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OVERKILL’S NEWEST EDITORS AT THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH Bryant Davis, First Czar of Poetry Pete Budzowski, The Fascinating Frog-Man of Fiction Anna Dourgarian, The Fire-Breathing Female of Non-Fiction Adam Jordan, Half Man, Half Website Director Kevin Brazda, The Amazing Two-Headed Art Director Nikki Murray, The Most Flexible Woman in Advertising

7 SARO vs. Young Feminist, Mary Boleyn 8 What’s Behind The Letters? Penelope Crutchfield 11 Spirea, Kate Murphy 13 A Disclaimer, Charles Victor Szasz 15 Grandma Laura, Alexandra Jaffe 15 Oh Hi, So&So and What’s-Her-Face 3 In A Café with a Cigarette, Bryant Davis 4 Dr. Budzowski 4 Control Tower, Part II, Mistress Maura 10 Matthew the Beetle, Rippenbiest 5 Stumble, Trip, and Flounce, Vyasar Ganasen 5 I was on top of him…, Olivia Belden 12 Fingering, Dave Valentine 14 Sure Thing, Invite Him to Dinner, Pete Budzowski 14 A Quote by Marco Joseph Baudelaire 15 Someday My Prince Will Come, Grace Przytulic 16 Let Me Take You Out, Charles Victor Szasz 17 The Master Race, Dane Holding

2 tanning is suicide by melanoma, anonymous 6 the nation of winter beaches, Katie Dee 9 The Life of a Lullaby, Penelope Crutchfield 9 Missing the Younger Years, Stephanie Irish 10 The Night You Walked Me to My Car, Mary Boleyn 13 every tuesday thursday…, anonymous 13 Highku, Mallory Scott 18 Oh, two coughs and baby…, anonymous 18 Slut, J.W.