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Securing Employment for Unemployed Graduates Semta, the Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing is currently offering incentive grants of £1,000 to Employers in our sector to support the employment and training of unemployed graduates in UK advanced manufacturing and engineering SMEs (companies with up to 249 employees), across the UK. Why project is needed This project will deliver genuine reductions in youth unemployment, enabling 200 unemployed graduates to fill identified skills gaps in the AME sector which currently required 82,000 engineers, scientists and technicians by 2016 just to deal with retirements. The project will increase the number of SMEs who recruit a graduate from 15% to 17% in 3 years. Aim •

Reduce graduate unemployment and give incentive to 200 SMEs to employ a graduate to contribute to business growth and innovation

Eligibility Criteria • SME Employers within the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Sector • UK Wide • Employer must take on an unemployed Graduate • Graduate to start on or after 1st October 2012 • Graduate must be employed for minimum of 12 weeks • Last date for commencement of employment is 7th January 2013 Next Steps • Complete Employer Grant Application Form (Part 1) and return to Semta ( • Semta will check eligibility and confirm approval of Grant If Graduate already identified: • Employer completes Employer Grant Application Form (Part 2) and returns to Semta ( If help needed from Semta to support the recruitment process: • Employer completes Employer Information and Job Specification forms and returns to Semta ( • Semta promote vacancy and nominate appropriate candidates Please see reverse for Application Process. Graduate Development Toolkit (GDT) The primary purpose of the GDT is to encourage SME employers to offer undergraduate students work placements and graduates permanent employment. GDT offers SME employers easy to use guidance, processes and template documents to help them recruit, pay and develop undergraduates and graduates effectively. The four working sections of GDT also offer guidance to undergraduate students, graduates and higher education staff. For further information please contact Nicola Dolan on 01740 627034 or email

Graduate Recruitment Training Grant Application Process Employer

Company Enquiry Received / Employer Visit undertaken Graduate

Semta Graduate Toolkit

Confirm eligibility

Company completes Application Form for Grant (Part 1) and returns to Semta

or Graduate Identified by Company

Semta to help identify Graduate

Graduate Toolkit https://

Complete Employer Grant Application Form (Part 2) and return to

Complete Employer Info and Job Spec Forms and return to

Graduate Sourced

Graduate starts on or after 1st October 2012 for a minimum of 12 weeks

Employer raise invoice for ÂŁ1,000 (exc.vat) 12 weeks after Graduate start date

Employer and Graduate Evaluation

SEMTA Scheme  

Securing Employment for Unemployed Graduates

SEMTA Scheme  

Securing Employment for Unemployed Graduates