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August / September 2019

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Student Perspective:

Advice for Starting High School

Seeing a New School Year Through Magic Eyes



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New Homes. Classic Fun. August / September 2019

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Letter from the Publisher It’s hard to believe, but another school year is upon us, and summer is almost over! To tell you the truth, I am always excited when our first autumn cool front passes through, and summer ends. Summers here are ridiculously hot. Volume XIV, Issue V

6 Bible Trivia 8 Seeing a New School Year Through Magic Eyes 13 70 Years of Remembering Why 15 Taking Inventory 20 How to Have The Fall of a Lifetime 25 Growing the Jeff Haas Mazda Family 28 How I Build the Infrastructure of My Spiritual Life, and Why You Should Do the Same 35 Student Perspective: Advice for Starting High School 38 A.D. Players: Delighting Theatergoers For Over 50 Years 41 Traveling Texan: Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Best of Texas Vacation Spots 44 The Buzz About Katy 48 Politics & Religion

This issue features our annual Back to School resource guide. Be sure to check this out; we’ve spotlighted many great schools and after school activities that could help your child get connected. On a more serious note, our nation is in the midst of a spiritual crisis. I've lived on this planet for nearly 56 years, and I have never seen as much deeply displayed hatred as what I see now. Mass shootings and other horrendous acts of violence have become commonplace in our nation, and no one is talking about the root cause. If you wear a MAGA hat or shirt in public these days, you are often assaulted, or worse. Our problems will be solved by neither Republicans nor Democrats. All they do (particularly the Democrats) is further fuel our crisis. As far as I'm concerned, the media plays a big part in our nation’s predicament. It pits rich against poor, men against women, black against white, and so on, and then speculates about why people commit hateful acts. The media calls our President a traitor, felon and racist, and when he defends himself, it is outraged. To begin healing our country, we need a great revival. Revival begins with the church, and in order for the church to make an impact, we must not be ashamed of the Gospel. Take action by leading others to Christ. Then and only then will we see a difference in our land.

50 Back-to-School Resource Guide 55 P’s Pocket 56 Teenager Success 101: Coach Kids to Success 59 Fluor Corporation Instrumental in Building Local Autism Nonprofit 68 Recipe: Keto Chicken Parmesan

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August / September 2019

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Bible Tri via 1



Test Your Bible Knowledge by Answering the Questions Below! ACROSS 5. From what mountain did Jesus describe the signs of the times and the end of the age? (3 words)

4 5

6. Whom did Jesus call the "generation of vipers?” (2 words) 8. What did Jesus say the leaven of the Pharisees was? 9. Who came to Jesus at night to hear his teaching? 6 8



10. At which well did Jesus talk with a Samaritan woman? (____’s)

DOWN 1. Who did Jesus stay with when he was passing through Jericho?


2. What was Jesus doing when a storm came up on the Sea of Galilee? 3. At what age did Jesus begin his ministry? 4. When Herod heard of the works of Jesus, who did he think it was? (3 words) 7. From which book did Jesus read when he went into the synagogue at Nazareth?

Answers: 1. Zacchaeus, 2. Sleeping, 3. Thirty, 4. John the Baptist, 5. Mount of Olives, 6. The Pharisees, 7. Isaiah, 8. Hypocrisy, 9. Nicodemus, 10. Jacob’s

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August / September 2019

Seeing a New School Year Through Magic Eyes By Dr. Rebecca Deurlein Remember those hidden 3D pictures that were all the rage in the 1990’s? If you stared at the seemingly randomly designed picture (aptly called Magic Eyes) long enough, a hidden image popped out of the design. After that, you didn’t have to work quite so hard to see it. Some never could, despite repeated efforts. The key, as it turned out, was to not try so hard, to relax your eyes and let the vision come to you. I wonder sometimes if perhaps we should encourage our overly stressed, overly anxious teenagers to do the same. I wonder if, just maybe, they are trying too hard. After all, suicide is now the number one killer of teenagers, and child psychologists report a steady and alarming increase in young people in need of counseling for stress-related problems. Kids are unhappy bundles of anxiety and perhaps it’s time that stopped. For one thing, teens are very aware that they Continued on page 8

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August / September 2019

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live in a highly competitive world, one that is growing more so with each passing day. If you compare the college admissions process when you were a child to what it is today, well, you might not have been accepted to your college at all. I’m also guessing that you were given more options than today’s parents are willing to give their kids. Today, college is an expectation, even though some kids are definitely not “college kids” and don’t have any desire to attend. For months we watched the news cover over-the-top parents going to extreme

measures to make sure their kids got into prestigious colleges. Some of those kids didn’t want to go to college at all, but they weren’t given the choice. Here in Houston, we hear about the desperate need for welders, for oil tanker workers, for service industry workers, and so on, yet we continue to insist that our children - despite their abilities or desires must go to college. In this scenario, whose dreams are being fulfilled, ours or our children’s?

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August / September 2019

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August / September 2019

We insist on well-rounded kids who are adept in a number of areas: arts, athletics, volunteerism, leadership, and academic achievement. Think about the pressure this puts on children. It’s not enough that they discover their strengths and foster them; we now expect them to have strengths in every area and become masters of all of them. You know what they say about jacks of all trade, right? Now step back and look at the picture of your child’s future. How is what they see different from what we see? And how can we make the picture more clear for everyone involved? It begins with listening to our kids and really hearing what they have to say. If Brittany really wants to go to culinary school, why are you pushing her into pharmacy? Because I have news for you – I’ve met many Brittanys, and after you spend $100,000 sending them through years of college, they will eventually end up in… culinary school. So listen first. Save yourself the money and heartache and them the stress and unhappiness and allow them to make decisions about their own futures. Once they have, do everything you can to provide them with the resources they need to successfully reach their goals. But make sure that they are the ones doing the work. They must earn their dreams. You can lovingly support them, but it’s their sweat that must get them to their goal. When you give your kids ownership of their futures, you’ll be surprised at the very interesting thing that happens next. They will have LESS stress and anxiety as they gain more control over their choices and responsibilities. My point is that everyone needs to quit trying so hard. Relax and look for the vision. As Christians we would paraphrase this idea as “Let go and let God.” Pray for your children and encourage them to do the same. With prayer and surrender, God will reveal a plan and pro-

vide the path for your child to follow. Once that happens, it will be clear and easy to see - the picture will jump off the page, so to speak. So relax. Pray. Listen. Support. And just watch. Your young adult will go proudly into the future with less stress, more confidence, and ultimately, more success. Rebecca Deurlein is the author of Teenagers 101: What a top teacher wishes you knew about helping your kid succeed, and President of Teenager Success 101, a one-on-one academic coaching company dedicated to helping kids find success. She blogs and writes internationally, speaks to parents across the nation, and loves every minute of living in Sugar Land, TX. Find her on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Huffington Post, or through her own blog A Teacher’s Guide to Understanding Teenagers. All can be accessed at

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August / September 2019

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August / September 2019

70 Years of Remembering Why By Caitlin Richards For 70 years, St. Mark Lutheran Church and School has served their neighborhood community and beyond. The way St. Mark serves today while celebrating their 70th anniversary may look different than it did on their 10th anniversary or 50th anniversary, but the heart of why they serve is still the same. “The thing about being an established congregation is the why of our existence never changes,” St. Mark’s Senior Pastor Matt Popovits said. “We have an incredible and deep legacy, and a deep knowledge of why we are called to do the ministry we are called to do. And the why for us is for as many families as possible to know they are loved by God – that is our why.” Though the ministries St. Mark has offered over the years have changed, they continue to be a place for families to come and be connected to a faith community. Since St. Mark’s founding pastor started gathering people together in 1949, St. Mark has not only been a community of faith but also a school. The number of students at St. Mark Lutheran School has grown over the years, so much so, more students were learning in portable buildings than in the original school structure. However, that all changed in 2018 when their nearly 400 students were learning inside

new classrooms of St. Mark’s brand-new school building. “The first year of ministry in the new school building was really exciting,” Popovits said. “It is a beautiful space for students to grow and learn.” Accredited by The National Lutheran School Accreditation ComContinued on page 14

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August / September 2019

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mission, which is recognized by the Texas Education Association, St. Mark currently offers care for children as young as six weeks and education for pre-school through the eighth grade. Their mission is to introduce students and their families to a life changing relationship

with Jesus through scholarship, ministry and leadership. St. Mark’s 18-acre campus encompasses four universal athletic fields, a gym and multiple playgrounds. The fully networked campus also offers a computer lab, Smartboards 1:1 iPads for 6th through 8th grade students and classroom iPads for kindergarten through 5th grade. The 2019 school year will have some new faces around the campus. St. Mark is excited to welcome a new admissions coordinator, Jennifer Bradford, and a new principal, Heidi Jerry. “We have a lot of really great people joining our team,” Popovits said. “We are really blessed to have an exciting season of opportunity and change here.” St. Mark’s School isn’t the only ministry experiencing growth and change at St. Mark. Within the church, they are evaluating how to be a creative, energetic and outgoing ministry. This includes the experience they offer on Sunday mornings to the other ministries they offer. A new worship arts director, Anthony Lenzy, has joined the St. Mark team, and St. Mark is gearing up for renovations of their

sanctuary and other areas of service to be bright and welcoming to their neighbors. “We have a lot of stuff going on here,” Popovits said. “The church and school are going through an exciting period of growth and change. Everything from how can we create an atmosphere on a Sunday morning that is creative, welcoming and fun, but also what we are doing as a church to be engaged in the neighborhood.” In the past, St. Mark has focused on human care work by partnering with other organizations in Houston. Popovits said they love those partnerships but also want to be in the lives of the families in their immediate neighborhood whose worries are school, groceries and getting their kids from one thing to the next. “We are doing a lot of work to figure out what it means for us to be a resource to them, and a fun connection and community to them,” Popovits said. “That’s what this next year is all about for us.” An unique part of St. Mark is the way they serve their devout congregation, some of whom attended for 50 years, while welcoming new families. The motivation, the heart and the why has remained the same for St. Mark for 70 years even though the how may be changing today. “We want to be known as the place where Houston families can connect with the life changing love of Jesus,” Popovits said. “We want to be a resource to Houston families. And God has blessed us with the opportunity to have new people join our team, new ministries, and a new way of doing ministry on Sunday morning that will hopefully help us to deeply connect to the hearts of parents and kids.” For more information about St. Mark Lutheran Church, visit To learn more about St. Mark Lutheran School visit St. Mark is also active on Facebook at St. Mark Lutheran Church & School - Houston. To preview some of their Sunday messages, catch their radio broadcast at 9 p.m. on 100.7 FM The Word KKHT five nights a week. Photos credit: Photo of Pastor Popovits by Heather Ingram, Associate Portrait Artist shooting for Alisa Murray Photography @ alisamurray.comHeather Ingram. Photo of students provided by St. Mark Lutheran School.

