitman Coldtech also offers full service. Careful consideration of every project’s specifics and close cooperation with every client from planning to exploitation ensures optimal operation and profitability of the system.

ACHIEVEMENTS In order to improve customer satisfaction and environmental performance, Kitman Thulema has implemented a quality and environmental management system which has been awarded with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards. The corporate work environment complies with International safety and health standard OHSAS 18001.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE The export of goods and services accounts for 40% of the total sale. The main markets in the European Union include Finland, France, Latvia, Sweden, Great Britain and Germany; outside the European Union the export markets are Russia and Norway.

Some noted clients include H&M, Hilton, Galeries Lafayette, Neste, Sport 2000, Sportland, Hesburger, Harvia, Kesko Group.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Kitman Thulema believes in the power of people. Our society needs the best student talents to stay in their field. Therefore, various programmes and scholarships have been developed to encourage young talents. Kitman Thulema’s incubation programme Furniture Airfield offers young product designers the possibility to increase their practical skills and legal competence. The programme aims to bring together young product designers’ academical and theoretical knowledge with skills and know-how of a production company. Cooperation should result in higher production standards for industries and young designer gain an insight into production possibilities. The company’s internship programmes are created to boost students starting careers. Students have a great way to test drive a career path. Every trainee is approached on an individual basis and the mentor and advice requirements are established in the work process. A further aim of the internships is to offer opportunities to write bachelor’s or master’s theses. Scholarship programmes at Kitman Thulema are created to motivate students

with successful academical achievements. Scholarships create opportunity for the community – the more educated the public the better, safer and more sustainable is the community.

HISTORY OF THE BRAND AND LOGO The shop fitting brand KITman was registered in 1996, the letters K-I-T referring to its name Kaubandusliku Inventari Tehas (i.e Commercial Inventory Factory). In 2010 Kitman acquired the established Estonian office furniture and design brand Thulema. Two years later the company was renamed Kitman Thulema AS going through a fresh facelift of all its sub brands and logos by the creative agency Velvet.


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Contact data

Address: Masina 11, 10144 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 667 8000 Email: liviko@liviko.ee Web: www.liviko.ee Products

AS Liviko is one of the leading alcohol manufacturing companies in the Baltic region and Estonia’s largest


spirits producer that was founded in 1898. Its head office is in Estonia and it has subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania. In addition to being a producer of quality spirits, Liviko is also a major distributor and importer of premium brandys, wines, spirits and other beverages. Markets

Liviko is the market leader of strong

spirits in Estonia and among the top 3 importers of alcoholic beverages in the Baltics. Liviko exports 30% of its production. The main export countries are Finland, Germany, UK, US, Sweden, Russia, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Main export articles are Vana Tallinn liqueur, Hõbe Vodka, Viru Valge Vodka and Crafter’s London Dry Gin.

History Vodka has always been a part of Estonian heritage. The art of vodka-making is rooted in Russian traditions and has been mastered here for centuries. Vodka, which can be made of various grains or even potato, often accompanies our celebrations. At the end of the 19th century Russia proclaimed a State Vodka Monopoly Law. As a result the cornerstone of the State Spirit Store in Tallinn was laid by the order of the Russian Czar on September 25, 1898. This date is considered to be the birthday of Liviko. Since then, the former vodka distillery and producer has grown into a major expert of various spirits. In 2007 Liviko expanded its business into Latvia and Lithuania. Today, it is the leading alcohol producer in Estonia and one of the biggest alcohol companies in the Baltic region, employing about 300 people. Liviko’s sole shareholder is an Estonian investment company NG Investeeringud Ltd, which is a major shareholder of several manufacturing, retail and real estate management companies.


leading brands of estonia



Today, consumers prefer high quality, authentic and well defined products. Liviko strives daily to meet the challenges of todays increasingly demanding spirit market with the support of its loyal employees – many of the company’s master blenders and liqueur artisans have been with the company for more than 20 years. Being Estonia’s oldest and largest alcohol company, Liviko takes its role in promoting Estonian beverage culture seriously and is an advocate of healthier and more modest alcohol consumption. Liviko is also a proud supporter of the Estonian Art Museum, the Estonian National Opera, the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and various cultural events.

The Liviko’s portfolio comprises vodkas, liqueurs and gins. The best-known brands are Viru Valge Vodka and Vana Tallinn Liqueur that have been in production since 1960s. The oldest and most trustworthy Estonian quality vodka is Viru Valge, which is distilled from high quality Estonian grain spirits and specially processed water. Its soft, clear flavour and aroma is the result of Liviko’s modern and highly innovative special treatment with active carbon. This complex technology has made the production process twice as time-consuming, but the result speaks for itself – Viru Valge is the kind of pure Nordic chill you will find nowhere else. The company’s flagship is Hõbe (Silver), a silver-filtered pure vodka. Every batch goes through a triple cascade filtration that consists of carbon, silver and polishing. The unique silver filter consists of 29 silver elements and contains pure silver. Each bottle of Hõbevodka is hand-finished. In 2015 Liviko introduced Hõbe Mahe (Silver Organic) vodka. Hõbe Mahe is made of ecologically clean Estonian organic grain and passes through several cascading silver filters resulting in extraordinary clarity and particularly pure flavor. Vana Tallinn is a strong rum based liqueur made of natural ingredients. The recipe is a well-kept secret handed over from one liqueur master to another. Vanilla pods, orange, lemon and bitter orange oils mixed with Jamaican rum give the drink its unique velvety and exotic taste. A hint of cinnamon adds an exciting, slightly bitter aroma. The name of the liqueur is inspired by Estonian capital and its medieval centre – the old town. Today, Vana Tallinn is the world’s most popular Estonian liqueur, sold in nearly 30 countries and is a must have gift from Estonia. The Vana Tallinn product range includes liqueurs of different strength (40%, 45% and 50%) and cream liqueurs Vana Tallinn

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Liviko AS Year of foundation: 1898 Sector: production, wholesale, retail, export and import of strong, light alcohol and carbonated alcohol drinks Turnover: 120 million euros (2015) Employees: 194 Brands: Viru Valge Vodka, Vana Tallinn Liqueur, Crafter’s Gin, Caribba Rum Web: www.liviko.ee Member of ECCI since: 1925



Cream. The flagships of the range are Vana Tallinn Elégance – created with rum agricole from Martinique and Vana Tallinn Signature – a unique blend of French cognac and Estonian liqueur. The latest addition to Liviko’s premium collection is a handcrafted Crafter’s London Dry Gin. This unique gin combines handpicked rare herbs such as veronica, fennel, traditional juniper berries and Estonian grain spirit. The aroma is crisp and fresh, with hints of grapefruit zest, juniper shoots, fennel and mint. The flavour is elegant and dry, with notes of spices, herbs and citrus peel. The pot still method of distilling herbs has been used by Liviko’s ginmasters and their predecessors since the beginning of the last century. Extensive experience guarantees the top quality of London Dry Gin. Each batch is produced separately and each bottle of this fine gin is elaborated by hand.

ACHIEVEMENTS Viru Valge vodka, Vana Tallinn liqueur and Crafter’s London Dry Gin have all won some of the most prestigious awards in the world of spirits. Vana Tallinn • The Spirits International Prestige 2015 – gold medal • The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2015 – silver medal • Best Alcoholic Beverage of Estonia 2014 – Vana Tallinn Signature • The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2014 – bronze medal for Vana Tallinn Ice Cream

Viru Valge • The Spirits International Prestige 2015 – gold medal • The International Wine and Spirit Competition 2014 – gold • Best Alcoholic Beverage of Estonia 2015 – Viru Valge Hõbe Vodka Crafter’s Gin • The Spirits International Prestige 2016 – gold medal • Best Alcoholic Beverage of Estonia 2015 – Crafter’s London Dry Gin

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE For more than 20 years, Liviko has been actively selling its products across the world. Vana Tallinn is the flagship brand of Liviko. It is one of the best-selling liqueurs in Scandinavian travel retail and in the Baltic countries, as well as in Russia and Ukraine. It is also exported to the US and many EU countries. Vana Tallinn has become one of the most symbolic icons of Tallinn and most well-known trademark associated with Estonia. The unique liqueur is an unmissable gift to bring from Estonia to business partners and friends. Viru Valge vodka is a well-established brand in the Baltics and in Scandinavian travel retail. For the past years Viru Valge is making its leap in the US and in the Asian markets. Crafter’s London Dry Gin was born only in 2015, but a century of know-how of the gin masters got it right – this unique gin has been already award winning.

Attention! The abuse of alcoholic beverages may cause damage to your health.


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Contact data

Address: Mustamäe road 17, 10616 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 607 7842 E-mail: info@loovfood.com Web: www.loovfood.com




• 100% pure organic wild berry juices. • Freeze-dried organic wild berry powders. • Non-alcoholic organic wild berry mulled wines. • Organic raw forest honey from pristine forests. • Powerful and nutrient dense organic raw food snacks. • Organic gluten and dairy free buckwheat gingerbreads.

Estonia, Finland, Denmark, England, France, Scotland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South-Korea. You can also find our products on Amazon UK.

HistorY The LOOV brand started in 2008 when school buddies Ahto Vegmann and Kristjan Õunamägi wanted to turn over a new leaf in their personal lives and put their time and effort only in things that would bring them and many others nothing but love, health, prosperity, freedom and joy. These values are what the company stands for up to this day. The first product – organic non-alcoholic wild berry mulled wine – was made in a tiny kitchen, but as the spicy berryflavoured beverage turned out to be a real hit at the Tallinn Christmas Market opening day, held in the town hall square, the company was well on its way to success. Soon we expanded to export markets and our Nordic health elixir received a warm welcome abroad. These days, we sell our pure and highquality products, full of the power of Nordic nature, under the brand name LOOV. In our home Estonia, we offer a wider range of organic products under the name Loodusvägi (the power of nature).


leading brands of estonia

Our mission is to provide people with healthy organic products using conscious product development, responsible production and marketing. We want people to be healthy, our planet to be clean, and farming to be organic. Our vision is to act as a bridge between people and clean food brimming with the healing power of nature, and make organic products accessible.

The mass deaths of bees all over the world made raising people’s awareness about the consumption of organic produce and the chain reaction caused by their shopping habits a part of our corporate strategy. We are inspiring people to prefer healthy and environmentally friendly choices, explaining the direct cause-and-effect nature of organic farming and letting people know why it is important – our planet is strongly interwoven and an organic shopping basket and clean living are actually issues of global survival.


Values and strengths

Company name: Loodusvägi OÜ Year of foundation: 2008 Sector: manufacture of food products (development, manufacture and marketing of organic products) Turnover: 758 000 euros Employees: 9 Brands: Loodusvägi, LOOV Web: www.loovfood.com Member of ECCI since: 2012


We believe that the secret to our success is a deep value-based approach in both the manufacturing and marketing process, the involvement of committed people and fair pay to our farmers. The business model of LOOV is based on ethical and sustainable aspects in every field. Sustainable business means more to us than mapping current influences; it is a conscious contribution to the development of organic farming and the creation of new jobs that help build up communities around production centres.

Products and innovation We prefer clean Estonian products and, hoping to keep increasing our manufacturing volume, we have created strong ties with farmers whom we know and trust. We can assure them that we will realise their efforts made to provide organic produce. We have helped local small farmers


expand their businesses and make a bolder move into the field of organic farming. We value a simple and natural food – our products are made with few ingredients and we avoid enzymes or additives in production. We also focus on the greatest possible benefit of our ingredients – achieving the most optimal match of raw ingredients to make sure that the human body can get the maximum amount of useful nutrients from the products. To this end, we are creating the recipes for our products in cooperation with nutrition advisers.

Achievements We have been recognised at several award contests in Estonia. For three years in a row – 2013, 2014 and 2015 – LOOV received the gold-level quality label of the Estonian corporate sustainability index. In 2014, LOOV won the Regional Company of the Year award at the Estonian Entrepreneurship Awards. In 2016, LOOV became one of the finalists of the European Business Awards.

International presence The development of the company got a jump-start when we started exporting our organic products to foreign markets in Finland, Denmark, England, France, Scotland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Estonia is rich in the pure nature and we think it is very important to share that. This is why, when we market our products abroad, we always talk about Estonia as the homeland of pure nature and high-quality products. By now, we have put the slogan Made in Estonia – the land of organic beauty on all our packaging so that the message can reach all the countries we export to. We also use pictures of pristine and primal nature of our home, thus making sure that a wider audience can actually see Estonia. Every year we participate in the organic fairs held in Malmö and London, sharing the power of Nordic nature.

Corporate social responsibility For us it has always been of utmost importance to be sustainable in all our choices. The principles of corporate social responsibility are a part of our everyday routine. We make all our business decisions based on social and environmental considerations. Our operating strategy is strongly connected to the development of communities in rural areas. We prefer produce from small farmers and foster the creation of jobs in the manufacturing sector. When choosing our cooperation partners, we always look for common values and focus greatly on aspects of sustainability. Before we start cooperating with potential partners, we learn thoroughly about their production processes. Long-term cooperation relationships are very important to us, and our cooperation agreements are based on the principle of fair pay. We also buy all kinds of ancillary services primarily from partners who use sustainable technology. We use environmentally friendly packaging materials (paper and glass) and print colours. Our small company consists of people who share the same values. Even our office operates in a sustainable way – we always prefer to reuse and buy organic supplies.

History of the brand and logo Our brand in Estonia is called Loodusvägi, internationally we are known as LOOV, which is an abbreviation of Loodusvägi. The name of the company symbolizes the primal forces abstracted from nature that we bring to our consumers. Evolution stems from a seed, an idea, a thoughtful moment of silence that brings forth the process of growth and changes in the life to come. The flower of life in our logo is an ancient symbol that carries this message – the perfect system of life grows from a seed – the germ of all being.


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Contact data

Address: Pärnu mnt 158, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 622 0077 E-mail: matek@matek.ee Web: www.matek.ee Products and Services

Matek is a producer of custom made prefabricated timber frame houses. Matek’s main areas of activity are


the design, production and erection of timber frame houses and constructions. Our main products are: • Prefabricated plane and volumetric element timber frames; • Multi floor residential houses; • Row houses; • Kindergartens; • Area developments.


Matek exports 95% of its productions to foreign countries. Our main markets are Scandinavian countries – Norway and Sweden, but you can also find Matek houses in Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and other countries.

