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Corporate Identity Visual Systems & Branding Created by Kathryn Eva ONeill History of Graphic Design 2011 26 October

World War II


consoumer boom companies morph into corporations

Multinational Corporations

numerous international offices multiple company divisions


Vertical & Horizontal Intergration Vertical

steps of production and distribution are contorolled by a single company


taking over of a company in the same field of production

need to create corporate identity embodies the companies character incoporate values

Single Entity Required a

visual system

Logo vs. Logotype symbol vs entirely type based

create a personality mask all the flaws & risks project specific image

integrity reliabily & trust Competative market Visual Connection & Unique

Chase Manhattan Bank

Chermayeff & Geismar diversity of branches & finacial practices Logo hid risk from investors

VISUAL CAMPAIGNS Brand recognition term for symbol of ownership practiced by farmers on cattle

Corporate Identity

term coined by James K. Fogleman Created CIBA visual identity system importance of consistency packaging, signage, advertising and vehicles


Logo,Type & Color

Bob Noorda 1960

Unimark International Universal Signage Mass Transit Authority New York Subway Standardized Template Orginized information System

Roger Cook

Public entities created Identities Postal service & Railways

& Don Shanosky / AIGA Department of Transportation 34 Pictographic symbols communication graphics

SHIFT Swiss Style Type

Designers in Corporations Role in Public images Elimination of Hand work Focus on Mechanical Lack of Individual

Type became flexible typefaces developed Helvetica,Univers & Optima

Grid Based Structure Branding of Style Requirements & Guidlines Beyond Products

Lester Beall

created corporate Identity Manual helped implement approriate design aspects to adhere to a corporation’s visual system

William Golden - CBS Lester Beall - International Paper Paul Rand - IBM Saul Bass - Movie Title


Sources short.pdf Graphic Design History A Critical Guide by Johanna Drucker & Emily McVarnish

Presentation: History of Graphic Design  

This is a presentation I created for history of graphic design.