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August / September 2019

Taking Inventory By Lori Joiner Each week at my home, I meet with a few women I am discipling. One of the women has an extended family with numerous issues involving deep hurt, dysfunction and downright craziness. She is burdened with each situation and through tears, she unpacked several for me this past week as we were meeting. After listening to her, I said, “You are burdened by things you can’t control. You are upset about things you cannot change on your own. There is so much going on here, I believe you need to take inventory. She said, “Inventory? What do you mean?” I explained to her that she needs to take time to differentiate between what she could control and what she could not control. What she can’t control, she needs to give to God. I pulled out a sheet of paper for us to begin and then drew a line down the middle from top to bottom. The left column, I titled “Things I Cannot Control.” The right column, on the other hand, I titled “Things I Can Control.” I Continued on page 16

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encouraged her to write down each item she had shared with me under one heading or the other. A part of her list looked like this: Things I Cannot Control: • If my sister gets a divorce • Whether she gets custody of her children or not • If I get mean text messages from my brother-in-law • If there is tension at the next family holiday gathering Things I Can Control: • How much I pray for my sister’s marriage • The amount I pray for placement of my nephews in a loving environment • How I respond to mean text messages • How I conduct myself at the next family gathering • The amount of time I spend reading God’s Word • Whether I am baited into family drama or not I love that the Bible teaches us we can go to God with any prayers or requests, especially the things we feel powerless to change. Philippians 4:6-7 says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” We completed her list together and then presented each request to God. Each item she could not control she gave to God in prayer, thus trusting Him to work on her behalf with His perfect wisdom. I could tell as she prayed, the peace of God was filling her heart. After we prayed, I encouraged her to then focus her energy on the Continued on page 18

The Demon The massive Demon walked the hall slowly eyeing the preacher. Left and right wings, both touching the walls. The demon’s eyes were the color of fire, body the color of red lava. It’s deep grunts, sending chills down the pastor’s spine. His hand trembled while holding the cross with Jesus body on it. “Been a long time since I had a human snack.” the Demon chuckled. “Silence you beast I have the authority_” “ You are made of Clay and I of fire. Man is the lowest substance on the planet.” It snarled. Showing teeth, the creature charged ramming the minister up against the wall. The pastor dropped the cross to the floor, crying out in horror.

b R i n g i n g D e ta i l e D R e n ovat i o n s to yo u R m o s t va l u e D i n v e s t m e n t – yo u R h o m e !

Without warning the Demon opens its mouth, sinking its sharp teeth into his face. Blood splattered on the wall while Pastor’s body jumps and jerks violently. Facial bones cracked inside the mouth of the demon, destroying the psyche of the little boy who watched, hiding under an old desk out in the hall. 2 be Continued -JLR-Writer-

About JLR Writer JLR-Writer is an American Christian Horror/Thriller author from Houston Texas, who’s Signed to Christian Faith Publishing. Find him at Barnes & Noble and on Amazon or Itunes.


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items on the right side of her list, the things she can control. Is there an area of your life you need to take inventory of today? What do you need to give God in prayer? What can you focus your energies on more productively? I’ve likewise had to take my own advice. When I fear a situation, when I stress about a problem, I think, “Lori, what do you need to give to God in prayer? What are you worrying about that you cannot control?” You know the curious thing is, every time I take inventory and give to God the things I feel powerless to change, I always find peace. He is the one that can make a difference with His unlimited power and love. When I give things to God, what I should focus on seems a bit more doable. Why not pull out a piece of paper now? Take inventory of the situation or burden that is stealing your joy today. Lori Joiner is an author, speaker and discipleship coach in Katy, Texas. When not writing, you can find her teaching group fitness classes at the YMCA, walking their chocolate lab with her husband Alan or playing board games with her two sons. You can reach out to her at

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How to Have The Fall of a Lifetime By Jeremiah Mohr Parkway Fellowship

salad at one house, appetizers at the second house, the main course at another, and end up with dessert at the fourth house.

It’s so easy to be busier at living life, but are we getting better? We all know there’s no substitute for relationships with others. So why aren’t we doing more of what brings us joy and fulfillment? When we do make time for one another, we often either fill it with distractions or we spend more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing it. At Parkway Fellowship we decided to create a list of ideas, each with three different levels of awesome for you do with those you care about. These were inspired by several of our Pastors on staff. Now you can look back and say “Wow, this really was the Fall of a Lifetime.” We’ve also included some honorable mentions and quick go-to activities. Be Crafty & Be Bold • Level 1: Decorate your own shirts and take funny pics. • Level 2: Decorate a shirt for someone else and you all have to wear it out somewhere in public. • Level 3: Make a Goodwill/second hand store trip and see who can come out looking the craziest. Then go shopping and out to eat wearing your outfits. Go Crazy Indoors • Level 1: Dinner Roulette. Someone chooses the appetizer, someone chooses the drinks, someone chooses the dessert. Someone has to clean up. • Level 2: Do a Nacho bar. Play Spanish music and wear mustaches. Everyone can only speak with Spanish accents the entire time. Then close with your own interpretive dancing to the music. • Level 3: Get four families together to do a progressive dinner. Do a

Walk In the Park & Picnic Pack some snacks, waters and a nice picnic lunch and visit the following places. • Level 1: Seaborne Creek Park – One of the largest nature areas in Fort Bend County. Has a large walking trail, fishing pond, nature trails, and more. This is also the place where the city of Rosenberg hosts its annual Fourth of July fireworks show. • Level 2: Sugar Land Memorial Park Trail – In addition to a couple of large dog parks, pavilions, a great walking trail, memorial monument and more, there is a nature biking/walking trail hidden at one end. Just past the dog park, follow the trail all the way down to the tree line. There’s even a spot you can climb down right on the bank of the Brazos. • Level 3: Brazos Bend State Park – This place is filled with multiple hiking trails and a myriad of nature to take in. The George Observatory, a popular star gazing spot with high powered telescopes, is also located on site. You can definitely spend an entire day here. Look and See • Level 1: Do a scavenger Hunt in your house. • Level 2: Make a list of several random things and give yourself a timer and see how many you can cross off of your list. • Level 3: Try Letterboxing/Geocaching. There are several free apps that you can use for this. Pick one and get started. Hide and Seek • Level 1: At home • Level 2: In the park • Level 3: Go to a big store like At Home or Home Depot. These places are awesome to play hide and seek, especially with kids. • Give it a Twist: Play Hide and Seek, but do it in reverse (one person hides and everyone else tries to find them.) The last person to find the Continued on page 22

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people are it. Bite by Flight • Level 1: Black Walnut Cafe in Conroe (It’s right next to an airport. Sit out on the patio and watch planes come in and out of the hanger). • Level 2: DQ Blizzards and Sugar Land Airport. - (Go through drive thru at the Dairy Queen at Hwy 90 and Hwy 6. Get on Highway 90 and take a left on Hwy 6 North. Turn left onto the road at the North edge of the airport. You can drive almost to the edge of the run way and park in the easement against the fence. You’ll be super close to the action. Hint: Depending on wind direction will determine which side they take off and which side they land that day. • Level 3: Have a picnic and fly kites on the beach. There are a couple of places that would be good for this. Several spots in Galveston are great, and even Rockport Beach as well. Don’t forget to build a sandcastle while you’re there. Be a Good Sport • Level 1: Invite some friends and play a game of basketball or flag football. • Level 2: Go to Sugar Land Skeeters game. This is a much more affordable event compared to other big sporting events in the area. The stadium is very family friendly, full of kid-friendly activities, not to mention great baseball entertainment. • Level 3: Pick a random small town in Texas and go to one of their high school football games. The good thing is you can relive the Friday Night Lights feeling, and you won’t feel the pressure of defending your alma mater. While you’re there, try to visit some historical landmarks and try a new local dive for a pre-game dinner. Dollar Store Delights • Level 1: Give $5 to each person and have them buy things for each other. You can theme it up to make it more interesting. Level 2: Create a night event on a $20 budget. You can only spend $20 and the only things you can do that evening are what you buy with the $20. • Level 3: $4 Pizza challenge – Each person must pick out 2 things they would think would be gross and 2 things that would be good on a pizza. Write each item down on piece of paper and each person

must draw four slips of paper to determine which ingredients they will cook with their cheese pizzas. Each person must take at least one bite of their pizza. Trust us when we say “You’ll want to get this on film.” Triple-Cation • Level 1: Daycation - Drive somewhere you can get to in a day, eat and come home. Stop and visit at least one landmark along the way. Be sure to document this with pictures. • Level 2: Staycation - Use Hotwire and book a local hotel in a different part of Houston, and pick a new restaurant to try. • Level 3: Awaycation - Plan a one or two-night getaway to a new

II Am Am A A

Warrior Warrior Are You? Are You?

Serving grades K-12 throughout northwest Houston. Serving grades K-12 throughout northwest Houston. 11123 Cypress N. Houston Road, Houston, TX 77065 | 281.469.8829 | 11123 Cypress N. Houston Road, Houston, TX 77065 | 281.469.8829 |

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est. 1978 est. 1978

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place. Hotwire is a cheap way to book this as well, as long as you aren’t too picky about the specific hotel you stay in. There are so many places in Texas that would be perfect for something like this. New Appétit • Level 1: Try a new restaurant/food you’ve never tried. • Level 2: Go to a new restaurant and order in a different accent besides your own. You must keep that accent anytime you talk to an employee there. • Level 3: Go to a new restaurant but someone else must choose what you try. Do Unto Others • Level 1: Pay for the person behind you in line or the drive thru. • Level 2: Go to a sit down restaurant and pay for another table. • Level 3: Invite a homeless person to eat with you. Sweet Treats • Level 1: Go to La Kings Confectionary in Galveston. It’s AMAZING. • Level 2: Everyone make their own pan-sized giant homemade cookie. • Level 3: Throw a neighborhood ice cream social. Camp In/Camp Out • Level 1: Campout in your living room. • Level 2: Campout in your back yard. • Level 3: Campout at a park (Try Brazos Bend State Park).

