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APRIL 2014

From Cake Boss Buddy Valastro as you never see him.

Interviews that will change your life

Ramsay Gordon’s World’s Best yelling chef Chocolates that will save Cookbook career your life!

Editorial By Katya Wilhelmy

#Food is a new sophisticated magazine where students make researches about one of the most important things in life, food. There is a lot of food around the world according to different cultures that can seem weird to us. Sometimes we ran out of ideas to cook, but is really easy to innovate and have fun with food, you only need to use your imagination. In this magazine we will show you how to be creative while you’re cooking. Creativity, innovation and lots of imagination is what defines #Food, you will see the joy of our writers page by page. #Food is not only about recipes, we do our best in order to give you information, curious facts, and everything that surrounds food. Sweets, gourmet food, snacks, and everything you can imagine has a history, like Carlo’s bakery, that is a worldwide famous bakery and has a TV show! Or Ramsay Gordon who is the most recognized chef in the world. #Food will introduce you to the food world. Read the articles with cheer, you will never regret! Our six writers did their best job in order to be the best food magazine.

Easiest cookbook

I f you consider yourself as a cook master, Le Technique will show you some new ways to

criticism by improve your meals. Jacques PepinLiterary is the writer

of this book as a worldwide recognized chef, who was the private chef for three French heads of

the state. I consider this book as a fundamental guide for cooking, it will teach you from the

most basic dishes to the gourmet meal in 470 pages.

Some discerning palates only accept detailed

cooked food, this book will teach you step by step how to make perfect salads, soups, dishes, and

delicious desserts, as the same time that teaches you techniques you need in order to cook all

your life. This is a great book for people who have kitchen tools, you don’t need any

experience to start cooking, you only need to make a little effort. I found instructions well explained and really clear pictures.

Pepin became a great teacher with

this cookbook, Katya WilhelmyI highly recommend this book to anyone that is serious

about cooking or have cooking skills. I consider that 470 pages are enough

to introduce you to the cooking world, as you browse page by page you will

notice you can improve your cooking skills while you impress your family and friends

Ramsay Gordon Yelling Career Profile by Katya Wilhelmy

Not everyone has the ability of cooking, neither doing it in front of people. Gordon Ramsay is a different kind of man, he knows he is a good chef so his temperament explodes when someone is not doing the right thing.

attack as all the other members of the family, including Ramsay. The behavior his father showed to them was the main reason of his famous yelling actions on TV.

The world wide chef Gordon Ramsay was born in England on November 8, 1966. In his early life he lived with both parents and three brothers. He moved constantly from a city to another. His father was a violent man, he usually showed signs of domestic

football career when he started working as a commis chef at the Wroxton House Hotel.

He was interested in cooking since he was nineteen years old, in that time Gordon had a scholarship for being an outstanding athlete. But he left his

Ramsay moved to London and worked on a a restaurant series. In 1933 Ramsay was offered the position of head chef at the Three

high-quality restaurant. The difficulty in this show is that they have to pleasure Ramsay’s discerning palate and handle with his yells. After the show three persons have committed suicide because of the depression of not being selected. Michelin Starred La Tante Claire. In 1998 Ramsay opened his own restaurant in Chelsea, named “Restaurant Gordon Ramsay” with the help of his father in-law. Since that moment Ramsay’s restaurants expanded to famous hotels and to other countries.

Ramsay appeared in TV shows as a special guest, but he turned worldwide famous in 2005 when “Hell’s Kitchen” TV show went on air on FOX. In this show 12 contestants compete in order to be the head of one Ramsay’s

Ramsay is 47 years old and he is the most famous chef in the world. His restaurants will continue to be considered one of the best high quality and first class places.

Ramsay Gordon’s fame turned him into a worldwideweb meme

Grandma’ s Flavor

Interview by Katya Wilhelmy

We all agree that grandma’s food is the most delicious food that a member of our family can cook. I interviewed my grandma Beatriz who is 61 years old. Since when have you been cooking? My childhood was different than yours, at that time all the girls had to cook for their families, even when the whole family has reunited on Sundays. I learned to cook when I was around 9 years old.

What dish do you prefer to cook? I have no preference in cooking, but I think the most typical and perfect ingredient is chili, so I like to cook anything that has chili on it.

