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Volume 1, Issue 3

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November Schedule Changes


The Booster Club will be hosting a "Write-a-Check" fundraiser from November 1—November 23. Every $25 donated by a family will be counted as one entry for a drawing. The prizes are:

Be sure to check out Holiday Helping Opportunities The Coaches Speak: Sportsmanship November Schedule Changes

support to this project, from Brick and Mortar sponsors to the naming the building. A full list opportunities and details for the opportunities will be available on the website the week following Thanksgiving.

FA Booster Club Fall Fundraiser

15 volunteer hours 1 seat at guest speaker table at banquet 1 Private lesson 1 Month free dues 2 Free meet entries 1 Free annual fam reg 1 Free USA reg Donations can be made online or to a representative at practice. The Booster Club promotes and supports the development of athletes at all levels of swimming in an atmosphere consistent with the philosophy of Frisco Aquatics.

Tuesday November 1 2011

As many of you know, Frisco Aquatics has been putting the pieces in place to build it’s own natatorium. We have launched a capital campaign and to recruit potential sponsors and donors. The amount needed to complete this project is $4 million. There are many opportunities to

WE NEED YOUR HELP! If your business has a history of supporting community events and projects, please consider passing along their contact information to: Lynn Bergman Community Relations for Frisco Aquatics


Thank you in advance for your participation and support. It will take a team effort to accomplish this feat. Keep on the lookout for more updates!

Hello HYDRO the Frisco Aquatics Hippocamp! The team has spoken. With over 80 name suggestions the team voted Hydro as the name of our beloved Hippocamp. The name cannot be attributed to one individual as this name surfaced many times in the suggestion process. It truly was a team effort. Thank you to ALL of you who participated!

“A great place to start...and finish”

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Volume 1, Issue 3

Apparel Pick-up Frisco Aquatics Apparel has arrived For those of you who have not received the email (or haven’t read it), Frisco Aquatics spiritwear is now here! Nancy Sandwisch will be distributing orders on Wednesday, Nov. 2 from 5:30-7:15pm during practice in the middle section of the

bleachers. She will NOT be located in the lobby. There will be second pick-up time announced via email. Also, for those of you who have not picked up your PINK shirts, please contact Nancy in order to get those. We will begin to resell those shirts that have not been claimed after Thanksgiving. Got a question about apparel? Email Nancy Sandwisch at

H o l i d a y H e l p i n g w i t h F r i sc o A q u a t i c s Make a difference this holiday season by plugging into one of these memorable events Meet and greet the troops Promote quality time with family Frisco Family Services is collecting items such as board games and DVD’s to promote quality family time with those families facing hardship this holiday season. Collection week will be November 7-November 14 at the FISD Natatorium during practice time. There will be a box located in the lobby alcove where you can drop off a donation.

Last year, Frisco Aquatics sent a contingent of athletes and their families to the DFW airport to greet the incoming troops the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We will be doing this event again so be on the lookout for more information! Adopt a military family through Soldier Angel The holiday season can be tough for these families, so please consider adopting a family this holiday season. You can work with another family on the team to make this happen. If you do so, please keep us updated on your involvement on our facebook group or by emailing

Being a team of sportsmanship Some words of advice from the coaches Sportsmanship is not just about being nice. It is much more important than that. It's about realizing that you could not compete without an opponent and that they have the same goals as you.

best athletes are those who truly enjoy what they are doing and display a tremendous amount of work ethic. They continue to persevere in spite of setbacks and never lose sight of their ultimate goal.

Andrew Carnegie stated, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

If there is a mutual respect between athletes, that keeps the team honest and makes for a very healthy environment which in turn promotes other important qualities such as work ethic, integrity and a positive atmosphere for competing and winning. One of the best things about being on a team is when you need a friend, you can always count on your teammates. Hard work

To achieve in sports you first have to have a dream, and then you must act on that dream. The “A great place to start...and finish”

Hard work and togetherness go hand in hand. You need the hard work to get better in the sport. You need togetherness because you don't always win, and you must hang tough together. We always want to have the home field advantage. By cheering and encouraging each other on a daily basis, we can build something stronger than any team or person can tear down. Everything starts from within. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the legendary John Wooden… “Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.”

