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The Booster Club is hosting a "Write-a-Check" fundraiser from November 1—December 15. Every $25 donated by a family will be counted as one entry for a drawing. The prizes are:

Be sure to check out Holiday Helping Opportunities The Coaches Speak: ‘Tis the season Holiday Practice Schedule Splash Magazine’s Meet Check-list

from Brick and Mortar sponsors to the naming of the building. A full list opportunities and details for the opportunities will soon be available on the website.

Entry deadline now Dec. 15

15 volunteer hours 1 seat at guest speaker table at banquet 1 Private lesson 1 Month free dues 2 Free meet entries 1 Free annual fam reg 1 Free USA reg Donations can be made online or given to a representative at practice. The Booster Club promotes and supports the development of athletes at all levels of swimming in an atmosphere consistent with the philosophy of Frisco Aquatics.

Tuesday December 6 2011

As many of you know, Frisco Aquatics has been putting the pieces in place to build it’s own natatorium. We have a capital campaign aimed to recruit potential sponsors and donors. The amount needed to complete this project is $4 million. There are many opportunities to support to this project,

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If your business has a history of supporting community events and projects, please consider passing along their contact information to: Lynn Bergman Community Relations for Frisco Aquatics

(703)909-1780 m

Thank you in advance for your participation and support. It will take a team effort to accomplish this feat. Keep on the lookout for more updates!

Hippocamps helping others Frisco Aquatics donated over 50 games and DVDs to the Frisco Family Services this Thanksgiving for families to pick up and use to increase family time over the holidays. “It’s a fun way for the kids to give back to their community,” said Coach Katy Motsinger. “they pick their favorite game, giving the joy of playing to other families.” Thank you to the families that donated items to this cause!

“A great place to start...and finish”

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Volume 1, Issue 4

FA represented at Minnesota Grand Prix

Michael Phelps, Dara Torres and Ryan Lochte were all in attendance. Missy “Missile” Franklin, the young star from Denver, Colo. and previous Grand Prix Series Champion, took the honors for high point award for the women. Most Decorated Male Olympian Michael Phelps won high point for the men. “It’s cool to be able to compete with national level athletes,” said Nelson, a freshman at Prosper High School. “I have watched them compete on TV for years and I finally get to compete along side with them.” Nelson kicked off the meet Friday by landing herself in the finals for the 400m individual medley, the first event of the meet, and finished 24th. Seal moved up 30 places from his seeded entry in the 100m breaststroke and achieved a personal best time. The success continued Saturday and Sunday with Seal lowering his personal best in the 400m freestyle by 3.21 seconds to move up 40 places. Korst also swam a personal best in the 100 meter backstroke, dropping 1.29 seconds and moving up 34 spots. Nelson turned in another stellar day, dropping time in both events and making it back to finals in the 200m breaststroke, finishing 18th out of 83 swimmers.

From left: Destiny Nelson, Dara Torres, Brayden Seal, Caroline Korst

Frisco Aquatics sent three swimmers to the 2011-2012 USA Swimming Grand Prix Series opening meet Nov. 11-13 at the University of Minnesota. Caroline Korst, 16, Brayden Seal, 15, and Destiny Nelson, 14, all competed at this national level meet. Swimmers from all over the country and internationally competed, including over 30 USA national team members. Household names like

“We had excellent results this weekend,” said Head Coach Dan McDonough. “They had no rest or taper for this meet, giving us an excellent opportunity to evaluate their training. .”McDonough also stated there are a few areas that need improvement but overall results were very positive. “I look forward to great swims from our swimmers during our taper meets in December and March.” Korst will be competing this weekend at USA Swimming’s Winter Junior Nationals in Austin, TX.

‘Tis the season Some words of advice from the coaches Schedules are busy during the holidays. School programs and parties, holiday get-togethers, church activities—the list goes on! In swimming, this time of year brings harder practices, intense training, and tested commitment to goals set back in September. Each year seems to bring an earlier start to the holiday season as demonstrated so perfectly by the big box stores. They try to build the anticipation of Christmas with all the toys, bobbles, and stuffs. Excitement grows more and more with participation in the holiday festivities. Gift-giving and fellowship are part of the building anticipation of Christmas “A great place to start...and finish”