When you reunited with sons and grandsons, What does your family love more? All of my grandsons have different tastes talking about food, but everybody agree that Mexican food is the best one.

Do you think that grandma put special flavor on the food? Not really, the thing is that all grandmas in the world do everything with love and we try to coddle our families. What was your favorite dish when you were a child? I think that gorditas with milk after church that my mom baked every Sunday

Have you create a delicious weird dish? A lot


Do you have a special flavor for your dishes?

actually (laughs), like bolognia tacos shrimp tortitas

As I said before, I think that everything can be joined with a spicy homemade sauce.

Crunchy Snacks Personal Experience by Katya Wilhelmy

I used to think that eating food that is not of our culture was really gross and not fetch, like eating raw animal meat. One day my dad brought us some weird packages with “snacks” he used to eat when he was young. I didn’t notice that the tag had an announcement that said “energy 100% guaranteed”, but when I did I couldn’t figured out why a small plastic bag can contain protein to keep you awake all day long. The odor that the plastic bag expelled was unusual, then I opened it. I got scared when I saw a four hundred insect legs pointing to my face. I screamed, really loud, how

could my dad imagine I would eat that? I threw away the package and the thing went worse, because one hundred grasshoppers came out of the bag and I had to clean them up. A few hours later my sister came into my room with a plate. She eats chips really often, so I thought she was eating some of them with lemon juice and hot sauce. I was wrong. When she brought closer the plate I saw the grasshoppers swimming in hot sauce I was disgusted with that image.

But what is life if you don’t take any challenge, what is life if you don’t try something new? So I did something unexpected, I took one of those spicy insects and put it in my mouth, the crunchy shelter thunder in my

palate. As I was chewing I imagined millions of alive grasshoppers on my tongue. I finished that unusual snack thinking that I was such a girl and it wasn’t that bad.

Services by Mariela Sauceda “Nutre a un niño” is a Mexican nonprofits institution, whose work is focused on vulnerable communities to eradicate child malnutrition and break the lack of opportunities for families that are in poverty.

Following the hurricane Pauline, that’s swept the Costa Chica of Guerrero in September 1997, an emerging support in rebuilding communities Cuajinicuilapa Township war organized. The situation of vulnerability was evident. This association started in 2002, and got the values of integrity, commitment, responsibility, solidarity, respect, and confidence.

People can help and share to the association making deposit in the BBVA Bancomer bank, count #00134664191 with the key: 0121 800 0134 6641 917 or donate in species like: •

Non-perishable food such as milk powder

Rice, beans, lentils, canned food, toiletries, etc…

Articles of personal hygiene like: tooth paste, tooth brush, and soap.

These are some of the achievements that the association has had: •

More of 2,000 children serve. •

More of 48,000 nutritional groceries delivered.

More of 7,000 drugs delivered.

More of 5,000 average annual consultations.

More of 3,500 children have received early stimulation with a manual developed and published by the institution.

More of 1,000 trained parents’ workshops on nutrition, health, hygiene, agriculture and organic poultry and green technologies.

Integration of more than 1,000 students and volunteers in community action forming partnerships with educational institutions and businesses. They have built a participatory manner: efficient stoves 212 in the state of Mexico and Guerrero. 90% of users have noticed health benefits for children. Decreased 48.4% monthly using firewood.

55 dry baths Acambay in communities, state of Mexico.

57 beds vermicompost in Acambay, state of Mexico. 87% use it for their crops. Households with organic gardens 57 in the state of Mexico. 84% use their subsistence crop. the 16% consume what they g row an d sell.


1. What procedures were taken in your operation? They put me an epidural and general anesthesia, then made me six holes, 3 large and 3 small, in the abdominal area to introduce instruments for laparoscopic surgery, I was filled with a gas in stomach and left me there one tenth of my stomach , which is glued to the esophagus, and the together with the jejunum to continue functioning. 2. Why did you decide to have a surgery? For a long time and in many ways try to lose weight and not succeeded, I diet, I attended compulsive eaters, use drugs, I took diet weight watchers, went to a nutritionist and nothing helped me, that's the main reason why which decided to have surgery. 3. What changes did this surgery bring to your life?

