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place. Hotwire is a cheap way to book this as well, as long as you aren’t too picky about the specific hotel you stay in. There are so many places in Texas that would be perfect for something like this. New Appétit • Level 1: Try a new restaurant/food you’ve never tried. • Level 2: Go to a new restaurant and order in a different accent besides your own. You must keep that accent anytime you talk to an employee there. • Level 3: Go to a new restaurant but someone else must choose what you try. Do Unto Others • Level 1: Pay for the person behind you in line or the drive thru. • Level 2: Go to a sit down restaurant and pay for another table. • Level 3: Invite a homeless person to eat with you. Sweet Treats • Level 1: Go to La Kings Confectionary in Galveston. It’s AMAZING. • Level 2: Everyone make their own pan-sized giant homemade cookie. • Level 3: Throw a neighborhood ice cream social. Camp In/Camp Out • Level 1: Campout in your living room. • Level 2: Campout in your back yard. • Level 3: Campout at a park (Try Brazos Bend State Park).

Movie Time • Level 1: Watch a movie at home on Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox. • Level 2: Catch dinner and a movie at Studio Movie Grill in La Centerra. • Level 3: Make your own movie and do throw a premier party with the family. Honorable Mentions • Make your own gourmet popcorn • Make popsicles • Build a fort and watch a movie • Make your own pizza, wearing decorated paper towel chef hats. Quick Go-to Games • Uno • Twister • Yahtzee • Jenga • I declare war • Why/because – pass out a folded piece of paper to each participant. Have each person write a random question that starts with “Why…” Collect the papers, scramble them up, turn them over, and repass them out. Have everyone write a random sentence that starts with “Because…” Collect the papers and read each question and the random answers on the other side.

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August / September 2019

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Profile for Katy Christian Magazine

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019  

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019  

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019