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T r a n s iti o n Of G e n d e r R o l e s I used my manual camera to achieve black and white photographs and to reflect historic times before the use of digital photography seen today. These photographs were to experiment a way of portraying the transition in Gender Roles through imagery. I wanted to demonstrate the change in attitudes throughout history. Today it is considered the norm that a woman can be the one who works and provides the main source of income. There are ‘house-husbands’ as well as ‘house-wives’, which up until the 1970s, when changes were seen, it would have been frowned upon. On the left shows the change through comparative imagery, which reflects the change in gender roles in society. The two images, shown below, were merged in the darkroom, exposing two different negatives on top of each other. I like the effect both merged images have given. These pieces reflected the opinion I had found from researching, that a primary factor in the development of a female’s behaviour, is the way in which they are brought up. It can determine their values and principles. Therefore I was inferring that the daughter, even though being born in a different generation, is mirroring the behaviours of her mum.

Portfolio for Research, Development & Positioning.  

Graphic Design, Year 3, Semester 1 Portfolio