As for now, I have noticed the weight loss, I do not hurt as much joints as before, has improved my image, I feel more secure with myself, I have more energy if I had some complications from the issue of not being able to eat solid foods, but the greater the satisfaction of the results. 4. What did you do before bring operated? I had to go through a protocol, which is to assist a nutritionist a bariatric physician and a psychologist, which in my case was for two yea rs, cannot eat any solid food for three days prior to the operation, only clear liquids.

5. Did you follow an special diet? Yes, a special diet consisting of 12 weeks, in which I'll have to be incorporating different foods, starting with liquids, slurries, and solids later, but in very small portions. 6. What were the things you couldn’t eat? Nothing solid, nothing greasy, only natural sugar, no spices, no sauce or chili, no sodas. 7. How did you feel about this?

Very happy and satisfied with the decision made, it was difficult but worth it

By: Mariela Sauceda

Super-size me, a 2004 american documentary film, was directed, produced and starring by Morgan Spurlock.

The movie is about a man who eats McDonald’s for 30 days straight, to show the lifestyle of many people drastically. Begins February 1 and ends on March 2. All this is to demonstrate and put on display all changes, physical and mental problems caused by this poor diet. The main reason why Spurlock filmed this documentary was the so fast rising of obesity in the United States, and as a general surgeon declares that McDonald’s is to blame for this increase and demand that too little overweight girls made to this franchise accusing them of being in that situation. At the begging of the experiment, Spurlock had a healthy and varied diet, with a weight of 84.1 kg and a height of 188 cm. after thirty days had gained 11.1 kg , a 13% increase in body mass which increase him body mass index from 23.2 to 26 (indicating overweight). Psychologically experienced mood swings,

sexual dysfunction and liver damage. Five months after he lost the weight he gained. At the end of the documentary, showed that McDonald’s did influence in the causes of overweight in the United States.

Movie ReviewBy: Mariela Sauceda




The first thing you need to do is select the flavor (s). There so many flavors that you can select, like chocolate, vanilla, carrot, red velvet, dark chocolate, strawberry, funfetti, cheese cake, lemon, dark chocolate, almond and much more. You can also make a two flavor cake; I love mix chocolate and vanilla.


To bake the cake you will need eggs, oil, water, and a pack of flour of the flavor you select, if you select the yellow flavor you also need butter. Tir all the materials in the bowl (you can start with the flour, then the eggs, then the oil and finally the water) and mix up with a mixer, until the mix get thicken texture.


Preheat the oven in 350of and tir the mix in the mold, make sure that the mixture is aligned, that no lumps or hillocks. Leave the cake for 45 minutes, but check it constantly to verify the progress.


Take out the cake of the oven. Leave it for 15 minutes to cool, this step is important, because if you don’t let the cake get cold and remove it so fast is so probably that it get stick. Remove it from the mold carefully.


Decide what type of cover you want for the cake, merengue, frosting,

chocolate, Chantilly and cover all the cake. You can search in internet some decorated cakes to get some ideas.


Put some toppings, sparks, pearls, fruit, cookies, candies or anything you



Put it on a box or plate, it depends of you.


Cut it in equal parts.


Serve it in plates.


Enjoy it!

By: Mariela Sauceda


Is a multivitamin, a healthy and convenient way to get you recommended daily allowance of essential vitamins, and minerals. It is a refreshing, delicious thirst quencher and an excellent nutrient delivery system that helps to boost the immune system, provide balanced energy without stimulants, aids in muscle recovery, and is loaded with electrolytes to keep you hydrated.


Because if you compare with other products like Gatorade, PowerAde, vitamin water, and other electrolytes drinks, you can noticed that EcoDrinkR is better, it doesn’t have sugar, calories, carbs, sodium or caffeine, only have vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes.


It comes with 30 packets of product , plus an special bottle that have the precaution size of water, you just need add water, one packet and shake well, then enjoy EcoDrinkR. it have two flavors, raspberry and orange.


Vitamin B6, B12, C, E Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin A, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Green Tea, Lutein, Lycompene, Zeanxanthin, Biotin, Vitamin D, Chromium, Pantothetic Acid, Molybdenium, Acai, Born, Manganese, Vitamin B7, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and other nutrients.


