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123 PIONEER STUDIOS INCORPORATED RENTAL AGREEMENT 123 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City 1550 Philippines Telefax (632) 632-7683 Email: Website: Client Name: _________________________________________________ Project Description: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Number of Guests/ Staff and Crew (Please write complete names in attached document): _______________________________

Contact Person: Contact Number:

1. _____________________________________

2. _________________________________________



Date: ______________________________________ Start: ________________

End: __________________


Date: ______________________________________ Start: ________________

End: __________________


Date: ______________________________________ Start: ________________

End: __________________







Rate: _________________________________ Total Hours: _____________________

50% Deposit: __________________________

Mode of Payment:



Bank Deposit

Additional Fees/Discounts/Comments: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TOTAL: _________________________________

The undersigned client/applicant, who warrants that he/she is authorized to transact business with 123 Pioneer Studios Inc., acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands and agrees to be bound by the Studio Terms and Conditions of Lease, consisting of two (2) pages, attached to and made an integral part of this document. The undersigned agrees that the information he/she has disclosed herein is true, complete and accurate to the best of his/her knowledge. He/she agrees that the information he/she has disclosed herein is material to the potential Lessor’s decision with respect to granting or denying his/her application to enter into a lease.

______________________________________________ Signature over Printed Name _____________________________________________ Position

________________________________________________ Date ________________________________________________ Company/Organization

123 PIONEER STUDIOS INCORPORATED TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF LEASE Client/ applicant, hereinafter referred to as the LESSEE, hereby accepts the following terms and conditions of Lessor 123 Pioneer Studios Inc., hereinafter referred to as “Pioneer Studios”: COVERAGE: Rental of a studio includes the free use of the following equipment and accessories, which the Lessee has inspected and confirms to be in full working condition: Studio 1 3 Visatec lights (Solo 1600B) with 1 imac station Studio 2/2+ 1Visatec light (Solo 1600B), 2 Bowens lights (Esprit Gemini) with 1 imac station Free accessories included in all studios packages: 1 Rime Lite Octabox, 2 Rime Lite Strip Boxes, 2 Rime Lite Rect Boxes, 2 Photoflex Umbrellas, 2 Bowens Umbrellas, 2 Falcon Eyes Rect Reflectors, 2 Bowens Light Stands, 2 Manfrotto Light Stands, 2 Falcon Eyes Light Stands, 1 Jinbei Boom Stand, 1 Impact Boom Stand, 1 Giottos Tripod, 1 Savage Background Holder, 1 Light Table, 3 Pony Clamps, 2 Step-down Transformers (500watts) RENTAL RATES: The following standard studio rates are only applicable Monday-Saturday 9am -9pm. • • • •

Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 2+ Deluxe Package

1000.00 pesos per hour (3 hours minimum) 500.00 pesos per hour (3 hours minimum) 2,500.00 pesos for first 3 hours; 500.00 pesos per succeeding hour 5,000.00 pesos for first 3 hours; 1,000.00 pesos per succeeding hour

The above rates do not include 12% VAT Pioneer Studios shall give an allowance of one (1) hour in addition to the rented studio time for make-up, set-up and packing up of lights and equipment. The studio must be clean and vacated by the end of the rental period. Should the Lessee go over the agreed studio rental period, rental charges will be calculated at 15-minute intervals based on the standard rate; however, no overtime shall be allowed if the studio is booked at that time by another client, which information shall be made known to the Lessee prior to his /her shoot. ADDITIONAL CHARGES: •

Premium charges (between 6am to 9am and between 9pm to 3am): additional 125.00 pesos to hourly rate

Sundays and Non-Working Holidays: additional 250.00 pesos to hourly rate

Cleaning Fee: The studio shall provide 2 large garbage bins located outside the studio, suitable for the average amount of was te produced from a shoot. However, in cases of extreme waste, such as in uses of elaborate sets or large crews, which cannot be accommodated in the abovementioned provision, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of 350.00 pesos.

Storage Fee: A storage fee of 150.00 pesos per day will be applied to large props left at the studio 24 hours before or after the reserved shooting date(s). Props are considered large if they take up a considerable amount of space and full use of the studio is hampered. Items left at the studio longer than seven (7) days will be assumed abandoned and will be discarded.

