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Photo Editing Apps for iPad No matter how you acquire the photos, the right apps on your iPad can help you to enhance the photos you capture, fix simple mistakes, create your own masterpieces, and share those images with others. If you are looking for some ways to make the photos on your iPad much more wonderful, just keep on reading this article, you'll find the best photo editing apps for your iPad. Note: If you'd like to transfer your favorite photos to iPad, we recommend you this iPad Transfer to meet your needs. Following is a list of iPad photo editor apps. Adobe Photoshop Express - Free iPad Photo Editing Apps Adobe recently has added the iPad to its list of Photoshop mobile platforms with the announcement that you can now get Photoshop Express for the Apple tablet. Features include the ability to crop, adjust colour, and apply effects like giving an extra glow with Soft Focus, as well as getting artsy with the Sketch feature. Crop Suey HD - Cropping Tools of Photo Editing Apps for iPad You can’t usually judge an iPad app by its name, but in this case you certainly can: at its heart, Crop Suey HD is a cropping tool. That may sound underwhelming until you consider that sometimes the simplest tools are also the most useful. When you first start the app, you are presented with a simple three-step tutorial. Simply touch the Open Image icon in the top left corner of the screen, choose an image, and then use the tools at the bottom of the screen to manipulate it. Photogene for iPad - Professional iPad Photo Editing Apps Photogene does the expected stuff effortlessly, and adds a level of “play” appropriate to mobile photo editing. Edit photo files, or edit directly on your clipboard, then output to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, or your iPad photo library. You can crop, straighten, sharpen, adjust saturation and curves, resize, apply a variety of effects, and set macros to apply a combination of commands. Multiple undo/redo levels keep the experience fluid. PhotoForge for iPad - iPad Photo Editing Apps for Business

All rights reserved—— Another immigrant from the iPhone, PhotoForge packages a limited suite of Photoshop-like editing and painting capabilities for your iPad. Without breaking much new ground, PF delivers lots of functionality in an intuitive and familiar package: A good smattering of filters, brushes, and technical-minded photo editing commands makes this perfect for touchups on the go. PF offers unlimited undo/redo capability, but nothing frivolous. This is not a “social” photo app – it is all business, if a fun business. Filterstorm - Excellent iPad Photo Editing Apps Filterstorm was designed for the iPad from the beginning, and is a study in limitation and excellence. On the “excellence” side, the intuitive touch interface is all it’s cracked up to be, and filters can be applied via brush, color range, or image-wide. You can also apply curves, filters, or other adjustments on a gradient, rather than at full strength over the entire image. PhotoPad by Zagg - Free iPad Photo Editing Apps Want to get your feet wet with image-editing on the cheap? PhotoPad’s the way to go. You get the basics of photo editing, such as scaling, cropping, and rotation, control over aspects of your image’s color, and basic painting and drawing tools. Not many special effects, but hey, the price is right! Related Article: How to Convert DVD to iPad on Mac? How to Run iPhone Apps on iPad? How to Change the Lock Screen and Wallpaper for iPad?

Photo Editing Apps for iPad  
Photo Editing Apps for iPad  

This artilce shows you a list of photo editing apps for iPad so that you can enhance the photos you capture, fix simple mistakes, create you...