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DigiGraphic World dig•it•al  –adjective available in electronic form; readable and manipulable by computer.

graph•ics –adjective Computers . pertaining to pictorial information displayed, plotted, or printed by a computer: When you draw a picture on a graphics tablet the computer displays the same picture on the screen. Welcome to a new DigiGraphic Fashion world, where style and technology meet. Defined by the past, present and future of digital and graphic based technology. As the world we live in becomes more digital, so do the clothes we wear. DigiGraphic world can be functional or artistic.Practical or impractical. Fashion Futuristic or Ridiculously Retro. Each trend is inspired by a different form of technology, from retro arcade games, to QR barcodes. Fashion that lights up your life and graphics that have inspired a new generation of films. each trend referes mainly to textile and fabric patterns , which offers colour and fabric directions, as well as direction for accessories and makeup. This trend book for Spring Summer 2012, will inspire, propel and drive your fashion choices. Whether you take the DigiGraphic World trend as a whole, to update your current look, or just as a colour gauge, you’ll be smack bang up to date in the fashion stakes. 2012 sees Fashion go graphic.


video game  –noun 1. any of various games played using a microcomputer with a keyboard and often joysticks to manipulate changes or respond to the action or questions on the screen. 2. any of various games played using a microchip-controlled device, as an arcade machine or hand-held toy. Do not adjust your screens and instead let your past become your future and take a step back in time to the 1980’s , when video and arcade games were the height of technological sophistication and let it take control of 2012’s key looks. Games like tetris, pacman and space invaders inspire the patterns, prints and colour of your future wardrobe. Prints will be big, bold and beautiful, almost as if they are colour blocked and garment shapes will reflect the trend theme, with basic shapes to interlock with each other, tetris-style. Even your beauty future will be relliant upon this gaming trend, with nails decorated with video games characters in electric colours and dark backgrounds to make the colour ‘pop’. Let loose your inner child with this vivacious, playful trend. for ‘game.on’ take your fashion direction from designer timothy james andrew, whose collection entitled ‘a-block-a-brick-toe’ takes it’s lead from tetris.other designers to look to for inspiration are reed and rader who combined colour blocking in bright fun colours alongside bold and beautiful tetris inspired prints.




Accessories will be plastic fantastic in bright garish colours, including red, magenta, cyan and green. Rich , sharp and in-your-face are the colour rules of play for this retro inspired trend. Fabrics will be resilient and substantial, with cottons and lycra. Silhouettes will give a nod towards it’s 1980’s theme, with loose fitting tops and tight fitting trousers. To bring this style up to date, lines will be angular and linear, just like Tetris. Taking its lead from the games of yesteryear, Beauty will be retrotastic with nails painted video-game style. Whatever your game of choice, theres an arcade game to influence your style. Game. On.


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pixelate me. 9.

Pixelate Me. pix·el –noun ComputersTelevision -the smallest element of an image that can be individually processed in a video display system.Pixelization is a video and image editing technique, in which an image is blurred by displaying part or all of it at a markedly lower resolution and is primarily used for Censorship.Inspired by both the use of pixelization within the media and the introduction of QR barcodes into everyday life. Appearing in magazines,on signs, bus stops and business cards,the pixelated image can be found everywhere. Just like the QR code,Pixelated prints will be seen on catwalks and highstreets alike. Mixed with soft, subtle fabrics, pixelate me will give the tough, edgy appearance of barcodes and censorship a pretty and romantic twist. think surreal and feminine technology. take your lead from designers such as cristian zuzunaga. take the concept of a solitary pixel in it’s unique form as your inspirtation and the basis of fabric design for this spring summer 2012 key trend. Pixelate me won’t hide your identity but instead, will give you the lead in one of the top trends for spring summer 2012. Imagine a world where fashion is a surreal blur and the catwalk is awash with pixelated prints in the prettiest of pastels.




This is Pixelate me. Pixelate Me colours are pretty and feminine and add a romantic twist to the harsh edge of technologically pixelated imagery and patterns. They include lilacs, lavendars, duck-egg blue and mink and, Although shades will be bright, they won’t be the technicolour dream of pixelated trends gone by. Soft, subtle and feminine are the order of the day with Pixelate Me. The fabrics for this trend also reflect this feminine subtlty. With chiffons, silks and organzas printed with pretty pixelation, this trend is perfect for your Srping/Summer 2012 wardrobe. Beauty looks will reflect the idea of prettiness, with lips in shades of rose and blush and eyes pared down and let your lips do the talking. nails will be femine and pretty in pastel shades. keep accessories simple with enamels and delicate chains in gold or silver to refelct the femininity of the trend. earrings should be a graphic take on traditional decoration.


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tech·nol·o·gy . –noun 1. the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. 2. the terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature. 3. a technological process, invention, method, or the like. 4. the sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization. vogue .   –noun 1. something in fashion, as at a particular time: Short hairdos were the vogue in the twenties. 2. popular currency, acceptance, or favor; popularity: TechnoVogue - The future of fashion as we know it. Technovogue as a trend, summarises how technology and fashion will become integrated. The more technology becomes an integral part of our everyday lives, it becomes an intrinsic and requisite part of our everyday style. Through the use of smart textiles and micro electronics, 2012 sees fashion becoming futuristic and fabulous. TechnoVogue is not for the faint-hearted. Attention grabbing and “look at me electric” sum this style up to a sparky T.With inspiration from the latest in costumes from films such as Tron Legacy and Avatar, this trend is perfect for those of you who dare to wear. SMART FABRICS and smart textiles have sense and are able to sense their surrounding environment. eventually, smart fabrics will enhance everyday fabrics and garments so that they provide ultimate comfort more effectively while adding forms of technology such as lighting and technology within clothing.




Just as technology advances and enhances the life of the ‘igeneration’, the same technology enhances our wardrobes and our clothes become fully integrated with the latest technologies. TechnoVogue is about wearing our emails, blogs and tweets on our sleeve, rather than our hearts. If this trend is a bit too future forward for you, then adding technovogue accessories to your outfit will bring you smack bang up to date for 2012. TechnoVogue will not only incorporate technologies such as LED’s, but will be made up of smartfabrics which are technology appropriate. use your computers, blackberry, ipods and ipads as inspiration for one of spring summer 2012’s key trends. take the lead from designers such as hussein chalayan and give it a twist, making technological fashion, practical. accessories will reflect the idea of technology in metals and plastics, looks will be similar to circuit boards and wires. Colours will be down to individaul preference, but particularly futuristic colours such as black, silvers and blues. Keep hair, makeup and nails basic, with faces and claws awash with neutral shades to ensure this look is kept down to earth and cool, and let your fashionable tweets and status updates do the talking for you.


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DigiGraphic World  

Womenswear Trend Report for Spring Summer 2012

DigiGraphic World  

Womenswear Trend Report for Spring Summer 2012