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Introduction Interior Design


Luen Tai Revitalization


KMB Re-Running


Perfumer House


Dulux Colourful Space Design Competition

Furniture Design 38

Light Up Our Habitat





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Visual Diary




Cultural Critism and Research



hen I was small, I just simply loved artistic creation. However, past few years of studying made me realize that an effective use of contagion in arts and designs can really improve our quality of life and promote awareness. I am constantly looking for opportunity to enhance my thinking skill and creativity, as well as to broaden the horizon through exploration in continuous learning. My goal in life is to fulfil my civil duty to practice sustainable living and create a better built environment to the community.

Curriculum Vitae

Education Sept 2010 to Jun 2013

Hong Kong Design Institute Higher Diploma in Interior Design

Sept 2009 to Jun 2010

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Higher Diploma in Business with Design Management (Year 2)

Sept 2004 to Jun 2009

Pope Paul VI College Form 1 to Form 5

Experience Jul 2012 to Aug 2012

Architectural Design Research Institute of Sun-Yat-Sen University - Participating in the Poverty Alleviation Project in Qingyuan - Data inputting and tender document filing - Design Research

Oct 2010 to Jul 2011

Starbucks - Providing standard drinks and services - Building up reliable teamwork with partners - Communicating with the customers

Aug 2009 to May 2010

Ubesi Piano Company - Teaching basic drawing and painting skills to children - Preparing the materials and subject matter

Skills & Interests Computer Application AutoCAD | 3D Studio Max | Keyshot | Adobe Illustrator | InDesign | Photoshop Language Cantonese (Native) | English (Conversational) | Putonghua (Conversational) Hobbies Chinese Music | Illustration | Painting | Animal Documentary | Sunrise

School Individual Project Project Title -

Luen Tai Revitalization Design Title: Leafy Shade Year of Creation: 2012 Type: Interior Design Project Description:



uen Tai Industry is an old building and will be revitalized by Sun Hung Kai Properties. In this project, we are required to make an interior design proposal and a theme area of 2,000 to 3,000 sq. ft.

Leafy Shade is an eco-friendly leisure plaza which provides variety of cultural and low-carbon activity. Thus, it is created to let people understand that environmental protection is closely related to everyday life through a wide range of experience design, and this trend should be popularized to produce certain beneficial result.

(Main Entrance)


Special Insight from Site Research - Matching Facility


he industrial area and residential area are clearly divided by the Kwai Chung Road and there are three foot-bridges for people to across the road.

The old bridge


KCC bridge


eople tend to use the old bridge and the people flow is much busier than the new one. It links to Kwai Hing Government Offices, Kwai Chung Center and the Millennium Trade Center. The users of the foot-bridges mainly are the workers in the industrial district. Should there be more matching facilities to increase the people flow in the industrial district?

Special Insight from Interviewee



Shek Kip Mei


Kwai Tsing District

hat we found in the research was Kwai Tsing needs an identity and something unique to improve the image. SHK shouldn’t only focus on the needs of Kwai Tsing residents when planning what programs to be held in the building, but also people from other districts.The building can be unsuccessful but at least everyone should aware of its existence and function. In other words, people should have a purpose to go there.


Design Aims & Concept

An Identity

Concept Image

! 12

Level 3

Avocating Low Carbon Lifestyle

Level 2 Level 1 Radiative lines from trunk to the end point of branches. (center is the core)

Platform to Show Creativity

Providing Public Space


Zoning & Program








Floor Plan & Concept Diagram



rench windows and glass walls are used to make maximum use of heat and light from the sun and to provide cross ventilation.

Columns and crossbeams are used to divide dining areas which make them particularly regular.

Floor Plan & Concept Diagram



itchen is in the center; staff can go to different dining areas more convenient.


he farm provides ingredients and herbs for the kitchen. It also separates the space to create private areas.