Humor by Enrique Montoya


Q: If a crocodile makes shoes, whats does a banana make?

Bacon Who?

A: Slippers!

Knock Knock! Who’s there?

Bacon a cake for you birthday.

Q: What do Chocolate, men and coffe have in common? A: They are all better rich! Q: What’s gat, hairy and drinks a lot of coffe? A: JAVA the hut!

Q: What what can you make fron baked beans and onions? A: Tear gas.

Q:When do you go at red and stop at green?


A: When you’re eating a watermelon.




Stick your favorite food! From philadelphia, nutella, caramel and

How to‌

prepare fettuccini 1) The first step you have to do is put some water in one pot, and wait until it boĂ­ls. 2) Put the soup in the boiling water and wait to be ready, (it has to take a yellow color). 3) When the paste is ready, put in one wringer. 4) Take some parmesan cheese and table cream to do the cream of the fettuccini 5) Put some butter in one preheated pan, then take the table cream and put it there, if you want you can add some parmesan cheese. 6) When the cream is boiling put the paste carefully on it.


7) Stir the Fettuccini on the cream and put it more parmesan cheese (if you want). 8) When you think it is hot, you can prove a little to confirm and check the flavor. 9) Serve the fettuccini in a plate, and if you want, you can put more parmesan cheese on it. 10) Put it on the table and it Is ready to eat 11) ENJOY IT!

By: Abigail Montes

Profile by Abigail Montes

Jamie Oliver “My charity aims to inspire people to reconnect with food it´s all about raising awareness and individual responsibility, resuscitating dying food culture around the world and, ultimately, keeping cooking skills alive” –Jamie OliverJames Trevor ´Jamie´ Oliver born at May 27th of 1975 in Essex, clavering. He is the favorite chef of the people, he grew up watching his parents job at restaurant Pub. After, he studied at many prestigious cooking schools. His first job was preparing recipes at “The naked chef”, after then, he has had many programs like “Jamie´s Kitchen”, and “Jamie´s 30 minutes meals” and “Oliver´s Twist. In addition, he opened some restaurants in the world, fifteen to be exactly, where he filmed one reality show, in which he taught young people to work in kitchen, and then he helped them to found job in top restaurants. His last Objective is try to get better the diet of the kids of the United States traveling around the country with his program “Food Revolution”. Actually he is one of the most influential at the UK. His collection plate generally are a combination about Italian and oriental kitchen.


Abigail Montes Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro, is son of an Italian Bakery Family, his father teached him to cook in their store Carlo´s Bake Shop. Unfortunately Buddy´s dad die when he was 17 years old, then he take more responsibilities in Carlo´s. The Bakery started to get better in their cakes design and their quality. With a winner combination of his father traditional recipes and innovative technique decoration, Buddy´s Bakery it´s being successful beyond the dreams of both. Actually, Buddy is an successful teacher in bakery world, cake decorator and TV. star of his program “CAKE BOSS”. He was presented at many publication and TV shows like “the New York Times”, “The Washington Post”, “The New York Post”, “USA Today”, “Los Ángeles Times”, “The Oprah Magazine”, “Brides Magazine”, “Modern Bride”, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The Today Show”, “Rachel Ray”, “Good morning America”, etc. The first Buddy´s Book is “CAKE BOSS: the stories and recipes from Mia Famiglia”. In this book buddy shares his family inspirited stories, and more popular recipes of his bakery. Actually, Carlo´s Bakery is one of the bestest in the world, and they continue decorating thousand of cakes for weddings and special events.

A child sues McDonalds for Million Dollars This happened at Detroit, similar cases, at June 19, called Vincent Ingram, worms, after biting his in his house; his sister was when she saw the worms mouth.

like other a little boy discovered hamburger so scared at his

This demand is in addition to the many more that already have this fast food chain, which is supposed to have good service. Last year in Seattle, a lawyer sued the chain of fast because their food has an excessive amount of fat, because they uses animal fat, not vegetable fat as company said.

food that´s do the

The company claims to have been several years 1999 a couple sued McDonalds for causing psychological harm to his daughter. The kid founded entire head rat in her burger.