History Matek is the oldest and most experienced prefabricated timber frame house producer in Estonia. In 1989, when Matek’s first factory was opened, it became the first Estonian company engaged in industrial production of prefabricated timber frame houses. The same year Matek got its first major export contract to produce and ship 20 dwelling houses to Armenia. In 1997 exports to the Norwegian market began and to this day that is our most successful market. The first project of modular unit building implemented in 1999 was also an important milestone. Over the years Matek has expanded its markets and the focus has shifted from being mainly the producer of private houses to taking up large scale projects like big apartment buildings. Opening the new factory in 2012 has made it possible to double the current production capacity to be even better partners to our clients.


leading brands of estonia

Values and Strengths We aim to be the most reliable house producer and provider of construction solutions with the best service standards for our clients.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Matek AS Year of foundation: 1988 Sector: construction Turnover: 9.82 million euros (2015) Employees: 105 Brands: Matek Timber Frame Houses, Mateki Majad Web: www.matek.ee Member of ECCI since: 2001


• We are precise Being professionals and knowing our products, we can provide the best solutions to our clients. Doing things the correct way, we fulfill the expectations of our partners. • We find solutions At every step of the way different problems might come up. In Matek we know that instead of just acknowledging the problem, it has to be solved. For us it is a matter of honour to find solutions to our clients’ problems. • Together we are strong We believe that working together and embracing each others’ strengths and differences in character, supporting one and other and committing to our functions will get us further. • Honesty first We promise as much or a little less than we are capable of delivering. • We think about tomorrow We develop our services, products and organization and come up with new smart and constructive solutions.


PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION The Estonian wooden houses industry has shifted the boundaries of traditional construction business. Matek is offering timber frame construction solutions to projects that typically use concrete and stone constructions. We are giving timber new value by finding innovative ways to use it to build apartment buildings and modular houses. Over the years we have completed several large scale developments of apartment buildings and row houses using timber frame constructions. One of our biggest strengths is the ability to offer a full solution starting from the design and technical drawings and ending with the erection of timber frame houses and constructions, being at the same time flexible to meet the needs of our clients.

ACHIEVEMENTS Matek has received numerous awards at the annual Prefab House of the Year competition in Estonia, taking the overall win in 2010 and 2012 and the award for the Best Timber Frame Private House in 2016. Our biggest achievement on the other hand, is the completion of technically difficult projects, for example, low-energy housing project with 36 exclusive apartments in Trondheim and projects that were originally not designed to be built using timber frame constructions, but using stone and concrete constructions instead.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Today Matek is exporting 95% of its production abroad, mostly to Scandinavia, but also to Germany, Italy and other countries. As an example of international success, over 50% of our clients are returning customers. Matek is known for its high quality production and skillful erection of timber frame houses and constructions and our quality management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY In cooperation with the Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre we are constantly trying to develop the skills of future carpenters and construction workers by getting involved in improving their programme of studies and by creating internship positions in our company. Matek also contributes to running the Estonian Woodhouse Association and is an active member of the board of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We also know the value of giving back to the society and the importance of noticing young talents in every field of life. Over the past ten years Matek has been a proud sponsor of Estonian Yachting Union to support the development of young Estonian sailors. With our help one of Estonia’s current best sailors Karl-Martin Rammo made his Olympic debut in London Olympics in 2012 and represented Estonia also in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

HISTORY OF THE BRAND AND LOGO The history of Matek’s brand and logo dates back to 1989. Matek got its current logo in 2007 after the company’s identity was freshened. The logo consists of elements representing our innovative approach to construction, use of wood as the only natural renewable resource and a small and clean ecological footprint of our production process.


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Push your limits…


Contact data

Address: Väike Männiku 7, 11216 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 682 5002 Fax: +372 610 0589 E-mail: info@meiren.ee Web: www.meiren.ee www.meirensnow.com www.meirenengineering.com Products and Services

Meiren Engineering OÜ is the leading innovator of winter road maintenance solutions in Northern Europe. We


design and manufacture snow removal and road maintenance equipment for small and larger vehicles. The product range of Meiren consists of over 19 models of snow ploughs, rotary brooms, snow buckets, hydraulic pile rammer, and each year new and advanced products are introduced to the market. Meiren’s snow ploughs are used by various public and private road maintenance companies, agrarian and building sectors, and airports (including Tallinn Airport AS).

In addition to road maintenance products, Meiren also offers mechanical engineering service for foreign markets. MarketS

The main export markets are Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Iceland. Meiren’s main export products are truck mounted highway snow ploughs and tractor mounted v-ploughs.

History Meiren Engineering OÜ, a 100% Estonian capital based mechanical engineering company, was founded in 2003 by Jaan Meikup and Raoul Renser. The name of the company- MEIREN is derived from the owners’ family names. Over 10 years, Meiren has grown from a small engineering bureau to the leading producer of innovative snow removal equipment. The company’s success is based on the strong entry into the Nordic countries, where it has shortly gained a significant market share. The biggest breakthrough has taken place in Sweden with truck mounted highway snow ploughs. The recognition of our success is reflected in the awards that Meiren has been granted at the exhibitions in Finland, Sweden, and Germany. The most important prizes were gained in 2013 for unique solutions, developed by the Meiren engineer team. Today Meiren still keeps its position as a leading innovator of winter road maintenance solutions in Northern countries.


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Values and Strengths As the leading innovator of winter road maintenance, Meiren promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. These values allow to reduce the amount of chloride used in winter road maintenance, lower fuel consumption and reduce the time for repair and setup of road maintenance vehicles.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Meiren Engineering OÜ Year of foundation: 2003 Sector: manufacture of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction; engineering and other technical activities Turnover: 2.1 million euros (2015) Employees: 17 Web: www.meiren.ee Member of ECCI since: 2008


In our daily work we keep in mind following values: • Integrity – transparency and fairness in our activities and direct communication, taking into account the end consumer’s interests. • Trust – we trust our customers and we hope that they will trust us. We ensure the trust of our customers through high-quality and environment-friendly products and services that enhance their competitiveness and efficiency. • Innovation – our modern high-tech based solutions ensure the competitive advantage of our products and services, which are convenient and easy to use. Developing and implementing original solutions, we work with the best professionals, who keep up with the advances of their field in the same way as we do. • Environmental sustainability – our unique solutions for products/ services help our customers fulfill the essential requirements of environmental sustainability, increasing at the same time their competitiveness.


Products and Innovations Our product range includes a wide variety of high quality and modern snow ploughs and road maintenance equipment. For winter road maintenance we offer ploughs that can easily clear snow at highways, city streets, sidewalks, car parks and runways at airports. For year-round road maintenance we offer underbody scrapers, snow buckets and rotary brooms. Our snow removal equipment fits trucks, tractors, pickups, wheel and compact loaders, etc. Each year we introduce new and advanced products to the market. Our snow ploughs can be recognized by yellow-and-black color. Meiren also offers mechanical engineering service for foreign markets. Our product development department is constantly working to find up-to-date and effective solutions to better meet the expectations of our customers. Meiren involves customers in product development and product testing to achieve the main purposes – cost reductions and environmental benefits. Meiren has developed and patented two unique solutions – bidirectional side shiftable parallelogram, and blade holders from polyurethane. Compared to the existing equipment, the patented side shiftable parallelogram has three simultaneous functions: the plough can be lowered/ raised, turned left/ right, and side shifted to left/ right in relation to vehicle axle. This solution enables the driver to maneuver better at roundabouts, bridges, bus stops, etc., where it is complicated to clear the snow. The patented blade holders from poly­ urethane help to reduce the transfer of vibration to the moldboard, and the caused noise is therefore significantly lower. Patented elastic blade holder also saves the road surface markings and lowers fuel consumption. These are just a few examples of the technical innovation of the Meiren engineering team. Meiren also participated in the Estonian and Swedish joint “Intelligent snow plough”

project, to build a demo vehicle for road maintenance, which has an entirely new control system through a multi-functional joystick and a touch screen. The system allows to choose and preset the working pressure of the various snow ploughs, as well as of the underbody scraper. The road maintenance device can be controlled using the joystick or touch screen and enables each user to store their favorite settings. The future of the snow plough can be pictured like this: The driver of the ploughing vehicle just has to drive this, whilst the intelligent plough operates itself. It constantly collects data on the conditions of the road surface and the quality of the work, and displays this info to the driver. Also, the data gathered from the plough can be shown on an interactive map, which enables drivers to see, which roads have been cleared, to what extent and where the ploughs are currently operating. Our main goal is to maximize the work efficiency of snow removal equipment, meaning that less chloride is used and the road is cleaned with as few ploughings as possible.

Bidirectional side shiftable parallelogram.

Achievements Some of the most prestigious awards Meiren has won over the years. • 2014 – The price of the German Economy in Estonia by German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK). • 2014 – Diploma for excellent work performance at Winter Road Congress in Jyvaskyla, Finland. • 2013 – Diploma for Eco-Innovation by Tallinn City Enterprise Board. • 2013 – Silver medal for innovative solution at the Demopark exhibition Eisenach, Germany. • 2013 – Award for the best innovative solution at the Nordicway exhibition in Östersund, Sweden. • 2010 – Diploma for product development at the Winter Road Congress in Lahti, Finland.


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Contact data

Address: Pärnu mnt 158/1, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: + 372 615 4400 Fax: +372 615 4401 E-mail: nordecon@nordecon.com Web: www.nordecon.com Products and Services

Nordecon AS (previous names AS Eesti Ehitus and Nordecon International AS) began operating as a


construction company in 1989. Since then, we have grown to become one of the leading construction groups in Estonia and a strong player in all segments of the construction market. Nordecon’s specialists offer highquality integrated solutions in the construction of commercial, residential, industrial and public buildings as well as infrastructure – roads, landfill sites, utility networks and port facilities. In addition, the Group

is involved in the construction of concrete structures, leasing out heavy construction equipment, and road maintenance. Markets

The principal activities take place in Estonia, where the companies of the Group are active in all of our core competencies. Besides Estonia, Group entities are currently operating in Sweden, Finland and Ukraine.

History The origins of AS Nordecon go back to the foundation of the Finnish-Soviet joint venture SRV Eesti Ehitus in 1989. In 1989 – 2000 the company operated mainly in the Estonian and Russian construction markets as a general contractor and project manager. SRV, a Finnish construction company and a major shareholder in the company, withdrew from the joint venture in 1996, which was renamed OÜ Eesti Ehitus. In 2002, the company was reorganized as a public limited company, AS Eesti Ehitus. In 2009, all major Group companies change to “Nordecon”. Since 18 May 2006, the company’s shares have been quoted in the main list of the NASDAQ OMX Tallinn Stock Exchange.


leading brands of estonia

Values and strengths As a company focused on general contracting and project management, our most important asset is know-how and we are placing great emphasis on the development of this area. We value our employees, guaranteeing them a modern work environment that encourages creativity and a motivation system that appreciates enterprising spirit.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Nordecon Group Year of foundation: 1989 Sector: construction Employees: 700 (2015) Brands: NORDECON, SWENCN, ESTCON, EUROCON Turnover: 145.5 million euros (2015) Web: www.nordecon.com Member of ECCI since: 1993


As professional constructors we apply relevant, well-considered work methods and technologies. We follow accepted quality standards and provide our clients with complete solutions at low total costs. We care about the environment and pursue sustainability. Nordecon’s defining strengths are: diversified and well balanced revenue portfolio; a strong foothold in civil engineering construction; turnkey; wide project management and IT systems.

Products and innovation The company provides a wide range of products and services. In buildings • Commercial buildings • Public buildings • Residential buildings • Industrial and storage buildings In civil engineering • Road construction and maintenance • Port construction • Environmental construction • Specialised civil engineering


We consider it important to keep up with innovation. Thus, the integrated intragroup IT systems at Nordecon are among the best in the construction market, making it possible to observe the activities on construction sites in real time, and manage costs, personnel and accounts. One of the strengths of our business is innovation. As proof, certificates of utility models have been issued to Nordecon, which are related to hydro-technical constructions and the performance of works. In our daily work, we are increasingly using building information modelling or BIM – we expect it from our designers; we look for ways to apply models on construction sites and endeavour to improve our clients’ awareness of new possibilities.

Achievements The wide range of our skills is attested by many remarkable structures and constructions, including the sealing of the nuclear waste repository in Sillamäe, the 5th construction area of the western bypass outside Tartu, the Science Centre AHHAA, St. Paul’s Church and Tigutorn in Tartu, the expansion of the sewage treatment plant in Paide, the ArcelorMittal Tallinn hot-dip galvanizing plant at Muuga Harbour, the Regenerative Medicine Centre at the University of Tartu, the floatplane hangars at the Seaplane Harbour of the Estonian Maritime Museum, etc. As the most experienced builder of harbour facilities in Estonia, Nordecon has successfully constructed or reconstructed over 20 hydraulic structures at Estonia’s most important harbours. The reconstruction of hangars of Aviation Harbour of Tallinn • 2013 Grand Prix of Europa Nostra and cultural heritage of the European Union. • 2013 Silver medal of DOMUS International Award for Restoration and Conservation. • 2012 Concrete building of the year – the reconstruction of the concrete constructions of the hangars of hydroplanes of Aviation Harbour of Tallinn. The award from Estonian Concrete Association.

The building of western bypass of Tartu and the design and building of the first step of the eastern ring road of Tartu • Performance of Tartu of 2013 – this award was granted by the city administration of Tartu. Building of Tartu AHHAA centre • 2011 IFD (The International Federation for the Roofing Trade) in Dublin awarded title of best steel roof to the solution of the roof of AHHAA centre. The sound sculpture of Cromatico • 2011 Estonian Concrete Association nominated sound sculpture “Cromatico” the winner of the contest of the Concrete Building of the Year 2011. The sculpture is on the Tallinn Song Square.

International presence • Ukraine since 2004. Clients are local and Western private companies. Big projects related to industrial and commercial buildings, as well apartment houses. • Finland since 2010. Concrete works main and sub-contracting. Clients are private companies and Finland’s largest construction groups. • Sweden since 2015. Construction works related to residential and non-residential buildings. Clients are local private investors.

Corporate social responsibility We value education, culture, and harmonious development and interaction of society: in our various support programs everything concerning children and adolescents is our top priority. For years, we have considered it important to support the development of the Estonian Defense Forces – our long term support contract with the Estonian foundation for the development of public defence is intended for recognising the best officer and non-commissioned officer serving in the Estonian Defense Forces. Together with our partners, we are a founding member of the “Estonian Business Coalition on HIV”.


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Nordic Houses – More time for living


Contact data

Address: Office: Valge 13, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia Production units: in Kosu and Kolga, Kuusalu parish, Harju County Phone: +372 602 5300 E-mail: nordic@houses.ee Web: nordichouses.eu

offer overall project management, engineering, logistics and construction services. MarketS

Nordic Houses currently exports to Scandinavian countries and Central Europe and we offer our products and services also in the domestic market.

Products and services

Nordic Houses produces mainly wooden frame houses in pre-cut, element and module technology. In addition to certified manufacturing, we


Quality certificates

• Nordic Houses has the European Technical Approval (ETA) certification ETA -11/0205. The certificate

was granted by the biggest independent research institute in the Nordic countries, the SINTEF (Selskapet for Industriell og Teknisk Forskning ved Norges tekniske høgskole). • ISO – Nordic Houses is certified according to the Management System Standard ISO 9001:2008 by DNV Certification. The Certificate is valid for the following product or service ranges: design, production, sales and installation of timber houses.