Section & Elevation

Front elevation (Outside lobby)

Side elevation (Outside lobby) 17

Section (Dining area)



lot of natural materials are used, for example, bamboo of the chairs’ backs, wooden furnitures and railings.



urable and low-maintenance quebracho wood is used to build the ceiling.


s the glass walls separate the indoor and the outdoor, the outside environment can be clearly seen from the inside in order to attract people to go out.


s the balcony faces a busy road, vegetation could block the dust and noise. Besides, it makes the environment more natural.


he design imitates the atmosphere of countryside resorts which creates a warm and comfortable space. It makes people feel at ease but not feel like being in a industrial district.


he floor is 720 above the ground; soil can be hiden underneath for planting. 19

School Individual Project Project Title -

KMB Re-Running Design Title: Chinese Tea House Year of Creation: 2012 Type: Interior Design Project Description:



thought of our daily lives rather than cultures when choosing local context to merge with the old KMB bus. ‘’Yum Cha’’ plays a special role in our daily living. No matter the Chinese tea, the western afternoon tea or the Hong Kong tea in restaurant, all are very popular and they are remarkable. In the further development, I specifically chose ‘’Dim Sum House’’. Although not all of us have the habits to go there neither to spend a weekend nor to have lunch. We can’t deny that its root is deep in our culture. We eat dim sum and drink tea to gather old time sack. However, how many of us do understand our traditional Chinese tea culture? Through this project, we’re not only upcycling the old bus, but also providing a platform for people to know more about our unique culture. Besides, public resting seats and public spaces are rather insufficient in Hong Kong comparing to other cities, especially in those busy regions, such as Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Causeway Bay. Therefore, I tried to reuse the old bus chairs to design new public seats which will be placed outdoor.

Perspective View


Site - Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

I 22

t’s located in the Hong Kong Park in Admiralty. The location has high accessibility and a lot of people come here on weekdays. Because there are large open spaces and flat land between the museum and the gallery, the bus can be positioned here so that people could come here after visiting the exhibition.

Initial Idea


Section (Front)

Storage shelves are in the front of the bus, so the workers could use the front door when new stock arrives, and customers won’t be disturbed.




People can see the display cabinet from the outside.

A large cabinet and screen are used to separate rooms.


Elevation & Feature


ld bus chairs are used to make the merry-go-round. A tree is planted in the middle; in this way, people can enjoy the shade sitting there. Besides, Chinese element is added to the design. The bottom of the merry-go-round is made of a plastic plane with a traditional pattern underneath.

Window frames, doors and screen inside contains traditional Chinese pattern.




Zoning & Interior Detail


Original Driver Seat

Storage Area

Cleaning Area




Most of the furnitures in the bus are made of wood; therefore, milk paint is used as it is the most earth friendly finishes. Its lime content offers pest-resillence and its fungicidal properties add to its strength.

Selling Area


Large cabinet is for putting files and staff ’s personal things.

Resting Area

If the food is take away, customers can buy them through the windows.

Lower Deck Floor Plan

Yellow-orange lighting can set a warm and peaceful mood which also match with the wood colors. Staircase

Service Area


As the space in the bus is limited. Decorations are used to separate the tables, for example, the Chinese screens, plants and cabinets.

Area for tasting tea and snacks

Old little boxes are used as a table and storage unit. It’s useful in such a small place.

Upper Deck Floor Plan

School Individual Project Project Title -

Perfumer House Year of Creation: 2011 Type: Conceptual Design Project Description:

E 28

very fragrance has its own story and smell. They remind us something which is deep in our mind. It could be a feeling, a memory or an imagination. As they are all invisible, we have to visualize them. In this conceptual living place design, curvy lines and wavy shapes are used to express the elegant movement of fragrance.


