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Christmas is arriving quietly. Why not reward yourself with a gift after a whole year's hardworking? If you are one of those who has young kids, then the best Christmas gift for you would be that to make your kids happily and occupied so that you can get relaxed on this hard-won holiday. Here I'd like to recommend you three free iPad Christmas apps for kids to read fantasy books from. These Christmas apps for kids will attract your kids' eyes and earn you enough time to get yourself relaxed.

Christmas Apps for Kids - ICDL ď Ž

This app is completely free digital library for children to search and read books from. This app offered the children with a large quantity of free literature books specially designed for children. Once you offer an iPad with this app installed to your young kid, you are offering him a free reading platform online. This app is available to provide the children around the world the opportunity to get in touch with children's literature from different countries. This will also promote kids' tolerance and acceptance for the cultural diversity.

Christmas Apps for Kids - Read Me Stories ď Ž

A little different from the reading app above, this one is really a well pre-organized library. It can assist your kid to develop a good habit of reading. New fantastic educational and entertaining book would be offered every day to teach your kids with new words and concepts. Besides, once your child opens and reads a story from the library, you can know what he/she was reading from the toolbar where the series name of the read books would be automatically showed. What you should pay attention to is that there is a sample book of each series for you to try before you buy.

Christmas Apps for Kids - MeeGenius ď Ž

This free app is also an awesome one which can help you develop your kids' early reading skills. This app is coming with a library which is filled with more than 200 digital books for kids. Even those well-known stories can also be found in this app. The import vocabulary words are highlighted in each book this app supported. So once your kids open a book from the library, they can pay more attention to those important words and sentences and get improve in literacy. Besides, each story is coming with more than a dozen of colorful pages and professional narrations on the words which can promote kids' love of learning in a more friendly way.

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Once you've installed these free reading apps for kids for Christmas on your iPad, you have no need to think over where to download books for your children. Since these three apps will attract much of your kids attention with interesting stories, you can then have a much easiness Christmas this year. In case of any unexpected thing, you can also download and convert some best Christmas movies to your iPad to catch their attention. By the way, the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac would help you much to convert the Christmas movies into iPad friendly videos on Mac easily with excellent video quality.

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Christmas Apps for Kids  

Christmas is around the corner. Why not get some free iPad Christmas apps for kids to play with on this Christmas? In this page you can find...

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