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The two images above show the front and inside pages of the printed version of the Negative Truth book.

E x p e r im e n tati o n wit h N e g ativ e s Negative Truth The idea of using negatives was an experiment in order to design a new book and an exploration into a new technique, to scan in negatives to use as a final image. Using InDesign I created a 36 paged publication, which I printed out and glue-bound, to see how the negatives work in a book format. Being negatives, they are sometimes unclear and are a small image, so I needed to test out the picture quality. On the screen some looked clearer than the print out version. This happened when the image was too dark. Therefore what I have learnt is to check the brightness once the negative has been scanned in and before printing a final copy I would need to print out a test version to check the quality of each image.

As well as a printed copy I made a digital version from uploading the Pdf to This was to have it on my blog ready for my final presentation and also to see how many views are recorded, to get an insight into how popular it was. Based on the fact I get a limited amount of people looking at my site, I was impressed that I received 264 impressions in 21 days, when I checked on the 11th December. This infers that the book of negatives was eye-catching and of interest to the public. This is the link to the digital publication shown on my blog:

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