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2013 Summer Science Nights Real. Adventure.Outdoors. Come visit the Flat Out Wonderful Katy Prairie! Imagine a place close by where families, hikers, photographers, bicyclists, and nature lovers can enjoy an amazing mixture of natural wonders.

About Summer Science Nights Our Summer Science Nights are a great way to enrich your child’s understanding of science in the best laboratory of all — the great outdoors. Each session includes hands-on, minds-on activities and an action-packed hike on one of our wildlife-rich preserves. Date/Time: Evenings in June and July. All classes from 6 - 8 pm Each class is offered four times throughout the summer. You can register for one topic or all three topics in the series. Classes: • June 4, 13 + July 10, 25 | Catching Wildlife • June 11, 20 + July 17, 30 | The Bone Eaters

The Katy Prairie is just such a place and the Katy Prairie Conservancy is working hard to keep it that way for you and all Texans forever. Katy Prairie Conservancy 3015 Richmond Ave., Suite 230 Houston, TX 77098-3114 713.523.6135

• June 18, 25 + July 24, 31 | Wild Water! Location: All classes held at Indiangrass Preserve Audience: Classes are designed for 5 - 10 year olds. Registration limited. Visit to register for classes.

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Summer Science Nights Real. Adventure.Outdoors. Your evening adventure awaits... The Katy Prairie is a place for big adventures. In the cool of the evening you are sure to spot wildlife moving about and witness spectacular sunsets. If you’re ready to explore this shadowy world of adventure then our Summer Science Nights are for you! We’ll play games, do crafts, run simple experiments, and take fun-filled hikes to discover some of the sensational science behind the prairie’s wildlife and history.

Catching Wildlife - June 4, 13 & July 10, 25

Game Camera

Catching animals is tough. They often move quickly, some are slippery, and some are even dangerous. Fortunately, technology can make catching wildlife simple, safe, and fun while providing us with new ways of understanding our wild neighbors. We’ll learn how to ‘catch’ wildlife using game cameras, footprint traps, audio recorders, and even smart phones. Don’t worry - we’ll try our hand at catching wildlife with good ole nets as well.

The Bone Eaters - June 11, 20 & July 17, 30 Vultures, coyotes, skunks, opossums, raccoons, and ants prowl the land and peer from overhead in search of the the dead. These are just a few of the animals whose existence is spent completing the Circle of Life. Turkey Vulture

Join us as we explore the signs, habitats, and astounding resourcefulness of nature’s original recyclers. We will send explorers home with a decomposition demonstration.

The Wet Wild! - June 18, 25 & July 24, 31 From flowers that eat micro-animals, to rodents that weigh 50 pounds, to birds that build floating nests - the prairie’s wetlands are a place where being extraordinary is just a part of survival. Come explore our newest wetland, fishing net in hand, as we reveal the wild and watery ways of frogs, insects, and birds. You’ll even have a chance to build your very own minnow trap to use along a creek, bayou, or lake near you!

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Photos Turkey Vulture - Greg Lavaty Dragonfly - Bob Honig Bobcat footprints -

Halloween Pennant dragonfly

2013 Summer Science Nights on Katy Prairie  

Our Summer Science Nights are a great way to enrich your child’s understanding of science in the best laboratory of all — the great outdoors...