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European Centre for Training and Regional Co-operation


Host Companies ectarc, organiser of the European work placements project ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, is looking for host companies in various sectors, including:

 Hotel and Catering, Tourism  Architectural Design, Industrial, Graphic and Web Design  IT, Banking, Business and Administration  Marketing, PR, Sales and Events Management  Accountancy, Finance, Import/Export  NGO’s, Social Work, Teaching and Nursery Education  Journalism, Photography, Film and Multimedia  Retail, Culture and the Arts  Horticulture, Agriculture and Laboratory Work  Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering, Carpentry and Construction  For what?

To provide voluntary work placements for an EU funded project for professionals from Europe

 For who?

Highly skilled young professionals and vocationally trained people from continental Europe

 How long for?

Projects can last from 4 weeks up to 3 months

 Where?

Anywhere in Wales and the border counties

 Benefits to your company? Lots, for example: - Additional help from a trained professional in your field - A native speaker of a foreign language can open up the international market for you and increase understanding - Exchange of knowledge and best practice - Using skilled voluntary workers - Reduced Overheads

 What will it cost you?

Nothing! All placements are voluntary and will be managed by ectarc throughout the whole duration.

 Really?

Really! Have a look on our website or get in touch with Nia Jones on 01978 861 514 or by email at

ECTARC Employer Leaflet  
ECTARC Employer Leaflet  

ECTARC Employer Leaflet