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Extreme things If you want to experiment feel that you never feel come with us in our company you can do extreme thing and you always be a save. You can experiment what is the feeling when you are swimming with sharks. You can dive, you can parachute jump, you can ski, you can surf, you can play gotcha and others sports more, We are a company of sport extreme, for people extreme we show you the fun of the life. We are in Guatemala City we can give for the people over the eighteen years a packages for your family or friends if you come with more 5 people with you can get a discount in different sports extreme for people under eighteen years you have to come with a responsible adult, without a responsible adult you can’t enter our facilities. You can be save always because we work with first-hand machinery, our company is with late model equipment, in the company come people with life insurance, otherwise you will have to sing some documents. The people with health problems it is advisable not to enter to the extreme sport. This company focus in extremes sport but, you can come to practice, tennis, you can swim in ours Olympic pools, you can practice fencing, for the people who likes fight we have rings to fight we also provide protective to boxing. For the lovers of football fields with synthetic grass there. Also we have squash courts. You can come to practice badminton, we invite you to come our company to enjoy the moments of the life with your friends or family it’s a good experience. Our company is around the world, you can visit us in: Beauport, Calgary, HamiltonCanada, Guatemala city, U.K. Mulligan-Ireland,

Paris-France. New York. Mexico. Argentina U.S.A

x-People Do you like the extreme sport? Do you see the fun of the life? Are you scare when you are doing extreme sports? That’s normal but we us are different why we us will be different? Because the x-People is the best company to do extreme sport why? Because we use first/hand machineries. Our company shows you the fun of the sports and you always are safe. You can enjoy with your friends or family. The people of the world can said you that this company is the best in extreme sport, so come with us and see for yourself not think that this company is only about of extreme sports because you come with us to practice others sports, you can come with us to practice tennis, you can swim, we count with two Olympic pools, you can ride a horse we teach you with the best teachers of the world, you can fencing and we can teach you others more sports, we us you can find an packages, for adults, for young’s and for children.


If you want to live your life to the extreme you have it no doubt. Our company is around the world for your facility to come with us, you can find us in Guatemala City the place where was founded the company, México D.F, and others countries where we will here for your wish to live the life to the fullest. We have the best prices on all the extreme sports also the others sports, you can talk with the different managers of the company and you can have the best prices, but you have to buy different packages for the different prices, because for the extreme sport you need different equipment, we can give you the equipment of course, but you have to pay different price, because the equipment that we give you, it’s the best and the equipment its new, never was used, Normal you have problems with the payment but, we are here to resolve all your problems with the payment. Remember that we are to here to show how to live the life to the fullest

Information Do you know what is about our company? Do you know what is an extreme sport? Many people say that extreme sports are dangerous, yes, yes is it but we work with first-hand machinery, many people say that is many people say that it is a sin, as we attempt against our life, so we don’t so we do not force them to perform any of our funny extreme sports, accepting the normal sports. Our company has the best instructors that they can teach you to have to do the extreme sports, so you don’t have to worry. With us you can do extreme sports with careful and funny, we give you all that you can need only the motorcycles no because all the people that come with us to do motocross have to know how to do motocross, because it’s a sport that you can learn in 5 minutes.

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