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White is not a neutral colour: it forces other colours to reveal themselves. Its blankness suggests both beginnings and endings, while its purity evokes impossibility and obsession. Edmund De Waal "O dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon / Irrecoverably dark, total eclipse" John Milton

This Project will cover the following assessment criteria for the Exploratory Stage Unit 1 To achieve a pass grade the evidence must show that the learner is able to: P1 record ideas in appropriate forms] P2 recognise the importance of diagnostic research P3 expand the field of research P4 explore alternative possibilities P5 identify relevant and appropriate sources P6 evaluate the effectiveness of own research and exploratory work P7 reflect on applying relevant theory to practical understanding P8 produce innovative work that communicates a personal response. [CT] Aims This project will help you to explore a number of aspects of what it is to be creative, Invention, conventions in art and design, pathways , what are aesthetics ?

It will also help you to begin to develop your research skills, and challenge you to think about your own creativity in new ways and to be analytical and reflective.

Project Outcomes A minimum of 2 pages each day, of reflections through annotations and ongoing notes in a journal about what you are discovering throughout the two weeks. One or more pieces of work to present to the group, the final work should be no more or less than the height of your own body WEEK 1 Monday 1. Students work in groups and half the group looks for black and half white Gather visual material using, recording methods: Camera, notes, drawings film, found objects The purpose is to look beyond the known, by working collaboratively . P3 expand the field of research P5 identify relevant and appropriate sources 2. Students share their records and make personal selections and create an individual wall drawing of your research Tuesday 1. Create a series of drawings to which makes comparisons and contrasts Choose a context by studying the work of others , based on a chosen formal visual language.(eg abstraction, Typographic, Figurative, design etc Explore form shape balance, composition, awareness of the work of others and contexts

P8 produce innovative work that communicates a personal response. Wednesday Review and interrogate, compare and contrast with others work, contextualise your work . P4 explore alternative possibilities

Thursday Wider contexts developed Working on presentation of ideas to the group for Friday Friday

Present your early ideas to the group for discussion and analysis Record /document your work

P2 recognise the importance of diagnostic research P6 evaluate the effectiveness of own research and exploratory work ek 2 Week 2 Development week, a chance to take your work in your own direction .

Stimulus starting point s What is Black how much Black and white can you find wall drawings / collages/collections In your spaces create a white side and a black side from the groups gathered materials

Aesthetics opposition , balance , positive and negative space

study the work of suprematists Suprematism (Russian: Супрематиизм) is an art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors.

film CONTEXT what is the meaning retro, monochrome past , aesthetic of black and white photography what does black mean what does white mean political , social, metaphorical, design ,

Artists to consider ; Choose 3 from the suggested list to study in depth and make notes about in your Journals. Bridget Riley Richard Serra Gerhardt Richter Richard Wilson Robert Motherwell John Virtue Franz Kline

Photography :

       

Ansel Adams. ... Robert Frank. ... Mary Ellen Mark. ... Irving Penn. ... Henri Cartier Bresson. ... Richard Avedon. ... Diane Arbus. ... Dorothea Lange. Design; Mary Quant

Hubert De Givenchy Issy Myake Le Corbusier


This project will be assessed during the week of October 10th

Drawing week 1 black and white  
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