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Simple Ways to De-stress Your Self Stress is the body's method of reacting to a challenge. The challenge is the stressor that can be anything that pose threat to a person's well being. When you felt the threat, your body will pull out resources to help you fight or escape from it- the fight or flight response. However, whenever you are stressed blood pressure rises, breathing becomes more rapid, digestive system slows down, heart rate rises, muscles become tense, the immune system goes down, and state of alertness is heightened. Stress does no good to the body. More so, stress makes a person ugly and age prematurely. How stress affects your skin condition? Stress causes the skin to be more sensitive and reactive due to a chemical response that happens between the skin membrane and stimulus. It will result to skin complications preventing it to heal faster. Stress also worsens skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. This is because when your body experienced stress, the hormone cortisol is released into your bloodstream. It is a hormone that is detrimental in a fight-or-flight situation. It also helps in worsening oxidative stress that causes premature aging. Relieving from stress doesn't need to be expensive. Here are simple tips that will allow you to de-stress yourself and have a better and healthier looking skin. Lowering the Cortisol Levels 1. Regular Physical Activity. You can choose between rigid or hard training exercises like kick boxing or punching and simple waking or jogging exercises. Training exercises can recreate the “flight” response of the body because you are letting out aggression in a different way. Also, simple exercises can recreate the “flight” response and burn out cortisol. If you don't have much time to do these activities, you can do continuous aerobic exercises like walking every day or using the stairs when going up. It will just accumulate, hence, lowering your cortisol level. 2. Meditation. Sitting up straight with both feet on the floor, closing your eyes and focusing on positive mantra. You can place your one hand in your belly and synch the mantra with your breath. Researches show that meditation may alter the brain's neutral pathways to make you more resilient to stress. 3. Listen to Music. By listening to the music you love, you can feel calm. Reports showed that music can lower cortisol levels because it can improve your mood and reduce stress. It reduces the sensation and distress of chronic pain and postoperative pain. 4. Laughter and Levity. Laughter is the best medicine. Having fun reduces the level of cortisol in your body. Perhaps, because it makes you forget about your problems in life. 5. Self pampering and social connectivity. By making yourself beautiful or buying the clothes you have long wanted, you feel better. Also, talking to other people allows you to displace emotions. Stress is never good for the body. You must find ways to avoid stress or convert it to a more productive and un-stressful activity. However, when you find that your skin looks aging because of worrying about life, you have the choice to make it better. At, you can find ways to keep your skin glowing and de-stress yourself from every day burn outs.

Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Self  

Stress may not be fatal but is affecting one's self in a major way. Stress, oftentimes, affects one way of seeing things, his way of getting...

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