    

 

History Nordic Houses was initially engaged in the production and export of wooden houses. Today, in successful partnership with Norwegian partners, Nordic Houses has developed into a group of companies: Nordic Houses KT OÜ and Nordic Urban Houses AS in Estonia; Buen Gruppen AS, Nurban AS and NH Norge AS in Norway. More than 2000 practical and unique wooden buildings represent the Nordic way of living. With their natural functionality and beauty, these cabins and houses are built keeping in mind the words of Louis Isadore Kahn, the worldfamous architect of Estonian origin: “Do not erect buildings, design a way of living!” Nordic Houses has sales and engineering offices in Tallinn and two production units in Kuusalu parish, which have the capacity to deliver 200 buildings per year. We produce homes and cabins with Nordic tradition and Nordic modern designs.


leading brands of estonia

History of the brand and logo “Good ideas naturally come true”. This belief has supported Argo Saul in becoming the head of one of the leading timber-house building companies in Estonia. While living in Norway, Argo came across the grand old man of Norwegian mountain cabin building, Asbjørn Buen, whose main interest was to expand the cabin business combining Norwegian and Estonian resources. This encounter and the shared vision of these

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Nordic Houses OÜ Year of foundation: 1999 Sector: design, production and construction Turnover: 5.2 million euros (2015) Employees: 45 Brands: Nordic Houses, Buen Gruppen, Nurban, Tehasemaja Web: nordichouses.eu Member of ECCI since: 2011


two men resulted in a thriving and successful Estonian – Norwegian joint enterprise. The first production unit of Nordic Houses pre-fab wooden buildings was established only two weeks after their meeting. A good idea had come to life. Today the partnership continues with Arne I. Moen, who plays a crucial role in our success in Norway. The Nordic Houses interwoven brand mark stands for • Image of a swan from a Norwegian granite figure, Nordic waterfowl. The Swan also represents the official sustainability Eco label for the Nordic countries. • Technology, steel tools working with natural and high-quality wood. • Roof of a house – roof of a home. • N-Nord, compass needle, mountainous Nordic terrain.

Products and Innovation Prefabricated timber construction enables a vast range of architectural solutions to be realized with high quality and in short time periods. In our case we use pre-cut, element and module technology. In timber construction Nordic Houses is an experienced and reliable partner involved from scratch: from design and product development to on-site installation of the prefabricated components. Besides the standard product series, special solutions can also be developed. Working in close cooperation, the engineering, production and construction units turn customers’ ideas first into detailed virtual reality and then into real and comfortable buildings of different kinds.


Achievements “Prefab House of the Year 2015” title was awarded to Nordic Houses for a project of holiday houses in Ogna, South-Norway.

Corporate social responsibility We are actively involved in contributing into sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits where we can and see fit. We have supported various good causes and projects, such as donating birdhouses to be put up across Estonia together with kindergartens’ and school children, building dog houses for Pärnu animal shelter, planting thousands of trees, supporting the education of young Estonians, supporting the environment. Contributed to the completion of Tallinn Technical University’ s Innovation and business Centre Mektory. Our most recent and large scale goodwill project is a 7m high bird watching tower near Kuusalu, which opened to the public at the end of summer 2016. We put up a theatre house in Estonian Golf and Country Club in Jõelähtme for a summer theatre play to support culture. We care about the environment we live in and always strive to combine nature and people and offer more time for living.

Values and strengths In Nordic Houses • We take INITIATIVE The challenge for Nordic Houses has been to create added value throughout the entire process. In order to do that, we take initiative and lead the process. • We dare TO THINK DIFFERENTLY Being the best carpenter is not sufficient

when building wooden houses. Success is ensured by adapting to changes in the world and even more so, by initiating such changes. We aim to deliver optimal solutions for our clients. • You can TRUST US Honouring our word is important to us. To support this, we are committed to accuracy, reliability and the fulfillment of agreements with our partners and customers. Pre-fab timber construction saves our environment. Among all common construction materials, wood is the only one that is truly carbon neutral (or even better than neutral). Only timber from sustainably managed forests is used in Nordic Houses’ factories. Wood processing in the factory results in practically no waste at all (because of good optimization, proper waste management and the good recyclability of wood). In comparison with other alternatives, the transport and handling of pre-fab timber structures are energy efficient because of their moderate weight. Because of good insulation properties, timber frame structures are the best way to build (very) energy efficient houses. Accurate prefabrication in controlled conditions (indoors) grants the best structural quality to fulfill the designed parameters of low-energy houses.

Memberships Nordic Houses is a member of the Estonian Woodhouse Association and Estonian Woodhouse Cluster, the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Norwegian-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce and Shop of Architecture (www.katus.eu).


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Contact data

Address: Lõõtsa 6c, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia 
 Phone: +372 610 1990 
 Fax: +372 610 1991 
 Web: www.nortal.com E-mail: info@nortal.com Our core competences

High-end e-government, healthcare and private sector business process


transformation through technology with the help of world class domain expertise, policy advisory, change management and capacity building for customer organizations. Creating value, improving processes, and saving time for clients by offering the following holistic service concepts: • Ease of Doing Business;
 • Public Finance Management; • Electronic Identity;

• Digital Healthcare;
 • Big Data Analytics; • Smart Manufacturing; • Supply Networks; • Data Protection; • Revenue Science.

History Nortal started creating high-end solutions for the private sector in 2000 under the name Webmedia, shortly the company turned its focus on e-government services. In 2006 Webmedia expanded operations to Lithuania, Romania and Serbia, doubling the number of employees from 62 to 126. In 2009 Webmedia started operations in the Middle-East, successfully launching the e-government portal Hukoomi in Qatar. In 2011 Webmedia acquired the shares of the CCC Corporation in Finland, which resulted in the formation of a leading software provider in the Baltics and Finland. In 2012 the group was rebranded and continued its operations under the name of Nortal. In 2013 Nortal started developing Oman’s Invest Easy portal, which has received high critical acclaim as one of the best Government to Business portals in the world. In 2014 the joint operation of Nortal and Fast Enterprises started developing the new Tax Administration System for Finland. This project is one of the biggest consolidation of government e-services in Finland. In 2016 Nortal merged with leading Northern-European marketing automation company Element and expanded to Sweden.


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Building a Seamless Society

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Nortal Year of foundation: 2000 Sector: information and communication technology (ICT) Turnover: 45 million euros (2015) Employees: 550 (2015) Web: www.nortal.com Member of ECCI since: 2005


Nortal is a multi-national ICT and Business Consultancy dedicated to creating meaningful impact in e-Government, healthcare and private sector. Using the proven blueprints of Estonia’s critically acclaimed e-Government solutions, the most efficient optimisation solutions from Finnish manufacturing and energy processing sectors and global data security best practices, we help bring about e-Transformations in societies, government agencies and private companies. Nortal offers complete solutions, which bring meaningful improvements to the effectiveness of administration, to help raise the life quality of citizens and increase efficiency of businesses. In addition to re-engineering paper-processes to web portals and databases, Nortal also helps update the legislation and manage the whole transformation on a societal level. Nortal’s e-government solutions are using the most proven, secure and advanced technologies in the world and have received significant critical acclaim. The integrated approach allows any interested country to design and execute a firm foundation for a functioning e-governance which would provide a significant nationwide increase in efficiency. The outcome brings meaningful societal impact to citizens, private companies and to the public sector.


Awards • 2016 – UNCTAD rated Nortal’s Invest Easy portal in Oman with a perfect score of 10/10, stating it to be one of the best business oriented portals in the world. • 2016 – Second place in WSIS awards in the Business and Commerce category (Invest Easy). • 2016 – Al Roya Economic Award for Best Government to Business e-service (Invest Easy). • 2015 – GCC e-Government Award for Best Government to Business e-service (Invest Easy). • 2014 – Award for Best Virtualization Solution Implementation during Gitex 2014 in Dubai (G-cloud). • In 2014 Nortal received an award for the most employee and family friendly company in Estonia for the third time. • n 2008 Deloitte & Touche ranked Webmedia among the 30 fastestgrowing companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and among 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the EMEA region. • In 2004 Webmedia was ranked first in the Estonian IT-companies TOP, published by Bonnier Group business newspaper Äripäev.

World records • 2016 – Unofficial record speed of registering a new company via Omani “Invest Easy” portal is 1 minute 50 seconds.

• 2012 – Nortal was the IT-partner for the first Estonian e-census, breaking the world record – 66% of the population participated in the census over the internet.

Social Responsibility To promote learning and innovation, software development and IT-analysis, Nortal launched cooperation initiatives with universities in Tartu and Tallinn, where Nortal’s senior specialists run educational courses on a regular basis. To promote mathematics and science on the secondary school level, Nortal supports different science and mathematics competitions –Nortal’s specialists help organize the competitions and the company provides prizes and awards. Nortal contributes to the development of the Estonian ICT sector by offering financial support as well as technical know-how and consultations for Estonian startups through strategic partnerships with Estonian Business Angel Network EstBAN and Business Plan Competition “Ajujaht”. Priit Alamäe, CEO of Nortal has been one of the panel members of “Ajujaht” for three consecutive years. Nortal has also passed a CSR program which was concluded by EcoVadis and was awarded the Silver Level in 2015 by EcoVadis. EcoVadis aims at improving environmental and social practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains.


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With passion and dedication. In 6 countries.

Olympic Entertainment Group AS

Contact data

Address: Pronksi 19, 10124 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 667 1250 Fax: +372 667 1270 E-mail: info@oc.eu Web: www.olympic-casino.com,  www.olybet.com ProductS and services

Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG)


is the leading provider of gaming services in the Baltic region and also operates casinos in five other European countries with a total population of well over 100 million people. Most of the Group’s 123 land-based casinos are operated under the Olympic Casino trademark. Online gaming services, including casino, sports betting and poker, are provided under the OlyBet trademark.

In 2016, OEG opened a brand new hotel and casino complex in Tallinn, Estonia that consists of Hilton Tallinn Park, operated by Hilton Worldwide, and Olympic Park Casino, a new flagship casino of the Group. MarketS

OEG markets of operations include Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy and Malta.

History • 1993 Company was founded by current Chairman of the Board Armin Karu, opening numerous casinos in Estonia • 1997 Opening of flagship Reval Park Hotel & Casino in Tallinn, Estonia • 2001 First casino opened in Lithuania
 • 2002 First casino opened in Latvia
 • 2004 First casino opened in Ukraine • 2005 First casino opened in Belarus • 2006 Listing on Tallinn Stock Exchange • 2007 First casino opened in Poland, listing on Warsaw Stock Exchange • 2007 First casino opened in Romania • 2008 First casino opened in Slovakia • 2009 Exiting the Ukrainian market • 2010 Entering online gaming market • 2011 Recovery in all other countries, exiting the Romanian market • 2012 Entering Italian market • 2013 Launching OlyBet, the new brand for OEG online operations • 2015 Opening of the Casino Malta by Olympic Casino in Saint Julian’s, Malta • 2016 Opening of the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel and the new flagship Olympic Park Casino in Tallinn, Estonia


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Olympic Entertainment Group runs the game During the first twenty years of operation, we have built an international gaming enterprise consisting of more than a hundred casinos. These years of work culminated with being awarded the title of the Best Land-Based Casino Operator of the Year in Europe. During the next few years the Group has entered one new market, expanded considerably in the existing markets and earned several more valuable awards.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Olympic Entertainment Group AS Year of foundation: 1993 Sector: land-based and online gaming, entertainment, tourism Turnover: 165.2 million euros Employees: 3118 Brands: Olympic Casino, OlyBet Web: www.olympic-casino.com, www.olybet.com Member of ECCI since: 1998


Our vision is to be a global casino and resort operator, best known for our excellent service and creative design. During the last twenty years we have created and perfected the concept of casino entertainment specific to us in particular, the one where each guest feels entertained. We have brought together on one floor the classical gaming tables and the most modern slot machines, sports betting and tournament poker, stages and live performances, the best cocktails and gourmet cuisine. All this is presented in an environment created by the top designers and accompanied by our smiling employees who are crowned European champions in their respective fields. These smiles are known by the term of “smiling a la Olympic Casino” not just among our regulars, but also way beyond the walls of the casino.

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION Through the years we have been leaders and trendsetters, we are always investing in the latest technology and premiering new products not only in our own market, but also in the entire region or even in the whole of Europe.

ACHIEVEMENTS Winning the title of the Best Land-Based Casino Operator of the Year at the traditional ceremony of Totally Gaming Awards held in London in 2013 was a fitting crown for the achievements of OEG in the first twenty years of operations.


This great recognition was shortly followed by the most prestigious Estonian business award with OEG ranked first in Estonia’s TOP 100 Most Successful Companies in 2014. For the last three consecutive years OEG has also won the highly valued title of Estonia’s Most Competitive Service Enterprise.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE Olympic Casino has been a member of the European Casino Association and a member of numerous state-based gaming industry organisations as well as other business associations. We have always kept an active role in developing the industry’s quality standards and image. During the most recent years we entered an entirely new market and with our local partners opened our biggest casino in Malta – Casino Malta by Olympic Casino. Also, we have strengthened our market share in our current markets through several successfully completed M&A transactions. The Group’s largest ever one-off investment, nearly 45 million EUR, is the newest hotel and entertainment complex opened in the early summer of 2016, which consists of Hilton Tallinn Park and Olympic Park Casino. With an experience of successfully operating casinos in ten different European countries we are looking forward to expanding our activities to some new markets in the near future.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OEG stands for transparency of business and high ethical standards, invests continuously in the development of its business and in its employees, supporting their professional and social development. We operate only under the laws established by the respective states and have always been one of the initiators of the development of legislation and enactment of the necessary regulations. In continuous cooperation with respective state authorities, we strive to develop the gaming market according to the highest standards. All casino operators of Olympic Entertainment Group are responsible enterprises that notify their clients of the risks associated with gambling. The Group also contributes to the welfare of community by continuously attending charity programmes and supporting sports, culture, children’s health and welfare.

HISTORY OF THE BRAND AND LOGO The history of the company’s brands dates back to 1993, the time of the company’s establishment and opening its first casino in the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre. At that time the brand of Olympic Casino was established, which to date has become the symbol of high-quality casino entertainment in many countries. In the company’s 20th year of operation, online gaming and sports betting platform OlyBet was added to the brands of the company.


leading brands of estonia



Contact data

Address: Betooni 4, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 603 3800 Email: premia@premia.ee Web: www.premia.ee www.facebook.com/eestijaatis/ Products and services

Premia’s main field of activity is ice cream production. Our product range includes portion ice creams, as well


as family packages. Our most popular brands include Eriti Rammus, Väike Tom, Vana Toomas, Regatt, and Vau. As Premia owns one of the largest cold storage warehouses in Estonia, we also import and market deep frozen vegetables and pre-produced food. We market deep frozen vegetables under the brand names of Maahärra, Pealinna, and Viking. Additionally, we are an official distributor of Hortex and Aviko products.


