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I made a record of how long the different processes had taken me to complete after I had finished them, so I could collate this information to highlight the time required for different techniques. I created a table showing these results, shown right. The table shows the consideration for how long a hand-made book can take, which I found out from taking part in Mette’s workshop. If I was to have it professionally printed, from past experience, I still need to leave around two weeks to make sure it is printed and delivered to me in enough time. I have also researched companies that can print it: Blurb
 Fast Print
 Print resources Imex print services Love online print



Manual Film Developing and Printing Photoshop Alterations, such as applying hints of colour, adding text and airbrushing the image. Merging In the Darkroom Using Photoshop



Conditions: Has to be during the day when using the makeshift photo studio at home.

2-3 hours

Per Film

Up to 4 hours

Per image

On average 30 minutes

Per image to be developed Per image to be created

On average 15 minutes On average 10 minutes

Per image

On average 20 minutes

After creating and printing out the image.

5 minutes

The whole film

1 hour

Based on making a 20 paged hard cover handmade book

On average 5 hours

Research, design and the creation of the PDF:

Over 12 days

Professionally printed at staples:

5 minutes

Research, design and the creation of PDF:

Over 10 days

Hand made, so this includes printing and the making of the concertina book:

1 day

Photo shoot, design and the creation of PDF:

Over 7 days

Hand made, so includes printing and glue-binding together:

1 day

Using 36 stills 9fps to create a 4 second animation.

Photo-shoot was 2 hours combined with making it, the process took 2 and a half hours.

Spiderwize The book Printing Company


 Pen Press Publishing Print on Demand Worldwide

Collage / ripping

 I have created an initial projection of a time line, estimating where I should be at specific points next semester for my FMP. This was based on how long my tested publications had taken me and is displayed at the bottom of this page. REFLECTIVE SUMMARY OF SEMESTER 1: I feel I have produced an in-depth body of work reflecting my journey to realising an intention for my Final Major Project, with the consideration of aims, objectives and logistics. I believe I have gained knowledge of the contemporary professional context surrounding the publishing industry, which I envisage working in. Relating to this area of interest, I tested out and made publications, where I established it was what I wanted to produce for my FMP. I have tested out a range of skills, processes and techniques, which have allowed me to determine time allowances needed for them and an idea for the content of my publication. I finally want to acknowledge my appreciation for the help provided by my third year tutors, which have inspired me to create ideas and progress forward with this semester.

Scanning in the Negatives from film

Book Binding

Making Publications Learnt from Brief 1 (Based on a 10 paged publication)

Learnt from Brief 2 (Based on a hand made concertina book)

Learnt from the negative book (Based on a 36 paged publication)

Stop Frame animation


Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio