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The ONE Thing That Helps You Lose Weight If you want to lose weight and become healthier, diet experts usually tell you to focus on eating healthier and doing more exercises. However, there is one thing missing! Most people already know the benefits of eating healthier and doing exercises, but why obesity is still a big problem nowadays? It’s because actions are harder than words. The main question is how to get yourself to eat less and exercise more? The answer is yourself, more specifically, is your brain! Your thoughts determine how you feel and how you behave, thus determine what you eat and what you do. I am not saying that you can think yourself thin if you do not take any action, but it’s true that changes in your thoughts can change your behaviors which help you lose weight.

How To Change Your Thoughts? A way to change your thoughts is to turn your wishes into realistic goals.

As I’ve mentioned, you cannot think yourself thin if you don’t take action. Therefore, you cannot just wish that you don’t like to eat, wish that you don’t have such a big appetite, or wish that you love to do exercises. It’s more likely to lose weight if you stop wishing and take actions towards what you want.

One important way to motivate yourself to take action is setting realistic goals. In particular, setting goals for what you need to do instead of what you can achieve. For example, you can set goals like “I will have fruits and no other desserts this week”; “I will go to the gym 1-2 times each week” or “I’ll take a 20-minute walk after lunch”. These goals are totally achievable if you take actions. Another way to motivate yourself is thinking in terms of evolution instead of revolution. You may want to lose 20, 25, 30 or more pounds in total. However, it’s better for you to aim at dropping 5 pounds first, then the next 5 pounds, and so on. Just think about how you’ll feel as you hit each 5-pound goal! It will boost your confidence as you drop 5 pounds each time. If you aim at, for example, 30 pounds in the very beginning, after dropping 5 pounds, you may think that you still need to lose 25 pounds, which may discourage you because you think that there’s still a long way to go.

It’s important to stop dreaming or wishing and start doing to lose weight! Take actions now! If you want more information, visit

The ONE Thing That Helps You Lose Weight  

Discover The One Thing That Helps You Lose Weight! For more information, visit