Movie Time • Level 1: Watch a movie at home on Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox. • Level 2: Catch dinner and a movie at Studio Movie Grill in La Centerra. • Level 3: Make your own movie and do throw a premier party with the family. Honorable Mentions • Make your own gourmet popcorn • Make popsicles • Build a fort and watch a movie • Make your own pizza, wearing decorated paper towel chef hats. Quick Go-to Games • Uno • Twister • Yahtzee • Jenga • I declare war • Why/because – pass out a folded piece of paper to each participant. Have each person write a random question that starts with “Why…” Collect the papers, scramble them up, turn them over, and repass them out. Have everyone write a random sentence that starts with “Because…” Collect the papers and read each question and the random answers on the other side.

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True Love is About Looking Forward Together into Eternity

Sign Up Today, It’s Free! Ages 18 and up GG Cupid is a proud supporter of Bo’s Place, an organization committed to helping families who have lost loved ones.

Find Your Perfect Match

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Oak Park Celebrate Life.

At Oak Park, we offer more than just a luxury community - we offer a worry-free lifestyle. Our all-inclusive independent retirement living concept makes life for our residents more comfortable, secure and fun. Our apartment homes include open layouts, large rooms, walk-in closets, full kitchens and more.

Call today to schedule a private tour and discover the benefits of resort-style retirement living.

281-394-4847 1921 S. Mason Road 

Katy, TX 77450 

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Growing the Jeff Haas Mazda Family By Caitlin Richards When Jeff Haas bought the Mazda dealership in 1991, he told the employees one thing - to treat everyone like his friends and family because they probably were. Jeff Haas Mazda has been operating that way ever since. The original store was built in 1986 and was the first standalone Mazda dealership in Texas. As Jeff Haas Mazda, the dealership has been remodeled twice and expanded to adjacent properties. Due to loyal and new customers, Jeff Haas Mazda is now relocating to better serve their customer’s needs. “We have just outgrown our location,” Todd Crabtree, Jeff Haas Mazda general manager said. “We need more space and our customers need more and deserve better. Mazda’s goal is to be a premium brand within another six to 10 years. This dealership doesn’t give the customers the experience they need. So, the move is for our customers, our employees, and for Mazda.” The new location between Barker Cypress and Highway 6 is going to be the flagship Mazda store in the country. Mazda dealerships typically are smaller in size. However, that will not be the case with Jeff Haas Mazda. Crabtree started working at the original Mazda dealership in 1986 as a salesman and has learned a lot along. He gets

to be a part of making the new store even bigger and better. “It is going to be very rewarding at the end of the journey when we get everything right,” Crabtree said. “There are certain things that most car dealerships have now that we don’t have room for here. It is going to be the largest Mazda store in the U.S. by far.” The new store has plans for a business development center, training room, service department upgrades, and much more. All of course are for the customer - to give them the best possible experience. “The brand deserves it, and the customers deserve it,” Crabtree said. “We want the Katy community to know they are going to get what they deserve – a state of the art dealership with the amenities of a luxury car dealership without having to pay the luxury car price.” Mazda is planning on building a manufacturing plant in Alabama, which Crabtree said will put another 400,000 Mazda vehicles on the market to sell. Being able to be a part of that growth, is something Jeff Haas Mazda is looking forward to. Even though Jeff Haas Mazda is growing and expanding, it will still be a family-owned store. Crabtree has been with Mazda since 1989 and still isn’t the most senior employee. He said there are a lot of mechanics, service managers, part managers and the receptionist have all been there longer. “We have that feeling that we are family owned,” Crabtree said. “We take care of each other. A lot of our employees have been here for a long time. That just speaks to how we take care of our employees, Continued on page 27

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Technology with Purpose

Innovative Exercise On average, our residents see an increase in strength by 286%.

Technology with Purpose

Reducing Fall Risk We utilize smart sensor technology that studies show up to a 58% decrease in falls.

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The plan is to start moving into the new store in early October, and then open later in the month. For more information about Jeff Haas Mazda, visit or give them a call at (713) 932-6004.

and how we take care of our customers.” Currently, Jeff Haas Mazda is located at 11222 I-10 close to Beltway 8 and will be moving West towards Katy at 16717 I-10. Crabtree said they have been planning this move for over 10 years, and were finally able to find the right location. “We have been looking for the right property because we didn’t want to go too far from our customers but also wanted to move closer to our Katy customers,” Crabtree said. “So we had to find the perfect place, then we had to build the perfect dealership that the people deserve.”

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How I Build the Infrastructure of My Spiritual Life, and Why You Should Do the Same By Pastor Robert Burdett The foundation of a building determines the longevity of the entire structure. So it is with building a strong life. As men of God we must ensure that we are rooted in faith and can sustain the weight of the responsibility of leading our families. Much like any skyscraper, the foundation of our spiritual lives is where our strength derives from, and it must be built with intention and purpose. A strong spiritual foundation is impossible without first pursuing a relationship with God. Salvation is essential, but once we accept salvation, we must implement and develop key habits in our lives in order to build something that will last. Here are five pillars of infrastructure that can help focus your intentions as you break ground for God. 1. Develop a Discipline of Daily Devotion We need to establish a daily habit of reading the word of


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God. The word is so transformative, even the process of forming this habit will greatly benefit you on your walk with the Lord. By working towards this goal you will develop characteristics like faithfulness. In other words, being faithful to set time aside to read the Word, will result in an increase in your faithfulness in other areas. This small commitment is vital; the bible says that when we are faithful with a little, God sees that we can be trusted with bigger things. “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” Luke 16:10 NIV Another benefit of daily devotion is that it puts us in an environment to hear the voice of God. God speaks and reveals himself to us through His Word. By building this habit, we ensure that we have a daily opportunity to hear the voice of God in our lives. Once we learn to listen we can then be faithful to obey that voice and become doers of the Word. Modeling this practice for our families is being obedient to guide them to the things of God, and will impress upon them the importance of this daily habit.

It is not enough to flit about the surface of His word. You must read scripture as though it is a personal conversation between you and the Lord God, every time. With genuine thanks and praise, bring your concerns to Him in prayer, and when you read the bible and go about your day, expect to hear a word back. Expect revelation. 2. Develop a Lifestyle of Stewardship Men, as believers, we must operate with the understanding that we are not owners of anything but simply stewards. Even our wives and our children are not truly “ours”, but God’s, and He has blessed us by their presence in our lives. We must steward these blessings, and all blessings, as the Lord commands. This is an important truth that will rearrange your priorities and determine how you spend your time, talent and treasure. “Each of you should use whatever you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10 NIV God gifts each one of us with time, talent, and treasure. These gifts do not define who we are, but rather they define how we are Continued on page 30

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In-Home Senior Care That Elevates the Human Spirit “All of the individual caregivers assigned to assist my father, consistently performed with high competence, true compassion, and complete honesty and integrity.”

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to do the Lord’s work. If you are blessed with a powerful speaking presence, then use it to speak the gospel. If people love your singing, your writing, or your party planning skills, do all this in pursuit of Godly goals. If you have been entrusted with a vast fortune, do not let it sit useless in a bank account, but invest it in the Lord’s work. If the creator has blessed you with a career that affords you the luxury of abundant free time, get involved in ministry work that speaks to your talents and your heart. No gift is frivolous when used to further the kingdom. Dr. Edwin Louis Cole said that if you show him a man’s day planner and checkbook, he could tell you where the heart of that man is. How we spend our time and our money, reveals what is really important to us. By developing ourselves into stewards, we begin to transform our selfish nature into a Christ-like, self- less nature. We need this in order to begin to be image bearers of

add a bit of summer to your salad Serving watermelon and blueberries through September to make your summer even fresher Salata Mason Road 1230 N Mason Road, Ste 200 Katy, TX 77449 | 281-394-9292

Salata Cinco Ranch 9333 Spring Green Blvd, Ste B Katy, TX 77494 | 832-761-9333

Standard pricing applies. Available from July 8th to September 27th.

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Christ in our families, our work places and our churches. 3. Develop Consistent Communication Communication is key to life and as men, sometimes we are not the best communicators. We must be intentional in developing our communication skills with our wives and our children. It is imperative to create an environment where open communication is not only tolerated, but encouraged. That sounds easy to do, but believe me it takes a real intentionality. It takes a lot of self-control to create an environment where we don’t jump to conclusions when our kids try to tell us something they are struggling with. But if we control our emotions and assure our children they can come to us with anything, it will create a strong child-parent relationship that will benefit our children, and our children’s children, and every generation to come. After all—children learn what they live. We can tell them all day long to be honest with us and to open up, but if we react in anger or shut down when they come to us, they are living without the blessing of true communication. Dr. Cole said when communication stops, abnormality sets in. Abnormality is an open a door for the enemy to run through, and should be fought against at all times. 4. Be Present Where ever you are….be there. In this era overloaded with technology, it’s so easy to physically be at dinner with your family, but

be somewhere else on your phone. Even church services are not immune; the distractions of social media and the convenience of helpful apps sometimes tear your focus away from the message, and from the community experience of worship. Your job as the head of the home, is to make being intentionally be engaged in the moment a visible priority in your life. Let the children see that you leave your phone at home when you take your wife out for a date. When you come home from work, go to each member of the family and say hello—connect with them and let them see that you are available for them. If your wife starts to leave her bible at home during service, choosing instead to use the app on her phone, carry it for her next week, just to be of service and show that you value her presence. Make a conscious effort to actively listen and make eye contact. You’ll start seeing God in so many overlooked places and situations. Your relationship with Him will grow, and your testimony will build on itself. Continued on page 32

Bosley has nearly two decades of experience in the insurance industry. We understand that security is always a major concern for individuals, as well as families. We never know what’s around the corner. The right insurance plan gives us a hedge of protection against the unforeseen, and confines it within your budget.

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5. Be Accountable Every man needs someone to be accountable to. I always tell men to pick that person themselves, so when they use the authority you gave them to speak into your life, you can’t complain because you picked them. Allow yourself to submit in this way. Accountability is sometimes looked at negatively but it can be a great tool that enables us to grow. When men allow themselves to be held accountable, their wives and children then have an example to follow, and many times it becomes easier to submit to their leadership. Dr. Cole said, mediocre men want authority without accountability. Is mediocre your goal? Do you wake up and shoot for average? Let’s assume not. But, too many of our brothers have fallen prey to worldly views, and the misguided belief that being accountable to someone is uncool, unmanly, and unnecessary. I think it’s time to up our game, men. So how is this done? Pastor G.F. Watkins passionately recommends seeking out the bond between spiritual father and son, and considers it essential for strong men of God. “I think every Christian who truly strives for spiritual maturity comes to a place in life where we ask, ‘What does everyday Christianity look like? We want to be taught and led to see the invisible so we can do the seemingly impossible. We have questions, but we are not sure whom to ask. We’re entangled in a certain sin but we don’t know whom we can confide in without being judged. We feel confused, but we are not sure who to call for direction.” (G.F. Watkins, Take Your Place) A spiritual father fills this void, and so can a man of God with

whom you share a particularly strong mutual trust and respect. Find someone that you can visit with periodically but consistently, and begin just meeting to build a relationship. Let the depth of the relationship happen organically. As you build that relationship, you will find that the accountability actually works both ways. The strength of a building lies in its foundation, and the same is true of man, of the family, and of the community. Foundations hold the structure above, and keep it upright. They bear the weight of the structure, and anchor it against calamity. That is the purpose of building our spiritual infrastructure—to shore us up and give us proper grounding to lead in our homes and communities. Our heavenly father provides for us a living foundation, and it requires daily attention and the highest priority.