Premia is the leader of the Estonian ice cream market. In 2015, our volume market share amounted to 33.8% and the value market share to 35.8%. In addition to our home market, we also market our Premia branded products in Latvia and Lithua­ nia, as well as in Scandinavia as private label products.

HISTORY Premia Tallinna Külmhoone AS is the biggest and oldest ice cream producer in Estonia. Our history dates back to 1956, when the first ice cream production line was installed in the cold storage plant in Tallinn. During the first Estonian Republic there was no mass production of ice cream in Estonia. In the 1950s, about 15 small companies produced ice cream. In 1956, the decision to replace small production units with a central ice cream production factory in Tallinn lead to a significant decrease in the number of ice cream factories. By mid-1970s only one was left – the Tallinna Külmhoone. After Estonia regained independence in 1991 the competition returned to the domestic ice cream market. The state-owned Tallinna Külmhoone was privatized in 1996. For years, the shares of Tallinna Külmhoone were noted on the NASDAQ OMX Tallinn stock market. In 2005, the International investment fund Amber Trust II S.C.A became the leading investor of Premia and as of 2014, Food Union Group has been the sole owner of Premia.


leading brands of estonia

THE BIGGEST AND OLDEST ICE CREAM PRODUCER IN ESTONIA Values and strengths Quality, reliability, and constant development are the values we hold high and follow in our operations. In order to guarantee quality, our production processes and technologies correspond to the ISO 22000 food safety management standard. All of our dairy ice creams are prepared with pure local

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Premia Tallinna Külmhoone AS Year of foundation: 1956 Sector: food industry Turnover: 49.8 million euros (2015) Employees: 230 Brands: Premia, Eriti Rammus, Väike Tom, Regatt, Vana Toomas, Maahärra, Pealinna Web: www.premia.ee Member of ECCI since: 2004


cream, and they do not contain preservatives or trans-fatty acids. We strive to offer products with the best quality and expect the same from our suppliers. For us, reliability means to be a trustworthy partner of our consumers and retailers, ensuring indisputable quality to our con­ sumers and supply security to our retailers. As an employer, we are a reliable partner to more than 200 skilled employees, for whom we guarantee work throughout the year. In 2015, for example, when the company celebrated its 60th anniversary, we had five ice cream production specialists who had been contributing to the success story of the company for more than 35 years. The success of Premia is rooted in the devotion, satisfaction, and experience of its employees. For us, ambition and development mean that we constantly work on ensuring that our products meet consumer demands, and we try to be pioneers in the domestic ice cream production. In order to reach these goals, we are constantly improving our products, following global trends, and maintaining our investments at a level that allows us to flexibly react to the changing expectations of consumers and clients. In the past five years, we have invested over 1.3 million euros in our production equipment. In 2015, we invested 200,000 euros in acquiring a new production line to produce the globally known Ice Age franchise ice creams “Ice Age Tropical Mix” and “Ice Age TuttiFrutti” under a franchise agreement.


Products and innovation Premia has been the indisputable leader of the Estonian ice cream market since it was founded. In Estonia, a total of about 9.5 million litres of ice cream is consumed annually, more than a third of which originates from the Premia factory. Considering also the private label products of the largest retail stores, the share of Premia’s ice creams amounts to about a half of the whole ice cream market. Our best-known ice cream brands are Eriti Rammus, Väike Tom, Regatt, and Vana Toomas. According to a survey conducted in 2015, Eriti Rammus is the most popular and sought after ice cream brand in Estonia while Väike Tom holds the third position. The Eriti Rammus brand includes premium category dairy ice creams with a fat content of 15%. The target market for the Väike Tom brand is children and adolescents. As Premia owns one of the largest cold storage warehouses in Estonia and we also market deep frozen vegetables and preproduced food under the brand names of Pealinna, Maahärra, and Viking. In addition to the deep frozen food we market under our own brand names, we are also the official importer of many major global brands.

Achievements Premia Tallinna Külmhoone AS is the leader of the Estonian ice cream market. In 2015, our volume market share amounted to 33.8% and the value market share to 35.8%. Our maximum annual ice cream

production volume is approximately 13–14 million liters. The Premia’s product range also includes a true legend – the dairy ice cream Regatt that was commissioned by the state for the 1980 Moscow Olympics, when the best sailors in the world competed in Tallinn.

International presence In addition to our home market Estonia, we also sell Premia branded products in Latvia, Lithuania, and other nearby countries. We also produce private label products to the Scandinavian markets.

Corporate social responsibility Our aim is to support projects targeted towards children and adolescents, which combine the joy of local initiative, creativity and culture, and a physically active and healthy lifestyle. For years, Premia has had the honour of being the official ice cream partner of the Estonian National Song and Dance Festival. Over the years, we have also been a major sponsor of the gymnastics festivals organized by the Estonian Sports Association Kalev. For more than 10 years now, we have been a major sponsor of the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. In addition to these well-known festivals, we also annually support a few hundreds of smaller local sports events, where young athletes meet and challenge each other.


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Contact data

Address: Muhu island, 94716 Saare County, Estonia Phone: +372 454 8800 Fax: +372 454 8811 E-mail: info@padaste.ee Web: www.padaste.ee


Products and services


A small luxury resort & SPA on Muhu Island. Five star boutique destination hotel renowned for its cuisine, spa and highly personalized service level.

Well traveled guests from around the world that appreciate a distinct level of comfort and luxury, in an enchanting countryside estate defined by nature, calm and a passion for things local.

HISTORY • Earliest records The earliest record of Pädaste Manor dates back to 1566, when Fredrik II, King of Denmark handed the manor over to the von Knorr family in recognition of services rendered to the Danish Crown. • Origin The origins of the manor go back to the 14th century, some of the ancient walls are still visible at the heart of the house. In the latter part of the 19th century the house was enlarged and given a new façade. • The last baron In the late 19th century, Baron Axel von Buxhoeveden with his wife Charlotte brought a touch of worldly splendour to the sleepy Muhu Island. In the winter of 1919 Axel von Buxhoeveden was brutally assassinated by revolutionaries. Charlotte fled to Brandenburg the next day. Seven hundred years of family presence on Muhu that had started with their forefather Albert von Buxhoeveden’s conquest of the Island in 1227 came to an abrupt end. • Recent history After years of neglect during the Soviet period until its abandonment in the early 80’s, Imre Sooäär and Martin Breuer took up the endeavor in 1996 to restore Pädaste Manor to new splendour, with the goal to create one of the finest hotels in the Baltic countryside.


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THE HOTEL IN DETAIL A 16th-century island haven set in lovely grounds overlooking the Baltic Sea, Pädaste Manor is a grand, but homely Estonian hideaway promising excellent food, fantastic scenery, privacy, tranquillity and a unique selection of indigenous spa treatments. Sounds of the sea fill each comfortable room at Pädaste Manor where private balconies are the best place to enjoy the beautiful countryside and sea views. A separate farmhouse, in a pretty apple orchard with its own garden, provides an extra level of privacy and peace. Indulge in a relaxing Muhu Hay bath or enjoy a Peppermint Energy scrub, two of the unique treatments based on ancient Estonian herbal traditions, available in the spa where the relaxation terrace offers yet more stunning views over the bay.

ALEXANDER RESTAURANT Alexander Restaurant occupies the most prominent space on the ground floor of the Manor House. The gloriously proportioned,

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Pädaste OÜ Year of foundation: 1996 Sector: hospitality Turnover: 1.3 million euros Employees: 33 Brands: Pädaste Manor, Pädaste Gourmet Web: www.padaste.ee


elegant room with high ceilings opens into a spectacular winter garden and offers sweeping views over the park with its ancient trees. Chef de Cuisine Matthias Diether and his team is proud to serve innovative Nordic Islands’ Cuisine, respecting the seasons and making maximum use of fresh local ingredients by working with the island’s producers and farmers, while many of the greens and herbs are grown in Pädaste’s own gardens and greenhouses. Pädaste Manor offers an arresting culinary combination of urban sophistication and wholesome countryside traditions.

NORDIC ISLANDS’ CUISINE When the estate reawakened in 1996, we envisioned creating a destination hotel offering a distinct sense of place – deeply rooted in the unique environs of Muhu that had so captured our imagination. From there on our journey was guided by the seasons and the fascination for the terroir. The inhabitants of Muhu Island have always had a harmonious relationship with other islanders across the sea, dating back to well before the 19th century, when the concept of a nation state brought Muhu into the orbit of the mainland. Interactions





among the Baltic Sea islands were intense, the travels of Muhu seamen to Gotland and other islands in the region are well documented with barges connecting the islands in weekly intervals. For most of its past, the Muhu Island community has thus been influenced by other seafaring communities in the Nordic Islands region such as Gotland, Bornholm, Åland Öland and Rügen, as well as our neighbouring islands Saaremaa and Hiiumaa – an influence that is very noticeable in the food and cultural traditions of Muhu families to this day. At Pädaste Manor we decided to backtrack, to unfold and rediscover along the paths of these traditions and to embark on what we decided to call our Expedition in Search of the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine. This

fascinating venture involves visits to our fellow Island communities and their farmers, artisans, fishermen and hunters and is at the same time also a conceptual journey, discovering our terroir. We offer flavours that get their character from the produce and techniques originating in the Nordic Islands – terroir and the seasons are guiding us and our network of farmers, fishermen, hunters and artisans and not to forget our own foraging on the shore, meadows and forests of the estate are the solid fundament of our cuisine.

PÄDASTE SPA The experience offered at Pädaste Spa is based on harmony and revitalization of all six senses, in the understanding that our

well-being is complete only if all senses get positive stimulation, rest and relaxation. We take time for our guest and match treatments to their individual needs, our treatments are rooted in local traditions. In line with our philosophy there is no place for global brands, instead the fabulous environment that Muhu Island has to offer inspires us.

THE VALUES BEHIND THE PÄDASTE BRAND Pädaste was created with the vision to be a unique experience for guests, providing a true ‘sense of place’. Uncompromising and consistently, with a long term goal to make a difference in genuine hospitality of finest standard and with a soul and charm that can only be found in a privately owned and operated hotel.


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Contact data

Address: Kadaka tee 36, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 699 7302 E-mail: info@romantavast.ee Web: www.romantavast.ee


Products and Services


Design and manufacturing: national decorations, medals, lapel pins, tie pins, cufflinks, corporate jewellery, business gifts, graduation rings, etc. Roman Tavast creates value embodied in decades of experience, creativity and skill. Each expression of expertise lives on in meticulously and carefully selected materials, unique designs and products of the highest quality.

Roman Tavast is Estonia’s oldest jewellery and badge maker, and has subsidiaries in Finland and the UK.

HISTORY In 1923, when 28-year-old goldsmith Roman Tavast founded his company, his eye for details made him into one of the most esteemed badge, medal and decoration manufacturers for the decades to come. He began in a tiny room in Tallinn. Since then, Tavast’s sense of style and high level of artistry have always accompanied his work and that of the best goldsmiths of Estonia who continue his work today. In a couple of years, Tavast’s distinctive style had won his company international fame and orders were pouring from the Baltics, Finland and Denmark. In the following 17 years, the goldsmith’s unrelenting strive towards the best quality helped his company grow into a team of 70 visionaries. Impassioned approach towards work also turned the company’s store with its oak interior and fancy glass display cases into one of the most fashionable and admired stores in the entire country. After the forced pause of the Soviet occupation, the company was re-established by Roman Tavast’s son in 1993. Since then, the work of Estonia’s most talented goldsmiths is yet again known by the name of the company’s founder.


leading brands of estonia

The badge, medal and award manufacturing company founded by a jeweller and artist Roman Tavast in 1923 soon became the largest and most esteemed company in its field in Estonia. For almost a century, we have done our work with passion and care, and have learned and breathed in the value of time and traditions. We know how to create those same values for our clients. Be it an order, a badge, medal or a graduation ring – none of them will remain just an accessory but a piece of time with its own, heartfelt story.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Roman Tavast OÜ, Roman Tavast Ltd, Roman Tavast OY Year of foundation: 1923 Sector: design and manufacturing of products made of precious metals Turnover: 550 000 euros Employees: 14 Brands: Roman Tavast Web: www.romantavast.ee Member of ECCI since: 1994


VALUES AND STRENGTHS Since its founding in 1923, the company has been characterised by a sense of style, artistry and high quality. Having been the leading enterprise among its peers for decades, Roman Tavast manufactures the majority of Estonia’s national decorations and corporate jewellery, requiring top craftsmanship. In this way, the high quality and distinct style of the master goldsmiths live on through company production.

PRODUCTS AND INNOVATION Every client’s order is approached individually and forms an integrated combination of vision, concept of design, choice of materials, the skills of a master jeweller, and modern technology. In both detail and spirit, the skills of a master are always supreme to that of a machine, which is why the production of every product is very carefully planned in order to achieve the best combination of artistic skills and machinery performance. The complex structure and impeccable quality of the enamel of decorations and pins is proof that every product is the result of an investment of valuable time, reflected in intellectual and manual efforts.


ACHIEVEMENTS • The 1937 Paris World Fair (Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne), bronze medal award, for the metal art display by Roman Tavast. • National decorations of the Republic of Estonia since 1924. • Collar of the Order of the National Coat of Arms, the insignia of the President of the Republic of Estonia in 2008. • Decorations and pins for the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). • Wimbledon Royal Box lapel pins. • UK Women of the Year lapel pins. • Lapel pin for the lead actor in the Hollywood movie “London Has Fallen”. • Pins for EY (Ernst and Young) Entrepreneur of the Year Award Gala in Ireland and United Kingdom.

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE In 2014, Roman Tavast expanded to the UK, and in 2015 to Finland. Having a UK subsidiary has helped the company to market its

products also outside the EU. Just like in Estonia, the company’s customer list includes a variety of clients, ranging from small nonprofits to large multinationals.

