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Freelance photographers and artists.


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Settle Album release intro / when a fire starts to burn / latch ft.sam smith / f for you / white noise / defeated no more (ft. ed mac) / voices (ft sasha keable) / second chance / you and me (ft. eliza doolittle) / january (ft.jamie woon) / confess to me (ft.jessie ware) / help me lose my mind (ft. london grammar)


Nicholas Smith

Freelance photo grapher


pcoming photographer and design student Nicholas Smith came from the rural town of Tamworth in New South Wales. This 22 year old is currently studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication at University of Western Sydney. He said that he has always had a good sense of placement and position when it comes to photography. He picked up a camera as a young boy and his passion sparked from there. He likes to set up scenarios or concepts to shoot, as it gives an image a whole other depth of meaning.

create a sense of aftermath. He stated that the model Lauren Campbell was a wonder to shoot, she did exactly what he told her to do, even with it being an extremely cold day. He believes that the three most crucial aspects when it comes to captureing a planned image is environment, props and model and photographic skills. The environment has to suit the scenario, while the model must be open minded and willing and the photographer must have the knowledge and skill of determining the right positioning and placement.

Smith has just produced a new series called ‘Post Apocalyptic’. The photographs are intriguing to look at with a quirky concept. He planned and created some of the outfit himself from the antlers to the clothes. The antlers being made from paper Mache, and the clothing modified from thrift shops to suit the style. He chose a set that was dmysterious with abandoned and knocked down buildings to

After completion of university, Smith wants to further expand into his own photography and design business. He’s determined to make a name for himself worldwide, shooting for top brands and names. He is an aspiring young upcoming artists, who we should all remember the name of. 003



Gucci Couture

The fragrance of Spring


Tristan Ireland Freelance


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reelance photographer, artist and Designer Tristan Ireland originates from the town of Tamworth in New South Wales. He studied at a highly classified design college in New York City in 2012 for six months. All skills and knowledge of his works has been self taught and self learnt. He is a naturally skilled artist, with an amazing eye for design, harmony and contrast in his work. He currently is making a name for himself working for several business such as Colorado as a graphic designer. Since he was a child he has always been different from the rest, always seeing the world in a different perspective to those around him. Ireland likes to experiment with different types of artmaking; including airbrushing, drawing, painting and digitally editing images just to name a few. In his photography he enjoys creating concepts and scenarios to make the shoot have further meaning. Ireland has recently completed a series called

‘Blaque Couture’. The photographs have a somewhat animalistic feel to them, creatures coming out of the darkness. He did the makeup on the models faces himself using an airbrush and a piece of paper to guide the lines. He said the models Lauren Campbell and Shannon Purdy were great to work with alongside the great daine accompanying the shoot. He said it was at times hard to capture the dog in images as animals are unpredictable. He chose to shoot the images in a dark underpass as, he believed it had an unsettling, eerie feeling which suited his concept ever so well. Already being a freelance artist and photographer he has set himself up for big things in future. He hopes to move to a bigger city one day to expand his clientel base and further develop his brand and name. He is an extremely talented man who will no doubt be well known worldwide in the near future. 007




Photographed and Composed by Tristan Ireland Modelled by Madison Ridley Designer Sarah Johnston

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