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BELOW IS THE PLAN OF THE FIRST IDEA: This is aimed to raise awareness and help highlight the current issues from living in a now ‘airbrushed’ society. It is not about changing the use of it; it is about making sure everyone, especially teenagers, are aware of what Photoshop can do and not to look at the imagery as real. To see what you want to see, not what your told to see.

HOW? It is a box containing four publications, which is aimed to be a confidential resource that men can read for awareness and support regarding the affects of the idealistic imagery being projected in society today. I visualize three of the publications being produced professionally and the packaging and one of the publications would be hand-made. WHO? It is specifically targeted at young, adolescent men to convey the message to talk, in order to prevent disastrous consequences and raise awareness of areas of support.

WHY? The idea derived from further looking into the Campaign Against Living Miserably. It stated how men are three times more at risk of suicide than women and 75% of suicides are men. It provides a confidential, anonymous place to contact, as some men find it hard to talk about their feelings, problems and worries. It stated on the ‘The Body Beautiful’ program, ‘80% of men aren’t happy with their appearance’, yet it is always women that campaigns and awareness is targeted at, never men. This was reiterated in my finding from the google searches I undertook. Even though information and statistics suggest how males are just as vulnerable as females, there is no awareness aimed at them, which is why I believe a publication is needed.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio