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CHIC TO STREET CHIC TO STREET is a one stop shopping destination for forward style leaders. Offering the latest apparel styles at a contemporary price point, this women’s and men’s fashion boutique offers a broad selection of quality fashion brands and accessories to suit every fashionista’s preffered style. Whether on the search for denim, outerwear, cocktail attire, or casual chic every day styles, CHIC TO STREET is the place to be to find it all. Apart from offering clothing, CHIC TO STREET also offers its customers the perfect accessories for every every outfit through a unique selection of bags, shoes, belts, and jewelry. Personal stylists are available for customers who want that celebrity treatment. CHIC TO STREET’s stylists will help customers select an outfit for any occassion or even to show their clients what key pieces you need for their closets. They will also help customers how to incorporate fashion show trends into their daily wardrobe. The CHIC TO STREET shopping experience is be highlighted by the latest in popular music in Hong Kong culture, such as A-Mei and Joyce Cheng, courtesy of our in-store DJ. A team will constantly be aware of top popular music and will make sure to have a well-selected array of tunes for customers to enjoy. At CHIC TO STREET, we are focused on getting our customers that chic fashion runway look for the runway of our lives: the street.

ADDRESS G01 Fashion Walk, Kingston Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong, China

PHONE +852.2882.6207


OPENING HOURS 10:00-22:00




THE LOGO CHIC TO STREET wants to let the clothing speak for itself. So the logo needs to be sleek, modern and very minimalist. Utilizing a sans serif font in all caps meshed with a serif italicized font, there is a marriage of simplicty and modernism all in one. As for color choice, it also needs to be simple, but bold enough to make the same statement CHIC TO STREET customers make in their styling choices. So we chose white text on a red purple circle. Red purple, in Chinese culture, is thought to bring “luck and fame�. There is also the use of shape. In Chinese culture, a circle symbolizes the heavens. This meaning is supposed to be a metaphor to the innovative chic fashion of CHIC TO STREET. In our smaller logo (as seen on the section breaks in this kit) also has a square on top of the circle. The square, in chinese culture, represents the earth. For us, it means bringing fashion forward clothing to the masses.

AT HOME AT FASHION WALK Causeway Bay is considered one of Hong Kong’s biggest shopping districts and Fashion Walk is one of the multiple shopping complexes located in this crowded area. This zone is considered a popular social spot for young people, since visitors can find trendy and fashion forward shops aligning the streets most of which are open until past midnight. These trendy shops carry both local and international products. Located right on Kingston Street, Fashion Walk’s target market is a young and fashionable crowd. These young and trend savvy style leaders know they can come to Fashion Walk to find the latest trends. Every fashionista in town knows that Fashion Walk will give them what they are looking for to spice up their wardrobes. It is the perfect home for CHIC TO STREET.




















SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN FACEBOOK Facebook is a major leader in social media in the youth culture of Hong Kong, so CHIC TO STREET will have the majority of its social media efforts in this outlet. CHIC TO STREET will create a fan page where the store can gain followers through posting pictures of the store and new merchandise, blog posts with information about the newest collections/designers and special promotions for fans only. On Facebook, CHIC TO STREET will be looking to create a community and a network of fans to build interest in the store and its services to help grow the number of CHIC TO STREET customers and keep them coming back for more. In order to gain Facebook fans, CHIC TO STREET will be asking it’s customers at POS to become a fan of our Facebook page in order to receive a 10% discount on their next purchase. Customers will then show us from their phones that they have indeed become a fan of our page and will receive their one time special promotion. The CHIC TO STREET Facebook page will also display general information about the store such as business hours, contact information, location and in-store events. Fans will also be able to access directions as to how to book an appointment with one of our personal in-store stylists. Through Facebook, CHIC TO STREET will also develop strong communication with it’s fans through two way conversations and by encouraging fans to share their CHIC TO STREET experience with the rest of the fans. Upon the launch of the CHIC TO STREET Facebook page, CHIC TO STREET will measure success if it has at least 15 new fans each month.

JIEPANG CHIC TO STREET will also be using the Hong Kong equivalent of Foursquare: Jiepang. Jiepang users will be able to “check in” to the CHIC TO STREET store, tell their friends, “become mayor”, while also receiving coupons and special promotions available for Jiepang users only. This Beijing-based social media platform just recently launched in November. Since it is still very new, CHIC TO STREET will be on the forefront of new technology used in the area.

Special signage will be displayed through our store educating customers on this new technology works and encouraging them to become users and check-in at our location. As CHIC TO STREET will be testing this new technology, we will measure success by having at least 5 customers check in at our location per month

YOUTUBE In June of last year, comScore’s Video Metrix service said that 88.5% of Hong Kong internet users watched streamed videos (source). The majority of the views came from platforms such as Google, Tudou, and Youku. Google accounted for 52.4% of all the views, and of those views YouTube was 99%. After analyzing this data, CHIC TO STREET has decided to create a YouTube channel where styling and trend videos will be posted on a weekly to bi-weekly schedule. This will coincide with CHIC TO STREET’s personal shopping service in-store. Videos of in-store events will also be posted in an effort to encourage viewers to join the next one.

CHIC TO STREET will measure success if it has at least 15 new views each month.

VIRAL MARKETING PLAN EMAIL BLAST CONTEST & WHO WORE IT BEST CHIC TO STREET will send an email blast inviting its customers to become a fan on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter. Doing these two actions will automatically enter them into a contest to win a free consultation with a CHIC TO STREET personal stylist and a $1000(USD) shopping spree. Each friend the customer chooses to forward the message to, increases their chances of winning. The winner’s experience will be recorded and a short video will be posted on our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and website. This will be a yearly contest and the video will be used to create excitement for the next year. Instead of sending email blasts of new merchandise, CHIC TO STREET will feature the “IT” piece of the moment along with 5 different ways to wear it and feature the “IT” piece on the runway and the “Who’s Who” in popular culture that is wearing the look. The email will encourage shoppers to send us a picture of how they wear it and make them eligible to be featured on a follow-up email.

VIDEO SHOWCASE Since CHIC TO STREET stylists and employees will be an integral part of our brand image, short “Behind the Scenes at CHIC TO STREET” videos will posted to our YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and website. These videos will feature our stylists and what happens on a day to day basis at Method. These videos will be especially effective as promotion for upcoming events as they will feature everything that takes place during the planning stages, whether it be a fashion show, private in-store shopping event or new collection launch. One of CHIC TO STREET’s main services is our in-house stylists. Styling videos, courtesy of our stylists, will be posted onto each of our social media outlets and on the website on a weekly schedule. These videos will feature how to wear and accessorize “IT” looks. This will be a video version of the email newsletters we will send out. To grow the CHIC TO STREET community, as well as mirror the previously mentioned email newsletters, we will actively invite YouTube viewers to reply to and tag the video with a video of how they would wear and accessorize “IT” looks. Shoppers who do this will also be eligible to be featured on the next CHIC TO STREET’s “Who Wore It Best” video.

CHIC TO STREET’S BEST DRESSED Shoppers will be encouraged to post their CHIC TO STREET outfits on our website or Facebook accounts. CHIC TO STREET will select the top 10 Best Styled Looks. The best looks will be chosen through the use of a survey that can be filled out in an email blast or through our website. The survey will ask people to vote for who they feel is the Best Dressed CHIC TO STREET Girl and the Best Dressed CHIC TO STREET Boy. The winner will receive a free consultation with a Method personal stylist and a $1000(USD) shopping spree

QR FASHION HUNT While taking into the account of Hong Kong’s affinity to use of their mobile phones at all times, CHIC TO STREET will have an “IT” look scavenger hunt on a seasonal basis. The date of these hunts will be promoted through social media outlets, the CHIC TO STREET website, and promoted in-store. On these Fashion Hunts, CHIC TO STREET will have a live model wearing an “IT” look walking around the local Fashion Walk area. The model will be carrying a card in their pocket/bag (see below) with a QR code for shoppers to scan with their phones to be entered in a contest to win a $50(USD) gift certificate to CHIC TO STREET and a consultation with an in-house stylist.

