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How to Create Photo Collage?

Want to create photo collage to capture moments while time goes by? Life happens fast, and believe that a large number of people wish to create photo collage to capture engaging moments and record them. So do you know what a good photo collage creator you can use and how to create photo collage with this tool? I suggest you to have a try Picture Collage Maker Pro, which can help you create exceptional photo collage quickly and easily. Brief Introduction for photo collage creator. A professional photo collage creator, which can allow you to optionally create layouts, add text, alter color, and more operation you can do, you can also save photo as image files, set as a desktop or print it to share with your friends and family. Free download the trial version to create photo collage and take a minutes to view the following guide on how to create photo collage.

Guide on How to Create Photo Collage Step 1: Download and install the trial version, and run it to create photo collage. Step 2: Choose the "greeting card" from the pull-down menu of the preseted template type, select your favorite one.

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Step 3: Click the button pointed by the red arrow in the picture below to add your own photo, you can also add batch of photos as you like to create photo collage.

Step 4: You can apply entirely different style of photo effect according to your pursuit. You can also crop the image to resize the picture. When the whole process finished, click "File" to save your card first, and then print it by clicking the "Share" button.

Share your collage: No matter what collage style you choose, you have several ways to share it.

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Print your creation and throw a frame around it to your wall. Tuck your creation into an album for posterity. Send friends and family a CD or DVD version of your masterpiece. Share your photos through an online blog.

OK! You successfully complete to create photo collage with a few steps, undoubtedly, this photo collage creator offers you a powerful but simple way to create photo collage, you can also real time preview the creation to decide if everything is what you have expected, it is you best choice to solve any troubles about how to create photo collage.

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