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I. s how you do It, my mother whispered This is esily, with her long slender fingers ( wtchmkers hnd), pop! crck, nd she pulled the string nd ll of the knots cme undone. The weight fell from me gently, nturlly, petls settling lightly under the brnches brnches. . I ws fine, she sved me! (middle child, pece mker. she hd perfected it long go.) This is how you do It, she sid, nd her eyes wtered then. II. And so I will do It, I will come to you pop! crck, nd I will untie the strings tht re tied to you tht re tied to the cns tht rttle behind you, chins, cns tied to the bumper of  cr, "Just Mrried",  cn tied to the til of  kitten, (where I cried before I lerned how to do It.) I will dig out the cryons lodged in your spine, I will set t the he bone, I will drw the world on your cst. I will dig the hole in the front yrd, I will bury the body nd I will plnt  tree in the upturned soil. III. Her eyes wtered then nd I didn't know why. Now I wlk through spider webs. I m triling long spindly fibers, I m weving them nd unweving them, I m witing to stop. They flow behind me like wings, they tie me to the bottom of the se. Now I sweep the shes underneth the rug, my eyes wter nd I know why. gers re long nd slender nd strong from prctice Mybe when I m  womn nd my fingers I will hve  dughter nd I will show her how to do It, pop! crck nd (I will be fine, She will sve me!)

grdution dy nd i couldn't be hppier you know i still hte you ll but hey best of luck you stupid fuck i hope you crsh your cr nd die or led trgic miserble lives you know you deserve it but hey keep in touch just not too much i cn't wit to get out of here nd never see your fce gin tht's my medicine you sy: "i know how this friendship works i know how to brek your hert" well fuck you everybody knows your nme but it's not  subtle kind of fme it's notoriety


Her eyes watered then and I didn't know why. Now I walk through spider webs. spindly fibers, I am weaving them and unweaving them, I am wait...

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