Studio Assistant: Hobbyists, amateurs and other less experienced photographers are required, as a condition for renting the studios and its facilities, to engage one of the Lessor’s studio assistants for their shoot, at the rate of 500.00 pesos per day. Three (3) days advance notice to Pioneer Studios is requested for this service.

PAYMENT: Rental rates are the rates posted in our website or the rates quoted to you in advance of this rental agreement. A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the total rental amount is required to guarantee your rental period. This payment can be paid in cash or deposited to our bank account, in which case the deposit slip shall be faxed to Pioneer Studios . Your date will not be held until this payment is received and cleared. We reserve the right to refuse reservations at our sole discretion.

The balance of the rental amount as well as all additional charges shall be paid at the end of the reserved shooting day. All payments should be personally delivered to the Manager or Receptionist of Pioneer Studios. Payments can be made in cash or check (applicable to repeat clients only). Please make checks payable to “123 Pioneer Studios Inc.” REFUNDS: Deposits are not refunded unless a written notice of cancellation is made prior to the reserved date of the shoot. • Cancellation on day of shoot- no refund • 24 hours before date of shoot- 50% refund of deposit • 48 hours before date of shoot- 100% refund of deposit STUDIO USE: The Lessee agrees to use the studio for the purposes of photography or video shoots only. Eating and drinking in the studio shooting areas is strictly prohibited. In the following cases, the Lessee should make a written request to, and shall be subject to approval of, Pioneer Studios management: • • •

Shooting in locations other than the rented space; Any form of set construction inside the studio area, including painting of the cyclorama; Cigarette smoking or use of smoke implements in photo or video shoots.

No subletting will be allowed, unless by written agreement with Pioneer Studios. Rental shall not be used for residential purposes or overnight stay. EQUIPMENT: Pioneer Studios’ standard equipment and accessories included in the rental package are deemed to be in good working order, but management makes no special guarantees as to their suitability for the Lessee’s purposes. Pioneer Studios equipment should not leave the studio at any time. Only professional photographers and Pioneer Studios’ assistants (in case of hobbyists, amateurs and other less experienced photographers) are allowed to handle our equipment. WEATHER AND OUTAGES: Pioneer Studios is not liable for acts out of our control that affect the shoot, such as power outages, weather or emergencies. In such cases, we will refund a prorated portion of your payment. MODELS: Lessee is solely responsible for verifying that all models employed during rental period are of legal age or, in the case of minors, have their parent’s consent, for the activities they are to be engaged in. Pioneer Studios has no responsibility to determine or verify the age of participants in the Lessee’s activities but reserves the right to end those activities if it becomes aware that legal age violations are ongoing. INSPECTION: Pioneer Studios shall have the right to inspect the equipment and/or studio at any time during the shoot. If a breach of any of the provisions of the Rental Contract occurs, Pioneer Studios has the right to revoke Lessee’s access to the equipment and/or studio without any liability to the Lessee and without prejudice to Pioneer Studio’s rights to receive rent due or accrued to, including the date of revocation. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Use of the studio and equipment is AT LESSEE’S OWN RISK. Lessee has read and agrees to abide by all policies of Pioneer Studios and will assume responsibility to any damage done to the studio(s) or its contents during the rental period and occurring as a result of using the facilities, including damage by attendees. The Lessee agrees that if any equipment, furniture, fixture, etc. are mishandled, broken, ruined or stolen while they are using the studio they will replace all items or pay repair/replacement costs within five (5) working days. Furthermore, Pioneer Studios shall not be liable for any personal injuries, damage or loss sustained by the Lessee or any of its vendors, guests, crew, staff, or any such person on the studio premises, without fault on the part of Pioneer Studios or its staff. In consideration of being granted the right to use Pioneer Studio’s facilities, Lessee hereby releases and holds harmless the former, its commissioners, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, or rights or action arising out of such use Pioneer Studios or its facilities. Pioneer Studios is not a depositary and, therefore, its management and staff shall not be liable for any loss or damage of equipment, property, or personal belongings of the Lessee, its vendors, guests, crew or staff, whether rental or otherwise, which are used or left at Pioneer Studios. APPLICABLE LAWS: This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. In the event of any dispute, Lessee agrees to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mandaluyong. Should any part of this document be declared void for whatever reason, the other parts of this document not affected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.

Pioneer Studios Studio Rental Agreement  

Pioneer Studios is a 224 square meter boutique rental studio in Manila, Philippines catering to the publishing, advertising and art+design...

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