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Exhibition: Katrinem

City Space on foot exhibition, performance, workshop, talk 2.10.-9.10.16 Mohsen Gallery No. 42, Mina Blvd.

Exhibition program 2.10.__5 pm - 8pm__opening 3.10.__11am - 8pm__exhibition 6pm__guided walking performance (40 min; length 1.8km) Reservation required! 7pm__talk: City Space on Foot (walking behavior in urban environment

Concept The vitality of a city is reflected in the activities of its inhabitants. Among other things, how, when and where they move around in it. As a form of transport, walking offers the greatest individual freedom in terms of direction and tempo. Sidewalks, pedestrian areas, traffic-free roads and squares are the public spaces most preferred by those navigating a city on foot, inscribing the pulse of their footsteps on pavements and paths. For over 12 years, katrinem is investigating the walkability of cities and its associated spatial perception, through her work series, go your gait!. The exhibit City Space on Foot takes a gander into this artistic research and production. Two aspects of her process are emphasized: Observing a site, and personally experiencing space while walking. The exhibit creates a palpable connection to Tehran city space with pieces generated on site and offers an experience of the immediate vicinity. For the duration of the exhibit the topic is further explored through performances, workshops and talks.

focussing on the auditory and atmospheric perception) 4.10.__11am - 8pm__exhibition 6pm__guided walking performance (40 min; length 1.8km) Reservation required! 5.10.__11am - 8pm__exhibition 6pm - 8pm__workshop: pause and listen is a practice which aims specifically at producing a connection between the individual and their space. The auditory atmospheric quality around Mohsen Gallery will be explored and the audible examined. Reservation required! 6.10.__exhibition closed 7.10.__4pm -10pm__exhibition © Reza Gharib

5pm__guided walking performance (40 min; length 1.8km) 7pm__ talk: katrinem‘s artistic research and methods Reservation required! 8.10.__11am - 8pm__exhibition 6pm__guided walking performance (40 min; length 1.8km)

6pm__guided walking performance (40 min; length 1.8km)

Visitors of the exhibition are invited to put on their own ,soundful′ shoes! Please send your reservation for guided walking performance and workshop to:

Reservation required!


Reservation required! 9.10.__11am - 8pm__exhibition Thanks for support and cooperation: Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran, Melody Roozimand, Reza Gharib, Siamak Gharib, Ahmad Mohammadzadeh, Mahsab-Sang, Omid Salavatifar, Baharan, Maryam, Ars Electronica Linz, Tadaex Festival, Mohsen Gallery



7pm__ open talk: walking behavior in everyday life


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