QR POSTERS CHIC TO STREET will have a total of 10 QR code posters strategically displayed through out Fashion Walk. These posters will contain our logo and witty quotes about fashion and our stores, encouraging passer by’s to check out where the QR codes lead them to. Some of these will be linked to our YouTube videos, others will contain special one-time promotions and upcoming event information, some will feature an” IT” item and some will highlight our in-store stylists and will encourage shoppers to stop by our store to meet them. These QR code posters are designed to be intriguing to the multitude of trend savvy shoppers that visit Fashion Walk, as they will wonder what each special QR code contains, making them more aware of CHIC TO STREET’s presence in Fashion Walk and leading them on a hunt for the next poster.


GRAND OPENING EVENT For our grand opening, CHIC TO STREET will be producing ROCK THE RUNWAY fashion show. The event will start at 9:00PM with an in-store fashion show starting at 9:30PM highlighting the season’s must-haves. A total of 7 male and 7 female models will be modeling the latest from CHIC TO STREET. For the fashion show, model’s will be coming from the second floor, down the stairs, and back up so that everyone in attendance can view the show. After the fashion show, attendees will be encouraged to stay and browse the racks while our in-store DJ blasts the latest popular tunes.
 At the Opening Event we will distribute Gift Bags to press, fashion bloggers, and the first 100 attendees who come in. Included in the giftbag will be a lookbook, a social media flier, a cd, as well as a coupon.

CHIC TO STREET plans to open it’s doors to the public Friday April 1st, 2011. The following calendar is a timeline for the planning of our opening event.



The “CHIC TO STREET presents ROCK THE RUNWAY fashion show for the Grand Opening” invitation is a disk shape that is printed on both sides. On the front side is the CHIC TO STREET logo. On the back, is the iformation for the Grand Opening event. Invitations will be included with all mailed press releases that will be sent out. We will also send physical invitations to friends of the staff.

CHIC TO STREET will have an electronic version of the invitation that looks exactly like the back of the invitation. The electronic invitations will be posted to all social media outlets and be sent to Hong Kong fashion bloggers. This will help jumpstart our communication with the Hong Kong fashion online community. We will also create a vinyl sticker version to apply to our ground floor windows. There is a heavy foot traffic that walk past our store because fashion walk is such a popular fashion go to area and because our store front faces the street and not the interior of a mall. This will help us gain interest to CHIC TO STREET as well as invite potential customers to come to ROCK THE RUNWAY.

THANK YOU GIFT At the Opening Event we will distribute Gift Bags to press, fashion bloggers, and the first 100 attendees who come in. Included in the giftbag will be a lookbook, a social media flier, a cd, as well as a coupon.

REUSABLE GIFT BAG The gift bag will be a reusable bag with the CHIC TO STREET pattern. Customers will be able to use this bag the next time they shop at the store, as well as a cute tote to use every day. This bag will hold the rest of the thank you gifts.

CHIC TO STREET LOOKBOOK Inside the bag will a lookbook that displays the current collections available at CHIC TO STREET. This lookbook will feature who is wearing similar trends.

SOCIAL MEDIA CARD Our social media flier will also be included in the gift bag. The card invites customers to visit the CHIC TO STREET website, become fans on Facebook, follow our YouTube page, and view our Jiepang page.

ROCK THE RUNWAY CD A CD of the music played during the night’s ROCK THE RUNWAY fashion show.

CHIC TO STREET GRAND OPENING EXCLUSIVE COUPON Included in the gift bag will also be a 25% off coupon for their next visit to the store. Coupons will be given to all attendees, even those who haven’t received the complete thank you gift bag.










WEBSITE G01 Fashion Walk, Kingston Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong, China Kong culture, such as A-Mei and Joyce Cheng, courtesy of our in-sto...