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Siberian Cat Kitten Breeder Breed for Sale

KatyMcFurr is centrally located just north of Nashville Tennessee. This location offers easy access for allergy testings as well as coming to pick up your new kitten, when it is time. Kittens Kittens Kittens - There will be kittens available throughout the year. Feel free to check that album in picture trail! Please check the Kittens Page for more information on current and upcoming litters and our Kitten Reservation Policy. He Siberian cat originates from Russia and although it is a naturally occurring breed, it has only been bred in the United States since 1991. They lived under often harsh weather conditions and the cat has developed into a very strong breed with a high degree of independence and intelligence. They interact well with people and are very loving. They live with us as a family just as our children did when they were young. Siberians are intelligent, calculating, and have a good sense of humor. They are very affectionate and love to be with us. They greet me in the morning with kitty kisses and head butts and come when I call contrary to many cats, they are sweet and nurturing to each other and our other pet cats. Our cats have hobbies; they love to help needlepoint, quilt, sew, construct cat trees, and finish furniture. They will help with the cleaning unless the vacuum cleaner is out. They will attempt to participate in nearly anything we are doing with a great sense of excitement. They are physically active and very adventurous. We have developed and are continuing to refine our practices to raise healthy, strong, true to Siberian type cats with good immune systems. We make and feed our animals a supplemented raw diet, protect them from toxic cleaners and follow good practices toward these goals.

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Siberian Cat Kitten Breeder Breed For Sale  
Siberian Cat Kitten Breeder Breed For Sale  

Katy McFurr Siberians Is A Siberian Cat Breeder And Siberian Kitten Breeder That Offers Siberian Cats, Siberian Kittens, Siberian Cats For S...