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Color Your World. Trevor Thompson adds the finishing details to his “Sickly Clouds” drawing. He has been drawing since he was 12, and hasn’t stopped since. “I really just thought about how different types of weather seem to affect my mood, then I started to think of clouds as creatures having their own moods, and those moods being the source of all the different climate conditions we have, and began drawing them as bright and vibrant creatures.”

All Work And No Play. While in her photojournalism class, Crystal Johnson hurries to finish her project. The teacher, Mrs. Arnold, wasn’t very happy that the class took so long on completing their work.

Read Between The Lines. While lying in bed, Trevor Thompson reads his new favorite book. It took him a month to get halfway through with it. “� said Thompson.

A Breath Of Fresh Air. While bored on a Saturday afternoon, Artemio Orozco decides to take a walk around the park. He didn’t want to go alone so he asked an old friend to come along. “I don’t want to walk around by myself in this neighborhood…plus it’s always good to catch up with old buddies” said Orozco.

No Pain No Gain. Evany Murillo is working on a project in Anatomy & Physiology that was due a week ago. It wasn’t her first time turning in work late. “It’s hard for me to keep up with my work; I always get distracted by my friends. I can’t help that sometimes their stories are more interesting than the work!” said Murillo.

Change isn't always good. Mitzi Maldonado searches tennis phrases for a caption on a photo she took. She still hasn’t gotten used to the way the computers are setup in her photojournalism class. “I’m a PC, not a Mac.” said Maldonado.

Never Give Up. Tristan works on his project in class, but gets distracted. Instead of working he decided to slack off and play with a gum wrapper.

Can you feel the beat? While listening to a Kanye West playlist, Trevor Thompson adjusts the bass on his new headphones. His girlfriend got them for him on Christmas. “I love my awesome skull candy headphones! The bass plus the hip-hop equalizer on any iPod makes a noise-canceling pound, even Michael Jackson can’t “Beat it!” I feel like I’m front row at a concert while wearing them…they’re the best!”


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