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For HELP or a FREE ESTIMATE, call Lori is a popular event and retreat speaker and has a special place in her heart to see women grow in Christ through the ministry of discipleship.


“Lori shares her love for God and desire for women to know Him and make Him known with deep conviction and enthusiasm... She exudes passion to see women disciple other women and feel confident in their ability to make a difference in another person’s walk with God.” – Jen Frey, Tomball Bible Church

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Student Perspective: Advice for Starting High School By Lauren Alleena Williams Each new school year is a milestone in a young person’s life. The thought of going back to school can spark many emotions for students of all ages. Each changing year brings new opportunities, new experiences, and new fears. For example, the excitement of your first day of school in Kindergarten, the anxiety of knowing your first State STAAR test will be administered; as you enter 3rd grade, the nervousness of being the oldest kids in school. In 5th grade, the competitive element that comes into play athletically in Middle School, or the thrill of finally starting High School. Every year in a student’s life is sprinkled with both the sands of time and with memories- one day you are playing on the monkey bars, in the safe cocoon of your Elementary School and the next you’re struggling to memorize your new locker combination. For many kids the biggest transition though, is the jump from 8th to 9th grade. This is the summer you go from being the “top dogs” of your Junior High to the Freshman “fish” of your new High School! As the saying goes: Now you are a “small fish in a big pond.” This new

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experience can bring loads of anxiety and frustration, but it doesn’t have to be that way. To help navigate the fears of the infamous Freshman year, here are some simple tips to alleviate your stress, prepare you for the year to come, and help you look forward to the changes on the horizon. In the words of Stephen Covey, “Begin with the end in mind.” Enroll in a summer class or receive private tutoring lessons to get ahead for the next school year: Each school year contains new skills to master. Taking a summer class, working with a tutor, or participating in a group study session; can help you regain and build confidence in the topics you learned the previous year. In addition, familiarizing yourself with the upcoming school year’s learning topics, ahead of time; can significantly decrease anxiety about going back to school and improve your grades for the new school year. Continued on page 36

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notebooks and unsharpened pencils that makes you feel prepared. It may seem like a small detail, but you’d be surprised how much relief can come from being well prepared and organized for a school day. It may also be a good idea to plan out which supplies you will use for each class. For instance, labeling a binder for your Science class or designating a specific composition notebook for Math class, can help you feel more prepared and confident in your abilities. A student agenda or weekly organizer to track homework and test dates is a great way to stay prepared too.

Plan your schedule now: Will you be taking the bus to school, walking, or will your parents be dropping you off in the mornings? Will you be walking home with a friend or carpooling? Will your schedule look different every day of the week or the same? Knowing what to expect each day, can be one of the most simple and effective, yet most commonly overlooked aspects of a new school year. The reassurance of knowing what your day will most likely look like can help you to avoid unexpected situations, as well as provide comfort and stability. Load up on school supplies early: There’s just something about having a backpack full of fresh

Master of Divinity Master of Arts

Get together with friends: Arrange a Starbucks day or a movie night with last year’s friends to reminisce about all the good times you shared and look ahead to the new year. Meet up with familiar Junior High friends in the days leading up to High School, to talk about the year to come. Hearing others opinions can remind us that everyone shares many of the same concerns. Knowing you’re not the only one who feels a certain way, is always a comforting feeling. Get to know your way around the school: If your school hands out schedules to incoming students in the summer, be sure to come to your campus early on that day to get your schedule. After you pick up a list of your courses, spend a good amount of time walking to each of your classes. Try to memorize your possible route from the main entrance of the school to your first period, as well as the cafeteria and the gyms. Similar to Middle School, you’ll be expected to walk yourself to each class, and although once

The Bible Seminary is a member of the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) [15935 Forest Road, Forest, VA 24551; Telephone: (434) 525-9539; e-mail:] having been awarded Candidate Status as a Category III institution by the TRACS Accreditation Commission on April 16, 2019. This status is effective for a period of up to five years. TRACS is recognized by the United States Department of Education (USDOE), the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE).

• Biblical History and Archaeology • Biblical Languages and Culture • Biblical Studies • Church History and Theology

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281-646-1109 (Phone) 281-646-1110 (Fax) Houston, Katy, Richmond, Rosenburg, Sugar Land, Spring, and Tomball.

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you start meeting new people your daily route may change to walk with friends, it will likely be convenient to know your way around school so you won’t feel lost or out of place on the first day. Plan to get involved: High School is filled with so many opportunities and ways to excel. Think of your natural strengths and what you enjoy being a part of. Athletic Teams, Dance, Cheer, Band, Drama, and Choir are some of the more well-known affiliations for students. However, don’t forget the numerous amounts of clubs offered on your campus- Journalism, Foreign Language Organizations, Student Government, Debate, Chess, or Art club. If your school doesn’t offer a club for your interest, make a plan to create a club. Extracurricular activities are a great way to make new friends, grow your leadership skills, and build your future college resume! Relax: Finally, just breathe. Yes, the thought of entering the big “High School” can be breathtakingly overwhelming, but you’ll become

accustomed to your daily routine in that huge building before you know it. Freshman year can be intimidating, but just try to remember you’re walking into the best 4 years of your life. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but since we teenagers never listen, you’re going to hear it again from me, you’re about to make the best memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. So, don’t stress, and enjoy each new day as it comes. You won’t always know all the answers and you will make mistakes, but that’s ok... it’s all a part of the journey. This is your story. Be excited. Be hopeful. Be joyful and write a beautiful one!

Lauren Alleena Williams, is an incoming Senior at Paetow High School in Katy ISD. She is a National Honor Society Student, and a member of the Spanish Club, Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Student Leadership Council. She is the Founder of her school’s Spirit Club, and a Varsity Basketball Player, and Varsity Athletic Trainer. She plans to major in Pre-Medicine in College and works as an Academic Peer Tutor at Counter’s Tutoring Connection.

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Clothing Your Neighborhood We give gently-used clean clothing in a gift bag to those in need, as we want our clients to have dignity when receiving these items. The clothes are generously donated by the public.

$10 is all it takes to provide one person with enough clothes to last a week.

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We need volunteers If you are interested in committing just TWO hours per week (or more!!) please call the office at 281.676.8837 or visit our Web site August / September 2019 Licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality – dedicated to the conservation of a very special precious Texas resource – water.

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A.D. Players: Delighting Theatergoers For Over 50 Years By Jennifer Dean A.D. Players Theater has been a part of the Houston community for over 50 years. For the first 49 of those, it functioned under the leadership of Founder and Artistic Director Jeannette Clift George. George, originally from Houston, had made her stamp on the New York scene and returned back to Houston as part of the Ford Grant to build a resident company of actors at The Alley Theater. She worked closely with Nina Vance (Artistic Director of the Alley) and as the years went by she decided she wanted to build her own Regional Theater but with a slightly different foundation. One of faith in Jesus Christ. Jeannette Clift George was known as a prolific actress and playwright, but her Bible teaching around the city and her role as Corrie Ten Boom in the film The Hiding Place put her on the map of Christian circles as an influencer for Christ in the Arts.


Carpet Company, Inc.

So, what to do when this leader was nearing the end of her time? In come Jake Speck and Kevin Dean. The Board of Directors at A.D. Players knew they needed to bring in the right people to continue to take A.D. Players into the future, building on its foundation, and then moving forward. They put out a nationwide search, and found Jake Speck who would become the Executive Director of A.D. Players in August of 2017. Jake took the reins one week before Hurricane Harvey. Welcome to Houston. Jake and his family, wife Emily Tello Speck and 3 boys (8 year old twins Nash and Noah, and 4 year old Leo), moved to the Cinco Ranch area. Jake comes with a hefty resume of experience in New York, and as coContinued on page 40

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RVR Steelworks Mobile Welding & Custom Fabrication - Residential - Commercial - Industrial - Structural - Pipe “Quality Craftsmanship You Deserve”

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founder of Studio Tenn, a successful theater in Nashville. His wife Emily is a member of the faculty at Houston Baptist University and most recently directed and choreographed the A.D. Players production of West Side Story. “Making the decision to move to Houston was one of the hardest things we have ever done.” said Speck. “I grew up in Dallas, and had some not great memories of Texas. I really felt like the Lord could call me anywhere but here. Emily felt the same way. After our first visit to Houston her response was, Well…we aren’t moving there! But over the next few weeks God did an amazing work in both of our lives. He prepared the way, before we were even ready. I can say without a doubt, the last two years in Houston have been answers to prayers we didn’t even know we had. I am thrilled about the momentum of A.D. Players, and the people we have met through the theater community, our church, and in the Katy area have quickly made Houston home.” Kevin’s story was a little different. Kevin came to work at A.D. Players as an intern in the summer of 1999. After having studied acting in Dallas at KD Studios Actors Conservatory, and pounding the pavement of Commercial and TV auditions he felt the Lord call him to audition for a theater company in Houston he had never heard of, A.D. Players. Soon enough, he was in Houston working as an intern. In 2000, he met his soon to be wife, Jennifer, who had also come to work at A.D. Players as an intern the next year. Over the next four years they worked together and acted together until Jennifer took a position in Communications and Worship at their church. Kevin remained at the theater, working his way up through different jobs over the years. Gaining more and more experience, understanding and insight into the company. Jeannette and Kevin built a special relationship, especially in the last years of her life. Dean said, “I think there

is often a gap of understanding between leadership and employee. I didn’t always understand or agree with Mrs. George, but I could see her love for the company and her love for the Lord. In her last years, she became a very special person to me and Jennifer. Now that I am in the role of Artistic Director, I often remember things she said and they have taken on an entirely new meaning. It is a privilege that the Board saw value in me to assume this role, to take the knowledge I had of this company’s past, to pair it with Jake’s outside experience, and allow us to build on this work. I am often overwhelmed, but primarily really excited about the work that is being done, and what is ahead. I hope Houston, and the Nation eventually, will be just as excited!” Kevin’s wife Jennifer came back to work at the A.D. Players as their Marketing Director just over a year ago, and she continues to act and direct around town. They have one 3-year-old daughter (Lilian Vera) and moved to Sugar Land in May of 2018. “We love it out here! Our neighbors are wonderful, the community is so friendly. We feel very blessed to be here.” said Dean about their new residence in Fort Bend. A.D. Players wrapped up their production of West Side Story the end of July, and will be in rehearsals for their commissioned World Premiere of The Hiding Place this September. Their new building, The George Theater, sits on the corner of Westheimer and Yorktown in the Galleria. Tickets are on sale now for all of their shows in the 2019-2020 season. The Hiding Place is a beautiful story of hope and forgiveness, set during World War II, and sure to be one you won’t want to miss.

