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All rights reserved—— Best Photo Organizer Apps for iPad Previously we’ve reviewed photo editing for the iPad. This week we’re focusing on apps that enhance the display of your photos and help you share them with others, including collages and social networking sites. You’ll even find an app designed to make you a better photographer. So get ready for a few apps that will make your iPad into the digital equivalent of those wrinkled old snapshots you used to keep in your wallet. It’s time to get organized and share your photos with others. The following will introduce the best iPad Photo Organizer Apps for you. iPad Photo Organizer App 1 - Bill Atkinson Photocard

The Bill Atkinson Photocard app for iPad allows

you to create picture postcards you can send to anyone, either via email or postal mail. It includes 150 gorgeous nature photos taken by Bill Atkinson, or you can use your own photos. Simple editing tools are included if you choose your own photos, including fit to card and fill card options and brightness controls. Add captions (in your choice of fonts and sizes), stickers, decorative stamps, even audio recordings, and then send the completed card via email. iPad Photo Organizer App 2 - Flickstackr

Do you spend all of your free time on Flickr? If

so, Flickstackr is a must-have iPad app for you. You can browse to your heart’s content, search for specific photos, people and groups, or you can check out your own photos on Flickr. There are a few extras here, such as a photo stack that you can populate with photos you’ve saved as you browse. You can also share photos via email, Facebook and Twitter, or go to a particular user’s photos when you stumble

All rights reserved—— across something interesting. Flickstackr is an excellent example of a wellconceived, well-executed iPad app. iPad Photo Organizer App 3 - Photo Wall

quickly fill a canvas with all of your shots for easy

sharing with family and friends. When you first launch the app a tutorial video will pop up, which is helpful, but all of the controls are generally selfexplanatory. The icons at the top-left of the screen are what you’ll use to add photos, a background photo and captions to your collage. The zoom control is in the middle and on the top right corner you’ll find the export, settings and help icons. On the bottom you’ll find basic editing controls, opacity and rotation pickers and controls for the size and color of the photo borders. iPad Photo Organizer App 4 - Moodboard Pro

I think of the Moodboard Pro app as a more

freeform version of Diptic. In effect it’s a digital corkboard to which you can add photos, captions, and web clippings. Icons along the bottom of the screen allow you to take control of the board and have fun. There are 17 different backgrounds you can choose or you can create your own custom background. Want to add some text? Use the toolbox icon. You can share the final results via email, Facebook or Twitter or you can save it to your iPad’s photo library.

Tips: You can Make iPad Wallpapers as you like.

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iPad Photo Organizer App  
iPad Photo Organizer App  

Here are the best iPad photo organizer apps that enhance the display of your photos and help you share them with others