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Since 1998, Roman Tavast has given a grant to an outstanding young jeweller, goldsmith or designer who wishes to contribute to the development of the Estonian goldsmith industry, as well as jewellery and badge making art. Roman Tavast cooperates with Estonian educational establishments by supporting the development of artists, and for co-creating high-end, quality decorations and badges. The grants issued by the Roman Tavast sub-fund, operate under the Estonian National Culture Foundation. The company also supports the apprenticeship of young people interested in badge and jewellery creation to ensure the sustainable development of design. In 2016, Roman Tavast started to sponsor the Estonian Association of Metal Artists to promote the development of Estonian metal art and introduce its creations in Estonia and abroad.


leading brands of estonia

Saku Õlletehase AS

Contact data

Address: Tallinna mnt 2, Saku, 75501 Harju County, Estonia Phone: +372 650 8400 Fax: +372 650 8401 E-mail: saku@saku.ee Web: www.saku.ee Products

Saku produces and distributes over 40 different brands of beer, cider, long drink, mineral water, noncarbonated flavoured water, soft drinks and energy drinks. Saku Õlletehase AS (Saku Brewery) is also


the Estonian distributor of beverages by Finnish brewer Sinebrychoff and several global beer brands belonging to the Carlsberg Group. Brands

Saku Brewery as part of the global Carlsberg Group produces a range of its own beers and ciders – Saku Kuld, Saku Originaal, Rock, Saku On Ice, Saku Hele, Saku Tume, KISS cider, Somersby cider, Vichy Classique and Vichy Vitamin waters, Sinebrychoff long drinks and the Antvärk range of craft beers and ciders.


Saku is one of the two leading brewers in the Estonian market in terms of beer and cider sales. Saku Brewery puts considerable effort into export activities, with about 50 per cent of the total production volumes exported to approximately 20 foreign markets. The main export markets are other Baltic and Nordic countries and Poland, but also other European as well as African, Asian and Pacific countries.

History Saku is the oldest continuously operating brewery in Estonia. Saku Brewery is considered to have been founded in 1820, when the owner of Saku manor, Karl Friedrich Rehbinder, a baron with Swedish roots, decided to establish a brewery at his manor. It has been proven that the first production period in the Saku beer house was in October 1820. Backed by tradition and experience, Saku is the leading domestic brewery that pioneered industry innovation for the last two centuries. It has been at the forefront of product development and creative marketing throughout its history. Since Estonia regained its independence in 1991, Saku has excelled in bringing modern technology and business management to Estonia. Since 2008, Saku has been part of the global brewery Carlsberg Group and its products are valued both domestically as well as in neighbouring countries and more distant export markets.


leading brands of estonia

Saku’s vision We aim to be the fastest growing beverage producer in Estonia and the preferred partner for all parties, including the other Carlsberg Group companies.

Values and strengths

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Saku Õlletehase AS, Carlsberg Group Year of foundation: 1820 Sector: food processing industry Turnover: 59.3 million euros (2015) Employees: 350 Brands: Saku Kuld, Saku Originaal, Rock, Saku Hele, Saku Tume, Antvärk Citra IPA, Antvärk American Ale, Antvärk American Lager, KISS, Somersby, GN Long Drink, Battery, Lotte lemonade Web: www.saku.ee Member of ECCI since: 1996


• We value our customers. We value our customers and look at our actions and decisions from their perspective. The mapping of our strategies and making plans are also based on this principle and we are always seeking the ways to be more effective to ensure that our products, services and employees have a high reputation in the eyes of our customers and consumers. • Together we are stronger. We are observant and respectful towards different cultures, people and brands. We acknowledge that close cooperation and sharing best practices between different functions helps us grow and win. • We are the champions. We are not afraid of challenges to achieve remarkable results. We do not let fear or setbacks weaken our desire for success and our readiness to learn from mistakes. Good ideas and motivation to put them into practice is something that is always valued in our work-environment. • We engage with society. We feel social and environmental responsibility and are convinced that this is also relevant from a business perspective. We make a positive contribution to the development of our neighbourhood and society. We listen to what our shareholders have to say and strive always towards the responsible use of natural resources. • We are passionate about winning. We always strive towards victorious solutions and aim to walk proudly towards our goals. Our attitude is always practical. We are fast, proactive and results-oriented in making our decisions and carrying them out.


Products and Innovation The product portfolio of Saku Brewery includes the most popular and well-known Estonian beer brand Saku Originaal, the first domestic premium beer Saku Kuld, one of the most popular Estonian craft beers and cider range Antvärk and other loved brands in each beer segment. The company distributes globally known international beer brands Carlsberg, Tuborg and Staropramen. The product range includes market leading cider brands KISS and Somersby, Vichy Classique mineral waters, Vichy Vitamin sports and healthy lifestyle waters, the GN and Sinebrychoff brands of long drinks, Battery energy drinks and Lotte soft drinks. Saku Originaal is a high-quality light beer, and the first modern lager-type beer launched in Estonia in 1993. Saku Originaal has always been an active player in the Estonian beer market and is the selected choice as flagship Estonian beer by tourists visiting Estonia. Saku Originaal has always been in the forefront of innovation, be it its packaging, brand visuals or modern taste – the most recent change being new brand language and modified taste in spring 2016. Saku Kuld is a modern classic, and the elite among Estonian beers. This beer is brewed according to the renowned German Purity Law of 1516 and unites two centuries of

brewing tradition with new technology. With a rich taste, head and aroma, a delicate balance of freshness and mildness characterizes the taste of Saku Kuld, which is also one of the preferred products of Saku’s export distributors throughout our about 20 export markets. Saku Antvärk meets on a growing trend among consumers to explore the rich world of brewing. Saku Brewery launched its craft beer range Antvärk in 2014. The word Antvärk in English means a craftsman, who is dedicated and wholly devoted to his work. Our cider and beer masters produce new and unique tastes under the Antvärk range, all made with true dedication.

Saku’s products have won numerous awards throughout the years both locally and globally, including the Product of the Year award for Saku Kuld by the Estonian Food Industry Association and Superior Taste Award 2016 for Saku Antvärk apple cider, awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute. Saku Brewery also engages with local communities, by supporting different sports, cultural and educational events. As one of the largest employers in Saku parish, we aim to support local culture and leisure time. Saku Brewery has participated in the Responsible Entrepreneurship Index since 2012, and in 2015, Saku was awarded a silver award for its CSR policies and activities.

Goals and achievements

International presence

As the oldest continuously operating brewery in Estonia, Saku has positioned itself as the leading player in the Estonian beer market both in terms of quality and product development. Saku’s values represent the winning culture of the globally active Carlsberg Group. We aim to be the most successful, professional and attractive brewer in our market. Saku’s product development and expansion in other beverage markets is driven by our will to strengthen our market position in all product segments, both existing and to come.

Saku exports its products to about 20 different markets worldwide. Saku’s products are most popular in the Baltic and Nordic countries, as well as in Poland, Germany, Italy, Iceland. More distant markets include the US, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and South Korea.



leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Sõpruse pst 2, 50050 Tartu, Estonia Phone: +372 730 7300, +372 730 7311 Fax: +372 730 731 E-mail: sangar@sangar.ee Web: www.sangar.ee, www.oscar1949.com


Stores of Sangar in Tallinn • Showroom (Rüütli 4) • Viru Keskus shopping centre (Viru väljak 4) • Ülemiste shopping centre (Suur-Sõjamäe 4) • Kristiine Shopping Centre (Endla 45) • Rocca Al Mare Shopping Centre (Paldiski mnt 102)

Stores of Sangar in Tartu • Lõunakeskus (Ringtee 75) Sangar outlet (Sõpruse pst 2) Stores of Sangar in Pärnu • Pärnu Keskus (Aida 7)

History It all started 60 million shirts ago in 1956 Sangar as has made dress shirts and other fine apparel for 60 years. Its head office, design and production facilities are in Tartu, a university town that proudly hosts Skype development office, and several successful startups. Ever since the early days, the company pioneered in innovation. Imagine an electronic computer set up in Tartu in the early 1960ies, and used for Sangar’s manufacturing capacity calculations. Or Olympic coaches and sports therapists developing better sewing techniques. Still owned by the Kraft family, the Sangar has global ambitions in mind. Besides its house brand Sangar, the company holds Oscar of Sweden brand, and sells fine dress shirts to gentlemen in Scandinavia and Europe.


leading brands of estonia

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Sangar AS Year of foundation: 1956 Sector: clothing Turnover: 7.98 million euros Employees: 201 Brands: Sangar, Oscar of Sweden Web: www.sangar.ee, www.oscar1949.com Member of ECCI since: 1991



Sangar today – A lean shirt maker Over the last few decades, Sangar as has been in passionate transition. Inspired by Scandinavian menswear icons, a large shirt factory has become a lean fashion and production company with offices in Estonia and Sweden. To make a smooth headway through market fluctuations, Sangar is using several business models in synergy: retail and web sales of Sangar and Oscar of Sweden shirts, manufacturing uniforms under Formo shirts brand, making exclusive made-to-measure shirts, and being both inbound and outbound outsourcing partner. On the retail side, the company operates shirt and menswear stores in Estonia, and Webstores sangar.ee and oscar1949.com. The web-stores cover Estonia, Sweden,

Finland and Latvia, with occasional orders coming from all over the world, including Australia. In-house research, development and manufacturing still form the backbone of the company. Having both design and sewing lines in-house is a rare find, and a very strong asset when it comes to uniforms and private label shirts. The production capabilities are optimized in cooperation with partner shirt factories in Poland and Ukraine, while most of the fabrics come from well-established textile manufacturers in Italy and Egypt. Ever since 1990s, Sangar has produced shirts and other apparel for major Scandinavian brands, offering highest precision, ISO-certified quality and fast route to final

production. Working with international companies has polished the style and quality of Sangar’s shirts. While the company keeps offering services as an outsourcing partner, it is expanding the international sales of its own shirt brands. A few years ago, the company acquired a reputable Swedish shirt brand Oscar of Sweden, established in 1949. Besides craftsmanship and carefully picked textiles, Sangar and Oscar have something special to offer: the most advanced measurement scale, which gives a tailor-made shirt experience to most gentlemen. See more: WWW.SANGAR.EE/EN and OSCAR1949.COM


leading brands of estonia

A Good idea


Contact data

Address: Pärnu mnt 238, 11624 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 667 3800 Fax: +372 667 3801 E-mail: selver@selver.ee Web: www.selver.ee


Products and Services


Selver is a retail chain of food products and staple goods, comprising 45 stores all over Estonia. Additionally, the chain has an online grocery store e-Selver. Also, Selver has a subsidiary Kulinaaria O, which produces ready-made dishes in its large kitchen in Tallinn, marketed under the trademark Selveri Köök (Selver’s Kitchen) and sold mainly in the chain’s stores.

Selver’s retail market holds an approximately 17% share of Estonia’s retail market of food products and staple goods.

History Tallinna Kaubamaja had a large hangar in Lasnamäe, where household goods and appliances were sold. The owners of Kaubamaja had an idea to open there a grocery and staple goods store and that was the start of Selver chain. The first Selver was opened at the end of 1995 and the second one in autumn 1998. In 1998-2001, Selver became a chain with unified values, development goals and identity. 2002 was the year of active expansion and development when Selver doubled the number of its stores and expanded outside the capital. Another active year of expansion was 2005 – nine new stores were added. In 1998, a subsidiary called Selveri Köök was created. The kitchen that started with just 200 square metres and 20 employees has now grown into one of the largest kitchens of its type in Baltic republics as well as in Nordic countries. Selveri Köök with its 3,000 square metres produces daily 20 tonnes of food, prepared by more than 240 employees. In spring 2011, Kadaka Selver put into use the first self-service cashier’s desk system SelveEkspress, which is now in use in half of the stores.


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21 years of modern commerce Selver chain comprises 45 stores, 15 of those in various districts of Tallinn. The name of each Selver store refers to the district or street, where it is located. Additionally, one of the first Estonian online grocery stores called e-Selver was opened in 2015, where customers can order more than 15,000 articles of products to be delivered to their homes or offices.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Selver AS Year of foundation: 1995 Sector: retail trade Turnover: 383.4 million euros (2015) Employees: 2400 Brands: Selver, Selveri Köök, e-Selver, SelveEkspress, Selver Gurmee Web: www.selver.ee Member of ECCI since: 2009


Values and strengths Today, Selver is Estonia’s best known store chain; the chain’s 45 stores are visited by more than 100,000 customers every day. Nearly 600,000 customers, i.e. almost every second resident of Estonia has joined the overarching loyalty programme of Selver’s parent company, Tallinna Kaubamaja Group. We aspire to be an honest and caring partner for our customers, employees and producers/suppliers. We act responsibly, accounting for the impact of our activity on the surrounding environment and on the health and quality of life of local residents. We wish to be a good neighbour in our community, which is why we support and encourage activities related to environmental protection and healthy lifestyle.

Products and innovation Twenty one years ago there were no modern store chains in Estonia. The majority of the stores were small shops with a narrow selection of goods. However, Estonia being a small country with high innovation, soon developed convenient and modern supermarkets, which became popular very quickly. Selver has had an important part to play in the dynamic development of the field – it founded supermarkets with an innovative format and selfservice principles; was the first one to use digital price tags; created the first self-service cashier desk system SelveExpress; developed innovative ordering systems, ensuring precise deliveries in terms of time and quantity; and opened the first online grocery store in Estonia – e-Selver.


connoisseurs of various cuisines, seeking for new flavours. Selver stores also have a wide selection of high-quality wines that go with such delicacies.

Social responsibility

Selver started with a single store in 1995; the vision to develop into a store chain with unified principles grew out of our everyday work. Over the years 1998-2001, Selver was shaped into a chain with unified values, development goals and identity. The years 2002-2005 were Selver’s years of expansion and development when Selver multiplied its number of stores and expanded outside the capital. Over the years, a friendly shopping environment was created where serving is fast and professional and selection consists of high-quality food products and staple goods. The retail chain also owns a subsidiary called OÜ Kulinaaria; it started making food in autumn 1998 under the trademark Selveri Köök (Selver’s Kitchen) – a trademark very well known and valued by consumers in Estonia. Estonians like savory dishes better than desserts, so nearly 80% of the Kitchen’s products belong to this category. In autumn 2013 Selver introduced in its stores the shelves designated for gourmet products. The gourmet shelves hold refined high quality local and imported products, which usually don’t belong to the traditional supermarket selection. Gourmet section caters for the need of true gourmands,

As a countrywide company, Selver is clear about its role and responsibility in the society. We continuously create new jobs, provide our employees with self-development opportunities through training, as well as career opportunities within the company, and we also contribute to the tax revenue of the state and local governments. As a responsible organisation, Selver has turned its stores info regional centres, concentrating multiple public services important to the community. Selver’s product range contains predominantly local high-quality goods, thus indirectly providing jobs for thousands of people in both rural and urban regions. The chain has years of experience in cooperating with small producers in Estonia, and all their new products can be found on Selver’s shelves. Selver sponsors actively various activities and programmes and conducts many charity campaigns. A good example is the charity campaign “Koos on kergem” (“It’s easier together”) – which has been organised for 13 years and has raised a total of 700,000 euros to support children’s hospitals all over Estonia. Selver continues to support youth sports and is the name sponsor of Selver Tallinn Volleyball Club. The Club’s goal is to promote volleyball in all of Estonia and also to promote youth work and professional sports. Selver is also the name sponsor of Estonia’s largest hobby sports event – Linnajooksud (City Runs).

