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Reston Citizens Association— A Voice for All Reston Citizens Association Outreach Committee

Reston, an unincorporated community within the Hunter Mill District of Fairfax County consists of 15.7 square miles, and not all of it is a part of Reston Association. Reston Town Center, Deepwood (off Glade Road), and much of the northern and western edges of Reston are not members of RA. So how does one get involved in civic affairs when Reston is not a town or a city, especially if one lives in an area that is not under the Reston Association umbrella?

Reston Citizens Association’s Mission The RCA mission is to promote Reston’s vision and planning principles, to sustain and enhance its quality of life now and in the future, by serving as a non-partisan, action-oriented organization for all Restonians. RCA takes a holistic approach to understanding the Reston community’s needs and desires and proposes results-oriented solutions. Our goals are: • To educate the community by monitoring, analyzing and reporting on issues affecting Reston and its future. • To engage the community by actively listening and communicating with Reston residents in writing and in public meetings.

Lynne Mulston, Hank Schonzeit, John Hanley, Dennis Hays

Connie Hartke, Joe Leighton, Nick Georgas, Yavuz Inanli


Front: Joseph Stowers, Marian Secundy, Carol Arnold, Jeffrey Wellborn Middle: William Newbold, Carolyn Lindberg, Vernon George, Patrick Kane Back: Walter Prybyla, ArDee Ames, Richard Hays, Henry Greene

• To facilitate the voice of the citizens by representing the community at local, county and state level meetings and forums as well as with all other relevant stakeholders. Established in 1967, RCA is a community-wide, nonpartisan, and action-oriented organization in which everyone that lives, works and plays in Reston has a voice. At the time of RCA origination, there had been a change in ownership of the master developers of Reston, and the citizens had concern over a lack of planning for Reston’s future. The Reston Citizens (formerly Community) Association was formed. RCA comprises a Board of Directors serving three-year terms who are elected by Reston residents (16 or older). To achieve its mission and goals, RCA utilizes independent committees and collaborates with other community and Fairfax County organizations. “RCA is the incubator for just about everyone involved in leadership positions in other organizations in and around Reston. We provide the opportunity to get involved in serious issues and teach people how to interact with our state and local governments,” said RCA’s President, Dennis Hays. As an example, the Reston Planning and Zoning Commission, which reviews Reston projects before moving to the County Planning Commission, was originally a committee under RCA. Reston Citizens Association offers volunteer opportunities for those who want to have a voice in this community. Residents who are not members of RA due to home address have an ideal opportunity to share their expertise and get involved in the civic affairs of Reston through RCA. We are all Restonians, regardless of master HOA (or no HOA), and everyone’s input is valued. AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

Around Reston Community Spring/Summer 2018  
Around Reston Community Spring/Summer 2018