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Architecture Brief Two Youth club

Location • For the location of my youth club I am looking for the following things - Near by shops - Park/Playground - Near a school (So it will be near the youths) - In a residential area

This is a small plot on Jack Cornwall street it is near Two primary schools and one secondary school under 500 feet away. It has a basketball and children’s playground next to it and would be a perfect space to put a community centre


• Another location that I think is good is in romford on london road it is big enough for a car park and its own playarea/park • It is near two secondary schools and one primary school with in 500 feet.

Youth • With designing a youth center I have to know what things they like such as colour and facilities.

Youth centers range from the age of 10 – 19 years old because the age range is so big there could be two different sections that will appeal to each age group because the things that appeal to 10 year olds may not appeal to 19 year olds. Age ranges I have considered a few things that might attract youth to go to a community centre, Things like: - Study areas - Pool tables - TV - Advice room - - Small Library - Computer room - - Graffiti wall - Music studio - Café - Dance studio

Could split the youth centre up into two age groups 10-14 years old to 15-19years old I year groups that would be Year 6 – 9 and Years 10 – Year 10 to Second year of college/sixth form As long as they are entertained fed and use there are things that appeal to youth the community Centre would be a great place for youth to congregate

Inspiration • I have one home and another arcitect that have given me some inspiration with the themes and colours of the youth center . • The first building is called Copper palace which is in aspen, Colorado this building is made out of mainly copper and is made up of five pods.

Inspiration • The architect that has inspired me with his work is Javier Senosiain ferrocement he is a a organic architect. • There are two specific houses he has designed that really inspired me and that was his home which he live in which is called The shark and another houses he designed called The Nautilus.

Experiment Models With this model I created I got my inspiration from an ornament I saw at the V&A . I created this model using paper an wire. Another thing that people said that it looks like is a peacock.

Experiment models This model was inspired by a statue of a lion I saw at the V&A. With this I concentrated on the teeth of the lion and used the shape to create a sculptured building. By sketching this gave me a different look into the shapes and curve from the shape I could use as a building.

Experimental Models This model was inspired by an ornament I saw at the V&A

I sketch my model and by doing this I realised that I think that it would work better as a block of flats than a youth centre. youth centre.

Experimental Models. This was one of my favorite models because it is plain but it has so many different angles to it and interpretations ..

Sketches & Inspiration This is a sketch of one of the ornaments I saw at the V&A that really inspired me with the shapes of the models I made and how I would like my youth centre to look like.

This is a sketch of of of my models that I have interpreted and work on to give it a new and more interesting shape. At first my model looked like a peacock and didn't’t look much like it could be a building so I work on it and cam up with this.

This is one of my favourite models and it is because its so little but its different and really like the use of curves and how the two model can entwine together to create something new.

This is what it originally looked like and I have only changed it slightly but its made a big difference.

Final ideas. The location I have decided to choose is Westland field in Romford behind St Edwards C of e Secondary school. I have picked this location because of the easy access from the main road and the amount of schools that are near by that the community Centre will be able to attracted. Also it is in a nice residential neighborhood. In this diagram I have highlighted the route from the near school st Edwards to where the community centre will be. Also I have highlighted the playing field near by so they have other facilities available. Other place close to the site it warren school and west ham training grounds.

The sketches above is of the model that I would like the shape of my community Centre to have because it is two separate sculptures I decided to sketch the two in different ways to see how I could have the youth Centre on the site I have chosen.

I decided to use this way because I think it would be more space efficient and it will allow me to have space for a car park for the community Centre.

Materials The materials that I would like to make for my community centre is Glass I want it to look very modern and look attractive not just on the exterior but the interior as well.


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