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‘Write Your Own Brief’ Katy Lloyd

TITLE: Making ‘endangered’ engaging (The Growlery)


DESCRIPTION: Following on from the endangered words animation project, I would like to engage children into an old word that is becoming endangered and less used in the english language. I will be starting with the word ‘GROWLERY’. I would like a game/book/app/website for children to interact and engage with in order to learn the word effectively. REFERENCES: Children’s books, games, apps, toys. The Childhood Museum... RROCESSES: Letterpress, printing, 3D POSSIBLE OUTCOMES: A book, game, app, website toys.

Write Your Own Brief: This was a very strange idea to me! Writing my own brief? What should I do, this is so open. So I decided to carry on from the endangered words project and carry on with an endangered word that I loved ‘growlery’ and did some reasearch on and had ideas but my group didn’t end up loving the word so much... I want to begin my reasearch looking at the word in greater depth. Also looking at the concept of making this old ‘boring’ word interesting and engaging for people!

Animation Research From the research I did with the animation project building up a character for people to relate to and therefore become engaged with the word! Maybe if I do a children’s book I could include these drawings?

The 3 Little Pigs My Final outcome for college. Here I looked at how let the children’s imagination play and developed a play set for the child to become more engaged in the book.

StoryTime app From a VP talk I found out about this app and loved how it interacted with the audience so well. Visually it is exciting and helps the child learn.

Growlery Here I looked up the meaning of the word ‘growlery’ (grou lerē) n. A place of refuge or sanctuary for use while one is out of sorts or in an ill humor. [ENGLISH] ‘This, you must know, is the growlery. When I am out of humour, I come and growl here.’ - Dickens, Bleak House I like the idea of anger management, and growling and shouting...maybe I could get people to do this?

Feedback from 3rd year tutorial When I was speaking to the 3rd years they said I should find a way a child could take their anger out on! Maybe, look at making a real set/ play set and make it big.

Tutorial with Jake Make a more graphic design outcome? Maybe direct it to adults? Make some form of adults activity book? Look at book shops to see what’s already out there...

The Tate bookshop I went to the Tate’s book shop to research more into books. I really like the concept behind ‘WRECK THIS JOURNAL’ having different tasks on each page for you to complete - how you are almost taking your anger out on the book.

The Tate bookshop I love this children’s story book with a hole in the middle for the child to yawn in! Maybe I could get someone to growl into my book? The pages in this book are really thick to form a deeper hole.

Jerk Balloons by Shauna Luedtke These ballons are to tell people how you really feel. I like the concept of being able to let go of these balloons and stop feeling so moody and bad! This would be a really interestiing idea for the growlery being able to take away these negitave throughts and letting them fly away.

The Smile Screw from Studio Yumakano “Highly functional and useful, the screw hasn’t changed much throughout the years. Because it’s such a ubiquitous household item, Studio Yumakano wanted to add the joy of discovery to the screw with a smile. By adding this fun touch, the screw is transformed from a normal, everyday item to something that brings joy to the discoverer.” An object that as seen as so dull and boring like a screw and adding some light to it instantly makes someone less moody and happier!

HAPPY BLANK AND BLANK YOU, 2010 Ellen Culpepper “These letterpress notecards, designed by Ellen Culpepper, provide a template for user content. Rather than dictating a message, they provide an appealing visual framework.� I like how these are so bold and designed to be so simple so it lets the user to use their thoughts to fill in the blanks. Providing a template rather than a pretty designed peice of work.

A Journal to Capture Memories of Your Favorites Spaces “It’s a notebook that teaches you how to capture your observations and feelings of the space surrounding you. If you’ve ever had blank page anxiety, the Experience Journal solves that with a visual framework laid out for you to jot down and sketch your memories.” Writing your feelings down on paper captures your mood at that moment letting you somewhat let go of it. This Journal is basically an activity book for adults where you fill in the blank spaces.

My final idea My idea is to make a book for adults with a task on each page which will get them out of thier ‘growlery’ (moodiness). It will be a simple front cover with just the title ‘Your Growlery’ and the definition of the word on it. Then, I will write a task on each page with a perforated section. This will therefore make a space for you to shout and growl into at the end.

Binding Here I looked at different journals and exercise books and found most of them were bound by ring binding or staples. For my book because there will be so many tasks it would work perfectly with ring binding - allowing the book to lay totally flat.

Ring binding Here I did some research into ring binding, where to get it bound? I found out that I could do this at LLC. This is a small book that has been sliced into three sections. The book is housed within a simple card slipcase which bears a graphic line drawing that illustrates how the book is bound.

Tasks Researching into what tasks I could use to give a interesting reaction. I looked at ‘WRECK YOUR JOURNAL’ book in greater depth and also the ‘Before I die I want to’ wall.

DO MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY Here I looked at what was already in the market for books that’ll make you more happy and less growly. I want my book to be more simple without much information in it.

50 THINGS TO DO IN CAMBER SANDS “The tasks can be completed in any order, in any location and at any time. Each task should be presented on an A4 sheet of paper .� Thinking about the tasks reminded me of the cambersands project where we had to do each task on the page, whatever it was using lateral thinking.

TASKS I want to create a set of tasks which one could do when they are in a growly mood, some fun, some deep and some completely random! Here are a few: Draw your feelings on this page Draw someone you hate on this page Rip this page up Give this page a relaxing bath

Colours First I wanted to use dark, dull colours and quickly rushed into the decision of using a dark brown and black. But, after a tutor asked why I used those colours and me not having any reason I went back to the drawingboard...

Colours For the colour I decided to go back to the word ‘growlery’ and I looked at the house which was famously called the bleak house in St Albans form Dicken’s book. I liked the green and brown colours so I used those colours to give my book a simple unquie feel.


Growlery Growlery Growlery

Typeface I wanted the book to seem old like the word is. So I looked at what The Bleak House book which uses the word growlery was set out in and it’s an serif simple front. In the end I decided to use Times New Roman, Regular. As it is simple and old looking.

Size I looked back at the ‘Library of formats’ project to think about the size of my book. I wanted my book to be pocket size so the user can easily carry the book around. I used the size of the novel The Bleak House to make the book somewhat seem like a novel then I made it into a square therefore looking more like a exercise book. The final size is: 128mm by 138mm

InDesign Setting out everything on Indesign with grid lines. I set out the text with Times New Roman 10pt, leading 10pt. I added an extra 10mm for binding the book. Each box has dotted lines .75pt. I like the simple layout it allows the user to make the book theirs.

Your Growlery (grou lerē) n. A place of refuge or sanctuary for use while one is out of sorts or in an ill humor. [ENGLISH] ‘This, you must know, is the growlery. When I am out of humour, I come and growl here.’ - Dickens, Bleak House This book is your growlery, a place of refuge or sanctuary, to use when in ill humor and wanting to growl! To get out of your growlery do each task and tear away a part of your growlery by ripping it away - this will create a new empty space for you to enjoy.

Draw a maze with no end on this page

Printing I made a quick mock-up of my book and showed it to Jake, he said that the green may be too yellowy so I changed it into a darker green so it’ll show up more on the white page. Then I went to LCC to print out the final copies of my book on their digital printer.

Final outcome Then, I cut holes into each peice of paper before ring binding it together. The final result has a clean hand-sized design to it with 40 tasks within the book.

Write your own brief  
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