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• You are finally holding your cool, new iPad 3 in your hands. You can't wait to put some app, song, and video you've ever downloaded to your iPad 3. But also you may feel a little confused by how to start up iPad 3? Here's how to get things set up and curate your iPad 3's collection. After that, you can download some best apps for iPad 3. Before we start the steps, you need download iTunes to your computer. If you already have iTunes, you need to make sure you update it to at least version or it won't recognize your iPad 3. You'll need it once you get everything synced with iTunes.

• Step 1: Connect your iPad 3 to your computer using the USB that comes with the device. Your iPad 3 will be detected automatically and set up will begin. • Step 2: Pick "Register Later" on the Welcome screen and make Apple's lawyers happy by agreeing to the user agreement. Then log on to your iTunes account and then the iTunes will show welcome to your new iPad as show below. • Related: Convert AVCHD to iPad 3, FLV to iPad 3 Converter, 3GP to iPad 3 Converter

• Step 3: At this time, select "Set up as a new iPad" and continue. Then you will come to a place that you have to start making some decisions. Here you can selectively sync your apps and media. Media is best synced manually, for the space issues we mentioned above. You can autofill songs from playlists, or drag them in one by one from your iTunes library. • Once you’re all set up, you can disconnect your device and move over to the Settings menu, where you can set up wallpaper options. And that’s it. Syncing programs is as simple as point, drag and click.

• Onceyou’reall set up, you can disconnect your deviceand moveover to theSettings menu, whereyou can set up wallpaper options. And that’s it. Syncing programs is as simpleas point, drag and click. • Tags: how to setup new ipad 3, how to start up ipad 3, set up ipad 3, how to get ipad 3 set up,how to restoreipad 3 • Related: Convert ASF to iPad 3, AVI to iPad 3 Converter, Convert DVD to MP4 for iPad 3

How to Setup new iPad 3 - How to Start up iPad 3  

You finally have your iPad 3 in hand. But wait! You can't just plug it in and dump every app, song, and video you've ever downloaded. This g...

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