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RL-D37 X5 3S Candelabra bulb

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Advantages for X5-2: 1."Sparkle" and "flame" performance, which looks like the same as the Incandescent bulb; 2. Good heat sink, using advanced technology on expanding heat sink area and the best way of heat transfer to low down the temperature of LED Joint Temperature (Tj), this makes the LED lifespan more than 50,000Hours; 3. Long lifespan of Driver. Driver filled with material of Silicone which good for heat transfer, flame retardant, and humidity proof; The temperature of the Long Life Electrolytic Capacitor is less than 80℃, this make the lifespan of the driver more than 40,000Hours! 4. Designed by UL standard and been UL approving, the lamp assembled by several Module Parts, and it is detachable. This can be easy for maintenance, transport and re-manufacture; 5. Stable dimmable function;

Application :

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