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Be sure to check out Swimmer of the Month for June and July Statement from Head Coach Dan McDonough August Calendar

Fall Schedule

First Week

Monday August 1 2011

Beach Bash

Some of you may have received an email about this season’s practice schedule. If you haven’t, please take a look.

As always, we will be hosting our annual Beach Bash at Little Elm Park on Saturday, Aug. 27 from 11 a.m. -3 p.m.

Due to lane availability, we have shifted our practice schedules for the fall to better serve our athletes.

This event is for new AND returning families. At this shindig, there will be games, a DJ and prizes. For food, each person must purchase a $7 food ticket.

If you have not spoken with your child’s coach about the changes that have been made, please do so as soon as possible. We are in the process of finalizing groups and rosters for the fall season, and we want to make sure we do the best we can to accommodate all of our families at Frisco Aquatics. If you are in Champs, Bronze, or Silver and have not already emailed the coach of the practice group that best fits your schedule, please do so.

The week of August tryouts is Monday, Aug 22-Friday, Aug 26. This week has a different practice schedule than the fall schedule that was recently posted (seen above). Please make sure you are reading all emails for all changes and updates. See the schedule online: https:// SubTabGeneric.jsp? team=ntsfa&_stabid_=1 2210

FA at the RoughRiders We hope everyone had fun at the Rough Riders game last month! There was a great turnout from swimmers, parents and coaches. We hope to see everyone at our next team event, the Annual Beach Bash!

Here, all families can complete the yearly registration, purchase new equipment and place orders, and meet all of the new faces that we will have joining our ranks. Please visit the event online to RSVP. Attached to the event are all of the registration papers that you will need to complete. Put yes or no for your commitment so that we have a crowd estimate. Visit the event online at: https:// EventShow.jsp? returnPage=% 2FEventsCurrent.jsp&id=1 53244&team=ntsfa

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Volume 1, Issue 1

2011 Long Course Senior Sectionals Frisco Aquatics sent 14 swimmers to the 2011 Speedo Championship Series Long Course Sectionals meet, which took place in the Woodlands, Texas. The team ended up placing 23rd overall, with a points total of 48. There were 10 night swims over the course of the meet, with three top 16 finishes coming from Destiny Nelson in the 200 breast (3rd), the 400m I.M. (8th), and the 200m I.M. (14th).

2011 Long Course TAGS Frisco Aquatics 2011 LC TAGS Team Mallori Allen Hannah Faulkner Chase Garrott Abigail Koczo Rishabh Kumar Madeline Lee Emma Monson Ramiro Olivares Rachel Ramey Camryn Toney Elise Wilson

Brayden Seal also had a good showing, making it back at night to swim the 200 breast (26th), 200 free (32nd), and the 400 free (21st). Two more swimmers that represented Frisco Aquatics in a finals session were Melanie McDonough in the 100 back (23rd) and Caroline Korst in the 100 fly (29th).

“Sectionals was a tough meet for a few of our athletes. We brought the biggest group ever and placed higher than we have in the past but I felt we could have done better,” states Head Coach Dan McDonough. “Taper was difficult because of water temp but we made some rookie mistakes. I'm excited with the overall results because it showed an improvement for the entire team. Several swimmers were close to national cuts in many events rather than just one.”

Down in the state capitol of Austin, Frisco Aquatics sent a team of 11 swimmers to the 2011 Long Course Texas Age Group Swimming Championships. With the most swimmers ever representing Frisco Aquatics at TAGS, the team had 13 swims place in the Top 16, and three of those finishes were in the Top 8. Emma Monson, Rishabh Kumar, and Rachel Ramey all represented Frisco Aquatics at night, as well as the 10&U girls relays, where all three placed in the Top 8. For 6th the 7th

the individual top 8 finishes, Emma placed in the 400 free and Rishabh placed 8th in 100 breast in the 10&U, and Rachel placed in the 100 breast for 11-12.

BC Championships “We had several swimmers This past weekend, Frisco Aquatics youngest contingent swam at the Lewisville ISD participate in their first Natatorium. They showed off their stuff, and meet as well as swimmers for many swimmers it was their first time competing in a USA Swimming meet. achieving their BB times. “We still have a long way to go, and a lot to It was exciting to watch, work on, but I’m proud of our littles and how and we „re looking forward they swam,” says Coach Amanda. “We could do with less DQ’s” as she accepts a yellow to seeing how the A/BB slip from an official. swimmers perform in Rockwall next weekend.” Coach Katy

Frisco Aquatics 2011 LC Sectional Team Mallori Allen Tori Fryar Liam Garrott Lauren Jones Zachary Kline Caroline Korst Ryan Lawley Alexandra Marsolek April McDonough Melanie McDonough Carla Nazario Destiny Nelson Brayden Seal Alexandra Walsh

All in all, Frisco Aquatics had 19 8&U swim, 18 9-10 year olds swim, and 13 11-12 year olds compete.

"Being at TAGS let us see that Frisco Aquatics can compete with the best swimmers in Texas. It is exciting to think about the future of FA and what our swimmers will be able to achieve," said Coach Tracy. “"Beyond the actually swimming it was fun to see the older swimmers interact with the younger swimmers. From Mallori stretching with the 9-10 year old girls to everyone cheering for each swimmer, it was a great team bonding experience."

A/BB Championships This weekend in Rockwall, Frisco Aquatics will be competing in the A/BB Championships.

Good luck, swimmers! We wish you the best!