Specializing in Bringing Abundance to Katy-area Businesses with a Higher Purpose. A coach that guarantees you more profits.

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Alisa Murray’s Top Ten Best of Texas Vacation Spots By Alisa Murray Alisa Murray Travel Design As the fall months are upon us, it is time to start planning vacations for the upcoming holidays and last-minute summer celebrations. Texas has so many opportunities for fun, from beaches and camping, to urban adventures. Here’s my top 10 best vacation spots in our Lone Star State! 1. Austin – For the music lover it’s hands down and a toe tappin’ Austin City Limits where you’ll never be bored with the tunes coming from our capital city so aptly named “Live Music Capital of the World.” There’s plenty of good eats and great concerts not to mention the shopping on South Congress Avenue and the bar crawling along 6th street. 2. San Antonio – For history buffs it’s got to be the Alamo and a ride down the river on the Riverwalk Boats. If the kiddos are still looking to ride more rides they’ll find plenty at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park. You’ll find your perfect tacos and margaritas as you stroll through the many shops by the river too. Hotel Emma located in the Pear Brewery area is one of my Continued on page 42

Safari Texas

Your Premier Event Faci lity

Thank you to all our loyal customers for making us the Best Wedding and Event Venue in Fort Bend!

8 Private Ballrooms | Chapel and Gazebos | Seating for 50 - 1,000 Guests Customized Wedding Packages

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11627 FM 1464, Richmond, TX 77407 • 2 8 1 - 2 7 7 - 7 8 8 8 August / September 2019

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favorites! 3. Amarillo – If hiking and reminiscing about an old famous road are you’re thing you’ll love exploring here. Don’t forget to stop by and take in the old relics of Route 66 and spend an afternoon at the Cadillac Ranch. 4. South Padre Island – For beach lovers and seafood foodies this

spot has it all. You can wind down an afternoon of sunbathing and jet skiing with a cold pint and a plate full of fresh oysters seaside. Stay at the Port Isabel Lighthouse State Historical Park, and get that last waterslide in at the Schlitterbahn waterpark. 5. Galveston – Galveston is another fantastic beach lovers choice and you’ll find many lovely shops along the Historic Strand District.

Welcome Home.

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There’s also Moody Gardens and rides for all ages at the Pleasure Pier. 6. Big Bend National Park – For those that like to camp and enjoy the outdoors fully. This is a lot more quiet but a real treat with all the wildlife to watch. You’ll want to make sure to hike the South Rim, stop by Santa Elena Canyon and bring your camera! 7. Fredericksburg – For those that love antiques and wines this is your place! Downtown you’ll find a shopper’s paradise. A great camping spot is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area which has the perfect balance of opportunities for hikers and climbers of all levels. 8. Garner State Park – For the Texan that likes to boot scoot and ride along the river. You’ll find a cabin is the perfect accommodations for you and your family and after a day in the sunshine you can dance the night away at one of the park’s nightly gathering. 9. Corpus Christi – For both the sunbather and the historically charmed, this city has the best of both. You’ll enjoy white sandy beaches with plenty of great restaurants and a visit to USS Lexington for a lesson back in time at the Navy aircraft carrier used in World War II. 10. New Braunfels – Of course, no list of Texas best spots could

be written without a mention of a tube ride down our Guadalupe and Comal Rivers! Best yet this city has some of the best antiquing spots, live music and my absolute favorite garlic salsa and chicken tortilla soup in the entire state in Green Hall! You’ll want to pack a cooler so you can take back to Houston several jars to enjoy. Happy wandering ya’ll!

Alisa Murray Travel Design is a full-service Travel agency. We specialize in “cultivating amazing experiences that last a lifetime!” Call 713-598-2207 or visit


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1 School. You Do The Math. Complimentary Evaluation. Call Today! (281) 497-7570

Established 1949 • 6 Weeks - 8th Grade 1516 Pech Road • Houston 77055

St. Mark students: enjoy a less distracting classroom + average student-teacher ratio of 10:1

score in the top percentiles on ITBS national test + Kindergarten has scored in the 99th percentile for past 11 years

benefit from technology enhanced learning + 1:1 iPad program

+ Apple & Google certified teachers

excel in award-winning athletic and music programs + 11 varsity sports offered

thrive as graduates + Since 2004, 17 SML graduates earned high school valedictorian or salutatorian honors at five area public and private schools

GIVE YOUR CHILDREN A BRIGHT FUTURE! Tour our 18-acre campus and NEW K-8 school building conveniently located in Spring Branch near I-10 & Wirt Road.

All Abilities • Ages 7 years old to collegiate • Boys and Girls 14690 Memorial Drive • Houston, TX 77079 • (281) 497-7570

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Beat the Back-to-School Rush and schedule your eye exam this summer!

Dr. Truitt, along with the competent and caring team at Katy Vision Center, takes pride in providing thorough and thoughtful eye care for your whole family! Come experience eye care like you’ve never received before!

Come in now for a comprehensive eye health and vision check up Update your look with our large selection of stylish, designer frames! Se Habla Español Katy Vision Center – Serving Katy Since 1981

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Do you know about an event happening in the Katy area? Share your photos with us and they could be published in The Buzz About Katy! Email your photos with a short description to 1) St. John XXIII College Preparatory hosted iCan Bike camp in its competition June 3-7, 2019. iCan Bike uses adapted bicycles, a specialized instructional program, trained individuals, and upwards of 100 volunteers to enable children, eight years of age and older, with disabilities to learn to ride a two-wheel bicycle. Many of the volunteers are from local high schools, with more than a dozen students from St. John XXIII College Preparatory. 2) St. John XXIII College Preparatory students participated in a recent iCan Bike camp where they helped individuals with disabilities learn to ride a two-wheeled bike. 3) Students from Calvary Episcopal Preparatory traveled to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth recently to compete in the Private Schools Interscholastic association (PSIA) Academic Meet. 4) CEP student, Zita Chinwuba, placed 3rd in Spelling and 8th in Mathematics during the Private Schools Interscholastic association (PSIA) Academic Meet in Fort Worth. 5) Showcase Gymnastics head coach and owner, Cheryl Cupples, prays over a group of 72 Katyarea athletes on their last day of group practice before Nationals.

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The Buzz About Katy





Do you know about an event happening in the Katy area? Share your photos with us and they could be published in The Buzz About Katy! Email your photos with a short description to 1) Faith leaders of Katy and Sugarland met on June 14, 2019 to support Pete Olson, Rev. Cruz and others to discuss how to incorporate Christian values into politics. Photos provided by Leisha D’Angelo. 2) Middle School teacher, Crystal Brock, hands off a breakfast surprise to Calvary mom, Jennifer Hightower. 3) Calvary parents and administrative team showed their support in CEP’s Super Hero teachers at Teacher Appreciation week! Members of the Blue team: left to right – Sarah Kalina, Ryan Lynch, Amira Jenkins, Crystal Brock, Julianna White, Helen Jackson and Jerry Krogel. 4) Calvary faculty wanted to thank CEP parents for a great year with iced coffee, iced tea and breakfast sandwiches to start their day! A special surprise makes for a great start to the morning. 5) In a dress rehearsal preview and then three performances, the parish hall at CES Richmond was bursting with audience members eager to see Calvary talent at its 6th annual musical production in Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man Jr.”


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TD Family Dentistr y Dr. Tracy Petry & Dr. Dana Raspberry

Prayer Requests At Katy Christian Magazine, we believe in the power of prayer and we want to pray for you, your families, and our community. To share your prayer request, visit and click on “prayer requests.” Pray for Keith F. who was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. Prayers for healing and strength. Please pray for all students and teachers returning to school. Prayers for peace, comfort from anxiety or worries, and a wonderful school year. Please pray for Hannah M. of Katy, who recently broke her shoulder. Prayers for rest and recovery. Teresa B. of Katy asks that we pray for her co-worker's friend's child, who was involved in a construction accident. Please pray for peace and healing for our neighbors in El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio, and other communities who are grieving in the wake of recent tragedy. Pray for the family of Keith Fletcher, who passed away recently after a battle with cancer.

22167 WESTHEIMER PKWY., STE 110 | KATY, TX 77450

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Politics & Religion: Moral or Economic Leader? By Gary Gillen There are people, and not just liberals, who dislike President Trump so ferociously that they cannot give him credit for any of his successes. There is a conversation we need to have with our children about how we select leaders and what we should expect of them. After eight years of President Obama’s war on business regulations, which cost jobs and hurt retired savers and businesses, many voters in 2016 were looking for a president who understood business. Donald Trump fit that bill, and he has not disappointed on that score. In his first two years in office, he has done amazing things with the economy, such as giving every working American a raise through lower taxes. Democrats and the liberal media want you to think that you didn’t benefit from Trump’s presidency, but you did. Our unemployment rates are lower than ever; today, the number of vacant jobs outweigh the number of unemployed Americans. Hispanic, black, female and youth employment rates are all higher than ever before. Entrepreneur-

Grandma’s House Child Care

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Since 1984

• Alief ISD Pre-K Program • Summer Camp

14840 Branch Forest Dr.

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• 35 Years in Same Location

(281) 496-3105

• 3 Acres of Playgrounds • Air-Conditioned Gym • Outdoor Classroom and Garden

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ship is rising as new businesses risk capital to build companies. I don’t know any voters who voted for Donald Trump due to his morality alone. However, we knew his history when we elected him. But speaking of morals, let’s discuss about the other side. The ha-

tred of Trump by liberals is so strong that they have abandoned their moral compasses. Earlier this year, Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a press conference following the release of his report on the investigation into Russian interference in our elections. He carefully gave the Russians he’d indicted (but who will never face trial) the benefit of being innocent until proven guilty. This was a right that he

pointedly denied the President. Perhaps this was Mueller’s method of retribution after the President called his investigation a “witch hunt.” Yet, I did not see a single liberal media outlet call Mueller out for this hypocrisy. You might reasonably ask why liberals hate the President so much. I believe this hatred is existential to them. President Trump is simply doing what he said he would; he is reducing taxes and business regulations, and allowing us to decide how to spend our own money. These freedoms entice hatred and fear in liberals. You see, their power comes from victimhood and the politics of division and envy. If people feel empowered and successful, they stop being victims whom the liberals can exploit. When an individual feels success, the politics of envy subside. When they learn the dignity of work, they begin to recognize their value. We must educate our children about how it feels to have value; one experiences dignity from contributing to our society. We must teach them the importance of fair play; our society is hinged on fairness. We also must remind them of the golden rule: Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. Most importantly, we must explain to them the essentialness of being independent. It is dangerous to blindly follow others who tell you what to think. We must teach our children how to think, so that they can think for themselves.