User - Perfumer (artist X scientist X philospher)

A 30

perfumer is a term used for an expert on creating perfume compositions, sometimes referred to affectionated as a nose due to their fine sense of smell and skill in producting olfactory compositions. The perfumer is effectively an artist who is trained in depth on the concepts of fragrance aesthetics and who is capable of conveying abstract concepts and moods with fragrance compositions. Character: peaceful, attentive, patient, enjoy being alone Image: gorgeous, classy, natural Association: fantasy, seduction, petal, ripple, shifting sand

Site - Tai Tan, Sai Kung

Same style Two houses linked together Empty house

(Sai Kung West Country Park)

Chinese style house

The Site (Tai Tan) SE


(Ko Ting Hau)

View from the pier

Located on the foot of a mountain

(Wong Shek Pier)

Sunset in the NW

Amazing landscape Surrounded by the nature, high privacy

Low population density





School Individual Assignment Project Title -

Dulux Colourful Space Design Competition Image Title: Earthy Harmony Year of Creation: 2012 Dulux Color Code: 60YR 07/093 & 70YR 08/186 Project Description:



rown may give us a blunt and dingy impression. Indeed, too much brown result in a dull effect. However, when it is used with some warm colors like yellow and orange, it could still create a harmonious atmosphere as it has a connection with natural earth. Thus, I choose brown wall as a feature and make use of earth tone colors which are served as a foil to it in order to create peaceful and stabilized feeling to the interior. Besides, Dulux’s paintings with similar colors are also used for decoration.


Living Room


Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2

School Individual Project Project Title -

Light Up Our Habitat


Design Title: Flowing Year of Creation: 2012 Type: Furniture Design Material: Acrylic Sheets, Black Steel Accessories: Megaman LED Classic x4 Light Color Temperature: 2700K Project Description:


he aim of the lighting project is to explore Megaman light bulbs to design illumination interior products in our lighting habitat.

This illuminated bench is designed for dark public interior places like aquariums and museums. The design is inspired by the water reflection. As it is made of acrylic sheet, the light is either refracted or passes through the material; thus the wavy shape of the bench produces a shadow with scattered effect. People not only could sit on it to take rest, but the dim lighting can light up a small area and gives directional indication; so that people won’t stumble easily. When it’s not in use, it could be an artistic decoration still.




useums in Hong Kong don’t seem to lack seating; however, chairs or benches are dull and lack distinguishing characteristics.


Moreover, the West Kowloon Cultural District is a proposed and developing project to boost culture and entertainment. The district will feature a new museum of visual culture, numerous theatres, concert halls and other performance venues. We can see that there’s a demand of special designed bench for relaxation and to increase the atmosphere as a functional object.

Design Orientation


Stylish or playful style of public seats

Lighting effect could be added on a bench to make it more artistic

Ideal shadow pattern and feeling of the bench

Sketch & Shadow Testing


Domino-like form creates regular shadow.

Solid material can block the light refracted by another shinny material and create strips of rainbow.

The rainbow strips follow the shape of the testing model.


Testing shadow with different angle of light source

Testing shadow with interlaced lines

Potential material for making stripped seating pad

Form Testing


At last, I chose this method to make the final model.

1:5 Model - Testing Extent & Direction of Light

Imitating external light


1:5 Model - Testing Extent & Direction of Light




School Individual Project Project Title -

Fluttering Year of Creation: 2011 Type: Furniture Design Material: Acrylic Sheets Project Description:



t’s a wall shelf for displaying ornaments as a home decoration. The inspiration came from those little flowers at school. Various kinds of flower are planted in the rooftop garden. They seem so fragile but still can face the strong wind. They flutter in the breeze just like dancing in the air. Their gesture of waving is so unique. This design element is used to make the shape of a bird; thus how the shape of the wall shelf turns out.




