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Prescribed Fire  

Restora/on Through  Coopera/on  

Outline Fire  on  the  landscape   Burn  Associa/on   Cooperators   Needs  

Defining Fire   Wildfires  and  Prescribed  Fires   •  Fuel  Type     •  Climate   •  Scale   •  Intensity   •  Return  interval   Good  Fire/Bad  Fire  

The Bad  and  The  Good   •  Wildfire  and  escapes  can  destroy  homes  and   capital  investments.   •  Fire  does  not  “destroy”  acres  of  natural  habitat.   •  Fire  does  modify  and  alter  aJributes  of  the   landscape.   •  Fire  does  maintain  ecological  func/ons.   •  Prescribed  fire  is  somewhat  “Natural”.   •  Prescribed  fire  can  manage  fuel  loads.  

Where did  the  fire  go?   •  Habitat  Fragmenta/on.   •  Landscape  management  schemes  are   different.   •  ShiPs  in  vegeta/on  composi/on.   •  Safety  concerns.   What  can  we  do  to  get  it  back?  

Limita/ons of  Implementa/on   •  Mispercep/ons  of  fire  /lack  of  knowledge.   –  Landowners/neighbors   –  Public  

•  Lack of  Equipment   •  Local  Governmental  Regula/ons/Burn  Bans   •  Public  safety  concerns.   What  can  we  do  to  get  it  back?  

How do  we  get  fire  back  on  the   Landscape?   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Get organized.   Educa/on,  Educa/on,  Educa/on.   Increased  man  power  and  equipment.   Reduce  and  mi/gate  risk  and  impacts  (smoke)   through  planning  and  experience.   Use  prescribed  fire.   Build  a  fire  aware  community.   Poli/cal  influence.   Use  cooperators  to  help.  

Texas Prescribed  Burn  Associa/ons   •  hJp://   •  State  Alliance  formed.   •  11  Regional  Coops/    Associa/ons.   •  State  Cer/fica/on.  

Coastal Bend  Prescribed  Burn  Assoc  


Get Organized   Form  or  join  a  prescribed  fire  Coop/Associa/on.   Establish  a  formal  group  with  Ar/cles  of   Incorpora/on.   Gain  501  c3  status.   Liability  insurance.   Equipment.   Have  a  presence  in  the      community.   Incorporate  with  another    en/ty  –  wildlife  coop.  

Educa/on Start  within  the  group  and  work  out   Incorporate  management  change  or  adapt      to  facilitate  fire.   Ecological  benefits.   Cost  benefits.   Safety!   Know  the  laws.   Applica/on.   Through  experience,  develop  competence  and   trust.  

Burn Co  Op  Assists  in  Planning     Educates  in  parameters  for  safe  implementa/on   Building  fuel   Fire  guard  construc/on   Fire  Guard   Head  Fire   Timing   Short  flank  


Mi/gates risk  

Burn Area   Long  flank  

Burn Co  Op  Increases  Manpower     Train  individuals    Planning    Experience    Confidence    Cer/fica/on   Neighbors  helping  neighbors.   Mi/gates  risk  

Burn Co  Op  Increases  Equipment     Equipment  is  costly  to  buy  and  maintain   Centrally  located   Pumps   Sprayer  units   Hand  tools   Torches     Radios   Mi/gates  risk  

Liability Working  on  liability  insurance  for  members.   Make  sure  that  personal  insurance  covers  fire  and   smoke  impacts  on  your  property.    Planning    Training        Experience    Manpower    Equipment   Mi/gates  Risk  

Build a  fire-­‐aware  Community   •  •  •  •  • 

Use prescribed  fire.    Put  some  smoke  up.   Publicize  work  and  benefits  of  fire.   Prepara/on  and  planning.   Gain  trust  and  show  competence.   Promote  educa/on  through  seminars  and   trainings.  

Poli/cal influence   Show  a  need  for  prescribed  fire.    economics    fuels  management   Influence  legisla/on  and  policy.   Be  truthful  and  prudent.   Elect  officials  who  are  knowledgeable.   Show  competence  and  gain  trust.  

Fire through  Coopera/on   Since  2003  when  TNC  RGP  module  was   established  and  2006  when  CBPBA  was  started,     fire  has  increased  on  the  landscape  20  fold.     Cooperators  have  provided  hundreds  of   landowners  and  managers  with  educa/on   opportuni/es  1  –  2  /mes  a  year  with  burn   seminars  and  public  speaking  events.    CBPBA   equipment  was  used  to  burn  over  8,000  acres  in   2011.  

Frequency of  Fire  o the  Landscape   Fire  through   Cn   oopera/on   Since  the  2003  when  TNC  RGP  module  was   established  and  2006  when  CBPBA  was  started,     fire  has  increased  on  the  landscape  20  fold.     Cooperators  have  provided  hundreds  of   landowners  and  managers  with  educa/on   opportuni/es  1  –  2  /mes  a  year  with  burn   seminars  and  public  speaking  events.    CBPBA   equipment  was  used  to  burn  over  8,000  acres  in   2011.  

Local Cooperators   Landowners  and  producers   Non  Profit  Resource  Conserva/on  Groups   Volunteer  Fire  Departments   County  Commissioners  and  Judge   County  Fire  Marshall   Soil  and  Water  Conserva/on  Boards   Texas  Agri-­‐life  Extension   NRCS   TPWD   TNC  

State Cooperators   Natural  Resources  Conserva/on  Services   Texas  Soil  and  Water  Conserva/on  Board   Texas  Parks  and  Wildlife   Grazing  Lands  Conserva/on  Ini/a/ve   Texas  Forest  Service   Texas  Department  of  Agriculture   Texas  and  Southwest  CaJle  Raisers  Assoc.   Legislators   The  Nature  Conservancy   Texas  Agri-­‐life  Extension   USFWS  

Needs RAIN!!   Greater  knowledge  of  ecological  processes.   Management  strategies  that  address   ecological  processes.   Public  educa/on.   Trained  individuals  to  take    the  lead.   Con/nued  poli/cal  influence.  

Ques/ons? Â

Fire A  naturally  occurring  ecological  disturbance,   that  changes  or  maintains  the  plant   community,  species  composi/on  and  structure   of  an  ecosystem.  

Fire through Cooperation  

By Kirk Feuerbacher

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