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Job loss is not the only indicator of problematic alcohol or drug use: The Employment Support Service is free and aims to raise awareness of issues in the workplace caused by substance misuse. This is a European funded pilot sponsored by the Welsh Government, available to employees in North and South Wales. Without help, alcohol or drug misuse can lead to health problems, unemployment, relationship problems, domestic abuse and homelessness. All too often, people leave or lose their jobs because they don’t know where to get help.

How often have you called in sick due to a hangover? Are you underperforming in work? Is your use of recreational drugs getting out of hand?

This is a free, confidential service offering advice and support.

Is it for you? Are you worried about your alcohol and/or drug use? Have you missed work or been late because of a hangover? Do you feel your concentration is affected by alcohol, drugs or prescribed medication? Is the alcohol and/or drug use of someone close to you having an impact on your life? This service provides support to people affected to varying degrees by substance misuse, to remain in employment and to improve their general state of health.

An estimated 18 million working days are lost every year due to alcohol misuse Research shows 1 in 8 deaths before retirement is caused by alcohol 58,000 potential working years are lost every year due to premature alcohol-related deaths Substance misuse is the single largest cause of homelessness

Are you aware that: There are 3 main types of alcohol misuse: hazardous drinking: drinking over the recommended limits harmful drinking: drinking over the recommended limits and experiencing alcohol-related health problems dependent drinking: feeling unable to function without alcohol Many people who have alcohol-related health problems aren't alcoholics.

By asking all staff to complete an anonymous, short questionnaire, awareness raising sessions will be developed and delivered to best meet your identified needs. These training courses may be held either during or outside normal working hours as agreed with your employer.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties with alcohol or drugs, our staff will provide one-to-one interventions which we would expect to deliver on a weekly basis for up to twelve weeks. If required, these sessions can be held outside working hours to ensure your confidentiality, and minimal disruption to your work. The sessions will offer ways of: Motivating you to address the problems you have with alcohol/ drugs Offering help in coping with stress and anxiety caused by substance misuse Changing patterns of behaviour Raising awareness about the risks to your mind and body of substance misuse Minimising the risk of relapse following periods of abstinence Coping with the craving for alcohol/drugs

The purpose of these sessions is to increase motivation to change by encouraging individuals to understand the impact substance use has on achieving future lifestyle goals.

Are you worried about a family member? Advice and guidance is available if your work is being affected by a family member with substance misuse issues. In addition to ensuring that your family member is receiving the right level of support, the service will maintain contact with you, providing telephone or one-to-one support as and when required.

You can approach the person delivering the training confidentially, or make a self-referral by contacting the service directly:

Call Wendy: 07775 647 188 Nina: 07769 217 186 Email Go online Like ESSNW Follow ESSNW Call 01685 721991 Email Go online Address MIDAS, 1st Floor, Oldway House, Castle Street, Merthyr Tydfil, CH47 8UX Call 01792 646421 Email Go online Address 41/42 St James Crescent, Uplands, Swansea, SA1 6DR

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