Brainstorming sketches

Development of five initial ideas


Further development of form


Top View


Front view

Side view

1:5 Model


School Group Project Project Title -

Eco-Tree Year of Creation: 2012 Type: Furniture Design Material: Magazine paper, Glass Project Description:



e always get what we want in this advanced world; however, how many of us care about the things we are losing behind the prosperity? We are well aware that natural resources are limited and as we are one of the citizens in the global village, we should make an effort to save the planet. In this project, we would like to introduce the ‘’salvage art’’ by using upcycling method. We decided to make a coffee table which is made of magazine papers and two pieces of glass. Except for the glasses and glue, the whole structure was formed by useless material. Because papers are made of wood, we got the inspiration from trees and tried to turn them into ‘‘tree’’ again.




Idea sketch

Development of form

1:5 Model

Top view

Front view

Back view 57

Left view

Right view


Making Process


irstly, we cut the magazine papers into long narrow strips and roll them up. The size of each roll is different as they have different lengths and widths. Then, we stick all the magazine rolls together to form the tree shape. After that, we use cutter to pare the thick paper rolls’ surfaces to imitate tree trunk pattern and let them be the table legs. Lastly, the upper part of rolls was sprayed in white color.


Perspective ‘‘Tree Trunk’’

School Individual Project Project Title -

Nervousness Image Title: Grandma Year of Creation: 2010 Medium: Scratching, Soft Pastel on Paper Size: 210 x 297 Project Description: 60


eeling is the most interesting abstract. The world is full of feelings which connect with many things. For instance, we have to welcome a brand new morning that mingles hope with fright everyday. Why are we excited or worried? When we get in touch with different people and things, it’s hard not to get a feeling on them. The feeling could be a physical sensation involving perception or experience by touch, such as the texture of papers. Feeling is also used to describe experiences. In psychology, the word is usually reserved for the conscious subjective experience of emotion. Sometimes it is complicated to describe feeling verbally; therefore, we use different methods to express ourselves. As feeling is a personal matter, we can see the same thing but never feel the same; or we may get hurt in the same way but never feel the pain in the same extent. Wouldn’t it be better if we don’t feel bad? I realized we should experience varied life to find out how much we love a feeling. I have chosen ‘’nervousness’’ as the theme because it is the hardest feeling for me to get rid of. It is so difficult to concentrate and to prevent palpitating every time new conditions and stress come. This unease reminds me how I feel comfortable in a peaceful environment and how I thirst for a calm life.


School Individual Project Project Title -

Nervousness Image Title: Withered Year of Creation: 2010(Photo), 2011(Poem) Medium: Photo & Poem


Withered She’s got a bunch of alstroemeria; But they were left to die. Its touch was so familiar; As they once grew in her mind. With the loss in hands, how did she feel? She sold her soul to Death in a deal. Spirits didn’t want to lead her way. In this dream-like fading, she found nowhere to stay. She had a thousand regrets for those missed. Playing back time could trade her nothing. Many sorrows and lies must not be erased. What she got wrong shouldn’t be teasing. Regrets always appear on a blind impulse. They gave you appealing memories that were throbbing your pulse. The girl’s heart felt a throb no more. She bashfully loved the bloom for sure


School Individual Project Project Title -

Nervousness Image Title: Untitled Year of Creation: 2010 Medium: Poster Colour on Paper Size: 210 x 297 Project Description: 64


lthough darkness makes us feel helpless and cold, a dimmed light in dark places even more sorrowful and feeble because ‘’weaknesses’’ can never defeat the murk.


Personal Interest -

Visual Diary Image Title: (Untitled) Year of Creation: 2009 Medium: Pencil on Paper Size: 286 x 363 Project Description: 66


few years ago, I was attracted by a newly formed group who was planning to make T-shirt and cap design. They were finding new members for designing and promoting, so I sent them an email. I was asked to draw two pictures namely ‘’Western’’ and ‘’Eastern’’. The work on the right hand side, is the ‘’Western’’ one.


