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Pre Course Checklist

This is a checklist of questions that you and members might want to ask before enrolling on a course, taking up a learning opportunity or arranging workplace learning provision.

Name of course: Learning provider:

Making contact Who do I need to talk to about the course? How do I contact her/him? Can I speak to a current learner and how?

Getting in Do I need prior experience or knowledge to do the course? What are the entry requirements for adults? How many places are there on the course? How and when do I enrol? Will I need to attend an open day or interview?

What the course is about What will I learn on the course? Is there a copy of the full course programme available? How is the course taught (e.g. in small/large groups, self study packs, online)?

Extra work Doesthe course involve any commitment other than the taught sessions (e.g. pre course activity, field work, residential weekends or summer schools)?

Length & times How long is the course and when does it start or finish? What are the hours of attendance? 201109WTUCNOE

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Can meetings with the trainer or tutor be arranged to suit me?

Getting credit Will I get a certificate or qualification? How will my work be assessed(e.g. coursework examination being observed)?

Costs What are the fees and extra costs of the course (e.g. registration fees, exam fees)?

Help with costs Are there any concessions, fee remissions, bursaries or grants available and how do I apply? Is there any help with transport or childcare expenses? Can I pay in instalments?

Getting there Where does the course take place? How do I get there? What public transport is available? Is there a map and directions? Can I park my car or my bike?

Facilities Where do I go when I arrive? Is there a crèche or play group? Are there any facilities for learners with disabilities(e.g. Wheel chair access, hearing loops, software and equipment Are there any recreational facilities for adults? How can I meet other learners socially? Will I be entitled to use the careers service and other support facilities?


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Pre Course Checklist  

this is a wtuc pre course check list