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Do you know the advantages of PDF format? Why and when you need to convert to PDF format? As one of the most popular document formats in the world today, PDF format has many advantages on its own. If you have many other files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Text, you can create PDF files from them with the highly recommended PDF Creator (There're two versions to fit for both Windows and Mac users wherever). But now, let see the advantages of PDF format firstly:

Advantages of PDF format: 

PDF format, is the abbreviated form of Portable Document Format, and is a kind of open standard for document exchange and created by Adobe Systems (free available). The advantages of using PDF format files are:

Portability & Printability

We said that the PDF format is featured with envious portability which is based on the space it occupied in your computer or other files loaders, and the easy-to-take features. If you convert other formats such as imags to PDF, it can help you to save the space. In addition, the PDF format can be easily printed with its fast open speed and quickly printing processing, which also becomes a factor to vote for its superb portability.

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Independence & Multi-Platforms

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You can open PDF files under any applications, software, hardware, and operation systems at your will. The format is independent of the platforms and can always preserve the fixed-layout and styles including graphics, texts, fonts, spaces, tables, and other information reliably. That's to say, PDF format is a nonreflowable format. Whatever sizes of the screen you are ready to display the file, it always keeping the same, most often stays the very size of standard A4 papers. That's why small screen are not fit to read PDF files.

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Security & Preservation

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Because PDF format is a read-only format and readers are not allowed to modify, edit, copy, print and even read at random with security restrictions, it can be a most secure format among his siblings. Only those professional PDF Password Remover or PDF Recovery can decrypt the password protection. Besides, due to the stability of the formatting and contents, the document can maximally preserve the authors' original intention and protect their copyrights.

Why and When You need to Create PDF files? ď Ž

Having known some of the advantages of PDF format, you may get to know the benefits of creating PDF files. You'd better create PDF files when you:

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* Intend to print your documents * Want to read eBooks on large screen * Prepare to back up your document files * Eager to share/deliver your writing with/to other people * Protect your copyright by add PDF password or DRM

When you need to create PDF files from other format, you can let the PDF Creator help you! The program is an accurate and effective drag&drop tool for you to create PDF from any printable formats including Text, image, Word, PPT, Excel with strong handleability. Be sure you won't miss it! Go Ahead to free download it!

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Advantages of PDF Format  

You know clearly the advantages of PDF format? Why and when you need to create PDF? To know the advantages of using PDF format files and the...

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