Personal Interest -

Visual Diary Image Title: (Untitled) Year of Creation: 2010 Medium: Gel Pen (Pilot HI-TEC-C) on Paper Size: 297 x 210 Project Description: 68


his was the very first hi-tec-c drawing I did. Since then, I love using it to draw something that has obvious texture and shape, especially natural species like trees. Unlike an ink pen drawing, repeating layer of strokes is needed to create a shadow but the strokes are still clearly shown after the layering. Although it takes a long time to finish one piece of work, it is my favourite medium to create my style.


School Individual Project Project Title -

Typography Image Title: Lego with Me Year of Creation: 2010 Project Description:

T 70

he poster is a reminiscence of my childhood. That’s why I use Lego as the theme. In the past, I loved playing Lego as I enjoyed how the things were made piece by piece. I liked to layer the Lego bricks to construct buildings and houses. This gives me the idea of putting the words in different layers to create the background. If the whole work is made up by layers of words, it will be quite messy. Therefore, the kid that represents me is form by colours.


School Individual Project Project Title -

Cultural Criticism and Research Text Title: Why Hong Kong Was Not A Happy City? Year of Creation: 2012 Subject Area: Social Issue Project Description:



his is a self-initiated research project which possesses potential to support design concepts and directions for the Final Year Project.

Why Hong Kong was not a Happy City?


1. Introduction

Psychology is one of my favourite subjects. I always wonder how a habit is formed or why do we do something subconsciously. That’s why ‘’happiness’’ becomes my topic in this study. This report aims to comprehend the main reasons that why Hong Kong was not a happy city, and how design could serve as an auxiliary to let people become happier.

1.1 Background

According to the data published by the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in 2011, Hong Kong was the most competitive region in the world. Nevertheless, the commercial possibility and material life didn’t bring us higher well-beings. The New Economics Foundation (NEF) released the Happy Planet Index (HPI) in 2012 and it was found that Hong Kong ranked 102 in the index, which was even lower than some countries which are politically unstable such as Ethiopia and Iran. For the sake of the healthy long-term development, we should reflect our past in relation to our daily lives.

1.2 Why Happiness Is Important?

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Although this sense of feeling good is invisible, it could fulfill our life in many aspects. For instant, many studies have shown that happy people live longer and have better health. Moreover, it could increase our productivity as 75 percent of job successes are predicted by the optimism levels, the social support and the ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat. Even the Gross National Happiness is considered Human Development Index.

1.3 Problems 1.3.1 Health Problem


Happiness, stress and health have a direct relationship; therefore, psychological and physical health problems are the direct impact. A recent survey by psychologist and self-help author Robert Epstein found that 25% of our happiness hinges on how well we are able to manage stress. Yet Hong Kong takes account of cost benefit too much. The pace of life is tight and many people have great pressure. Nervous people cannot calmly analyze and think about complex issues. Thus their values are easily influenced by the others.

1.3.2 High Suicide Rate

Another outcome of an unhappy city is the increasing number of suicide case. Suicide is still a sensitive topic in Asian countries. Since 1997, Hong Kong has experienced one of the most drastic changes in its suicide rate. The rate rocketed from 12.5 per 10,000 in 1997 to a historical high of 18.6 in 2003, almost a 50% climb for the seven-year period. Years later, Hong Kong suicide rate is still at above the world average. In additional, perception of those attempted suicide often becomes distorted due to the emotional impact.

1.3.3 Social Atmosphere

In fact, the effect bought by an unhappy city is more far-reaching than we imagine. Problems continue to emerge one by one like a chain reaction lead to social instability. The unhealthy social atmosphere flooded with discontentment and grievance can cause increasing demonstrations. Besides, people will have lower citizen’s identities when they dislike their own city.

2. Discussion

To comprehend the reasons why Hong Kong had such low ranking in several happy indexes, we can begin with studying some phenomena and different aspects of social condition in Hong Kong throughout the years. References from other countries have also been taken which are listed below.