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Hippocam p H ello




Sofia Romero

Hayden Jestes

Maddie Wallace

“Sophia has been working very hard in practice. She is always there and ready to give it all she has. Sophia stepped up big time for the first meet of the season. She tries hard, asks questions about her progress, and makes changes to her stroke. She is respectful and works hard, and did her flip turns at the meet!”

“Hayden has shown great drive this month. He’s working towards faster intervals, listening to his coaches and adjusting to his strokes. He has 90% attendance and swam great the first meet of the season. I am proud of him and excited to see how the season goes for him.”

“Maddie comes to practice everyday ready to work. She is probably the toughest athlete I coach. She really works to push herself everyday, and I rarely have to tell her twice to fix her stroke. I am excited to see how she improves this season. Keep it up!”

- Coach Amanda

- Coach Katy

- Coach Amanda




Kate Coolman

David Dargel

Carter Boone

“He has consistently put in hard work over the summer that has translated into his success in the pool this short course season. He has seen huge time drops in his events in both high school and club. He consistently attends practice, leads the first lane intervals, and a positive leader.”

“Carter has stepped up his game this month. Attendance is up and every once in a while I see glimmers of swimming consciousness. Keeping his focus on the end goal helps keep Carter motivated to improve daily. Learning the mental side of swimming is very important...keep up the great work Carter!!”

“Kate is a new swimmer to

FA and I have been impressed by work ethic. She attends practice regularly and always gives a 100 percent in each set she swims. I am excited to see her improve and I am glad she has joined our team.” - Coach Tracy

- Coach Matt

- Coach Chris

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! What do YOU want to see? This newsletter is to benefit the Frisco Aquatics community. If there is something that you would like to see included such as: Specific topics Particular news items Your own article Please send these ideas to Coach Katy Motsinger at We cannot guarantee that these items will be included, but we love to hear your suggestions, thoughts and ideas for information to include.

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November 2011 Sun




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Feeding Champions


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Bowling Party


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12 Practice

MAC “A” Meet



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BB Invite



Practice Schedule for Thanksgiving TBA



Video Day



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November Schedule Changes Due to high school swim meets, there are several days in November where practice schedules have changed. Please be sure you are reading your emails and checking the website to get the latest information regarding these changes. We want to take the time to say thank you for your flexibility and cooperation as we work through this next month. If you have any questions regarding what the changes are, please email your group rep. Age Group Reps Champs: Jenn Jeacock Bronze: Jen Cox Silver: Kathy Reddin Gold: Beth Koczo HS: Pat Delange TAGS: Judy Ramey ST: Laura Lin Sectionals: Melissa Lawley Their emails and contact information can be found on t h e w e b s i t e , under the “Contact Us” tab. “A great place to start...and finish”

Thanksgiving schedule to be posted soon Please keep up on reading emails regarding practice changes. Below are the events that have been planned in place of those practices. THURS, NOV 3 Bowling for Champs, Bronze and Silver! Event sign-up: Saturday, Oct. 29 at 6pm - Wednesday, Nov. 2 at midnight Where: Strikz Entertainment Directions When: 4-6pm Cost: $12 a person Includes: 2 hours of bowling and shoes, 1 Laser Tag game OR $5 card for video games, 2 slices of pizza and a soda Practice for Gold, HS and TAGS groups will be offered at the following times: HS: Wednesday, Nov. 2 at Craig Ranch from 6:00-7:30pm Gold: Thursday, Nov. 3 at Craig Ranch from 4:30-6:00pm TAGS: Thursday, Nov. 3 at Craig Ranch from 5:00-7:00pm They may also participate in bowling.

TUES, NOV 8 "Feeding Champions" - We are bringing in a nutritionist from Baylor Medical Center to discuss the importance of nutrition with our athletes. Parents are welcome to attend. Where: Frisco Discovery Center Directions When: Champs & Bronze: 5:00-6:00pm Silver, HS, Gold, TAGS: 6:00-7:00pm

TUES, NOV 29 Video Day Where: Frisco Discovery Center Directions When: Champs & Bronze: 5:00-6:00pm Silver, HS, Gold, TAGS: 6:00-7:00pm

Hippocamp Hello, Volume 1 Issue 3  

Frisco Aquatics November newsletter, 2011