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Mountain Lion Features

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Mountain Lion Features ď Ž

From the system name - Mountain Lion, it is not difficult to see that the Apple brought another awesome renewal this time. Coming with completely new mode of usage, drawing on the iPad innovation design and better iCloud synchronization service, Mountain Lion aims to let Mac more intelligent, easy to use, the more interesting! Here come the features and functions of Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion Features and Fuctions - iCloud ď Ž

Once you through Apple ID login and open iCloud service in the Mountain Lion system, the management on everything will become particularly simple for you. All your data will maintain keep pace and update in all your devices. That is to say, you operations of adding, deleting, and modifying on a Mac will be immediately reflected in your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch; and vice versa.

Mountain Lion Functions and Features - Messages ď Ž

The instant messaging tool iChat is not coming in Mountain Lion. To instead, it comes with the more easy to use - Messages. It said that this app can do everything for you. It allows you to have unlimited instant messaging on Mac with any iOS 5 iDevices, such as send pictures, video, documents, contact and even bulk sms. Of course, there are many other thoughtful features and attentive characteristics, like sending reports, message encryption and so on.

Mountain Lion Features and Functions - Notification Center ď Ž

The Growl killer?! Mac users long expected native notification center finally appeared! As expected, this application is transplant version of the one for iOS. This notification center will work diligently and conscientiously serve you with e-mail, messages, friend requests, calendar reminders, etc.

Mountain Lion Functions and Features - Notes ď Ž

This is also an app from iOS. Users are able to record dribs and drabs of life text, images, and attachments at anytime and anywhere. It can fixed the important records in the system desktop and then share with others through the Mail, Messages or any other applications on this new system. If you want, you can also sync the notes to your mobile devices with iCloud. Is it convenient for you?

Mountain Lion Features and Fuctions - Reminders ď Ž

Not too much introduces on the characteristics of this function. This is also learning from the iOS platform which also has the strong support of iCloud services behind. Now the recorded reminder on iOS seems can only give simple reminds via the iCal app. There is no suitable integrated platform that is convenient for the management. Therefore, it is believed to be a result of enjoy popular confidence to enter the Reminders application to the Mac platform.

Mountain Lion Functions and Features - Share Sheets ď Ž

Mountain Lion brought the new concept of "see it, then share it". The users can find the "Share" button in most of the apps in this new system. For example, you are allowed to share the page you are browsing through the Safari; share your notes via the Mail, Messages and share more at anytime, anywhere!

Mountain Lion Features and Functions - Twitter ď Ž

Following the integration of Twitter services in iOS 5 mobile operating system, this new operating system is also coming up with builtin Twitter service. After you bind your Twitter account, you will be able to tweet whenever and wherever possible. And the most important is that there is no need to exit the current application.

Mountain Lion Functions and Features - Game Center ď Ž

Game Center also came into the Mac platform. It is no longer exclusive by iDevices. The fun of playing games with whole family together is also coming to the maximization. The detail operations are completely consistent with that on iDevices, you can add friends, synchronous game scores, to get into the charts, etc.

Mountain Lion Features and Functions - TAirPlay Mirroring ď Ž

Moved Mac into TV! This is the function of AirPlay Mirroring. Through an Apple TV, you can transfer the pictures on your Mac computer to high-definition television. Just imagine that turn on the TV show some just finished video clips when family or friends gathering. Or demonstrate a Keynote to the class in the classroom. Or calmly let each audience in the conference room see the details of your product, etc. The global is in your hands.

Mountain Lion Functions and Features - Gatekeeper ď Ž

Now f inally came to a new stuff. This is the umbrella of Mountain Lion which can help you avoid the hazards of the unknown downloaded and installed content. Download source selection makes the new Mac users to download more assured applications, such as limiting to download and run the application only from Mac App Store. The Gatekeeper's flexible configuration lets you as an administrator to follow your own inclinations to configure the oversight on it.

Mountain Lion Features  

Apple had released the developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion on February 16, 2012. This article is rightly witten down here to tell you t...

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