Day. We get joy from seeing the smiles when we give a gift, especially when that person knows the gift came from the heart. Sincerity and thoughtfulness makes the giving special. Finally, the day comes and we get to celebrate, and afterwards we are left with the warm fuzzies, knowing that all the wait and preparation was worthwhile. Now, how does this relate to swimming? Swimming’s “Christmas Day” is the Championship Meet at the end of the season. The athletes work hard for months and years for the one or two days of swimming the perfect races. Swimming requires

delayed gratification of the athlete, and those who demonstrate e xt r em e s el f - di sci pl i n e an d confidence will reap the undeniable rewards. Just as many anticipate Christmas Day, swimmers look forward to the end of the season meet where they can perform. Christmas Day doesn’t happen every week, or every month. It happens once a year. The shopping, searching and fellowship of the season are like the workouts. Swimmers learn to love and appreciate the sport due to the preparation, time and fellowship they experience throughout the course of “the season.” We are headed for heavy training fo r th e r emai n de r of th e month. Your discipline and commitment level will be tested. How big do you want your present to be?

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Hippocam p H ello




Collin Woods

Filippa Henderson

Ethan Hasty

“Collin is one of the youngest

“Pip is one of the best listeners in Bronze. She asks questions when she misunderstands and is always giving her best efforts in practice. She has had 90% attendance and has already reached many of her goals for the season. Keep it up!”

“Ethan has steadily improved in the silver group. One of his big goals has been working harder on main sets. He has dropped more time in his 100s in this season more than any other. He leads his lane, works hard, has excellent attendance and a great attitude. I am really excited to see what he can do in future meets.” - Coach Matt

swimmers on FA yet is one of the hardest workers in practice. He is always trying to learn the correct strokes, turns, and starts. It will be exciting to see Collin become a top swimmer.”

- Coach Amanda

- Coach Tracy




Emma Monson

Peyton Mayfield

Chase Garrott

“Emma has an impressive drive to succeed in swimming. Each time she is on the block to race, she is focused and ready to give it her all, even in her least favorite events. This season she has broken four individual FA records and was part of a relay record.”

“She has good attendance at

- Coach Tracy

- Coach Matt

practice and is really starting to succeed both at Club and McKinney Boyd High School practices. She most recently achieved several personal best times in her 100s and 50s.”

“Chase has had fantastic attendance this season and it is showing in his performances at meets. Across the board, he has swam very in all events at meets, regardless of stroke or distance.” - Coach Dan

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Frisco Aquatics Policies for Swim Meets This a reminder about our team policy regarding meet attire. Wearing our team suits and gear at meets is mandatory. We want to project a unified team look and also comply with our sponsorship agreement with Speedo. Not wearing our required team suits and caps puts us at risk for losing that sponsorship. It is extremely important that each and every one of our athletes wear all required team gear to all meets. If you have any questions regarding the policy, please contact Nancy Sandwisch, our Apparel Chair. Thanks, Dan McDonough —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— We recently published an article regarding the who, what, why and how of swim meets (October newsletter). These policies are important and need to be adhered to for optimal performance for both the team and the individual athletes. Another resource for a basic checklist for swim meets is in this month’s Splash Magazine, titled “At the Meet…” “A great place to start...and finish”

December 2011 Sun














11 18 25

B/C meet


BB Meet







Practice cancel Practice cancel


Practice cancel



17 BB Meet



Practice cancel



NYE at Strikz!



Winter Break Schedule





Winter Break Schedule



Schedule Changes Thank you to all of our families who have dealt with these schedule changes over the last couple of months. We know that this has been frustrating, and we appreciate the efforts to get the swimmers to the pool when you can. Changes will still be occurring, but there will not be nearly as many as we had in November. Again, we thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to create the best solutions for everyone. Any questions regarding schedule changes can be referred to our Age Group Reps, w ho s e c o nt a c t information is located on our website under “Contact Us.” Age Group Reps Champs: Jenn Jeacock Bronze: Jen Cox Silver: Kathy Reddin Gold: Beth Koczo HS: TBA TAGS: Judy Ramey ST: Laura Lin Sectionals: Melissa Lawley

“A great place to start...and finish”


Practice cancel




Winter Break Schedule ALL GROUPS AT FISD (Dec. 17 - Dec. 30) Sectionals group will receive schedule from head coach

Practice Change for Sat, Dec 17 (see below) No practice Dec. 24 No practice Dec. 31 Practice Canceled Jan. 3 (see website for details) Dec. 19-30

Saturday, Dec. 17

Champs 1-4



Champs 5



Bronze 1, 2 & 5



Bronze 3, 4 & 6



Silver 1 & 3



Silver 2 & 5












*All schedules will be posted online by end of the week under “Practice Schedule”

Hippocamp Hello, Volume 1 Issue 4  
Hippocamp Hello, Volume 1 Issue 4  

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