Gary Gillen owns and operates Gillen Pest Control in Richmond, Texas. He is the only person in history to have served on both the Richmond City Commission and the Rosenberg City Council. He was the chairman of the Republican Party of Fort Bend County from 2006 to 2007. He can be reached at

FREE PASTOR’S RETREAT Register today for a FREE 3-night, 4-day retreat for pastors and their wives at Jordan Ranch. No agenda. Just time with God and your spouse. Register online at For more information, contact

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Katy Christian Magazine's

It's Back-to-School time! That means a new school year and finding a new routine for you and your family. Whether it's after-school care, a new preschool for your little ones, or you're thinking about going back to school yourself – we have you covered. We've compiled our picks for some of the top preschools, K-12 schools, colleges & universities, and after-school programs in the Katy area.

Alecia Stringer’s Music Fun Studio All ages welcome!

(346) 360-3386

Alecia Stringer is an experienced music instructor providing piano, voice, and preschool music lessons. Alecia has more than 20+ years of experience and uses a progressive method in teaching. All ages from babies to adults are welcome! Set up your free trial lesson today!

Belhaven University Adult education, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees

15115 Park Row, Suite 175 Houston, TX 77084 (281) 579-9977

Belhaven University is the premier destination for Houston residents who want to complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree quickly and affordably. Belhaven offers a high-quality Christian adult studies program that delivers accelerated adult education and graduate degrees that are tailored to the needs of busy working adults. Belhaven provides students with small class sizes, experienced faculty and a career-relevant curriculum. At Belhaven, adults are given the opportunity to develop their unique gifts and abilities in ways that a large, impersonal university never could. Furthermore, Belhaven focuses on the busy adult, offering classes that meet just once a week so that students can keep their lives outside the classroom. Belhaven’s curriculum integrated the Christian worldview with the latest theory and practice, so that individuals will be prepared for the rapidly changing world. Belhaven has been named one of America’s Best Christian Colleges every year since 1996. Enroll soon to become a successful Belhaven graduate with the tools needed to thrive in today’s global economy!

Carson’s Art School 6 years old – adults

5131 South Fry Road Suite 600 Katy, TX 77450 (281) 507-3039

Carson’s Art School develops the individual talents within each student, stressing drawing and fundamental skills to free up an artist’s true creativity. CAS’s one-on-one style of teaching allows students to learn at their own pace, draw the subject matter they like, and use a medium they prefer. Shawn Carson has over 35 years of experience teaching art to all ages and different skill levels and can help anyone reach a higher level of artistic ability. Students range from age 6 to Adult. Regardless of prior experience and skill level, CAS has a program for you. Classes are available during the day, after school, at night and on Saturdays.

50 • For Advertising Information, Call (281) 741-8317 •

August / September 2019

CAS also offers popular camps during summer, Christmas and spring break. This year, CAS is starting a unique art program called “Drawn to His Presence.” This program is for the artistic Christian who wants to use their talents to Praise the Lord, and to reach out and touch others that need Him. This can become a personal outreach ministry or simply inspire individuals to build a closer creative relationship with the Lord. CAS is excited to start a new chapter in its story with a brand-new location on South Fry Road, just off Mason Road. It is beautiful spot that CAS can’t wait to share with the local community. Sign up for classes in person, over the phone, or online!

curriculum is based on an age-appropriate, comprehensive learning approach, incorporating character values like integrity, fairness and honesty. Children’s Lighthouse is not just a typical daycare; it provides a family-focused educational school based on developing children academically and emotionally. Education and strong character values guide the philosophy of the innovative Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S. curriculum. Call today for more information!

Counter’s Tutoring Connection

Fort Bend ISD, Lamar Consolidated ISD, Cyfair ISD, Fulshear ISD, Houston ISD, Brookshire ISD, Alief ISD, and various private schools and home school organizations and we believe that anyone can learn and everyone has something to give. Empower. Educate. Excel... that’s our promise to you. We look forward to meeting your student soon and getting him/her on their road to success!

Cypress Christian School Kindergarten – 12th grade

Kindergarten – 12th grade

Children’s Lighthouse 6 weeks – 12 years

24662 Kingsland Blvd. Katy, Texas 77494 (832) 341-6621

20225 Kingsland Blvd Katy, TX 77450 (281) 770-4893

Children’s Lighthouse leads the way in valuesbased early childhood education. It provides care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. The Lighthouse C.A.R.E.S.

Counter’s Tutoring Connection helps students reach their full potential in reading, writing, math, science, Spanish, special education, and English as a second language through homework help, study skills & test preparation and individualized instruction by certified teachers. We work with students from from Katy ISD,

11123 Cypress N. Houston Road Houston, TX 77065 (281) 469-8829

Cypress Christian School is a private K - 12 Christian school in Northwest Houston. The CCS mission is to develop Christ-like character and intellectual competence in all students, and to push the student body to achieve maximum academic and personal success. CCS recognizes parents’ essential role in their children’s development, and strives for a partnership between the

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“From the first time we visit your home or business, you will recognize we are no ordinary pest control company!” –- Gary Gillen


TPCL #58

Home or Commercial Pest Control * Rodent Exclusion Termite & Mosquito Control * Tree & Lawn Fertilization Flea & Tick Control

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school and the home. CCS offers a well-balanced education including award winning programs in academics, fine arts and athletics. Students develop a strong foundation in reading and writing skills, critical thinking, the ability to apply mathematical concepts, and a broad understanding of the sciences and humanities. For upperclassmen, the curriculum is designed to increase collegereadiness by providing the academic background needed to succeed in a degree program at a college or university. CCS students consistently score above the national averages in both the SAT and ACT. Honors level courses, as well as dual credit and AP classes, are available. Call today to schedule a tour of Cypress Christian School!

Eagles on the Rock Academy 18 months – 8 years old

433 S. Barker Cypress Road Houston, TX 77094 (281) 945-4540

Sitting on a spacious 7.5-acre campus, Eagles on the Rock Academy provides students with a high-quality Christian education while maintaining reasonable prices. ERA has a low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows for a more personalized learning experience. Teachers are dedicated to creating an environment that balances responsibility and freedom, in which students can grow in honesty, integrity and respect. At ERA, youth from 18-months-old to 8-years-old receive a high level, trilingual education. An additional grade level will be opened each year in order to further serve the community. ERA follows the curriculum set forth by the French Ministry of Education, which encourages analytic and critical thinking; this curriculum is then adapted in Spanish and English. Students study the same themes and books in each language, taught by qualified educators in each target language. In addition to its immersive and diverse curriculum, ERA offers students unique classes in gardening, music, choir, fitness, applied art, drama/theater, and introductory science courses. Classrooms are large and bright, and all teachers are highly skilled. At ERA, all students are challenged both cognitively and spiritually. Register for the upcoming school year today

Faith West Academy 3 years old – 12th grade

2225 Porter Road Katy, TX 77493 (281) 391-5683

Since 1982, Katy’s oldest and largest private school, Faith West Academy, continues to uphold core values of reverence for God; respect for ourselves, others and authority, and responsibility for one’s actions. FWA is inter-denominational and is known for its high academic standards and Christian Worldview education. FWA provides a safe, Christian environment for preschool (starting at age 3) through 12th grade. As an extension of the preschool, FWA hosts a popular Mother’s Day Out Program that enrolls students as early as 15-months-old. FWA serves a growing number of international students seeking studies in America by providing them with on-campus boarding facilities. The FWA motto is Excellence Without Compromise! To help students develop spiritually, FWA offers weekly chapel, daily Bible classes and Biblical integration in all classes. FWA also offers strong core curriculum, Accelerated, Pre-Advanced Placement, and Advanced Placed courses for 6th -12th grade students, individualized learning where advanced or struggling students move at a pace that fits their abilities, and “A la Carte” classes for home-schooled junior high and high school students. To promote physical and artistic excellence, FWA offers weekly PE and music classes, along with daily outdoor recesses for elementary school students. Junior high and high school students can engage in many different competitive athletic programs. Schedule a tour with FWA right away!

Fort Bend Christian Academy Pre-K – 12th grade

1250 Seventh Street Sugar Land, TX 77478 (281) 263-9105

Fort Bend Christian Academy is the first choice for committed Christian families in Fort Bend County and the surrounding Houston area. FBCA is a pre-k through grade 12 school located on a 35-acre campus in the heart of Sugar Land, Texas. Students at FBCA receive an academically challenging course of study with curriculum designed to provide a superior spiritual and intellectual environment. Fifty different Honors and Advanced Placement classes are offered at the upper school level, and middle school students with accelerated educational development may also participate in

an honors curriculum. Spiritually, academically and professionally qualified, all teaching staff are certified educators, many possessing a master’s degree or higher. FBCA features enrichment classes, competitive athletics, before and after school programs, nationally-recognized clubs and exceptional community service and philanthropic involvement. Students hold multiple state championships in athletics and fine arts. The school has produced a number of National Merit Scholars, and 100% of graduates enroll in college or enlist in the military, with most students attending their first-choice university. Alumni serve in various career fields, and many obtain postgraduate degrees in law, medicine, engineering and more. Come experience FBCA for yourself and discover your passions, your place and your purpose!

