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How to Get Started with Mac App Store? This tutorial shows you a few tips to get started with the new Mac app store. Download the App Store The Mac App store is available through Software Update, which you can access through the Apple menu. It actually shows up in the list of available downloads as Mac OS X Update Version 10.6.6. You’ll need to restart after installing it, and then the App Store will show up as a new icon in your Dock. If you don't know how to do that, just check this tutorial on how to download Mac app store. Different ways to access the App Store If you would prefer not to have an extra icon in your Dock, it's fine to just drag it out to remove it like you would for any other application. Then if you still want to access the store, there are a number of alternative ways. A new item "App Store..." is added to the Apple menu, which gives you quick access no matter what application you are in. This also means you can also set a universal keyboard shortcut for it. Just go to System Preferences, go to the Keyboard section, then click on the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab. Click the plus (+) button to add a new shortcut, and in the dialog that appears, leave the dropdown menu as "All Applications", Type "App Store..." as the menu title, and then choose a shortcut. Alternatively, you can access the App Store just like you would any other application. You can just find it in the Applications folder and double-click it, or use Spotlight or any other application launcher like Alfred. Fixing Error 100 For many people, everything seems to be working fine until they go to download an app, and then they receive a dreaded error message:

All rights reserved—— It turns out this is because there is a new set of iTunes Terms and Conditions that you have to "read" and agree to, but the App Store doesn't give you the opportunity to do this. And here is the details on how to fix Mac app store error 100. What about applications you already own? What about apps that you already own from before the App Store was around? These applications won't show up in your purchases list, and you won't be able to re-download or update them through the App Store at all. Unless you want to pay a second time, this means you will have to continue to update these applications in the same way as before - by checking the developer's website or by using the application's "Check for Updates" feature.

Of course for free applications, it's not too much trouble to just download them again through the App Store. If you want to do this with an application that is listed as "Installed," you will have to drag it from the Applications folder to the Trash and then restart the Mac App Store before you can download it again. It's still only iWork '09 Don't be fooled by seeing Pages, Keynote and Numbers being sold as separate applications. So far iWork '11 still doesn't exist, and these are just the same 2009 versions of the iWork applications. While this is disappointing, it turns out that iWork is the exception to the rule when it comes to updating previously bought applications through the App Store. If you already own iWork '09, Pages, Keynote and Numbers should sown up in your purchases section and you should be able to update them through the App Store in future. Finder now searches the store for unknown file types It's always been the case that if you try to open an unrecognised file type, a dialog will appear asking you to choose which application to open it with. A new button has now been added that allows you to search the App Store for

All rights reserved—— the application that opens files with that extension. All it does is open up the App Store and perform a search using "extension:" as a filter. For example, if you were trying to open a Pixelmator file, it would search "extension:pxm" bringing up Pixelmator as the only result.

With the Mac App Store, getting the apps you want on your Mac has never been easier. No more boxes, no more disks, no more time-consuming installation. Just click once to download and install any app on your Mac! Tags: How to Get Started with Mac App Store, Get Started with the New Mac App Store, Getting Started with Mac App Store Related Tutorials: Early Bestsellers from Apple's New Mac App Store The Best Games on Mac App Store Right Now

How to Get Started with Mac App Store  

This tutorial shows you a few tips to get started with the new Mac app store: Download the App Store, Different ways to access the App Store...

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