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 StageIt occupies a rather special part in the music industry. It helps singers hold concerts online, and provide tools for selling tickets. StageIt obtained the investment of a young billionaire, Napster founder Sean Parker who is committed to change the music industry.

 Tip: For music fans, DRM Media Converter is a musthave tool for removing DRM from iTunes songs, Rhapsody songs, Bearshare songs, Limewire songs, Ruckus songs, Amazon songs, etc.  In StageIt site, singers can create personal pages, issue notices, sell their activities works and concert tickets, can also chat with his fans with remote communication. Singers can also use the StageIt application on Facebook, so can provide streaming media performance without having to register with additional accounts, and can easily make social interactions with fans.

 In addition to buy music works or tickets, fans can also "play rewards" musicians with a certain amount of tips. Or use Facebook, Twitter to share information spread the concert. Fans who watch the concert often can appear in the singer's page Most "Shows Attended" place. Fans who make more admire tips will also show avatar. Fans can make friends with those who have similar music tastes. Obviously, StageIt is through the means of incentive to make fans have more interaction and consumption.  StageIt even has cooperation with cafe under the sea line, such as the Coffee shop of Los Angeles in United States - chain Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, became a local StageIt stronghold of the users. Fans here can watch videos here, while the arrangement is built close to concert experience.

 The founder of the StageIt, Evan Lowenstein, used to be a singer, thus has more recognition on the product details in the industry. Many bands and singer have been in use of the StageIt service. A singer called Jake Owen says, he just carry on the time on Twitter, and then began to sing in front of his own Mac computer camera, StageIt help him to raise $3000 in 35 minutes.   In fact, the replication of StageIt is easy to do. Its gathered artists published videos on Youtube, posted on on, began updates on Twitter, etc, but Lowenstein is adamant that his products create the feeling of close and unique experience, which is hard to be duplicated, and he thinks that StageIt has won the users through the excellent user experience.

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online concert with stageit  

StageIt occupies a thather special part in the music industry. The online concert service helps singers hold concerts online, and provide to...