Marine Military Academy 7th – 12th grade

320 Iwo Jima Blvd. Harlingen, TX 78550 (956) 423-6006

Marine Military Academy has been helping boys realize their full potential since 1965. MMA offers both solutions and opportunities. The purpose at MMA is to inspire positive academic, physical and moral growth. To achieve this, MMA provides a disciplined, distraction-free setting that allows cadets to focus on their educational and personal development. Throughout this journey, cadets learn to take ownership of their lives and develop the tools they need to succeed; not only in college, but in life. The proven educational model at MMA helps boys earn higher grades, develop exceptional character and maturity, and plan their short and long-term goals for the future. The student body consists of 7th grade through 12th grade, with an optional post-graduate year. MMA also offers a four-week summer camp program for boys, ages 11 – 18. MMA is a family made up of staff, teachers, drill instructors, coaches, parents and mentors, all working to provide an environment that ensures academic success and helps young men mature and to have fun. MMA is a choice for young men from all over the country and the world. MMA does not discriminate based on race, religion or national origin. For more information, call MMA today!

Parisi Speed School Junior high students – adults

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August / September 2019

Primrose School of Woodcreek Reserve Preschool

14690 Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77079 (281) 497-7570


Kids will excel both physically and mentally at the Parisi Speed School. Parisi, established in 1992, has a reputation speaks for itself; with rigorous training methods and specially trained performance coaches, Parisi has produced over 190 NFL draft picks! Parisi aims to provide both children, teens and adults alike with a positive training experience. Parisi has the primary objectives of improving speed of movement and strength in moral integrity. Parisi students will see clear results in performance and self-confidence in the Parisi programs. Trainers work with individuals in a semi-private group format to teach proper form and technique of athletic movement. Athletes will learn how to run faster, jump higher, be more agile and coordinated, and build strength.

1249 FM 1463 Katy, TX 77494 (281) 371-0099 Primrose Academy pays close attention to all facets of a child’s growth including emotional, social, physical, creative, cognitive and character development. Primrose has proprietary programs in music, art, gardening, life skills and foreign languages that were developed specifically for its curriculum. When it comes to helping children reach their full potential, Primrose leaves no stone unskipped, unpainted or

unturned. Primrose recognizes that each child learns in different ways. Because of this, the Primrose “Balanced Learning” approach provides teachers with the tools and guidance to accommodate children’s natural curiosity and to fully support each child while building problem solving skills and confidence. Primrose offers well-rounded and extensive classes in Language and Literacy, Physical Development, Science and Engineering, Social Studies, Social and Emotional Development, Creative Arts and Math. Children from infancy to Kindergarten are welcome at Primrose. Please visit the website for more information!

St. Mark Lutheran School 6 weeks – 8th grade


Pre-Kindergarten – College

Helping students reach their full potential! Reading • Writing • Math • Science Spanish • Special Education English As a Second Language Homework Help • Study Skills & Test Preparation Individualized instruction taught by certified teachers. (832) 341-6621 | 24662 Kingsland Blvd. | Katy, Texas 77494

August / September 2019

For Advertising Information, Call (281) 741-8317 • • 53

1516 Pech Road Houston, TX 77055 (713) 468-2623 St. Mark Lutheran School knows that you want your kids to be confident and successful. In order to achieve that, you need a school with an atmosphere that promotes well-rounded growth. The problem is that many schools only focus on academics, which causes students to feel anxious and overwhelmed. At St. Mark, students are taught how to thrive both academically and emotionally. St. Mark has a history of preparing students for the next step in their education. Since 2004, 17 St. Mark graduates were named valedictorian or salutatorian at five local high schools. Visit St. Mark so your student can quit feeling anxious and instead thrive in an environment that will set them up for long-term success. Schedule a tour today!

The Bible Seminary Adults

2655 S. Mason Road Katy, TX 77450 (281) 646-1109 Founded in 2008, The Bible Seminary strives to provide adults with a learning environment and support services that enable students to pursue a Christian education while learning how to lead a Christ-like life. Programs at TLS include Bible Certificate, Licensed Professional, Dual Degree Completion, Master of Arts and Master of Divinity. TLS exists to glory God by training Christian believers in a context of biblical community in all 66 books in the Bible, so that they can serve the local church and fulfill the Great Commission by the power of God’s Spirit. At TLS, a journey of theological education glorifies the Lord, is rooted in His Word, and nurtures an intimate, faithful and trusting relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. TLS helps students cultivate a contextual and increasingly profound understanding of God, creation and the intangible. Students will graduate equipped with relevant experiences, knowledge, relationships, training and tools for a lifetime of ministry leadership. Students at TLS learn to incorporate the seven core values – the Lordship of Christ, the Bible as the fully true Word of God, Prayer, Unreached Peoples, the Local Church, Community and Compassion. Pursue new spiritual heights at TLS today!

West Oaks Private School 6 weeks – 12 years old

14840 Branch Forest Drive Houston, TX 77082 (281) 496-3105

West Oaks Private Pre-School, founded in 1984, views each child as a unique person with an individual pattern and timing for growth and development. The center creates an environment in which children can grow cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially at their own rate. Young children learn by acting upon their environment – exploring, testing, observing – and by watching others. The specific learning needs of children come first at West Oaks. At West Oaks, teachers and staff are specialists in early childhood development. The West Oaks team is passionate about working with young children, is responsive to their needs, and encourages them as they become increasingly more self-sufficient and independent. West Oaks believes in balancing its curriculum with enrichment activities which are aimed at opening a child’s artistic and creative awareness and talents. The West Oaks curriculum recognizes that children thrive in environments where they’re provided multiple avenues to learn, grow and progress. Students practice decision making by selecting activities from a variety of learning centers. They express themselves creatively through art, music, dramatic play and use of unstructured material. Children participate in physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills, and engage in language arts, math, reading and science. The developmentally appropriate learning methods at West Oaks, combined with what parents teach their children, form the foundation from which they become lifelong learners. That journey is filled with questioning, instead of just answering. Schedule a tour today!

Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy 3 years old – 8th grade

you may have about Westlake Academy!

Wisely Music Learning Toddlers –14 years old

25830 Westheimer Pkwy., Suite 750 Katy, TX 77494 (281) 581-8070

Wisely Music Learning offers individual and group music lessons for toddlers through students 14 years old. We help students at all levels – from beginning to advanced – improve their skills with voice, piano, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar, electric bass, double bass, drums and drumline percussion. Individual lessons are offered in 30, 45, and 60-minute blocks based on an individual student’s age and skill level. During individual lessons, students are able to take advantage of the instructor’s full attention and quickly learn music skill and theory. Music Together ® is our mixed-age music class, for children from birth through age 5— and the grownups who love them! Gathering babies, toddlers, and preschoolers together makes each class fun for all. There are lots of group activities for kids out there, but Music Together ® offers a true family music class for the youngest infant to the oldest great-grandparent, and everyone in between. Imagine an extended family with a dozen or more kids and a bunch of caring adults, and you’ll get the idea!

23300 Bellaire Blvd. Richmond, TX 77406 (281) 341-9910

Westlake Preparatory Lutheran Academy is a private Christian school where children are more than just numbers. Each student is a special, unique and beloved child of God. The teachers see their vocation as a true calling, not just a job. They know that every child is a gift from God and that He has entrusted them to provide a faith-based education that promotes spiritual growth and academic excellence. The teachers integrate the intangibles of faith, morals, ethics and service in the classroom as each student pursues a solid academic foundation that prepares them for today, tomorrow and eternity. Westlake is a fully accredited and continuously growing college preparatory school. It serves students in the Katy, Richmond and Fort Bend areas. Westlake offers vigorous extracurricular activities, such as volleyball, soccer and basketball. Reach out today with any questions

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P’s Pocket By Lily Palmer Exec. Director of Business Development

Serving Houston, Katy, Cypress, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Pasadena, & more.

Companionship & Specialized Care

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Teenager Success 101: Coach Kids to Success

Experience the Makena Difference!

When Rebecca Deurlein wrapped up her 24th year as an educator, she knew she didn’t want to leave the field entirely. After all, she still loved teaching, just not the direction education was taking. A true lover of teenagers, Deurlein had written a parenting book on dealing with an age group that often brings frustration to parents. The book, entitled Teenagers 101, was a hit within the parenting community and led to speaking engagements and requests for educational consulting services. All exciting to Deurlein, but she missed her interactions with teenagers. How could she continue to support teens as they navigated the road from middle school through college acceptance? That’s when the idea of Teenager Success 101 was born. A one-on-one coaching service that helps kids set goals and reach them, the business has taken off nationally because it takes into consideration every aspect of teens’ lives. “The vast majority of our clients were referred by happy parents and kids,” explained Deurlein. “Our clients reach their goals because we build relationships with them and care about their achievement.

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Whatever they want to accomplish, we meet them where they are and help them get there.” Clients can start as young as 6th grade. Deurlein said that most of her younger clients struggle with organization and really benefit from help in that area, along with study skills, prioritizing, and focusing. “Once kids hit high school, we have teachers available for support in every subject area. We have outstanding success with our SAT and ACT Prep courses. And our kids overwhelmingly get into the college of their choice with our application and college essay assistance programs. We even help kids earn scholarships, both through their university and nationwide.” Deurlein attributes the business’s success to the team of educators on her staff. She only wanted the best of the best, so she called former co-workers, all with 20+ years’ experience and proven results; explained her business model; and invited them to join her team. Video conferencing in from Houston, Atlanta, Pennsylvania, Chicago, and even Buenos Aries, Argentina, the teachers meet with kids from all over the nation at whatever time works for them. “Busy kids and parents love it,” Deurlein said, “because no one has to drive anywhere

or waste time getting to a location. They can be in their pajamas or baseball uniform, eating a bowl of cereal, with a dog in their lap, and we’re perfectly fine with that. The more comfortable they are, the more they can concentrate on instruction.” Deurlein herself taught in award-winning schools in five different states and her students consistently out-performed their peers on standardized and AP exams. After a lifetime of teaching and working with curriculum, Deurlein saw the results when teachers connected with their students and spent time with them. “I had no desire to create a quick-fix learning center where kids use a study guide and are clumped in with other kids of varying abilities and knowledge. How does that help kids reach their full potential? Our program is customized to each client. The team’s warmth, acceptance, and extensive experience with teens helps them to build relationships and motivate their students to mastery.” In addition, Deurlein works with parents to help them connect to their kids and be better sources of support. She recognizes how hard this age group can be on the family dynamic and strives to take the burden of “nagging” off the parents and transfer it to herself. She Continued on page 58

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Mexican WoodFireD Pizzeria C reate Your Own Pizza! Daily Happy Hour!