Another cases is that of Ingram, this child find bugs in his burger, and his mother kept the rest o the burger and vomiting to show it to the authorities, then the child suffers from psychological trauma and not eat.

Furthermore, in spite of everything, there was a person who tried to prevent this, the Mexican Businessman Angel Lara Hampers, owner of two McDonald´s franchises, said he left the business because it they offered expired dairy and lose meat, plus it was not beef, if was of another animals. He refused to be part of such situation and thought that the authorities would allow this restaurant who broke the federal laws. News By: Abigail Montes Childhood Interview by Abigail Montes INTERVIEW:


¿What do you think about cook? I think cooking is funny. For me, cooking is an obligation; of course I do it with satisfaction. Cooking for me represent many things, first is a responsibility, because a have to get ready the food when my family comes home. Secondly it´s funny because you can get time with your kids making desserts and other different plates that they like to do. ¿What is your favorite type of food? My favorite type of food it´s Mexican food, for its flavor, that takes a lot of vegetables, the combination of the different flavors of food resources that man possesses has wide diversity, and its colors. ¿At what age you had learn to cook? I learn when I was 12 years old. I always saw my mom making tortillas with my grandma, she made beans with cheese, and i liked so much helping her, and put my hands on

the flour, then my mom told me, "多You want to learn how to make tortillas?", and obviously i said yes, so since then i learned to cook. 多What is the plate you must like to prepare? The plate I must like to do is Milanese, with mashed potatoes, and slices with cream. First set to marinate the meat in thin (minimum 2 hours), in carnation milk, salt, pepper, after marinated meat is passed breadcrumbs and fried in a pan with little

sections and for oil until

golden brown. They are accompanied by slices with cream and mashed 多There is any food that you hate? I really hate meatloaf, I abhorred after pregnancy. Well, thank you for your time


By: Abigail Montes

You´re welcome



Pizza Vs Chicago Pizza This two pizza style has been compare to decide which style is the best. This two type are opposite one another that’s because of their big difference. New York style is distinguished by the particular thin crust meanwhile the Chicago style use a deep dish size.

“You have to try it, to believe it.”

Chicago and New York both have a long history rivalry, making this pizza style rivalry more interesting, mostly of the Chicago and New York citizens choose the one of their city. We can’t judge which pizza it’s the best, but what we can do it’s to invite you to try out this two type of pizza, we know you will thanks us.

News By Enrique Montoya

Prepare: Tuna chipotle pate

1 Buy


3 cans of tuna, 1 can of chipotle, cream cheese, vinager, sald and pepper.


Serve all the cans in a bowls, but firt don´t forget to wash tha cans roughly.

In this section you will learn how to do fun foodthis forput your alsoand food 3 After somekids, chipotle, stirthat for 45 seconds. will be healthy. Humor by: Ana Bretón

we cream will cheese make 4 Today Open the you bowl too, First stir again.

sandwich rolls. and put it in the

need 2 bars of bread, some ham, cheese, and for an extra ingredient Add banks a spoon of vinager, be of careful. you can addbars tuna, carrot Cut5 the of the bread,or and pumpkin. then spread them, then white; put thegreen ham, and What is black; cheese, and your extra ingredient bumpy?


Finally pour a few salt and pepper as you wish.Ketchup: It was nice yo meat

Roll it to make the roll, and thats it, you ja you. have your sadwiches rolls. 7 done Stir the blend to Hot Dog: Yeah, hope incorpórate to see you everything. again soon so we can kétchup. Mmm. so… YUMMY !! Creative How to by: Ana Bretón by: Ana Bretón

Who’s the brother of Bruce lee?

BROCOLI Why can’t a blonde dial 911?

What did Miley Cyrus eatthe for11. She can’t find Thanksgiving day? TWERKY!

Why did the angry Jedi cross the road? To get to the Dark Side.

2. Heat House it’s a restaurant that used to serve italian food, it was located in Calzada de las Americas, near of el Nido de los Águilas, but last year it closed. The reason is unknown, but people say that the restaurant closed because one of the owners was kidnapped, and his family wanted all that he own. The other owner didn’t had enough money to support the resturant, so he closed it. The last march, 24, in the page of Heat House on Facebook they announced that the restaurant will be opein again, and show a picture of a restaylng. It’s so grateful that this

amazing resturant will opein again, because their spinach pizza was so delicious and also they had a good service. ¡Wait for it!