2.1 Mass Media

People may have wrong understanding to the society when they receive large amount of negative reports from the mass media. Perhaps they shape a negative society in mind consciously under imperceptibly influence and overlook the bright side. Whether a matter is good or bad shouldn’t be measured by the values of the majority, but our personal objective analysis.

2.2 Economic Restructuring

In less than twenty years, Hong Kong changed from industrial society to a knowledge-based society. Although different situations could help the economy growth, the later mainly has greater use of physical capital and labor-saving devices through technological reformation. At this stage, the industrial production mainly makes use of the technological advances with low-skilled workers. Unfortunately, Hong Kong’s economic restructuring was not that successful comparing to the United States’. Firstly, the process was too fast and the market couldn’t get with it smoothly and steady. Secondly, the economic system was not well developed; its restructuring process was restricted by a lot of external forces. Thirdly, education quality and the number of institutes of higher education were out of the demand. Because of these factors, a great amount of labour force was thrown into unemployment as people were low in education and lacked technical skills.

2.3 Governance

Hong Kong is not a full democracy. Although it has a very efficient bureaucracy, political rights are few as it underwent transition from British to Chinese sovereignty less than two decades ago. In fact, the reversion of Hong Kong to China was an important factor leading Hong Kong people to unhappiness. The reversion gave people a political disillusionment. It was expected that everyone had the right to vote for their own ideal Chief Executive, or the Legislative members; but the interpretation of the Basic Law by the National People’s Congress in 2004 dashed people’s dream. Until now, the Chief Executive was still elected by a small circle of hundreds people. Hong Kong people seem to be mistrusted by the mainland China Government causing deep-seated contradictions. Citizens doubt that to what extent can Hong Kong people run Hong Kong under ‘’One country, two systems’’.

lack a sense of security and belonging when their prospects are unclear. Another study from Lingnan University indicated that Hong Kong low and middle income families were unable to share the benefits of economic recovery; but they witnessed others making huge profits in the stock market. This situation dragged down the overall happiness index. This conclusion is consistent with most of the sociologist’s comments: an unequal distribution of wealth lead to social segmentation, increase the gap between the classes, and even the gap within the class will get bigger and bigger; finally it will lead to social differentiation and breakdown of mutual trust among each others.

2.5 Poverty Problem

Hong Kong is known as an international metropolis city. The per capita wealth is comparable to those advanced countries in Europe and America; but the Gini Coefficient was comparably high which indicated that the gap between the rich and the poor was serious. Nothing comes from nothing. Hong Kong has an increasingly serious poverty problem for years. Economic resources are distributed unevenly and the inequality can cause social differentiation. Furthermore, the poverty population keeps rising, nearly one-seventh of the total population. Many poor people are still living in crowded and small cubicle apartment or bedspace apartment. They have low living condition and environment quality. Besides, many elderly collect abandoned cardboard for livelihood.

2.6 Preservation of Environment and Culture

We live in a world of scarce resources. A society consumes so much that sufficient resources are not available for future generations, can hardly be considered successful. Costa Rica ranked top of the HPI list and 99% of its domestic energy is renewable. It’s necessary to make effort toward a low-carbon economy, and avoid excessive consumption which may cause irreparable climate change. Yet, Hong Kong people consume too much natural resources and continue to destroy the environment for the sake of development, for example, the latest Lung Mei Artificial bathing beach. A lot of natural species are losing their shelters.

2.4 Social Justice and Mutual Trust

Usually in a society, when there is fair chance for everyone to archive fruitful results through their own efforts and struggle, they will be happy. Nevertheless, the condition in Hong Kong is not optimistic. For example, if you want to participate in politics, you have no chance unless you belong to pro-establishment camp. Apart from this, the changing of social structure also gives young people less opportunity. Whether it is in working or living, people

Bhutan is another happiest country in the world. The former king created Bhutan’s happiness formula and coined the term ‘’Gross National Happiness’’. The formula focus on the balanced development between substance and spirit, and it places environmental protection and traditional culture above the economic development. Whereas in Hong Kong, economic and tourism development appear to be more important than people’s willing. Because of the North-east New Territories New Development Areas planning, some residents in the old villages like Ma Shi Po Village were forced to evict from their home. Furthermore, many local cultural spots such as the Star Ferry Pier, Tai O stilt houses and the 1881 heritage had disappeared or lost their original features.