Achievements Throughout the years, Selver has been recognised as the best employer in the retail sector and the most competitive enterprise in its field. Market polls state that Selver is Estonians’ most favoured chain of stores. In 2016, e-Selver was chosen as Estonia’s most customer-friendly e-store in the category of grocery stores. Additionally, Selver has won numerous titles over the years – health-friendly enterprise, disabled-friendly employer, trainingminded organisation, etc.


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Our Standard is Excellence



Address: Marja str.9, 10617 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 6509300 E-mail: standard@standard.ee Web: www.standard.ee




Furniture manufacturing Furniture for Hotels Office furniture Furnishing goods for sales Logistic and installation services Project management

Europe Middle-East Africa More than 30 export countries

History We are very proud of our colorful history and the contribution to the development of the furniture industry of Estonia. Standard started as a small 4-men workshop in Tallinn more than 70 years ago and despite the twists and turns in the history company grew to the leading furniture manufacturer in the region. Over time AS Standard has also produced kitchens, chairs and retail furniture, but from the beginning the main focus has been on contract furniture as it is today. Significant emphasis has always been on product development and we have more than 50 years of experience working together with the University of Technology of Tallinn and professional education schools, offering internships and practice base for young engineers and specialists. During its history Standard has also been operating as product development center for other manufacturers in the region.  All this has given us valuable knowledge base and helped us to succeed in today’s business.

Palace Hotel Tallinn.


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Office in Lahti, Finland.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Standard AS Year of foundation: 1944 Sector: furniture manufacturing, furnishing goods for sales Turnover: 22.5 million euros Employees: 214 Brands: Standard, StandardPro, StandardOffice Web: www.standard.ee Member of ECCI since: 1948


Standard AS is the leading FF & E supplier and manufacturer in the Baltic States, boasting two primary business directions: StandardPro which offers hotel and public space furnishing solutions and StandardOffice which focuses on offices and interior design. StandardOffice factory specialises in the production of office furniture, which is distributed all over Europe; meanwhile the StandardPro production facility specialises exclusively in manufacturing project furniture. Standard AS understands that some clients look for partners, who can offer full “turn-key” solutions, so their services also include soft-renovation construction, a full FF&E supply and logistics & installation. Standard AS has been in operation for more than 70 years and has been active in the hospitality sector since 2002. Working within the hospitality sector, Standard AS has completed work in more than 30 countries, in over 200 hotels, covering more than 20,000 hotel rooms.


The Tower Suites Hotel Katrinartur, Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ask.fm - office in Riga, Latvia.

Hilton Strand Hotel Helsinki, Finland.

Radisson Blu Hotel Royal Viking Stockholm, Sweden.


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Starman – Your gateway to the world


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Address: Akadeemia tee 28, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 6779977 Fax: +372 6779901 E-mail: starman@starman.ee Web: www.starman.ee Products & Services

Starman is the leading TV and Internet provider in the Baltics. Founded


in 1992, Starman has been a technology pioneer and innovator in the Estonian telecommunication sector, developing the first broadband services, most advanced digital TV services and unique TV Everywhere solutions. In 2015, Starman expanded its reach to Lithuania through the acquisition of Cgates. Today, the group offers cable TV, broadband and fixed-telephony

services in Estonia and Lithuania. Starman group has approximately 570 employees and is headquartered in Tallinn. MarketS

Starman is among the leading tele­ com­munications companies both in Estonia and Lithuania.

History Starman was established a year after Estonia gained its independence in 1991 and has grown into the biggest telecommunications operator in Estonia. Starman has introduced multiple innovative technological solutions and services in Estonia. Starman was the first operator providing its end customers with a fixed-line internet connection, currently a norm in every Estonian household and considered to be part of “basic human rights� in Estonia. Starman is the trend setter in TV and entertainment , in 2005 the company introduced digital TV, thus offering instead of analog transmission a new standard of picture and sound, and has subsequently developed related services, such as movie rental and time-machine functionality. Starman also launched an innovative TV Everywhere service in the Estonian market, which allows customers to watch TV via mobile and browser apps over the internet in handheld devices and computers.


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Starman – gate to the entertainment world Our passion is to be your gateway to the world, providing entertainment, information, communication, education. Our number one passion is connecting cable, high quality service and best user experience. We aim to be the preferred provider of entertainment and communication services in the Baltics.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Starman AS Year of foundation: 1992 Sector: telecommunications industry Turnover: 55.6 million euros (2015) Employees: 570 Brands: Starman, Cgates, TV Everywhere, ZUUMtv, ZUUMnet, STARbox, Ajamasin (time machine), Web: www.starman.ee www.cgates.lt


Values • We are brave We dare to take responsibility, develop the rules of the game, and be proactive and passionate in what we do. We don’t accept NO’s, but look for HOW’s in order to offer our customers the best possible service and experience. • We are focused We strive for high quality, execution and efficiency in everything we do. A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. We set targets and work with full commitment in achieving our goals. • We are respectful We earn respect, because we care. We keep our promises, while being open and honest. We respect our customers, partners, our colleagues and the society in which we operate.

Services and Innovation Internet is considered a basic human right in Estonia, a country well renowned for its e-friendliness and high internet penetration. Starman offers its customers super fast, up to 500 Mbit/s download speeds based on fiber optic cable network. Fast and secure internet connection, TV and entertainment services, connection needed for professional purposes as well as controlling home appliances remotely – everything is secured by Starman Internet.


Digital TV provides Estonian households with nearly 200 TV-channels from all over the world, offering both local and international news, education and entertainment. History fans, travel enthusiasts and explorers of faraway sights, nature lovers and sports fans all are serviced through high quality Starman Digital TV. TV Everywhere brings TV programmes to customers wherever and whenever they wish to. Simply connect to the internet and all the news, sports events, world of entertainment and movies are just a few clicks away. ZUUMtv and ZUUMnet mobile services are offered to customers with no cable access. With up to 40 over-the-air premium quality picture and sound channels, most modern entertainment and extra services, such as TV Everywhere and programme recording, reaches virtually every single spot in Estonia, regardless of the proximity of the cable network. Time machine enables customers to choose what they are going to watch at the time when they choose to do so. Did you spend a weekend sailing and want to watch your favourite show that was aired over the weekend? Or do you wish to re-watch your favourite team’s win in the penalty shootout? With the Starman Time machine you’ll have 8 days to do so.

Goals and achievements Our values strive towards success. We aim to be the preferred partners to our customers, business partners and to society as a whole. We take great pride in supporting activities and actors that are the cool, fast and adventurous. In 2015 Starman was awarded the Industry Leader award for the development of the TV Everywhere service by the most prestigious industry conference Digital TV Central and Eastern Europe. In 2015, the Ministry of Culture of Estonia rewarded Starman with a yearly

Culture Friend award for the company’s contributions in the Estonian cultural landscape. Starman is the Gold Sponsor of the most famous Estonian film festival, the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF). PÖFF is the only festival in the Nordic and Baltic region with a FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Association) accreditation. Starman has for several years, supported Estonia’s most highly valued Olympic hopeful Kelly Sildaru, world class women’s freestyle skier who has made her name as the youngest gold medalist in the renowned Winter X-Games – at only 13 years, she won in 2016 the slopestyle event in Aspen, Colorado. We support two of the biggest adventure and extreme sports events in the Kiviõli Adventure Park in the Eastern part of Estonia. In summers, world class motocross drivers and stunt drivers gather to this unique location – an old ash hill turned into an adventure centre – hosting the best quad, sidecar and European hillclimb drivers. In winter the Kiviõli Adventure Park hosts with Starman’s support Estonian biggest snowboard and freestyle competition, the Estonian Open Slopestyle. In 2015, a modern and free-to-use stage Vabalava (Free Stage) was opened in Tallinn Creative Hub Telliskivi. Starman supports this new and innovative theatre model, offering premises and supporting services to small creative and project theaters. The venue with big black box theatre hall, rehearsing room, various office spaces and a street food restaurant can host plays, concerts, music shows as well as various conferences or gala dinners and events. Starman is also proudly cooperating with popular Estonian musicians, such as rock star Tanel Padar and his group The Sun, and the loved rap and hip hop artist Reket. With our support, all the people visiting yearly Tartu Hansaeatic Days are able to join the ever popular nightly Open Air Cinema.


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Tahe Outdoors

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Address: Aiandi tee 21, Viimsi, 74001 Harju County Estonia Phone: +372 600 8969 Fax: +372 600 8964 E-mail: info@taheoutdoors.com Web: www.taheoutdoors.com




Tahe Outdoors is a manufacturer of the water sports equipment in Europe. Tahe Outdoors operates with 5 brands and offers a selection of over 400 different products. Our product range includes kayaks & canoes, stand up paddleboards & paddles, water sports apparel & accessories.

Tahe Outdoors exports to more than 35 countries. Main export markets are Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

History Tahe Outdoors (previously known as Tahe Kayaks) is the top manufacturing and distribution company in the field of high quality watersports equipment in Europe. Our mission is to motivate people to do watersports. We are doing that in the most reliable and enjoyable way – through the kayaks, canoes and paddling gear manufactured by us in France and Estonia with attention to every single detail as well as concern for the environment. Company was established in 1989 by competition paddlers. First kayak was built with the help of Finnish colleagues from Finnish Canoe Federation. Tahe Outdoors was restructured in 2007, when two brothers Marek Pohla and Janek Pohla joined the company. Today, Tahe Outdoors operates with 5 brands of watersport equipment and has 3 factories with 130 employees. Quality is reflected in every single detail of our products and we do not make any compromises there.


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Products and innovation With modern manufacturing practices & equipment Tahe Outdoors is capable of manufacturing 15 400 vessels a year. We use several construction options and techniques for our composite and polyethylene kayaks and paddles to meet the needs of very different customers.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Tahe Outdoors Year of foundation: 1989 Sector: manufacturing Turnover: 10 million euros Employees: 130 Brands: Tahe Marine, Zegul, Artistic, Robson, Egalis Web: www.taheoutdoors.com Member of ECCI since: 2007


The first kayak was built in 1989 with the help of Finnish colleagues from the Finnish Canoe Federation. ZEGUL features a range of high-end racing, play-boat and famous Greenland style kayaks that are handcrafted using only the most innovative and high-tech materials. TAHE MARINE has a remarkable experience of 25 years and is a popular and active brand with a wide product portfolio. It offers a wide selection of different kayaks from attractively priced single and triple layer rotomolded polyethylene to the state of the art vacuum infused carbon fiber touring kayaks. ROBSON features a high-end whitewater, touring, SUP & canoe paddles that are produced with an extreme attention to detail that requires a high skill level and underlying knowledge of how the paddles will be used. Robson is well known for pushing the limits and thinking outside of the box when it comes to design and technology. EGALIS is a popular French brand, which paddles are produced using different technologies in plastic injection and innovative IML design. ARTISTIC offers a high quality apparel & accessories in water sports / outdoors and everything in a consistent, salient price level. Whether in kayak sport, rafting, canyoning or in water rescues – artistic products are solid and customized for the particular kind of use.

Tahe Outdoors

Values and strengths Tahe Outdoors has heavily set foot on the European market and our product quality is well known all over the world. We are constantly growing, aiming to be the number one watersport equipment manufacturer in Europe. Our diverse product range ensures our customers the comfort of getting everything they need from one manufacturer. We have offices and ambassadors in various countries to provide close support for local markets. Tahe Outdoors values innovative solutions, attention to detail, flexibility and excellent customer support.

Achievements Tahe Outdoors biggest achievement is the market leader position in Scandinavia. • DSM (advanced resin manufacturer) in co-operation with Tahe Outdoors won the innovation award at the JEC shows (Paris and Shanghai) 2011 and in KOMPOZYT-EXPO (Poland) 2011. DSM displayed at the show Wind Solo of Tahe Marine, which was manufactured by using Palapreg® ECO • Marek Pohla and Janek Pohla (brothers and owners of Tahe Outdoors) were finalists at the Ernst and Young “Entrepreneurs Of The Year” awards in Estonia 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility Tahe Outdoors supports professional kayakers, youth kayaking teams and different expeditions all over the world. In 2014 two arctic explorers Timo Palo and Audun Tholfsen completed a record breaking journey using Tahe Marine kayaks, which were supplied by Tahe Outdoors. This astounding accomplishment is also an official Guiness World Record 2015: Fastest journey from North Pole to land (unassisted, unsupported). In 2015 Tahe Outdoors supported the Ice Bear and Islands team with Zegul kayaks who completed the world first sea kayak circumnavigation of the Svalbard Archipelago Norway. The journey of 2300 km’s, 71 days, 3000 polar bears and 160 km’s of unbroken Glacial cliffs.


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Address: Sadama 5/7, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 640 9800 Fax: +372 640 9810 E-mail: info@tallink.ee Web: www.tallink.com Products

AS Tallink Grupp is the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region; and ro-ro cargo services on selected routes.


The company’s fleet of 16 vessels allows it to offer a wide range of services and frequent departures. As a result of Tallink’s recent investment and a fleet renewal program, it currently deploys some of the most advanced cruise ferries on the Baltic Sea with state-of-the-art facilities, improved cabins, larger on-board shopping areas and high quality on-board services, setting a new benchmark for travel standards on the Baltic Sea. In addition, the Group operates four hotels in Tallinn and one in Riga.


The Group covers various routes between Finland and Sweden, Estonia and Finland, Estonia and Sweden, and Latvia and Sweden. Our passengers and corporate clients are from all over the world. Although Finland, Sweden and Estonia, Latvia and Germany are the main markets, a large proportion of our customers come from from Asia, Western Europe and Russia.

History The history of Tallink dates back to 1989. The company started back then with just one vessel and has grown to the largest sea travel provider in the Baltic Sea. A major highlight was when the brand new cruise ferry Romantika was delivered in 2002. Since then Tallink has upgraded almost its entire fleet and expanded to several new lines. After IPO in November 2005, Tallink was listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange. The acquisition of Silja Line in 2006 was another milestone, which added passenger traffic and vessels between Finland and Sweden and nearly doubled the company’s size. This acquisition extended the company’s experience and know-how by more than 50 years. By 2016 AS Tallink Grupp has been around for 27 years and Silja Line, one of the major brands of the company, is close to celebrating its 60th birthday. Today, Tallink provides services to more than 9 million passengers annually. In 2015 AS Tallink Grupp earned all-time high revenue of 945.2 million Euros.


