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Best Apple Accessories 2011

 Imperceptibly, we are close to the end of 2011. In the past year, we have seen a lot of crazy, funny, beautiful and strange designed Apple accesories. You may even be overwhelmed with admiration for some of these accessories. Apart from these specially designed accessories, there are also various designs of mediocrity which comes in accessories with no highlight on its appearance but powerful functions.  Then which one do you think it can be considered as the best one in 2011for Apple devices among these countless Apple accessories? Now let's follow the wellknown Apple technology website CultofMac to have a look on the top accessories of Apple in 2011 that appraised and elected by their readers.

Best Apple Accessories 2011 - Smart Cover  I believe that it will not cause too much controversy to list this iPad accessory here. This product has already exceeded its general definition as a protective sleeve for most iPad 2 users. Besides providing positive protection on iPad 2, this accessory also provides a perfect multidirectional folding bracket and an impressive magnet to wake/sleep your iPad 2. So it has been the first selected accessory for users when getting an iPad 2.  By the way, if you want to know more about the best accessories for iPad 2 or many other iPad 2 related resources, you can rightly click here to go to iPad 2 center to learn everything about iPad 2

Best Apple Accessories 2011 - Mophie Juice Pack Air  This product has once become the lightest and thinnest external battery for iPhone 4/4S. Do you think it looks like a protective shell? Actually, this is a two-in-one product which designed by the famous accessories developer Mophie. It combines the Battery and protection shell into one. So once you come this accessory on your iPhone 4/4S, it can provide additional power to the criticized battery with 36 hours of music playback time, and also provides personal protection to your iPhone.

Best Apple Accessories 2011 - BookBook Case  There are lots of MacBook users are using this book case protective sleeve. No matter you are MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad users, this product won't let you down. Once there was the user evaluate on this protective sleeve as following. This accessory has bridged the gap between those users who are coming in the deep sense of humor. Because this series of protective cover are just like the antique books that stolen from a shabby library.

Best Apple Accessories 2011 - PlugBug  Once you've used the PlugBug, you have to admit that it is really a very unique one-piece charger. It can assist you to charge your MacBook and iPad/iPhone batteries at the same time. PlugBug is a very good reference for those who are tired of carrying two power adapters. If you feel very distraught about a heap of lines around the slot, then this accessory will help you out.

Best Apple Accessories 2011 - Olloclip  There are lots of camera accessories for iPhone 4/4S. Olloclip is undoubtedly the best one among these products. It can make your iPhone 4/4S a digital camera which combines fisheye, wide angle, and macro lens into one. The macro lens has cleverly hidden under the wide-angle lens that you can take it down or switchover for photo taking. It also brings technology improvement on the original good iPhone 4/4S imaging quality. This just enables you to take photos with even better quality.

 The above five best accessories for Apple of 2011 were rightly what I'd like to recommend you. If you are also interested in playing videos or DVDs on your Apple devices, then you may need the help of Mac Video Converter Ultimate. It will help you convert and transfer video to iPhone 4S on Mac with ease.

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