We Service All Makes and Models Providing Quality Service for Over 45 Years

981 S. Mason Rd, 77450, Katy Tx

(281) 392-9334 • TACLB004843E

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Call (281) 646-9677 to order Take out and Delivery available

C reate Your Own

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ensures that kids do their homework, study for tests, and talk to the teacher for clarification, and parents are freed up to just enjoy their kids. “I’ve had parents tell me that their relationships with their kids improved tremendously once we stepped in. Teenagers can be difficult. There’s no shame in asking for help - that’s what we’re here for.” And Deurlein has a lot of happy clients to attest to that. She feels strongly that it takes a village to truly help a child reach full potential. “Teenager Success 101 is a trifecta of excellent teaching, willing students, and supportive parents. We bring those essential components together for true growth and success for our clients.”

For more information and to help this school year be the best ever for your kids and yourself, check out or call Dr. Rebecca Deurlein at 678-644-9664 to set up a free consultation.

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Wisely Music Learning offers music services for all ages & skills levels, including: Music Together Summer Camp (8 Weeks) Join us for weekly 45-minute classes for eight weeks. Participants will receive a Music Together ® at Home booklet (new families only), access to parent education materials, and professional recording of music to be covered in the session (CD and digital download). Classes run 6/10 through 8/03. Students from babies to 5 years old.

Music Production Summer Camp (1 Week) Our music production summer camp gives students a hands-on experience with workflows in modern music production. They’ll learn how to record, mix, edit, and produce their own digital tracks and music videos. Classes run Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. One-week classes begin 6/24 & 7/08. Students ages 10 - 16.

Suzuki String Summer Camp (1 Week)

Sue E. West

Personal Injury Attorney “My greatest reward is helping my clients feel a renewed sense of justice that was lost when they were unjustly injured due to someone else’s negligence.”

(281) 347-FAIR (3247)

Available 24/7 • Se Habla Español

810 S. Hwy. 6, Ste. 215 • Houston, TX 77079

For violin, viola, cello and double bass students of all levels – from Suzuki book 1 and up. Camp runs one week, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Tuesday thru Saturday with a concert at 7 p.m. Saturday. Students will be assigned in a group class according to their corresponding book levels and will develop the sensibility to support and listen each other in solo repertories. Classes run 6/11-15 & 6/18-22. Open to students age 6 and up. Learn More at


25830 Westheimer Pkwy. Suite 750 • Katy, TX 77494

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Fluor Corporation Instrumental in Building Local Autism Nonprofit By Julie Shaw Noel Hope for Three Every dream starts with inspiration, a little bit of hope, and most times, someone that steps up to help. Hope For Three, a Fort Bend county nonprofit focusing exclusively on autism spectrum disorder, was inspired by a family of six, with identical triplets on the autism spectrum. The mother, Hope, and her husband Eric endured the heartbreaking process of discovering this disorder at an early age. The signs became concerning when at two and half, Lakin, the little leader of the group, could no longer recite her ABC’s, did not want to play with her siblings and quit making eye contact. Within six months of this happening the other two girls began showing the same characteristics. The search for the right doctors, insurance, schooling and support, cost the family mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Family friend, Darla Farmer, was one of the first to recognize the family needed support. She founded Hope For Three, Hope for the mother’s name, and the three girls, in 2011 to provide resources, referrals and support in the form of financial aid,

August / September 2019

for this family and the nearly 5,000 children diagnosed with ASD enrolled in the Fort Bend County public school systems. Orchestrated solely by volunteers and working from a personal business office, the nonprofit needed funding to expand. In a plea for Continued on page 60

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KATY’S TRUSTED CONCRETE LEVELING COMPANY 2-Year Unconditional Warranty Your Trip Hazard Removal Experts.

Are You Ready for Spring?

Established in 2015 as the first company in Katy to use polyurethane foam.

Schedule a Maid Right Clean.

Family-owned business, operator-owned cleaning teams Insured / bonded / background checked Hepa vacuum and eco products High dusting & baseboards included in our standard clean Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services.

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Our skilled Technicians can level sinking concrete slabs, swimming pools, driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, roadways and parking lots. We also repair expansion joints. We do foundation repairs on detached garages.

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assistance, and the next milestone in getting help, Farmer applied to, and was awarded, one of two event beneficiaries of Flour’s Golf for Greater Houston Charity Tournament. At the conclusion of the event, and on March 25, 2012, the triplet’s sixth birthday, and less than a year of establishing the nonprofit, the organization received $50,000. This funding propelled Hope For Three’s mission to serve families in need. With this money they were able to give financial support to several families to access a higher quality of care at the earliest stage of their children’s lives. Thanks to the generosity of the Fluor Cares volunteers, Hope For Three was awarded event beneficiary for a second year in 2013 earning $71,250. The assistance from Fluor in these first two years positioned Hope For Three as the leading autism advocacy group in Fort Bend County helping thousands of families over the years. Since then Fluor Corporation, headquartered in Sugar Land, and one of the world’s largest engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and maintenance companies, has grown its Golf for Greater Houston Charity Tournament to benefit 11 charities, including Hope For Three. The 2019 event takes place Monday, September 30 at Shadow Hawk and Black Hawk Country Clubs. Visit for more information on how to support local nonprofits. To assist families sustaining a life within the autism spectrum, visit or call 281-245-0640. Photo Credit: Fluor Corporation. Left to right: Megan DaGata, Mary Ann Manthei, Julie Noel, Corey McShannon, Kelly Schoenherr, Dylan Burke, Paul Byrnes, Tendai Mushambi, Joe Cunneff, Rebecca Schoenherr, Rafael Alvarez, Nicklaus Jeffreys, Darla Farmer, April Nemec (behind Darla) Nick Mumme, and Matt Torres. Not Pictured: Barbara Jones, Frank Dishongh, Kurt Wendt, and Victor Vann.

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Booked Markets for Summer 2019 June 6,7,8 – Pop Up inside Cypress Classic Hair in Cypress, TX June 15 – Katy Market Days July 20 – Katy Market Days August 3 – The White Party at Hochzeit Hall in Spring, TX August 17 – Katy Market Days

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Caring for Women of Each Generation

Katy Women’s Care

Dr. Selina Lin

Dr. Alicia Sanders

Dr. Dominique Cleveland

Women’s Healthcare Physicians Thorough Gynecological Services Complete Obstetrical Care daVinci Robotic Surgery Novasure procedure for abnormal bleeding Menopausal treatment and counseling HPV Vaccine for patients between the ages of 14 - 26 First gynecologic visit for teens to establish healthy self-care patterns

23920 Katy Freeway, Suite 440 Call Today: (281) 392-2266

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Katy & Bend was created by Johnny Hawkins. Since 1986, over 32,000 of his cartoons have appeared in leading publications such as Christianity Today, Today’s Christian Living, Guideposts, Reader’s Digest, Woman’s World, Faith Today, Focus on the Family and over 900 other publications.

Our goal is to promote the businesses, people, and ministries of Katy, Fulshear, and West Houston, as Christians, promoting members’ businesses, ministries and services, and helping those in need through serving the community and the world together. Join us for our monthly breakfast meeting featuring buffet style food, drink, dynamic speakers and networking. For locations and information, visit

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KT Antiques Mall 5614 2nd St., Katy, TX 77493 281-391-2299

48 Dealers | 12,000 Sq. Ft. Antiques, Collectibles, Vintage & Found Treasures Monday - Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Sunday 12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. or visit us on Facebook!

happens here Graduates are continuing their educations at MIT, USC, Cornell, Boston University, The University of Texas at Austin, Washington and Lee, The University of California Berkeley, US Marine Corps, and more.

281-263-9105 | 1250 Seventh Street, Sugar Land, TX 77478


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Recipe: Keto Chicken Parmesan By Hannah Menslage

Ingredients: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1 (8 oz.) boneless, skinless chicken breast 1 egg 1 tbsp. heavy whipping cream 1 ½ oz. pork rinds, crushed 1 oz. grated Parmesan cheese

½ tsp. salt ½ tsp. garlic powder ½ tsp. ground red pepper flakes (optional) ½ tsp. ground black pepper ½ tsp. Italian seasoning ½ cup jarred tomato sauce ½ cup shredded mozzarella cheese 1 tbsp. ghee (clarified butter)

Directions: 1. Set oven rack about 6 inches from the heat source and preheat the oven's broiler. 2. Slice chicken breast through the middle horizontally from one side to within 1/2 inch of the other side. Open the two sides and spread them out like an open book. Pound chicken flat until about 1/2-inch thick. 3. Beat egg and cream together in a bowl. 4. Combine crushed pork rinds, Parmesan cheese, salt, garlic powder, red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, and Italian seasoning in bowl; transfer breading to a plate. 5. Dip chicken into egg mixture; coat completely. Press chicken into breading; thickly coat both sides. 6. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat; add ghee. Place chicken in the pan; cook until no longer pink in the center and the


Middle School Now Open Dedicated to providing academic excellence and spiritual growth that equips our students to become courageous leaders as they serve Jesus Christ in our changing world. | 281-341-9910 23300 Bellaire Blvd. | Richmond, TX 77406


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juices run clear, about 3 minutes per side. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center should read at least 165 degrees F (74 degrees C). Be careful to keep breading in place. 7. Transfer chicken to a baking sheet. Cover with tomato sauce; top with mozzarella cheese. 8. Broil until cheese is bubbling and barely browned, about 2 minutes. Prep: 20 min. | Cook: 8 min. | Ready: 28 min.

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SERVICING ALL MAKES AND MODELS QuickLane Rosenberg Service Center 27225 Southwest Frwy Rosenberg, TX 77471



QuickLane Katy Service Center

23301 FM 1093 Rd. Richmond, TX 77406


Synthetic Blend Oil Change • Tire Rotation & Pressure Check • Brake Inspection Vehicle Check-Up • Fluid Top-Off Battery Test • Filter Check Belts and Hoses Check *Up to five quarts of Motorcraft® Synthetic Blend oil and Motorcraft or Omnicraft™ oil filter. Taxes, diesel vehicles and disposal fees extra. Hybrid battery test excluded. Offer valid 4/01/18 to 6/30/18. Offer not available in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Quick Lane® and Motorcraft are registered trademarks of Ford Motor Company. Omnicraft is a trademark of Ford Motor Company. See participating U.S. Quick Lane® for exclusions and details.

Family Owned and Operated

Largest Tire Selection in Fort Bend County

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Get More... SHOP OUR THREE AREA LOCATIONS! 873 S. MASON ROAD KATY, TX 77450 (281) 398-2319

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10009 HWY. 6 SOUTH SUGAR LAND, TX 77498 (281) 564-1345

246271 I45 N., STE. A THE WOODLANDS, TX 77380 (832) 813-0813

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Awards for Excellence Pinnacle Winner 2015








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Profile for Katy Christian Magazine

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019  

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019  

Katy Christian Magazine | August - September 2019