News by: Ana Bretón

The first time we listened about chocolate it was in mesoamerica, it was used by the olmec people. Later the aztecs thought that chocolate was a gift from Querzacoatl (good of wisdom). The Word chocolate comes fon “xocolátl”, it’s a náhuatl Word, that means “bitter water”. Before chocolate as only prepared as a drink, mixed with spices, wine or corn puree, those spices were to get aphrodisiac powers. sugar was added to the drink to be more popular in Europe, according to the aztects. In 20th century, chocolate was essential for the soldiers in United States war, because Hershey’s dedicated to send bars of chocolate to them, to provide energy, and some food, also for advertising, it was a great idea. In 1400, chocolate was fermented and served as an alcoholic drink. Mayans used to prepared their chocolate mixing the roasted cacao seed paste into a drink with some wáter, peppers and cornmeal. Later the

Aztec empire took this like a “tribute”, and it was used to pay others as a tax. In our century, chocolate is served like a bar, and there are a whole variety of chocolates and brands. The most famous brands are m&m’s, Hersheys, the Willy Wonka industry, kit kats, snickers and Tableronem, those are some of them and all were invented in 1900’s.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO TRY THEM Historical by: Ana Bretón

Healthy Habits Survey


How many calories should you eat? 1,000 – 1,500 1,500 – 2,000 2,000 – 2, 500 3,000 – or more


Do you respect your calories range? Yes No


Why not? (if your answer was no)

Av. Fernando Montes de Oca #1311, 21250 Mexicali

Time Lack of interest I don’t know my calorie range


How often do you eat healthy? 1 – 3 days 3 – 5 days 5 - or more


What’s your favorite type of healthy food? Salad Wrap Chicken breast Tuna

By Enrique Montoya Black chocolate decrease the risk of having a heart attack

News by Mónica Terrazas

A group of researchers from Louisiana State University have discovered that black chocolate reduces the risk of having a heart attack because it has antiinflamatory agents, according to a scientific study published on March, 2014. The director of this research, John Finley, detailed that the components of black chocolate are absorbed by the body decreasing the inflammation of cardiovascular tissues and reducing the risks of a heart attack in a long term. To do this investigation,



simulated the digestion

of black chocolate

in a model of the digestive tract. According to Finley, the chocolate fiber



multiple can’t

antioxidants and


digested by the

stomach, but it can be

absorbed by the

colon, and when this happens it presents antiinflamatory activity in the tissues. The director of the research also confirmed that the benefits of black chocolate in health matters can increase if it is combine with a diet based on pre-biotics foods, such as carbohydrates, dietary supplements and fruits. This pre-biotics are ingredients non-digestible that benefits the organism by stimulating the growth and activities of bacterias in the colon, improving health and decreasing the risks of suffering a heart attack.

Obesity: A choice? Obesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated. People are considered obese when their body mass index (BMI) is very high. Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive food energy intake, lack of physical activity, and genetic susceptibility. The body mass index is a measure for human body shape based on an individual 麓s mass and height. BMI is used to calculate how fat are the people and how many weight do they have to lost. The body mass index indicates the excessive mass through your height and weight. The people developed more techniques to eat healthfully and loss or gain weight. There are specialists in these techniques and they based trough your routine or your daily exercise. The BMI is the most basically technique that you have, it can expressed how fat are you and it can prevent so many diseases. A healthy diet, with all the proteins, carbs and fats you need, along with exercise can prevent obesity and diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart strokes and diabetes.

Essay by M贸nica Terrazas

Dreams do come true!

