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passing BY jade davies

Foreword ‘Passing by’ is a series of photographs which I developed to kill my own curiosity and also raise my awareness. Homelessness is a subject matter which previously I found myself quite ignorant towards, like many others, I would pass by these people without a second thought or glance. However, recently I began to question who, what, why and how these strangers have come to be living on the streets. My aim was to not only document but also to get to know the subjects of this book, I didn't want to simply stand from afar behind a long lens.

no money


a place to Sleep__

no Home

“__ I am Just down on my luck”

acknowledgements I would like to thank the partcipants in this book for giving me a small insight and allowing me to document their way of life through the use of photography.

Photographs Š 2013 Jade Davies Design by Katy Hill

'Passing By' Photography Book  
'Passing By' Photography Book  

A book created in collaboration with a photographer.