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Katy Jacobs Tuesday 8:30 Prepress Production

Riedel The Wine Glass Company

The printed product I chose out of the selection was Riedel. It's a 2009 catalog displaying all the different wine glasses they have and it guides you through the shapes and their uses. They create glasses for hedonistic and technical purposes. They are based in Australia and have been refining and defining their techniques to create the perfect wine glass. Claus Riedel was the first person in the long history of glass making to design its shape according to the character of the wine and the purpose. He is the inventor of the functional wine glass.

I chose this product because the color caught my eye first. The vast contrast of the black and red was very appealing to me. Then I next noticed the shape of the product. The shape of the product is very different then most catalogs and makes you want to pick it up and look to see what makes it special. After I realized those two design features I noticed the matte and shiny textures and fonts. The two variations add beautiful distinctions on the front cover and throughout the pages in the book. I think it's main appeal is all of those 3 details on the book. The color, the shape and the differences between the matte and gloss texture together makes a really amazing pieces that grabs your eye too it.

A project and printed piece as this would grab anyones attention. But I would use this process for a more technical project. If I had to present my work in a professional way as in a book or catalog this would be a technique I would use. For an interview, I would have all my work and projects presented in all the pages and have the front cover be matte and gloss like this printed piece is. Something like this is very eye catching and I would want to impress my interviewer with something exclusive and uncommon. Something like this will make an interview realize that I pay a lot of attention to detail. I could put other things though besides work Ive done in Graphic Design. I do a lot of modeling with companies on my free time so I would also make another book like this to distribute to companies and photographers to show my photo and modeling skills.

A printed product like this is hard to figure out how it's made. I suppose that they create these pages in In-design or any other program individually. And they have the document pages set up in the individual size of the book that they wanted. Then they send the document ready to go to the printer and at the printer they would have crop marks to cut out each page to the perfect size and length of the book. To print onto the pages though is confusing. I don't know what material they would lay on to create the matte and gloss ink and background. Unless the paper that they use is a matte rough paper and the ink and pictures is glossy to create the two textures together. In conclusion, this product out of all of them caught my eye the most. The scale of the product with the color and textures were very attractive and unique to me. Riedel Wine did an amazing job at

mixing both these textures as well as creating a modern and tasteful piece to enhance their wine glasses that they are displaying inside. I would love to have a book as this one to display my own work in one day to impress and display the amazing details that each page expresses.

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