Carlos Llaguno arrived to the city of New York in 1994 without any papers. What started as a one-year adventure turned out to sixteen years living in New York. As many Mexicans in this conditions, Carlos started from the bottom, working in a deli twelve hours a day, seven days a week and living in a tiny apartment shared with almost a dozen of other workers. With the help of a cousin, Llaguno started working in a restaurant called Les Halles, famous for having as a chef the tv star Anthony Bourdain. His first job was peeling potatoes, and although he had never cooked before, Carlos started ascending, making salads, working as a half cooker, chef until he accomplished executive chef. Llaguno is an example of the etic and hard work that makes you get far in life. Although he worked really hard, it was after 3 years when he started to feel passion of what he was doing in the kitchen. Now, Carlos Llaguno supervises more than 50 workers in the two Les Halles restaurants in Manhattan, and although his cooking abilities, he spends more of his time in the office doing paper work. But the kitchen is never too far, because he can see in every worker a friend, most of them Mexicans as him, sharing their own experiences. Nostalgia by M贸nica Terrazas

Interview: Buddy Valastro

Bartolo “Buddy” Valastro is an italian American celebrity chef. He is the host of the show Cake Boss and owner of Carlos’s Bakery, a famous bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. We had the pleasure to interview him.

What drove you to become a baker?

Since I was a kid, my Italian father shared with me his passion for the kitchen. He had the bakery (Carlo’s) and I literally grew up here, so I guess it has always been in my blood.

What is the most difficult cake you’ve ever done?

All cakes have their own difficulty. Personally, I love challenges and one cake that was really complicated was the one we made for the local zoo. It took us a lot of details, but in the end, it was worth it and everyone loved it.

What is your favorite dessert to make and why? I really enjoy making cannolis. They are simple, but exquisite and Carlo’s have the best ones. I think they are my favorite dessert because they remind me of Italy and all my culture.

What is next for Carlo’s? We are planning to expand to other states outside New Jersey, and also expand our delivery service to all U.S. For the end of this year, we plan to open 2 more bakeries in New York.

Thank you so much! You’re welcome, thank you

By Mónica Terrazas

Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats by Bakerella Literary Criticism by M贸nica Terrazas

Cake Pops: Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats is a fun, creative and easy step-by-step book that will help you create cute little treats for all kind of occasion. From Christmas to Halloween and Valentine’s Day, this book is divided by holidays, special occasions such as weddings and graduations, and simple themes. Bakerella, known as Angie Dudley, finds an easy and fun way to recreate this mini treats at home with clear step-by-step instructions, photos of more than 40 different projects and tips. There are tips and tricks for decorating, dipping, coloring and melting chocolate, depending on the project and vision each person wants to accomplish. Cake pops, as explained in the book, are little balls of a mix of cake and frosting, dipped in chocolate leaving open the door of the imagination to decorate them. Bakerella provide us with so many ideas: from snowmen, little christmas’ trees, to chicks and koalas, but also give us a little push to create our own, to risk and to innovate, creating a lot more different styles and presentations to be prepared for every occasion we might need little, cute treats that everyone will love!

Kanye west Goes “KING” ! Kanye West has reportedly bought fiancée Kim Kardashian 10 branches of burger king as a wedding present. The “Yeezus” rapper bought this rare present for Kim Kardashian, the rapper hasn’t said a word about this present. The famous couple seems to be on a perfect relationship situation; maybe this present means a new start for the couple making new business on the market. This is not the first time that a fast food brand has to do with a wedding present as the famous actor Brad Pitt bought a enormous 25 feet pizza as weeding present to Angelina Jolie.

This present make a lot of noise from the first hour of his delivery, the rapper refuses to talk about the topic, but not so his Beyoncé who tell us that the rare present was a tribute of his young career as a fast food employee and this represent how she struggled on young age.

By Enrique MontoyaInterview:

Adam Richman

Adam Richman is the host of the food reality

television series

“Man V. Food” by Travel Channel, This reality

show explore big

food pre-existing eating challenges over


American cities. This Young host grew up in

Brooklyn New

York and he describes himself like a “food fanatic”. What makes you work in something like “Man V. Food”? Definitely is my passion for the food, since I was a little kid I was in love with all kind of food, As a typical Brooklyn citizen I like all fast food and also like challenge myself, so think about it Challenge plus Food, is the best work in the world! What is the toughest eating Challenge you ever face? I think is the Big Golden Flauta Challenge, it’s about a 1 meter Flauta, literally it’s never end when I was face in it first I was demolish the Golden Flauta but under 1 minute I was full. What next for your actor career? I’m thinking on go big , I wanna make a movie something like a superhero I don’t kwon but something it’s very clear my television career ends whit this reality show. Thank you Adam. Thank you for the interview.

By Enrique Montoya