3. Recommendations 3.1 Practical Measures

To solve all the said problems, spiritual life is far more important than material life. Therefore, careful consideration is needed in long-term development planning. The Hong Kong government shouldn’t ignore the requirements of the public to covet small advantages. In short, public consultation is very important.

4.1 User - Housewives

Surprisingly the number of suicide death of housewives was the third high in the record. People always have a wrong idea that housewives have an unrestrained living and they got a lot of leisure time being at home; on the contrary, a housewife is much busier and has greater pressure than any kind of work. They have 24-hour work without any holiday and resting time. Year after year, as most of their time and energy was spent on the family, they couldn’t develop own interest which also increase the pressure sharply. Moreover, a senior clinical psychologist of the Social Welfare Department pointed out that when all the family members have different development and leave home after growing up, the housewife may doubt the value of her own existence and feel useless with the sluggish life. As to relieve housewives’ depression, they must seek emotional support from the families, as well as building social support.

4.2 Design Statement

Live for the moment. We should enjoy every single time and everything we do. However, not everyone has the luck. Some may need to spend a lot of time working on the things they don’t like as for their livelihood, for satisfying others’ expectations or to meet the social trends. Everyone has his own difficulty, but we shouldn’t twist the meaning of life. As a happy person, he ought to appreciate what he has, speak for himself and look for the best in himself and people around him. Housewives are the potential users of the design. The design aims to provide a space for housewives to develop interests, have better understanding of them and have self-enhancement.


5. Conclusion 3.2 Psychological Factor

I pretty agree with Shawn Achor’s description--- “the lens through which our brains view the world that shapes our reality”. Most companies and schools follow a formula for success, which is ‘’if I work harder, I’ll be more successful; If I’m becoming successful, I’ll be happier.’’ We all know that it’s not right but we’re blinded by the parenting styles, managing styles and the education all the time. It’s normal for us to keep improving our lives; however, if we always chase for something better, then we’ll never be satisfied as there’s no ending of what we called ‘’the best’’. Thus, it is really important to find out how to reach the point of satisfaction and teach the next generation what is the true meaning of ‘’enough is as good as a feast’’.

4. Design Orientation

Although we cannot change people’s thought and views or either the social situation through design, we can use it as a media to provide information or make it as a platform to share and advocate happy living.

‘’The greatest happiness of the greatest number is the foundation of morals and legislation’’ said by Jeremy Bentham. Indeed, there are a lot of unpleasant matters and conditions exist in Hong Kong which led to unhappiness living. The Hong Kong government should enhance the happiness level of the citizens as its duty, but not only focus on the economic policies. As long as those in power uphold the vision of people-oriented governance and highly value the public opinion, living a delightful life is not that difficult.



1. Legatum Institute - The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index 2. NEF - The 2012 Happy Planet Index Report 3. Sunday Report - 香港宜居 4. Suicide Prevention Services - Statistics Of Suicides


1. Happiest States Also Tend To Have the Most Suicides 2. Stress And Happiness: Often, But Not Always, Related 3. 10 Characteristics Of A Happy Person 4. 世界快樂調查:香港排63東南亞最差 5. 世界上最快樂的國家不丹 6. 香港人快樂麼? 7. 互信 8.

知識型社會的挑戰 - 王于漸

TED Talks: 1. 2. 3.

Shawn Achor - The Happy Secret To Better Work Jane McGonigal - The Game That Can Give You 10 Extra Years Of Life Dan Gilbert - The Surprising Science Of Happiness



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