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I designed Ink In My Fingernails due to spending a lot of time in the new print room for my Final Major Project. I wanted to reflect upon my time spent there, the conversations I had and the experiences gained. Designing Ink In My Fingernails was both a reflective process and an exploration of photographic layouts in order to create a narrative. Ink In My Fingernails contains both photography by myself and my friend Richard Heaven, who helped photograph me whilst I worked. In Print We Trust.

“By nature, screen printing is time consuming. However I feel that it offers a more tangible and textured feel to that of its computer printer counterparts.�

“I enjoy being in an environment with like minded individuals. Those that appreciate the process of print and the time it takes. I often see students helping eachother out, offering suggestions, sharing equipment, being part of a tradition and pushing its boundaries.�

“Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get ink just about everywhere. I think it is part of the process and the sooner you can accept that, the better.�

“I love the nature of printing. The careful precision as well as the beautiful mistakes.�

Ink In My Fingernails  

Ink In My Fingernails - observations & reflections from the print room