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Values and strengths

CORPORATE DATA Company name: AS Tallink Grupp Year of foundation: 1989 Sector: marine transportation Turnover: 945 million euros (2015) Employees: 7000 (2015) Brands: Tallink, Silja Line, Tallink Shuttle, Tallink Cargo, Tallink Logistic Center, Tallink Hotels, Club One, Tallink Takso Web: www.tallink.com


The company’s vision is to be the market pioneer in Europe, by offering excellence in leisure and business travel and sea transportation services. The company’s mission is to provide an enjoyable and memorable travel experience that exceeds customer expectations by simply doing more. Professional and motivated employees, a modern fleet, a wide route network, a strong market share and brand awareness together with high safety, security and environmental standards are the main competitive advantages for the Group. They are the cornerstones for successful and profitable operations.

Products and innovation In the 2015 financial year the proactive marketing and sales activities led to an increase of the passenger number. The number of passengers traveling with the Tallink and Silja Line branded ships grew steadily in most of the operated routes and the Group regained market share from the direct competition. In the Tallinn-Helsinki route the all time high number of 4.7 million passengers travelled with the Group’s vessels during the year. The large scale investments to the vessels Silja Symphony and Silja Serenade shops, restaurants and cabins in the previous financial year showed positive impact on the earnings in 2015 by attracting more passengers and increasing on-board sales per passenger. More passengers with higher average on-board sales per passenger


resulted in increase of shop and restaurant sales. The on-board sales growth was achieved thanks to the Group’s continuing focus on the development of the product selection and expansion of the shops and restaurants in the vessels. In 2015 the Group continued with the updates of the public areas and introduced new concepts in a number of vessels, also the existing successful shop and restaurant concepts were expanded to more vessels. The modernization program is extended over several years and the Group will continue to update the shops, restaurants and cabins in selected vessels to develop and improve the product offering.

The world’s only floating Burger King® In 2015 the Group took the next step and entered into partnership with world-known fast food brand BURGER KING®. The world’s only floating BURGER KING® restaurant opened on Tallink Shuttle ferry Star in January 2016.

The new Tallink Shuttle Megastar The production of the new LNG powered fast ferry Megastar started in Meyer Turku Yard in Finland on the 4th of August 2015, on 9th of February 2016 the keel of Megastar was laid and the construction process in the dry dock began. According to the plans, her delivery takes place in the beginning of 2017. Designed exclusively for the

Tallinn-Helsinki route, the Megastar will comply with the current and future emission regulations for the ECAs (Emission Control Area), including the Baltic Sea. The Godmother of Megastar is President Tarja Halonen. The ship will combine fast ferry’s comfortable services with social eating experience of open-layout dining areas, and versatile choice of lounges and well thought through shopping solutions. The passenger comfort is upgraded with two-level loading, enabling the passenger vehicles and large cargo units to enter and exit from different levels, also making the car-deck logistic easily. There will be a number of smart services on board.

Achievements • Every year, Tallink Grupp is featured in several awards. The Group’s leading role in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility is repeatedly confirmed by international rating organizations and sustainability analysts. We are pleased to be included in a multitude of rankings and indices. • Tallink Grupp belongs to top employers among interns and graduates. • The Most Competitive Tourism Enterprise 2016. • The Most Competitive Large-Scale Enterprise 2016. • Best Estonian Enterprise 2016 nominee.


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Where education meets science

Tallinn University of Technology

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research and advisory services • Innovation and business centre Mektory • Summer schools • Continuing education courses • Spin-off companies • Laboratories, conference and meeting rooms • Technology camps • Career counselling

Products and services

38% of all international students in Estonia study at TTU, which makes TTU the most international university in Estonia. Foreign students from nearly 80 countries make up approximately 15% of all TTU students. Over 10% of

Address: Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 620 2002 Fax: +372 620 2020 E-mail: ttu@ttu.ee Web: www.ttu.ee/en www.ttu.ee/mektory


Estonian flagship in engineering and technology education • Excellence in research and innovation in a broad range of disciplines • Popularisation of science • Consulting,


all employees are foreign scholars and lecturers. TTU recruits primarily from Finland, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, India, and China. Most foreign students are from Finland (approx. 1/3), others are from India, Nigeria, Georgia, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, and China. Our international cooperation in Europe is mainly aimed at France, Germany, Finland, and Sweden; and outside of Europe, at the U.S. and China. Scientific cooperation is conducted with Finland, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Great Brittain, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Austria and Latvia.

history The Tallinn University of Technology was established in 1918, when local technology specialists began to provide special engineering courses in what, at the time, was German-occupied Estonia. The university’s rapid development was brought to a halt by the Second World War, which cost the university lecturers, students and assets. Despite of the subsequent general intellectual recession, the university’s quality improved continuously and significant progress in the field of scientific research was made, earning the status of a leading university of technology within the Soviet Union. One of the most important turning points was the construction of the university campus at Mustamäe in the early 1960s. During the Singing Revolution, the university actively participated in social processes, contributing significantly to the restoration of national independence. At present, TTU is one of the biggest and most renowned universities in Estonia.


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About Tallinn University of Technology As the only technological university in Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology (TTU) emphasises high-level research and innovation and sets a unique standard for it in fields such as engineering, technology, ICT, material sciences, sustainable energetics, economics, business administration, law, international relations, and public administration.

GENERAL INFORMATION Group: Tallinn University of Technology Foundation year: 1918 Sector: higher education and research Turnover: 91 million euros (2015) Employees: 2000 (2015) Students: 12 000 (2015) Website: www.ttu.ee/en Member of ECCI since: 1987


The university is known as the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education and research, in which a synergy between different fields is created and new ideas are born. Tallinn University of Technology’s mission is to be a promoter of science, technology and innovation, and a leading provider of engineering and economic education in Estonia. TTU creates and intermediates the values that secure Estonia’s development in the globalised world, responds actively to the needs of a rapidly developing society, and is involved in tackling the challenges of the digital era. We value professionalism and reliability, entrepreneurship and innovation, openness and cooperativeness. TTU holds the 601-650 position on the QS World University Rankings.

International Research University The main goal of TTU’s R&D division is to create a synergy between technology and exact, natural, health, and social sciences, serving society’s development. We also aim to increase in cooperation with foreign universities the international dimension of studies, of research and development activities. Today the proportion of R&D in TTU’s total study, research and development budget is over 50%. TTU cooperates with the top ten universities around the world (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT, Harvard, etc.). In addition to this, we have cooperation agreements with the leading universities in Europe and Asia. All in all, TTU has cooperation agreements with forty universities in Europe, Asia, and America.

Tallinn University of Technology

TTU’s key R&D priority areas • Civil engineering • Power engineering • Information and communication technology • Chemistry and biotechnology • Environment • Mathematics and physics • Materials science and technology • Social sciences (including economics) • Health • Production technologies, mechanical and instrumental engineering

agreement with Estonian and foreign companies and government agencies. In addition to Skype, there are 150 hightech companies, a start-up incubator, and the unique Mektory TTU Innovation and Business Centre located within the TTU campus. The Mektory Centre provides a coworking space for scientists, researchers, students, and entrepreneurs to design and develop products, to collaborate on business ideas, technological discoveries, test mobile services, and create prototypes for their innovative products.

Along with partnership relations with universities and research institutions abroad, participation in strong international cooperation networks, such as CESAER, Baltech, UNICA, Baltic University Programme, EURAXESS, etc., and in organisations, such as SEFI, EUA, EAIE, NAFSA, etc. ensures the academic quality of TTU.

Services for Companies • R&D – Designing, lab services, consultations, surveys, and analyses. • Start-up and incubation – Prototyping labs, mentoring, and coaching, international experts, networking, offices, funding (Prototron), and business model competitions. • Marketing intellectual property – Offering inventions, matching researchers with the needs of companies. • Project management – Preparing project applications, consultation, administration.

Cooperation with Companies TTU cultivates cooperation projects with world-leading companies, such as Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Mitsubishi. Almost every day we sign a new co-operation

• Training – Professional programmes for companies or individuals, tailormade and ready-made group and online courses.

International presence We put a lot of effort into continuously increasing the international dimension of TTU’s study, and research and development activities, in cooperation with foreign universities. The main emphasis is on the development of curricula, including joint curricula, the exchange and development of students and employees (ERASMUS), joint research and development projects, etc. with other leading universities. Today, TTU with its 1400 international students from over eighty countries and many international professors (accounting for 10 percent of staff members coming from abroad), is the most international university in Estonia. A total of 36 % of all international students studying in Estonian universities study at TTU. Over thirty fully accredited international degree programmes (four Bachelor, eighteen Master, and ten PhD programmes) are fully available in English.


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Contact data

Address: Ülikooli 18, 50090 Tartu, Estonia Phone: +372 737 5100 Fax: +372 737 5440 E-mail: info@ut.ee Web: www.ut.ee/en



The University of Tartu (UT) is the only university in the Baltic region that belongs to the top 2% of the world’s best universities. As Estonia’s only classical university, UT embraces a wide variety of academic fields. Its programme offer includes 60 bachelor’s, 72 master’s and 34 doctoral study programmes,

including 21 degree programmes fully taught in English. UT is also the only university in the country licensed to teach medicine. UT is home to more than 13,500 students, including 1000 international students from 70 countries. While mainly located in Tartu, UT also operates in Narva, Pärnu, Tallinn and Viljandi.

history The University of Tartu was originally founded as Scandinavia’s second university by the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus in 1632. The Great Northern War forced the University to cease activities in the 18th century, but it was reopened in 1802 during the reign of the Russian Tsar Alexander I. In the 19th century, the University functioned as a bridge between German and Russian cultures, many distinguished scholars of nature and society worked and studied here. The university was temporarily closed down again during World War I, to be reopened on 1 December 1919 as the first Estonian-language university in the world. Some of the notable alumni of UT include the founding father of embryology Karl Ernst von Baer, chess grandmaster and Olympiad winner Paul Keres, Nobel Prize laureate and founder of physical chemistry Wilhelm Ostwald, former Presidents of the Republic of Estonia Konstantin Päts and Lennart Meri, as well as the current President Kersti Kaljulaid.


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ESTONIA’S PREMIER UNIVERSITY Established in 1632, the University of Tartu is the oldest and largest university in Estonia both in terms of numbers of staff and students, and the volume of its teaching, research and development activities. UT is featured in a growing number of international university ranking lists. As a world-class research university it belongs to the top 1% of the world’s most cited universities and research institutions in ten research areas.

GENERAL INFORMATION Company name: University of Tartu Foundation year: 1632 Sector: research & education Turnover: 121.2 million euros Employees: 3400 (including 1744 academic staff) Students: 13 500 Website: www.ut.ee/en Member of ECCI since: 1998


As the leading research university in the Baltic region, UT participates as a coordinator or a partner in more than 100 international research and development projects. In recent years, UT has recorded outstanding success in attracting national and international research funding. In its research & development activities, UT focuses on five main areas: entrepreneurial and socially responsible society; healthy and


active long-lived people; resources and technologies for environmentally friendly economic growth; information and communication technology for developing an innovative society; and the sustainability of the Estonian language and culture in an open world.

Valuable partner for entrepreneurs The University of Tartu supports and promotes enterprising spirit and entrepreneurship. The University’s researchers are constantly developing new technologies in cooperation with local and international enterprises. For example, the driving instructors of the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy use an intervention technique developed by the psychologists and healthcare scientists of UT, which aims to reduce the impulsive behaviour of beginner drivers in traffic, while our physicists are developing novel materials for LED lighting together with the Samsung R&D Institute in Japan.

Improving health and longevity Many ground-breaking medical discoveries and clinical specialisations can be traced back to the University of Tartu. The development of embryology, opening of the world’s first pharmacology lab, and the use of sterile rubber gloves and surgical instruments all have their roots in Tartu. One of the most impressive populationbased biobanks for genetic research in the world is based at the UT Estonian Genome Centre, which has collected health, lineage, and genetic data from nearly 52,000 Estonians. It is a biobank of unique richness and representativeness of Estonia’s population. Researchers at UT have also discovered the Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 bacteria, a new strain of lactic acid bacteria with probiotic and antioxidant properties.

Environmentally friendly technologies The University of Tartu is striving towards creating resources and technologies for environmentally friendly growth. Researchers at the Institute of Chemistry have started to develop the first hydrogen refuelling and production station in Estonia, with a longterm plan to create zero-emission public transport.

Towards an innovative society The University of Tartu’s researchers, students and graduates are constantly creating information and communication technologies that contribute to the development of an innovative society. The University is linked with a number of successful start-ups, such as the global online and money exchange service TransferWise, founded by a graduate in Computer Science Kristo Käärmann. UT graduates have also been involved in creating startsups such as Skype, Gleather and Tripmatch. In cooperation with partners from four other countries UT researchers have also designed the “Mars house”, which unpacks itself within minutes and can be used in disaster areas or for research in extreme conditions. EstCube-1, a satellite designed and built by UT students, was the first Estonian satellite to be sent into orbit, making Estonia the 41st space nation in the world.

Guardian of national heritage As the national university of Estonia, UT has responsibilities to maintain, contribute to, and research the national heritage. In 2012, ten dedicated professorships were established at UT to advance the sciences investigating Estonia and its people for the purpose of preservation and development of the Estonian language and culture.

Membership in international networks and alliances

Coimbra Group

The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities

Utrecht Network

European University Association


leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Lina 31, 80041 Pärnu, Estonia Phone: +372 449 0770 +372 449 0755 Fax: +372 449 0702 E-mail: info@wendre.com Web: www.wendre.com


Group Companies

• Trading House Scandinavia – www.trading.se • Wendre – www.wendre.com • Wendre Poland – www.wendre.pl • Familon – www.familon.fi • StyleStation – www.stylestation.se • Pärnu Bay Golf Links – www.parnubay.com • Saare Golf – www.saaregolf.ee


Wendre is one of World’s largest producers of bedding products providing high quality textiles in over 40 countries. Wendre has sales representatives at 8 home markets: Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Russia.

History Peter Hunt has grown a small Estonian linen factory (est. 1935) into a € 100 million textile exporting company, with production facilities in Pärnu, Estonia and in Wuxi, China. Wendre specialises in quilts and pillows, supplying high quality textile products to world’s retail giants in over 40 countries. Wendre offers a full range of services, from product development to production, storage and delivery. Our strict quality and environmental standards and reliable partner network guarantee on-time fulfillment of every order. Today Wendre is a leader in smart sleeping tehnologies, teaching customers how to make most of their sleep.


leading brands of estonia

Blanketing the World in 80 Years The Wendre Story The beginning Wendre got its name from the town of Vändra, Estonia. In this small town was a linen farmers cooperative, established in 1935. Back then linen was considered the Gold of the North, and Wendre’s first factory made cloth even more valuable than the raw unprocessed material.

