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YCN Ta l k a n d C o mp e titi o n I am really glad I went to the YCN talk, as it made me aware of all the opportunities available via YCN. It ranges from competition briefs, contacts in the industry, job openings and educational tasks they run in-house. As well as setting up the YCN Student Awards, I learnt they have a YCN Studio, which is where they work on their own projects and briefs. Through this they have a YCN talent agency, which they represent and manage illustrators, animators and photographers. Also even if you don not win a competition, if they like your work or feel you will be suitable for a project, they will contact you. I have looked at the 21 briefs, all of which look great, I am especially interested in Plan UK, Yahoo and UK Greetings. I am thinking of entering the competition, so I will look into it in more detail and start designing over the Christmas break. The brief for Plan UK is linked to the research I have done on gender roles. The charity works with the world’s poorest children, so they can move themselves from a life of poverty to a future of equal opportunity. The brief is to deliver a creative resource that will inspire and motivate our target audience to support Plan’s ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign.

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