Hippocam p H ello

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JUNE Heather Pappas

JUNE Hannah Valena

JUNE Hannah Weisenbeck

“Heather has good attendance, listens well and works hard. She asks questions when she does not understand and has shown great improvement since she started. She is a joy to have in practice.” - Coach Amanda

“Hannah has great attendance and always pushes to do her best. She listens well, using all the information we give her to improve. Her attitude and attentiveness have aided her stroke development.” - Coach Amanda

“Hannah has a great attitude at practice and excellent attendance. She has become one of the silent leaders in the group. She always listens well, helps others, and works as a team. She’s had some big improvements.” - Coach Matt

JULY Ashwin Yogaratnum

JULY Channing Kipe

JULY Joshua Dworkin

“Ashwin always shows up to practice ready to work hard. He silently goes about his practice, listens and executes everything we ask, and corrects his stroke when we give him things he needs to improve upon. And how could you resist that smile?” - Coach Katy

“Channing amazes me everyday how hard she works in practice. Although she is one of the youngest swimmers in Bronze, she often leads her lane. She has begun to master all her strokes, turns, and starts and often swims the longer events at meets.” - Coach Tracy

“Josh has really made huge strides in practice since returning from vacation earlier this summer. He now leads the lane and has made dramatic stroke changes to improve his technique. He is looking for continued success as he inches closer to those BB times.” - Coach Matt



Congratulations to all of the swimmers who have broken team records over the course of the spring and summer.

JUNE Hope Jestes

JUNE Jonathan Durban

“Hope is great example of what a hard -working swimmer looks like. She is at all morning and afternoon practices ready to swim hard and consistently pushes herself, always giving 100 percent.” -Coach Tracy

“John is my only swimmer with perfect attendance. To be able to attend our afternoon practices, he often walks or roller blades 4-5. During June he has taken a leadership role in helping run the dry land part of the workout.” -Coach Carlos

JULY Francesca Gentea “Francesca is swims every lap, practices her best technique, and attends practice regularly. With all of her hard work, Francesca achieved many personal best times at the last meet. She has great potential to have a very successful swim career.” - Coach Tracy

JULY Ryan Clark “Attendance, working hard, thinking about your strokes...applying these concepts are the way to getting faster. Ryan attends over 90% of practices and made great strides in improving his technique by listening and applying changes immediately.” - Coach Chris

You have kept us busy updating our record board!

Coach’s Corner Dear Frisco Aquatics, We have had a great season and we are looking forward to the fall. We still have a few corrections to make, but the schedule is looking to be much more comfortable for both the coaches and the swimmers. Our goal was to maximize the amount of attention the swimmers are able to get from their coach or coaches. This schedule has allowed us to do that. Everyone has worked hard this season, and I know we are all looking forward to this two week break before our annual August Tryouts. Enjoy your break, and we’ll see you back on deck August 22. Sincerely, Head Coach Dan McDonough

August 2011 Sun


A/BB Champs






















A/BB Champs 2011 Conoco Phillips USA Swimming Nationals


2011 USA Swimming Junior Nationals




2011 FINA World Junior Championships








T r y o u t W e e k See returners practice schedule online




Beach Bash


Fall Practice Schedule Starts...

2011 FINA World Championship Update “I think the racing here has been fantastic and that is what it's about. I'm sure (for) the spectators, the world record obsession was somewhat unhealthy, they enjoy the racing now, not the result. The racing here has been as good as I have ever seen it. The women's 800, you wouldn't see a better race. The men's 200 IM ... we got a world record because of the racing, not because of what they had on. I reckon it is fantastic and now its going to show you how hard it is to break a world record. Now you get one (record) and it's still a sensational meet. The athletes are getting credit now. Terrific stuff.� Leigh Nugent Australia Swimming Head Coach

"No matter what the outcome of the end of the year championship meet, right afterwards I knock myself down to the bottom of the totem pole. I have a whole year to work hard, train hard to get back up there to the top."

Taken from the Tunisian News Agency

Excerpted from Some Spills and Thrills in Shanghai written by Craig Lord Both Lochte and Phelps, finished as stars of the show with 5 golds and 7 medals including 4 golds respectively. The US took two others to finish on a high, 29 medals including 16 gold, 5 silver and 8 bronze, a much better showing than Rome, when the superpower claimed 22 medals, 10, 6, 6. "I don't really think I'm the top dog," said Ryan Lochte.

Five crowns down and Lochte was not best pleased: "I'm kind of upset because I wanted to go faster," he said, not to mention the missed medley relay. Head US men's coach Eddie Reese said the relay was a toil too far for Lochte at the end of such a big meet and on the day of the 400m medley. Even the mighty must rest. But not on laurels. How did Frank Busch, USA Swimming's national team director, see the challenge from other nations on the way to London 2012? "Am I optimistic? Am I pessimistic? I am neither. I just know we are a very competitive group." If the US women dominated the gold count - Hardy, Beisel

and Franklin, Soni, Vollmer the men have work to do if you strip out Phelps and Lochte. Asked about the lack of 1-2 finishes in many events for the US where they were expect, Eddie Reese said: "Those days are over. Everybody (across the world) is in the game, and they're doing it well." Busch refused to look ahead and read the runes for next year: "I can't predict anything. I sure am proud of this team though." Read the full story at: view/8846 Find full results at: h t t p: //s wim n ews . com /ran k ? course=L&year=2011&gender=F& stroke=FR&type=performers

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