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Wendre AS Year of foundation: 1935 Sector: textile industry Turnover: ~82.93 million euros (2015) Employees: 703 Trademarks: Wendre, Stylestation, Antibact, Smart about sleeping Website: www.wendre.com Member of ECCI since: 1998


The company was using Belgian Van Hauert turbine to produce quality linens, exporting processed threads to Britain and Germany. The money earned was used to buy thousands of farms, expanding the pre-war operation.

Growing international After WWII novel technologies began to dominate traditional linen production, and the reorganised factory turned to non-woven materials in 1965. This decision led to the production of the famous Mistra carpeting. At this time Wendre exported around the world, from the Arabian peninsula to the Carribean, eventually finding its way to the 1971 Paris Air Show on the floors of TU-144, the Soviet answer to the Concorde. The state company’s produce included lining for textile industry and filling for coats, using high quality Italian and Belgian thread, and employing over 500 people at its Vändra facility in the 1980s.

Becoming a global bedding producer Yet, this era came to an end and the 1990s saw the factory beginning new production lines – blankets and pillows. It was a hard start until 1996, when Peter Hunt, a Swedish born business developer, bought a share in the enterprise. He used his experience with a sports clothing company started in 1970s to turn Wendre into an international


company. His Trading House Scandinavia helped to open markets across the world, doubling production in 2006. Not all of Wendre’s profits are reinvested in the company. Something is always left for charity. For instance, in the course of 3 years 42 010 sets of pillows and blankets were given away to the families of newborns across Estonia.

Leading the industry Today Wendre is an international conglomerate with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. It is one of the biggest bedding producers in the world, with a yearly turnover of over € 100,000,000, serving some of the world’s biggest retail chains. There are production facilities in Estonia, Poland and China, employing over 1000 people.

Sustainability Wendre is environmentally conscious and applies the latest technologies to reuse up to 95% of production leftovers. We constantly work to reduce the use of resources per item produced. We’ve invested heavily to save on factory heating, and equipment is acquired with low power consumption in mind. Heating and lighting systems are “smart” and minimize energy use. We have begun to use live monitoring of major power consumers to develop optimal working cycles. Our effort has been noticed: In 2011 Wendre got the Estonian Recycler of the Year Award. In January 2015 the Ministry of Entrepreneurship announced the laureates of Estonian Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility Index 2015 – Wendre

was awarded with Silver level for the second year in a row.

Smart About Sleeping Wendre believes that proper sleep is the cornerstone of quality of life. We help people make the most of sleep, furnishing bedrooms and other spaces that are created for rest. We continue blanketing the World. We are smart about sleeping.

Peter Hunt, the owner Peter Hunt is a Swedish-born entrepreneur with Estonian roots. With years of experience as a major sportswear vendor, he acquired shares in Wendre in 1996 and the company began its transition to becoming an international corporation with a global sales network. Since 2002 he has been the company’s sole owner. Peter is a hands-on leader with a clear vision. His business associates describe him as an exceptional salesman, since landing world’s major retil chains as clients was no easy task. Creating jobs, even during the recession, he was elected the Enterpreneur of the Year 2009 in Estonia (award by Ernst & Young and the Estonian Business School). Under his leadership Wendre has become one of Europe’s most successful textile producers. A keen golfer, Peter has developed several top-notch golf courses in the Nordic region. He also is a football fan and has supported several teams over the years, including Pärnu Linnameeskond since December 2014.


leading brands of estonia


Contact data

Address: Suur-Paala 10, 13619 Tallinn, Estonia Phone: +372 605 9300 Fax: +372 605 9315 E-mail: info@wolfgroupweb.com Web: wolfgroupweb.com krimelte.com, penosil.com olivequimica.com Products and MARKETS

Wolf Group is a leading European provider of sealing and bonding solutions and unites all the sales and production divisions of the Tallinnbased Krimelte.


The main brands of Wolf Group are Penosil and Olivé. A big part of Wolf Group’s production is private label products sold under the reputable brands of its partners. The product portfolio of Penosil consists of polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, self-expanding tapes, waterproofing systems, cleaning products, surface treatments, concrete additives, and application tools. Filled with Quality is Penosil’s rightful slogan. Olivé Química, established in 1974 just out of Barcelona, is at the forefront of sealant and adhesive

development and production. The company’s product range includes i.a. silicones, acrylics, hybrids, polyurethane products, adhesives, structural glazing and insulating glazing and a wide selection of tools. The Olivé Química’s flagman brand is Olivé, a name that reflects its Building Green motto. The production units are located in Estonia, Spain, Russia, and Brazil; sales divisions are in the Baltics, Spain, France, Portugal, UK, Ukraine, and Romania. The Group’s export network covers 80 countries.

Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia.

HISTORY 1974 Olivé Química S.A. established in Gavà (Barcelona), Spain. 1994 Krimelte OÜ founded in Tallinn, Estonia. 1998 Production of construction foam launched in Estonia. 2006 Penosil brand is introduced to the market. 2006 Launch of the patented foam applicator EasyGUN. 2008 Krimelte’s factory near Moscow, Russian Federation, begins production. 2009 Creation of Wolf Group, an umbrella brand consolidating the companies and brands of Krimelte OÜ. 2014 Wolf Group | Krimelte OÜ acquires majority of shares in Olivé Química S.A. 2015 Penosil EasyPRO product line concept is launched. 2016 Olivé gets a new logo; Olivé System symbol is developed. 2016 EasyPRO spatula patented sealant application tool is launched. 2017 New Olivé Building Green product line concept is scheduled for market introduction.

Penosil product ready for shipment.


leading brands of estonia

Moscow International Business Centre, Russia.

Terminal 1 of Barcelona airport – Catalonia, Spain.

STRATEGIC FOCUSES • Strengthen the Wolf Group’s position among Europe’s leading suppliers through sustainable growth and strategic partnerships. • Ensure innovative product development based on strong R&D. • Work on the best user experience and value added products. • Pursue strategic growth in the EU member states and other European countries, including Russia. • Extend capabilities to meet opportunities in new markets.


Penosil EasyPRO product range (part of).

CORPORATE DATA Company name: Wolf Group Year of foundation: Olivé Química S.A. – 1974, Krimelte OÜ – 1994 Sector: production and wholesale of chemical building systems and materials Turnover: 89 million euros (2015) Employees: close to 400 globally Brands: Penosil, Olivé, Tempsi, Elasteq Web: wolfgroupweb.com Member of ECCI since: 1996


With 60 years of consolidated production experience, Wolf Group offers full service – from product R&D to logistics solutions. Wolf Group has contemporary laboratories, highly qualified product development teams, and an international business network – all these making it a reliable partner. As a large-scale manufacturer, Wolf Group is a key customer for its suppliers, enabling it to offer the best materials and the shortest lead-time.

INNOVATION The top R&D chemical specialists in Wolf Group’s laboratories in Tallinn and Pärnu (Estonia), and Barcelona (Spain) carry out the Group’s product development in cooperation with suppliers, universities and scientific research institutions. Wolf Group gives priority to environmentally friendly and clean materials and processes. The innovation is not limited to system and product development only, but also to revolutionary application tools.

LANDMARK PROJECTS Wolf Group is proud to list a number of world-renowned landmark projects, for the construction of which the Group’s products and systems have been instrumental: • Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa • Turning Torso, the tallest skyscraper in the Nordic countries, in Malmö, Sweden • Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Moscow, Russia


Cathedral of Christ the Saviour – Moscow, Russia.

• Barcelona Airport’s Terminal 1 in Catalonia, Spain • Moscow International Business Centre, Russia

ACHIEVEMENTS • 2003 – 1st place in the Industry and Energy category in the Estonian Companies’ Competitiveness Rankings. • 2004 – Large Exporter title in Entrepreneurship Award 2004, a competition organised by the ECCI, Eesti Päevaleht newspaper and the Estonian Employers Confederation. • 2004 – 1st place in the TOP Construction Material Producers 2004 rankings. • 2007- Exporter of the year 2007 title won in Entrepreneurship Award 2007. • 2008 – Jaan Puusaag, Chairman of Wolf Group | Krimelte, awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year title in a competition organised by Ernst & Young. • 2010 – Wolf Group represented Estonia at the European Business Awards. • 2011- Design Applier title received at Entrepreneurship Awards 2011. • 2011- Jaan Puusaag becomes the 20th EBS Business Manager of the Year.

SUSTAINABILITY The modern architecture is becoming lighter due to the extended usage of steel and glass. Thermal insulation becomes a critical factor in this new type of buildings.

Turning Torso – Malmö, Sweden.

Buildings with low insulation capability consume a lot of energy and therefore account for more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which in turn are largely responsible for the climate change. Households and corporations are the source for a significant portion the total global CO2 emissions. Wolf Group responds to the challenges of the modern architecture by providing a wide range of systems and products that offer great sealing solutions for the buildings and are a fundamental element of the energy saving, thus contributing to a more sustainable world.

and young adults under age 25 suffering from various forms of cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Wolf Group encourages culture and contributes towards its development. As part of the Penosil Art project, in collaboration with the Estonian Puppet and Youth Theatre a number of large sculptures of Estonia’s famous cultural creators were crafted from Penosil construction foam and displayed in busy public places. In 2014, the brand Penosil was a main sponsor of a novel completion, organized by the Estonian Writers’ Union.



Wolf Group contributes to the development of the society. For many years, the Group has supported children with learning difficulties and health problems. In Estonia, the charity projects of Wolf Group are entrusted to the Good Deed Foundation – the only venture philanthropy organisation in the Baltics. The Foundation focuses on projects and organisations that show the greatest potential to solve major problems in Estonian society. Wolf Group’s regular and ad hoc contributions reach the neediest children. In 2012, Wolf Group teamed up with its Russian distributor StroySystema for an initiative in support of the Charity foundation “Gift of Life”. The Foundation helps children

Wolf Group’s umbrella brand concept and logotype were developed in cooperation with the agency TANK in Tallinn, and launched in 2009. The same agency was responsible for the updated logo and brandbook of Krimelte. In 2006, the designer team of Design Factory (DF), together with the Wolf Group’s marketing department, had come up with the Penosil logotype, product dress, CVIs. The Barcelona-based branding consultants from SUMMA had helped shape the Penosil EasyPRO product line concept, which was launched in 2015. With the same Spanish agency, Wolf Group have developed the new Olivé logo and Olivé System symbol, as well as the new Olivé product dress concept.


leading brands of estonia

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry called together a panel consisting of specialists we would like to introduce to you today

Mait Palts is the Director General of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2012. He worked previously in the Chamber as a lawyer and headed the work of the Policy formation and Legal Department of the Chamber. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is currently the biggest and oldest nonpolitical business representation organization in Estonia and has almost 3200 members. Mait has a profound experience in representing the businesses and can detect problems that the enterpreneurs have to face. This is of major importance for the head of the Chamber and enables to find solutions that support best the interests of enterpreneurs. Mait participates actively in different boards, being a member of the Council of the Foresight Centre, chairman of the Estonian Qualifications Authority, member of board of the Centre of Estonian Intellectual Property Rights and Transfer of Technologies and the chairman of the council of Estonian Institute of Economic Research. The Chamber of Commerce organises annually for Estonian enterprises numerous foreign visits and introduces Estonia and our businesses to guests coming from abroad. Therefore the Director General of the Chamber is directly involved and has a great experience in introducing enterprises and has a good understanding about which factors are important to underline. Introduction of Estonian companies is one of the most important goals of the Chamber.



Meelis Milder is one of the best known leaders of the Estonian business world and started his career in a frantic and exciting atmosphere of the 1990s. Just in a couple of years he managed to turn Estonian largest light industry enterprise into a brandhouse, where the very first brands of the newly independent Estonia were created with all components that go with a brand starting from retail stores up to international supply and distribution networks. Quite a few of the brands of Baltika have crossed national borders and gained success in other countries, making Baltika the biggest fashion exporter of Estonia and a unique company in the whole region unrivaled in a range of hundreds of kilometers. Meelis Milder has been recognised by the Estonian Business School with the title of Business Manager of the Year 1993 and by newspaper Äripäev with the title Businessman of the Year in 2005.

Kaja Kallas is a Member of the European Parliament and belongs to the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe. She has previously worked as an attorney-at-law and been a Member of Riigikogu, where she chaired the Economic Affairs Committee. As an attorney, she specialised in European and Estonian competition law. In the European Parliament Kallas is a member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy and a substitute for the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. She is also ViceChairman of the Ukrainian delegation and a substitute for the US delegation. Kallas works on the Digital Single Market strategy, energy and consumer policies, as well as on the relations with Ukraine. She is a proponent of innovation and frequently emphasises that regulations must not hinder the technological revolution.

Kristi Tiivas is the former Adviser to the Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas in the field of Entrepreneurship, Foreign Trade and Investments. Previously, she managed the Estonian Investment Agency, a part of Enterprise Estonia, focusing with her team on attracting foreign investments into the country and marketing Estonian business and investment environment globally. Kristi Tiivas has also been an adviser to the start-up Teleport and steered the foundation of the Estonian Service Industry Association, being its managing director for a while. Kristi has had a long career in the financial sector, she was the Head of Scandinavian Region of the Brown Brothers Harriman Private Bank, Relationship Manager in Deutsche Börse AG, dealing with marketing, sales and investor relations; and Head of Sales in stock exchange OMX Nasdaq Baltics.

Kristian Kirsfeldt is the creative director of design agency Velvet. Kristian has been working in the field of branding and environmental design for more than 10 years and been involved in several well-known Estonian design projects, including homogeneous identity of Estonian governmental bodies, Estonian National Museum and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We have defined the selection criteria as follows: • Created in Estonia and of distinguishably Estonian origin, • Widely known in Estonia, • Trademark is positioned as an Estonian trademark, • Has export potential or is already internationally present. The invited companies could decide for themselves whether they wanted to be included in the book or not. Not all the companies selected decided to participate or were able to participate in the current book. We would like to thank everyone who approves of our choice. 


leading brands of estonia

Leading Brands of Estonia An insight into some of Estonian strongest brands Publisher: Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Editor: Menu Meedia Design: Menu Meedia Text: The companies presented and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Photos: The companies presented and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aavo Kaine, Rauno Kais, Stina Kase, Elina & Silvia Kurr, Lauri Laan, Raul Mee, Lilian Merila, Andres Putting/ Ekspress Meedia, Pekka Porkanen, Maris Tomba, Riina Varol; Shutterstock; Visit Estonia (Urmas Haljaste, Lembit Michelson, Kaarel Mikkin. Jaanus Siim, Toomas Tuul) Printing: Tallinna Raamatutrßkikoda Date: November 2016 ISBN: 978-9985-857-33-5 Copyright: Š Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner/publisher of this book. All of the companies who own the brands featured in this publication have given consent for the brand name, logotype and photographs to be shown. Any enquiry reagrding the specific brand should be made to the relevant company. Certified brand Leading Brands of Estonia is registered trademark to Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



Leading Brands of Estonia  

Leading Brands of Estonia